Anerlisa Muigai posts hilarious cryptic video days after marriage split rumours

Anerlisa and Ben Pol seemed to be the one couple that had the perfect relationship since they started dating in 2018. The pair were never involved in any controversy or scandal that I can think of and looked to the eye like the ideal partners.

The two even allegedly tied the knot two months ago right after the death of Anerlisa’s sister, Tecra and all looked like the next announcement we would get from them was either a new house or a pregnancy update.

Anerlisa Muigai with Ben Pol
Anerlisa Muigai with Ben Pol

But things aren’t always as they seem and last week the two took the unprecedented step of unfollowing each other-a move that signals either the end or trouble in a relationship.

Drama! Anerlisa unfollows hubby Ben pol on social media

After breakup speculations went viral, Ben Pol came out to say he needed some alone time to take care of himself and put himself first, with his highly crptic message reading, “I needed some cleansing to do…”

But as with all things in life, there are always two sides to a story. Anerlisa herself dropped a video that might provide a subtle hint at what might have happened between her and the Tanzanian singer.

Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa Muigai

In the dramatic video she posted, a family man is seen trying to get into the pants of a younger lady by offering her money. The problem was that the man’s money was no inducement for the lady who in fact ended up sending him more than he had sent her, shaming him in the process.

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May All Women Be This Blessed 🙏

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The caption that accompanied the video read, “May All Women Be This Blessed 🙏” She then went on to raise more eyebrows as she posted a video of herself in the streets of Tanzania as she sat in the passenger seat of the car she was in.

Was she being driven by Ben Pol? Only she knows.

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Grieving Anerlisa Muigai makes powerful statement since loss of sister Tecra

Anerlisa Muigai has been going through a rollercoaster of emotions. She lost her sister, Tecra weeks ago and in that space, she had already set her wedding date, so she finally said till death do us part to the love of her life.

Dealing with all this saw her take a social media break in as much she posts a lot. She just needed to deal with it all.Anerlisa is still mourning the loss of her sister from the memory posts she has been sharing on social media.

In a recent post, she posted a picture of her smiling. It has been a long time since we saw that infectious smile from her. One of her good friends acknowledged that she is slowly coming back.

“Good to see that smile again! You are a very strong woman. I’m blessed to have you in my life. 😘” The friend commented

To which Anerlisa appreciated and told her,

You are amazing Rose, Thank You for everything 💕

The comment section was full of encouraging words to help her deal with the loss and a few others were congratulating her on finally getting hitched.

In as much as she is still missing and mourning her dear sister, she is in a happy place where she has a shoulder to lean on.

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Did Anerlisa and Ben Pol get married?! New images have Kenyans guessing

New images reaching us show that Anerlisa and Ben Pol might have had a great and joyous celebration this past weekend.

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After pain comes sunshine.

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While we aren’t sure when the snaps were taken, what one can see is that the couple had a beautiful function in an intimate setting from what we could glean from the photos.

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She deserved her happy ending. Photo: edgar obare

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The images were first posted on blogger Edgar Obare’s Instagram page with some hypothesising that Anerlisa and her Tanzanian man had indeed tied the knot.

Happy Birthday! Anerlisa wishes late sister Tecra one week after burial

The photos of the décor showed a grey and white themed ceremony which looked like a garden affair attended by a few family and friends. Some of the other photos show the couple dancing together as they brim with joy.

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Anerlisa and Ben Pol's ceremony.

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A cake vendor was the first to accidentally break the news when she admitted to baking the candies that were eaten at the event.

The lady identified as Mom Gemin at first revealed that she was behind the splendid(and humongous!) cake served at the function before changing her Instagram caption later on.

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Harusi tunayo hatuna?

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What is interesting about Anerlisa’s get-up is that she was wearing a lovely, emerald dress that accentuated her tiny waist and bum.

While some might think this was a wedding ceremony, I still have my doubts about it. Anerlisa seems like the type of lady who still wants a traditional white wedding.

I could be wrong and her sister’s recent death might have put a damper on those plans.

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It’s Hard To Say Goodbye: Tecra Muigai’s eulogy 


Tecra Muigai, sister to Keroche heiress Anerlisa died on 2nd May 2020 after falling down a staircase, in a cottage in Lamu.

According to a postmortem report, Tecra had injuries on the left side of her head. The bump to the head lead to Tecra sustaining a cut, a concussion and internal bleeding.

Details of Tecra Muigai’s private family burial in Naivasha

Tecra’s boyfriend Omar Lali is in custody.

In an obituary, Tecra was described as a dynamic, creative and empathetic leader who touched many lives.

At the same time, Ben Pol was recognized by the family as Anerlisa Muigai’s husband making him borther-in-law to the late.

“She was a sister in law to Ben Pol,” read part of the obituary

Tecra Muigai

The eulogy went on;



They looked so good together! More photos emerge of late Tecra Muigai and Omar Lali





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Anerlisa Muigai discloses when she and Ben Pol will have kids

Anerlisa Muigai recently spent time with Ben Pol’s son as they celebrated his birthday. That meet-up was a reinforcement that the couple was tighter than ever and that things have being progressing steadily despite covid-19.

From the son’s birthday photos one could see Anerlisa’s motherly instinct flow freely, begging the question if she haboured her own dreams of becoming a mom one day?

Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa Muigai

In fact, she does. In a recent Q and A session, the Keroche heiress said that they are definitely going to have children, but it will only be after they are married.

“When are you planning to have babies with Ben?” asked a fan, and Anerlisa responded saying, “Definitely after marriage.” She also affirmed that she will have as many kids as she can because she loves children.

Ben Pol paid “hundreds of cows” for Anerlisa’s dowry

The couple has been together since 2018 and introduced each other to their families in Kenya and in Tanzania, and later on held a lavish engagement ceremony in Kenya, after Ben proposed, which was attended by both their families.

Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa Muigai

Another of Ms Muigai’s Instagram followers asked her to describe the kind of man her boyfriend is, to which she declined stating she can only say he is a Tanzanian artiste blessed with serious talent.

“I can’t anymore. I feel the more you describe your man to the world, the more you open doors to other evil people. So for now he is a Tanzanian artist blessed with serious Talent,” responded Anerlisa.

One asked to know whether her singer boyfriend allows her to take a look at his messages (DM), “Have you ever checked Ben’s IG DMs??” asked the fan.

Ben Pol with Anerlisa
Ben Pol with Anerlisa

Anerlisa responded saying she does whenever he asks her to check something for him on the phone, but she did it until she got tired of doing it.

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Anerlisa Muigai forced to defend Ben Pol from nasty allegations

Anerlisa Muigai is not one woman who will not ignore nonsense – especially the type that rears its ugly head in her business.

The businesswoman has now come out to defend her fiancé, Tanzanian artiste Ben Pol. The curvaceous Keroche Breweries heiress lashed out at a fan for questioning the fiancé’s responses to her latest photos on social media.

Anerlisa Muigai black and white
Anerlisa Muigai black and white

The fan had inquired why Ben wasn’t commenting on any of her photos anymore.

“In the past, Ben would have already commented on them but nowadays he just likes the photos, Ben we are watching you!” the fan said.

Ben Pol paid “hundreds of cows” for Anerlisa’s dowry

The question lit a fire in Anerlisa’s underbelly with the light-skin curvy woman launching a scathing tirade saying it was nonsensical for him to prove his love.

“So you want him to comment and prove to people that he still loves me, nonsense. People like you are the ones who make people keep their relationships out of the public eye because you think you know everything about them,” she said.

Ben Pol with Anerlisa
Ben Pol with Anerlisa

Are the couple still on good terms? From Ben’s latest comments, things are swell at home. During a radio interview with Clouds FM, the Bongo singer revealed that he had come to meet Anerlisa’s family in Kenya.

Ben Pol and Anerlisa together
Ben Pol and Anerlisa together

He added he had cleared his dowry obligation and even done a traditional wedding meaning she was semi-officially his. Ben said what was remaining was just a modern wedding to make things more official.

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Ben Pol paid “hundreds of cows” for Anerlisa’s dowry

Tanzanian singer Ben Pol and his Kenyan beau Anerlisa Muigai met early 2018 when he came to Kenya for a press conference.

The singer told Tanzania’s Clouds Media that he has already paid for dowry for the Kenyan entrepreneur.

“I have done all the traditions. The dowry is done. The ring. She is Kikuyu so I had to go and introduce myself, I left a couple of cows there. Hundreds of cows need to be presented. From there you get to be told the dowry. I have done all that and I’ve finished. What is left is the western things and law things (Church Wedding).”

He went on to reveal that he never knew that Anerlisa was from a rich background before falling in love

“I saw a beautiful woman. I didn’t know what she was into. She had a good smile and I started conversing with her. It didn’t matter who she was. I came to know her business later on and her status and that she is a famous person. She knew me but I didn’t know her. If I knew her status, maybe I’d be fake, I’d pretend”

Pol they fell in love so naturally that they couldn’t stay without communicating with each other “She was hugable, Kissable”

‘I seduced Ben Pol,’ says ex girlfriend

‘I seduced Ben Pol,’ says ex girlfriend

Before he started dating Kenyan entrepreneur Anerlisa Muigai, Tanzanian singer Ben Pol was dating a comedian from his country by the name Ebitoke.

Speaking to Wasafi Media on Tuesday, Ebitoke said she was the one who seduced Ben Pol.

“Men have a bad habit of making women think that you love them, yet it’s not the case,” she said.

“A man comes to me and shows me love like he loves and wants me and I’m like, ‘Thank you, God; you’ve brought me a man.’ And then I give you my heart but at the end of the day, we are not together.”]

The comedian is now pregnant with her new beau called Mlela, a Tanzanian actor.

Anerlisa and Ben Pol have been dating for a while now and recently shut down rumours that they have broken up.

‘My baby always tells me, once there is a created rumour about you, never address it, look at it a passing cloud. #Feelingtrulyblessed”

Anerlisa with Ben Pol
Anerlisa with Ben Pol

Early in the year, the two visited each other’s parents for introductions. They also shared a photo of Ben proposing to the Kenyan businesswoman but have never confirmed if indeed they were engaged.

Ben Pol proposing to Anerlisa
Ben Pol proposing to Anerlisa earlier this year

Pol is a father of one with his Tanzanian baby mama.

Has she broken up with Ben Pol? Anerlisa addresses hurtful rumours

Has she broken up with Ben Pol? Anerlisa addresses hurtful rumours

Anerlisa Muigai, the Keroche Breweries heiress has come clean about some rumours that stated that she and Ben Pol had broken up.

Yesterday, a number of gossip sites in Tanzania, put up reports that Ben Pol had parted ways with Anerlisa, months after their engagement.

However, in a post seen by, Ms Muigai quashed those reports,

‘My baby always tells me, once there is a created rumour about you, never address it, look at it a passing cloud. #Feelingtrulyblessed” reacted Anerlisa Muigai.

Ben Pol and Anerlisa together
Ben Pol and Anerlisa together

The couple has had a whirlwind romance after meeting early last year with the Tanzanian singer proposing to Anerlisa back in April this year. She has frequently written sweet nothings about the lanky singer and how much he means to her.

‘Thank you @iambenpol for being such an amazing human being and for bringing pure happiness into my life. I don’t want to say much but I must say that every day you have surprised me. May God bless you beyond your expectations and give you a long life’ captioned Ms Muigai.

‘She is not perfect,’ Ben Pol talks about Anerlisa’s flaws

Ben met Anerlisa’s wealthy parents back in January with one of her posts at the time reading, ‘I’d like to dedicate this day to my love and husband to be. My life has not been the same since I met you, you have brought so much love, happiness, honesty and calmness into my life. You have taught me so much that sometimes I wonder if I was really living the life I should have been living. Nobody ever came to my life and changed it like you have. God bless us and always protect us. Nakupenda sana mpenzi wangu.’

Ben Pol smiling with Anerlisa
Ben Pol smiling with Anerlisa

Not only that, Anerlisa just like another Kenyan celeb, Tanasha, was contemplating moving to Tanzania as they look forward to start a family.

‘My baby has been trying to convince me all day to move to Tanzania🇹🇿 permanently but I am not sure how possible that would be,’ wrote Ms Muigai.

This rumour will remain just that…A rumour.

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Rich Kid Anerlisa fearlessly pulled off the red plunging gown trend


Heiress Anerlisa Muigai proves there is no better place to take a fashion risk than at your bae’s birthday.

Over the weekend, Anerlisa and Tanzanian lover Ben Pol celebrated his birthday in style.

she flaunted her ensemble chanting

Us Together ❤


She shared pictures of the loved up moment spotting the low neckline and hips.

The dress was taped securely to her body and the sheer embroidered gown is to die for.

On February 23, 2000, Jennifer Lopez set the standard for modern low-cut necklines with the now-legendary green Versace dress she wore to the 42nd Grammy Awards. If you’re a celebrity looking to set social media abuzz, a daringly diving front is the ticket.


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‘She is not perfect,’ Ben Pol talks about Anerlisa’s flaws

Tanzanian singer Ben Pol continues to shower his love to Kenyan rich kid and businesswoman Anerlisa Muigai. In an interview with Tanzanian Media, the Moyo Mashine hitmaker revealed that just like any other human being, Anrelisa is no perfect woman.

“To be honest, I don’t think there is something she should change. I won’t lie to you, she is not perfect. She is just like other human beings.”

So, apart from the beauty and brains, what else attracted him to the Kenyan lass?

“She is a person that has so many qualities that I have been looking for in a woman. She is 31 years and she was raised well. She also has an exceptional heart.”

Ben Pol and Anerlisa together
Ben Pol and Anerlisa together

Rich kid Anerlisa begs Uhuru to help her billionaire parents

Speaking about the craziest thing he has ever done for love, the Tanzanian musician opened up about how he once got into trouble.

“While in campus, I went inside the ladies’ hostel. The security was tough on me. Its my ex-lover who made me do that.”

Early this year, the love birds introduced each other to the parents. Weeks later, Anerlisa shared photos of Ben asking for her hand in marriage.

Has she worn pampers!? Anerlisa shamed for ‘weight’ gain

Anerlisa Muigai has been a crusader for healthier and cleaner living over the years.

The socialite, who we recently found out earns the most amount of money on Instagram per post as a Kenyan (Whew! that was a long line!), has struggled with her weight.

Anerlisa before and after
Anerlisa before and after

She has been positively helping young girls and ladies who want to deal with their weight the last couple of years and has been a staunch supporter of eating right, even as she runs her water company.

‘I do not appreciate people calling me fat ‘ Anerlisa to her trolls

This year, the Keroche heiress got engaged to her Tanzanian sweetheart Ben-Pol. The two have been over the moon with their love spilling over on their social media pages.

Ben Pol proposing to Anerlisa
Ben Pol proposing to Anerlisa

Recently, Anerlisa posted a video on her Instagram page of herself dancing with her man Ben to one of his songs. What should have been a wonderful and joyous expression of their love turned sombre after some fans sardonically pointed out that Anerlisa might have gained some weight.

The video is below;

Some of the divicise comments are below;

Nelly Wanjiru Muiruri How do you convince people that your app can help people lose weight when you ain’t a living proof 😂😂😂😂
Esther Kamau Lazima aweke black n white stretchmarks nazo
Krystine Sharon Wacha aendelee kunyanduliwa hajue sperms hunonesha, ,
Ann Jumbe Huyu hamkusema alikonda 🤔
Sharon Otieno Na imagine uyo dame akiwa ndethe ama ninguo inamtoa ivo
Lu’c Taku Kwani amevaa pampers?
Truphena Achando Ameamua kukua manono tena
Mwas D Jenny 😂😂 She gat no moves 🙄 alafu the weight is coming backNimmoh Wairimu Hakuna moves hapa nikuzungusha tu gorofa😂😂
Anyango Omondi Kameanza kunona tena ama ni nguo??kai

Shaming, especially body shaming has become more and more prevalent in this day and age. Why? The proliferation of social media and people exposing their lives for the whole world to see.

Ben Pol smiling with Anerlisa
Ben Pol smiling with Anerlisa

What many don’t realise is that shaming might have the opposite effect on the target. Studies have shown that people who are shamed for being overweight instead tend to eat more after they are shamed.

I have a question though; What is the difference between shaming and genuine criticism? Can we even tell anymore?

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‘Pray for me,’ Ben Pol reveals his deep desire to marry Anerlisa

Ben Pol and Anerlisa had a ruracio this week that stunned many Kenyans. The two have been dating for the past one and a half years.

Ben Pol proposing to Anerlisa
Ben Pol proposing to Anerlisa

Many thought that the whirlwind romance was a mere publicity stunt but the Tanzanian singer and the Kenyan businesswoman have stuck together since.

Her prayer is to have twins! Ben Pol reveals Arnelisa’s wishes

The ‘Moyo Mashine’ singer told Willis Raburu on the Citizen T.V show 10 over 10 that if it was God’s will for him to get married, then they will. He told the host and the audience that;

A wedding is a good thing. Isn’t it? Everyone wishes that they can get married…Please pray for me because it is a blessing. If God smiles on us the wedding will happen. 

Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol laughing
Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol laughing

The singer also clarified on the issue of celebs like Harmonize and Khaligraph Jones sliding in her DM’s, saying that his remarks had been blown out of proportion.

He said that the celebs were not trying to hit on his beau but that their contacting her was fairly innocuous. And how would he deal with someone sliding into Anelisa’s DM’s with romantic intentions? He said that he would deal with them personally.

Harmonize denies thirsting on Ben Pol’s fiancée Anerlisa Muigai

The singer also said that his new song, ‘Wapo’ was for heartbroken individuals in relationships saying that he was speaking about people who are in relationships that are hurting them because he had experienced it before.

Ben Pol with his bae Anerlisa
Ben Pol with his bae Anerlisa

It is interesting to note that this is Anerlisa’s second serious engagement. She was engaged to former boyfriend Stephen in early 2017 with the relationship breaking down 6 months later.

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Harmonize denies thirsting on Ben Pol’s fiancée Anerlisa Muigai

Harmonize has come out to deny that he tried sliding in Anerlisa Muigai’s DM.

Singer Ben Pol, who recently proposed to Anerlisa said in an interview with Zamaradi that some celebrities like Harmonize and rapper Khaligraph Jones have been thirsting over his woman.

“I’ve seen artistes like Shettah, Harmonize and Khaligraph with a verified blue tick dming her. I understand she is an attractive woman.”

In his defense, Harmonize says Pol was trying to create a buzz for his new song and that he knew Anerlisa even before the Moyo Mashine hitmaker started dating her.

“If you are a gentle, you are not supposed to put things like this on the public eye. He would have told me that ‘bro my wife says this’ and I’d have told him whether its true or not.”

Adding that “Before, I felt bad but I realized we are all human beings, I knew Anerlisa even before they met, like three years ago.”

Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol laughing
Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol laughing

The Wasafi singer said there’s no way he can see two people dating and still try to ruin what they have.

“Ben Pol is my brother and I love him so much. I have even collaboratde with him inthe song “Why” He is a humble person and a role model to me. I started hearing his songs back in the day when I was a nobody.”


She Said Yes: Harmonize finally proposes to his mzungu bae – Video


I am not pregnant! – Anerlisa Muigai denies twins rumours

Anerlisa Muigai has dropped a bombshell on her fans. The Keroche heiress has been in the news the past two months after Ben Pol proposed to her on the beach.

Ben Pol proposing to Anerlisa
Ben Pol proposing to Anerlisa

Another thing that had people talking about her was rumours that she was pregnant, something she did not deny. But now, she has come out to refute those rumours telling her followers in an Instagram question and answer session that she wasn’t.

Anerlisa not pregnant
Anerlisa not pregnant

This new information goes against the news that was first revealed by Bonfire Adventures CEO, Simon Kabu after he congratulated her for being pregnant. Anerlisa, however, maintained she had no idea why she was being congratulated.

The news was broken when Simon, his wife, Sarah Kabu, Anerlisa, and her fiancé, Ben Pol met on holiday. That wasn’t the only indication that Anerlisa might be having a bun in the oven, she herself hinted at this fact.

Anerlisa speaking about twins
The heiress speaking about ‘twins’

She, later on, wrote in one of her Instastories that she wanted the ‘twins’ to look just like Ben Pol. What could that mean? Unlike Anerlisa who is not pregnant, gospel singer Kambua shocked many on Friday after she posted an image of her baby bump.

Kambua pregnant
Kambua pregnant

Her pregnancy comes 7 years after she got married to her husband, Jackson Mathu. The news has even prompted some other overzealous fans to tell another gospel musician, Joyce Omondi that she should also join the bandwagon.

Joyce Omondi
Joyce Omondi with her hubby Waihiga Mwaura

The last 2 years has seen many female celebs get children like; Avril, Lillian Muli, Lulu Hassan, Kashy, Janet Mbugua, Mwanaisha Chidzuga, Diana Marua and Bridget Shighadi.

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 Ben Pol proposes to Anerlisa Muigai on the beach in romantic moment


Tanzanian singer Ben Pol and Heiress Anerlisa Muigai have been in Mombasa for a getaway that turned into a beautiful marriage proposal moment.

Anerlisa shared a picture of the moment Ben Pol got down on one knee to ask her to marry him.

The two began dating in February 2018, and mark a year in their relationship.

News of the engagement has excited their fans.

Anerlisa revealed the beautiful moment with a simple caption’

I Said YES 

With Ben Pol responding with heart emoji’s

Ben Pol was wearing a white outfit as he went down on one  knee, in what appears to be an emotional moment.

Anerlisa also dons a white trousers and a floral top as she covers her mouth in shock, as he slips the ring on her finger.

Their fans and celebrity friends congratulated them,  including the Wasafi team.

The engagement picture comes a day after it was alleged she is pregnant, claims she has denied.

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