My husband eloped with a cucu slay queen because I don’t wear makeup

Men often tell women that there is nothing as good as being natural, being real and that wearing makeup is a turn off.

A plain Jane is what we call her.

The definition of plain jane is a girl that is plain, ordinary and not especially memorable or special.

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A woman who has been living this way has come to regret it.

She was dumped by her husband for an older woman who loves wearing tons of makeup and expensive wigs.

The woman tearfully narrated how he has all along insisted to her not to wear makeup because she is beautiful the way she is.

I think I should have lived that life, women go through these things because men love lies

She began her life experience.

I’m only 32, with two kids. I’ve spent my life saving all my money without spending on my hair and makeup.

My husband convinced me to.

How did she come to be dumped

My husband introduced me to an older woman whom he said was his friend. He later eloped with her. Right now you are talking about mobile lending that is where I am going, because I don’t understand. I’m not that expensive Im’ easy to maintain and he ended up eloping with a woman old enough to be my mum, and all the money we saved went to her.

I have nothing I have to move to a single room,

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Honestly do guys prefer girls with or without makeup? Moral of the story?

Do you girls.

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How natural lash extensions work –  expert



A beauty expert, who works with TV stars such as the Strictly dancers, has revealed how you can keep natural looking lash extensions or lifts intact for longer than you’d expect.

Elizabeth Chandler, a lash expert from London, warns that there’s no point in splashing out tons of cash on extensions if you don’t take the right steps to look after them.

‘Losing mom before I could take care of her was painful,’ Moji Short Baba

Elizabeth takes us through how they work: ‘Extensions are made of man made synthetic fibre. They are matched in length to your natural lashes individually.

‘Tweezers are used to isolate each lash and once the extension has been dipped into a tiny amount of black adhesive it is placed carefully onto the natural lash.

lash extension brush
brush for lashes

‘The extension must not touch the skin at any point on the lash line as it will prevent the natural lash from growing. Your natural lashes have a 3 month life cycle. The extensions will either grow out or fall out but the aim is for the extension to not pull the natural lash out.

‘It’s crucial that the length of the extension is appropriate for your natural lashes so that minimal weight is put onto the natural lash.

‘There are a few different techniques employed to extend your lashes the main ones are Classic Eyelash Extensions and Volume Eyelash Extensions.

‘Your eye shape will have a huge impact on what will suit you. In addition to your natural lash condition. The idea is to create symmetry, we can do this by adding curl and length in different areas of each eye so any hooded eyelids can be hidden.

‘We can also make eyes that are very close together appear to be more elongated. Darkness in the lashes will frame the eyes and make eye colour pop.’

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While lashes should last three to four weeks, they can fall out straight away without proper care.

She revealed that some beauty products should be avoided – especially face oils, while steams rooms also could compromise the adhesive.

‘In order to get the best out of your lash extensions you should avoid using any oily products, anything oily or highly perfumed will compromise the adhesive,’ Elizabeth said.

‘Lashes do not like steam, steam rooms and saunas are a definite no go, but also long hot steamy baths or showers must be considered

‘For the first 24 hours your lash technician might ask you to keep your lashes dry, this will depend on the adhesive they have used. 

‘Adhesive does not dry, it cures. This means that as soon as the extension is applied to the natural lash, it starts to cure as the moisture in the atmosphere will start the process.’

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Revealing other tips to extend the life expectancy of your lashes, the expert said: ‘You can wear makeup but its really important you remove anything from around the eye area.

lash extensions

‘Eye shadow will naturally collect in the lashes and as long a non oily makeup remover is used you’ll be fine. Gel eyeliners can collect in the lashes and be quite ‘gluey’ so try to avoid gel. Pencil liner is preferable.’

While she also said that brushing your lashes is important: ‘When you’ve started getting your lashes wet after the initial 24 hour period, you will need to dry your lashes carefully after your shower.

‘There’s a certain technique to brushing your lashes, you must support them from underneath with one finger and brush through,  this will separate them and stop them from tangling just like your hair.  

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Emma Too hits back at accusations she’s using Botox

Emma Too recently showed that she’s rolled back the years – at least as far as her locks go.

Former Kenyan model Emma  Too has been sharing pictures on her social media, that many Kenyans suggest show she uses Botox.

The stunning photos of Emma Too show her face is smooth and youthful, but Kenyans are not convinced it is down to a good lifestyle.

She wrote

Many keep asking, how do I look the same for 20 yrs? The truth is I don’t! I’m curvier & I love me like this.

If there’s a secret to life, it’s having learnt to take charge of my own narrative, see good in the world & in others and closing my ears to hate & discouragement.

KOT supposedly think she has had a little help with cosmetic procedures.

Emma Too has hit back at her accusers saying

I have never used botox, nor had pastic surgery.

She appeared keen to make it known that her youthful look has not been achieved through any form of cosmetic help. She even shared a picture of her young looking mother to assure Kenyans.

One can not pull a frown like that with botox!
Secondly I doubt I need it.
Those I know have done it, don’t look good at all. It’s an addition. So for conversation sake and boredom I’m indulging you with an explanation & a justification, which I don’t have to either

She added

Those talking about plastic surgery & botox, I guess my 65yr old mum has done it too? Y’all are too funny!

You doubt facts & believe lies, manufacture the truth that comforts your soul & that’s fine too, but don’t impose it on me. I have never used botox, nor had pastic surgery.

emma too 1

20 beauty secrets women hide from men

Women are very private about most of the beauty regimens they undergo.

They won’t even admit it to their closest friends, mostly out of fear of being ridiculed.

A poll done by The Daily Mail found that the number one beauty secret women hide from men is that they pluck hair from their noses.

Women are plucking nose hairs, shaving their toes and waxing their moustaches – but their boyfriends will never know.

According to a new poll the average female has 20 embarrassing beauty secrets she hides from her partner.

The findings revealed today reveals women many spend hours taking hidden measures in order to look naturally beautiful.

Researchers found women hate the thought of their other half knowing their beauty secrets.

As a result, procedures such as hair removal from toes, chin, body and bikini line remain hidden.

A large majority of the 2,000 women surveyed would never let on to their partner if they were wearing body-slimming underwear or if they removed hard skin from feet.

The study shows many ladies would hate their partner to know they had to remove hairs from their noses on occasion, while others don’t want him to know they often treat spots with toothpaste, or whiten their teeth.

1. Pluck / shave hair from toes

2. Pluck / wax hairs from chin / face

3. Pluck the odd hair from the body

4. Wax or dye moustache

5. Remove hard skin from feet

6. Wear body slimming underwear

7. Pluck eyebrows

8. Wax / shave bikini line

9. Pluck hairs from nose

10. Cleanse, tone and moisturize

11. Cut toenails

12. Teeth whitening

13. Use anti-aging creams

14. Put toothpaste on spots

15. Apply a face pack

16. Wax / shave under-arms and legs

17. Wear chicken fillets

18. Exfoliate daily

19. Eyelash and eyebrow tint

20. Use anti-cellulite cream