Many handsome guys never have successful marriages – Benjamin Zulu


Relationship coach, motivational speaker Benjamin Zulu is giving an insight into what it’s like being married to a handsome fella.

On his popular show, Mr Zulu explains that handsome men have more extra-marital affairs and are not as committed to their marriages. You can also read this article about why Attractive men dont make good husbands

Explainign his rationale, Mr Zulu said ‘Be very careful. the reason why most handsome men never have a good life is like Absalom because they never learned to manage that attractiveness They are attractive to women, they are attractive to there are girls who are so beautiful and they have terrible lives they never learned that its both a strength and a weakness because if I realize you are very attractive I also want to know how principled you are because do I want to marry you then i can’t control you? Every day I have to take stone and throw away at outsiders. So their *eual addiction comes from when you are flirting inviting people, giving people hope entertaining’

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Let the dead rest in peace – Benjamin Zulu says about being ghosted


Being ghosted hurts really bad and many of us try to look for the person to find out why. But don’t, according to relationship guru Benjamin Zulu.

Ghosting happens when someone you are dating or have a friendship with disappears without a trace.

In an interview on Switch Tv he said

‘Let the dead people rest in peace. Don’t ressurect people who have ghosted. Today if you met the spirit of the dead even if you used to love them the person when they were alive, you run away. Don’t allow people to resurect into your life, the part of ignoring you and going cold and not minding checking about you, that’s enough communication. Please respect actions more than words. When people disappear on you feel your pain, but do what you do, you always do with people who die, place a wreath a flower there and say I loved you but it has happened like that go on with your life. That one action shows you what to expect in future if a person comes and sweet talks their way into your heart and you open it again, you are opening another pain, you have taught them the pattern, you are overlooking disrespect, you are inviting a pattern of disrespect.’

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Dear Classic 105 fam, are you a ghoster or a ghostee?

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There are women who pursue you to get back at your wife – Benjamin Zulu


Relationship coach Benjamin Zulu is out here spiting facts.

The motivational speaker in his Tiktok platform riles many with his statements and accounts of relationships.

In one such video, he tells husbands that their side chicks are only with him to hurt his wife.

“there are women who pursue you not because of you because of your wife to prove a point, it’s a competition a contest to destroy a good thing, you should not always think that you are that handsome and attractive, when you see people after you, sometimes the reason is it’s not you”

He continued explaining

“you are just at the centre in the line of fire they are firing elsewhere, you are the convenient, the reachable target. You’ve heard of those pathological househelps maybe or people who are hired or shamba boys you hire somebody and they start having their own motives to seduce one of you to get at the other, the househelp felt mistreated by the mistress of the house, so she starts to seduce the husband to prove a point, to get back at her. Sometimes you are not the reason you are being pursued.”

Here is the video


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