‘My wife and I are addicted to night running’ Confesses Sam Otieno

Night runners are not a rare case in Kenya .While some people loathe it some love it with a passion and would do anything just to get an adrenaline rush from it.

A night runner identified as Sam Otieno has revealed that not even death can make him stop doing night running activities.

Speaking to a BBC reporter Sam  claimed to have inherited the practice from his deceased father adding that he has been doing the trade for the past 9 years.

I found a small tin with three stones and soil inside next to the house.

When I stepped over the tin, that’s when I started night running. My father had left it there for me before he died.

I’m at a point where I cannot stop. It’s my job.

There are people who do not want me to run but its my job.I am addicted to it.

‘I miscarried after my ex husband threw me down the stairs’ Tonto Dikeh

Otieno a self confessed night runner during an interview with BBC
Otieno a self confessed night runner during an interview with BBC

While the practice is believed to be passed down through the family, Sam’s wife, Grace got into it after he recruited her.

According to Grace, she feels unwell when she does not run.They usually experience the urge to run after taking their dinner.

When I don’t run I feel sick so I have to run. When I come back (from night running) I feel comfortable.

When my husband eats cold food he becomes invisible.

Grace,a self confessed night runner
Grace,a self confessed night runner

Another reformed night runner shares his harrowing experience on how he was left fighting for his life after villagers trapped him.

I was preparing to go night run as I usually did the villagers laid a trap and poured hot water on me.I struggled and managed to run away but not without scars.

When I reached home I burnt down my house so that it would look like I had burnt from the fire in my house.

A reformed night runner
A reformed night runner

It was easier losing my house than people finding out that I was a night runner because his family would have been chased away from the community.


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‘They wished I was the one who had died in the accident’ Mwanyigha

Sheila Mwayigha has opened up on being a victim of online trolls and bullies to an extent of some wishing her death.

Mwanyigha in an interview with BBC says that at some point there were rumors that she was seeing a certain CEO yet it was not true.

‘I remember one particular article about a CEO who was spotted sneaking into my house. If you come to where I live you know there is no way you are sneaking in.

It was mean, it was awful.

You go for meetings and people are looking at you thinking you have what you have because you are having a relationship with this person.

‘Stop settling for just any man’ Kathy Kiuna advises single women

sheila mwanyigha

Mwanyigha also adds that she was also attacked online by someone she did not know.

There was a time there was an attack in Egypt and I sent my condolences and one person attacked me saying that I should have been among those who died.

Adding that people like me did not deserve to live.

I felt so vulnerable. I met my friends after that because I did not know if the person who had said that might be in the place we were at.

It can be tiring to keep proving yourself to people because it is a waste of time.

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‘5 years ago I was depressed, stressed and overwhelmed’ Ciru Muriuki

Ciru Muriuki celebrates her birthday today and among the things she is thankful for is the fact that she is no longer depressed and over whelmed.

She took to social media to celebrate her self with the message below.

“I’m so grateful to the Almighty for granting me another year. When I look back at who i was 5 years ago…

Stressed, depressed, overwhelmed, and look at where I am with my life and my career, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. I’m so blessed and I don’t take this for granted.

Happy birthday to me! 🤗🤗.

‘It had been years of pain’ Janet Mbugua speaks on battling endometriosis


Ciru who now works for BBC recently shared her long battle with Endometriosis .

Sharing a past photo of her Ciru says that its been years of pain.

This was me, after my first laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis cysts. It was two days before Christmas in 2017. Basically,what was happening was I was bleeding into my ovaries every time I had my period.

Words cannot describe the pain. It sometimes takes years for endometriosis to be definitively diagnosed because women are told that pain is part of being a woman.


But here’s the thing. Terrible pain during your period is not normal. A prolonged, heavy period is not normal. A period that interferes with your daily routine is not normal.

Endometriosis has no cure. We need to push for more research into this terrible disease. #periodmatters #endowarrior #endometriosisawareness #yellowforendo #donotsufferinsilence #KnowEndo

She adds

The thing about endometriosis is that it stays with you every day. Even if you’re not in pain, there’s the fatigue. I wish I could describe how tired I get.

Then you dread your period. The horrible pain. The nausea.

The sweating. The vomiting. The constipation or diarrhea. Being scared of soiling yourself because of your heavy flow. None of this is normal. We need a cure.

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Nelson Mandela voted as the most influential leader of the 20th century

The late Nelson Mandela has beaten Margaret Thatcher to clinch the most inspirational leader in the 20th century according to a BBC show ‘Icons’

The  public has whittled down a list of the ‘greatest’ people of the 20th century to seven finalists – all of whom are men.

The BBC show Icons initially picked seven categories with four inspirational characters included in each field.

Convicted pedophile confesses to marrying women so he could sodomize her boys

The categories were leaders, explorers, scientists, entertainers, activists, sports stars, and artists/writers.

The public has been voting for which individual in each field most deserved to reach the programme finale next Tuesday.

But despite 12 women being included on the longlist of 28 ‘greats’ of the last century, selected by a ‘panel of experts’, none won in their category.

The BBC offered the public a choice of four 20th Century ‘Icons’ in each of seven categories. In the ‘Leader’ category, above, Mrs Thatcher, FDR, and Sir winston Churchill all lost out to Nelson Mandela

Pablo Picasso beat Alfred Hitchcock, Andy Warhol and Virginia Woolf to be named the best artist in the X-factor style history show, completing the line-up of finalists.

Margaret Thatcher had lost out to Nelson Mandela in the leader category, while physicist Marie Curie and pharmaceutical chemist Tu Youyou – who developed medicine to treat malaria – were beaten by Alan Turing for the best scientist.

The late David Bowie pipped Billie Holiday and Marilyn Monroe to be named the greatest entertainer. They will be pitted against Ernest Shackleton, Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and Muhammad Ali in the live hour-long final.

Details of what transpired before Mary Kamangara was killed

The late Nelson Mandela

The programme, hosted by Claudia Winkleman and Nick Robinson, will see seven celebrity advocates give a speech to convince viewers to vote for the icon in their category.

The late David Bowie pipped Billie Holiday and Marilyn Monroe to be named the greatest entertainer

Model Lily Cole, during her episode on artists and writers, said: ‘Pablo Picasso was a pioneer of modern art. He wasn’t afraid to use his status to shout loudly about the horror of war, and his iconic work is as relevant today as it was then.’

In his episode, naturalist Chris Packham praised Turing – who is thought to have had Asperger’s – for being an example of why it is ‘worth putting up with’ people who have Autism.

Packham, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s in 2005, said: ‘We know that as a child he was ostracised by his peers, again this is something which I experienced, we find it difficult to integrate and to understand the social norms of that group of people.’

The other advocates set to go head-to-head in the final include actress Kathleen Turner (for entertainers), comedian Sanjeev Bhaskar (for activists), Clare Balding (for sports stars), Sir Trevor McDonald (for leaders) and Dermot O’Leary (for explorers).

The Corporation has billed the show as ‘the most ambitious BBC history series in a decade’ which ‘has told the definitive story of the 20th century through the people who had the most impact on it.’

The Icons final airs on Tuesday at 9pm on BBC Two.

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BBC reporter with terminal breast cancer wraps 18 years worth of birthday presents for her son after doctors tell her she only has a few days to live

BBC presenter Rachael Bland’s heartbreaking final arrangements made for her family as she bravely faces death have been revealed by her tweet.

The mother-of-one, 40, who has terminal breast cancer, has wrapped 18 years worth of birthday presents for three-year-old son Freddie – but could struggle to finish a memoir written just for him.

She has also built up a collection of handwritten notebooks, perfume and other personal items so the little boy grows up knowing how his mummy wrote, smelled and sounded once she is gone.

And in order to not upset her husband Steve, she has set up a WhatsApp group with his sister detailing her wishes for their little boy as he grows up including not cutting his hair too short and ensuring he helps choose his school.

Rachael’s final plans have been revealed in a blog written last week – just before she learned she had days to live – but published for the first time today.

Racheal Blands

Her brave tweet yesterday announcing she has ‘only got days’ has sparked thousands of responses praising her inspirational dignity and bravery in the face of terminal illness.

Mrs Bland wrote an emotional goodbye message to her social media followers this afternoon

Yesterday the BBC broadcaster tweeted the news, sparking an outpouring of grief among friends and fans, and today she agreed to publish the plans she has made in the event of her death.

She wrote on HuffPost:

“I have a Whatsapp group with Steve’s sister where I send her things I want for Freddie and his future. The things that might overwhelm and upset Steve now but she will make sure happens.

Like not cutting his hair too short until he really insists, or my wish for him to go to the very best school and university possible, so long as that’s what he wants.I’m also planning and wrapping birthday presents which he can open between the ages of four and twenty one.

‘Personal effects like my notepads – so he can see what my writing was like. Or the perfume he helped pick out for me earlier this year so he’ll remember my smell. And his all-important box of newborn keepsakes’.”

Rachael is also writing a memoir for her son, called ‘For Freddie’, and faces a race against time to complete it.

She added: ‘It’s a collection of all those stories your parents tell you over the years from their point of view, mixed in with all the advice they give you.

‘I’d only known Steve for such a short period of time before we married – I feel there’s so much he needs to know from my point of view and in my voice. And I think I best get my personality down on paper’.

Rachael has been documenting her fight against the disease in a blog called Big C Little Me since she was diagnosed in November 2016.

The Welsh journalist also hosted a podcast series called You Me & The Big C where she discussed the highs and lows of battling the illness.


Former BBC colleague Susanna Reid was among those to show their sympathy, writing on Twitter: ‘Oh Rachael. You have so much courage.

‘You are loved beyond measure by people you haven’t even met because of the way you have dealt with this. My love to you and your family.’  

Writing on Instagram and Twitter yesterday she said: ‘In the words of the legendary Frank Sinatra, I’m afraid to say the time has come my friends. And suddenly I’m told I’ve only got days, it’s all very surreal.’

‘I am pregnant for my sister’s father-in-law and he wants me to keep it’ Immoral Nairobi woman confesses

Colleagues, friends and followers posted online to offer their support and express their sadness.

Victoria Derbyshire wrote: ‘Bloody hell Rachael. Courage, grace, laughter – that’s you. You are amazing X.’

BBC Breakfast host Naga Munchetty said: ‘You have touched the lives of so many and inspired many more. Thinking of you and your loved ones.’

Her BBC colleague Eleanor Oldroyd posted: ‘Dear Rachael, you have lived a life to inspire millions.

‘Your many friends will be there for Steve and Freddie. Love and peace and prayers from all of us xxx’

Her BBC Radio Five Live colleague Phil Williams said: ‘Rachael – sending love. I’ll message Steve separately. I hope I have just an ounce of your gusto. Lots of love x’.

Racheal during her wedding day

Radio 5 colleague Richard Bacon also offered support on Twitter, writing: ‘Days. Devastating. Rachael I know saying I’m thinking of you (and our magnificent time together on air, especially all that late night fun) doesn’t change anything.

‘But I am and I’m so very sorry. Your podcast has helped change the way people talk about all this. You’re wonderful.’

And LBC presenter Iain Dale wrote: ‘You are in all our thoughts dearest Rachael. I’m sitting here preparing for my new show with a tear or two in my eye at the thought we will never hear your lovely voice on the radio again. Love from everyone at LBC.’

Her tragic journey has been an inspiration to thousands of people.

Mrs Bland, a BBC news presenter of more than 15 years, has documented her fight with the disease with her blog Big C Little Me. Putting the Can into Cancer’ and a podcast called ‘You, Me & The Big C’.

Writing in her blog previously, Mrs Bland told of how she was with her son and his friends at an ice cream farm when she was given the earth-shattering news her cancer was terminal.

 ‘My heart raced as I answered it, knowing a phone call did not bode well.Then came the words “I am so sorry, it’s bad news. The biopsies have come back showing the same cancer is back and is in the skin”.  

Describing the moment she broke the news to her family, Mrs Bland said: ‘I watched my little Freddie innocently playing away in a tyre in the barn and my heart broke for him.

“I scooped him up and dashed home and then had to break (her husband) Steve’s heart with the news that my cancer was now metastatic and therefore incurable.”

The news anchor had written that she felt she had become a ‘lab rat’ after starting a medical trial in a bid to buy her more time with her husband Steve and then two-year-old son Freddie.

Thousands of listeners tuned in to BBC Radio 5 Live to hear her weekly discussions with fellow patients Lauren Mahon and Deborah James on the highs and lows of living with cancer.

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To new beginnings!! Ciru Muriuki finally joins BBC after moving from K24

BBC seems to have joined the poaching game by picking the best local media personalities and the latest to join their team is Ciru Muriuki.

First it was Larry Madowo, who had been poached then came Georgie Ndirangu, Sharon Machira, Ian Wafula and the latest to join the team is our favourite TV girl Ciru Muriuki who has been a presenter with K24.

Almost a week ago Ciru shared the news of her departure in the message captioned below;

 “I’m about to wrap up my final time co-hosting K24 Alfajiri. I am so honored to have worked on such a great show with such a great team! @iamjeffmote and @serahteshna keep killing this morning TV game! I’m super excited about the next phase of my career. Dreams do come true. 😊😊😊🙏🙏 #k24alfajiri.”


It is hard to say goodbye especially to people we consider family regardless of whether we are related by blood and for Ciru saying goodbye to her fellow hosts at K24, Serah Teshna and Jeff Mote was something hard for her.

‘Dreams do come true’ pens Ciru Muriuki as she leaves K24

She wrote;

“Goodbyes. I hate them. That’s why I’m not saying goodbye to these two. We’ll still see each other lots. I love these guys. @iamjeffmote @serahteshna nawapenda.”


She recently posted a photo of her at the BBC offices with the caption,

‘New Beginnings’


Ian Wafula also joined the media house not so long ago, after exiting K24. He too shared the news with his fans on social media writing,

New chapter. Looking forward to starting soon at the BBC as Broadcast Journalist, News Review. I’d like to call it my new home but it’s bigger than that, the next step in my career. I’ve seen God’s manifestation in this process having been rejected 4 times after endless tests and grueling interviews.

‘She has taught me how to be a child again’ Tedd Josiah says of Jay

Former K24 presenters Ian Wafula and Ciru Muriuki

What’s yours is yours, at the right time. Thanking my family and close friends for standing by me. Special thanks to @larrymadowo for the three challenging words “You deserve better” that took me off my comfort zone to yearn for greater opportunities. 🙏🏾.”

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Check out how BBC reporter Larry Madowo celebrated his 31st birthday

Larry Madowo left many heartbroken after ditching the local media to go spread his wings abroad after landing a job with BBC.

Well on different occasions, most people have been left guessing how old Larry is, given the fact that the public figure wants to get him a wife for what many term as the ‘right age’.

Larry recently celebrated his 31st birthday with close friends leaving us salivating over the cake (below) which looks really scrumptious and inviting to the eye.


Larry Madowo on a night out with friends on his 31st birthday

He took to his instagram to celebrate himself with the caption,

“Grateful for the blessing of another year. Thank you for all the kind messages”

‘I am not cursed, I’m fighting for other women as well’ Jahmby Koikai speaks out

His fans took the chance to wish him a happy birthday and here are some of their best wishes to Larry as he celebrated his special day;

lenahbrookeHappy birthday Larry. Zeeka polepole

asumta_danielsJuly babies we ☝🏽🔥🔥… happy birthday larry

emmanuelsheriHbd my all time fav [email protected]

nyamaicynthiaAwwww! Happy Birthday baby bro 😘

k_sammyjamesHappy birthday @larrymadowo, you inspire me, keep on the energy to inform the world. In all your life endeavors never ever leave God for He is a God of Wonders and good things. Barikiwa.

bethwelsenahHappy birthday brother from another mother 😃😃😃

We wish him a long life ahead as he celebrates one more year and joins the 30’s club

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Nigeria star awarded BBC’s women’s footballer of the year

Nigeria and Liverpool Ladies striker Asisat Oshoala has won the BBC Women’s Footballer of the Year award after a vote by fans around the world, the broadcaster announced on Tuesday.

The 20-year-old picked up the prize in Canada, where she is preparing for the women’s World Cup at which she will star for the Super Falcons.

She was the youngest player on a shortlist of Veronica Boquete (FFC Frankfurt and Spain), Nadine Kessler (VFL Wolfsburg and Germany), Kim Little (Seattle Reign FC and Scotland) and Marta (FC Rosengard and Brazil).

Oshoala, who signed for Liverpool in January, said she felt “very happy and appreciated” at winning, adding: “It’s a very good thing for me and also motivation for the World Cup.

“I had a very good 2014 and had the opportunity of going to the under-20’s Women’s World Cup with Nigeria and I also won the Golden Ball and Golden Boot, so I think maybe that added to the reason why people voted for me.”

Nigeria’s under-20s lost to Germany in the final.

The Super Falcons are making their seventh straight appearance at the World Cup, which starts on June 6, and hoping to improve on their best performance of reaching the quarter-finals in 1999.

They face the United States, Sweden and Australia in the group stages.

Photo Credits : AFP

Top gear final scenes to be screened soon

The final scenes recorded by Jeremy Clarkson for Top Gear will be screened later this year, the boss of BBC2 says.

The footage was shot prior to Clarkson’s suspension over an altercation with a producer and will likely go to air this summer.

The TV host was suspended by the BBC amid an internal investigation into the attack on producer Oisin Tymon.

His contract was subsequently not renewed, with BBC director-general Tony Hall saying a “line has been crossed”.

North Yorkshire Police said that following its own investigation Clarkson would not face further police action over the incident.

Ms Shillinglaw said that while she will “definitely” look at appointing a female host to replace Clarkson, she added it is “not a driving priority”.

In his column in The Sun newspaper on Saturday, Clarkson admitted he would “miss” presenting the show.

“Heartfelt thanks to all those who have written to say how much they will miss me on Top Gear,” he wrote. “It’s not as much, however, as I’ll miss being there.”

Sky news

Find out why Jeremy Clarkson Punched BBC Producer

Two days before assaulting a BBC producer, Jeremy Clarkson was told by a doctor that he might have cancer. Speaking for the first time in detail about the incident that resulted in his sacking from the Top Gear show, 55-year-old Clarkson said being given the warning was one of the most stressful experiences of his life.

In an attempt to explain his state of mind at the time of the attack, he said: ‘Two days before the “fracas”, I had been told, sternly, by my doctor that the lump on my tongue was probably cancer and that I must get it checked out immediately. But I couldn’t do that. ‘We were in the middle of a Top Gear series. And Top Gear always came first.’

Clarkson said he had now been given the all-clear, but wrote in his column in The Sunday Times: ‘That was the most stressful day I have ever had in 27 years at the BBC. ‘It was beyond-belief stressful, everything was gong wrong, and then you know… there you go. But everyone has stressful days, and they manage to cope better than I had.’

Clarkson was sacked by the Corporation after an ‘unprovoked physical and verbal’ attack in Hawes, North Yorkshire that left his victim, Oisin Tymon, 36, in need of hospital treatment. The presenter said the show about cars had come to dominate his life after his divorce from wife Frances and the death of his mother Shirley, and he worried about all parts of the programme.

Clarkson’s contract was not renewed, with director-general Tony Hall saying at the time ‘a line has been crossed’ and ‘there cannot be one rule for one and one rule for another’.

But the broadcasting veteran received widespread public support, including from friend Prime Minister David Cameron.
Clarkson said he even considered turning his back on presenting altogether in the immediate fall-out from the incident.
Earlier this month, North Yorkshire Police said that following an investigation Clarkson would face no further police action over his attack on the producer at a hotel.

Clarkson pulled out of his planned appearance hosting BBC satirical show Have I Got News For You, which was due to be filmed next week, and aired a day later. It would have been his first BBC appearance since the fracas which led to his exit.


The ‘return’ of Jeremy Clarkson on BBC

Jeremy Clarkson is set to make his first appearance on BBC since losing his job as Top Gear Host. Jeremy will appear as a guest host of Have I Got News for you on 24th April.

According to a BBC spokesman “Jeremy’s contract has not been renewed on Top Gear but he isn’t banned from appearing on the BBC.”

The controversial broadcaster has appeare on the show several times before.

Clarkson was suspended from Top Gear on March 10th following an assault on the shows producer Oisin Tymon.

Jeremy Clarkson set to appear on a rebranded show

Jeremy Clarkson is set to appear again on stage with Richard Hammond and James May, with whom he presented the BBC’s Top Gear.

A deal has been done to fulfil a series of live shows that were planned before the presenter was dropped from the show for hitting a producer.

The gigs will be stripped of all BBC branding and content and will be called Clarkson, Hammond and May Live.

BBC Worldwide said it had agreed the tour could continue “so as to not disappoint fans”.

A spokesman called it “a sensible approach in the circumstances as thousands of people around the world had already bought tickets.

The shows will take place in venues around the world including Australia, Norway, South Africa and the UK.

Live shows that were due to take place in Stavanger, Norway earlier this month have been re-scheduled to 20 and 21 June.

A Top Gear Festival planned for Sydney in April will instead become an indoor arena show.

The live show dates are:

  • 22 – 24 May – Belfast
  • 5 – 7 June – Sheffield
  • 13 – 14 June – South Africa
  • 20-21 June – Norway
  • 28 – 29 November – London O2

Clarkson was dropped by the BBC earlier this month following a “fracas” with a Top Gear producer.

There is no news yet as to whether fellow presenters James May and Richard Hammond will return to the show.

BBC Drops Jeremy Clarkson as Top Gear Host

BBC will not renew Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear contract. Clarkson has officially been fired as the host after an “unprovoked physical attack” on a Top Gear producer according to BBC’s director general, Tony Hall. Clarkson had been suspended on 10th March following that alleged physical and verbal attack on the producer Oisin Tymon.

Tony Hall’s full statement on Jeremy’s sacking
“It is with great regret that I have told Jeremy Clarkson today that the BBC will not be renewing his contract. It is not a decision I have taken lightly. I have done so only after a very careful consideration of the facts and after personally meeting both Jeremy and Oisin Tymon.
I am grateful to Ken MacQuarrie for the thorough way he has conducted an investigation of the incident on 4th March. Given the obvious and very genuine public interest in this I am publishing the findings of his report. I take no pleasure in doing so. I am only making them public so people can better understand the background. I know how popular the programme is and I also know that this decision will divide opinion. The main facts are not disputed by those involved.

I want to make three points.

First – The BBC is a broad church. Our strength in many ways lies in that diversity. We need distinctive and different voices but they cannot come at any price. Common to all at the BBC have to be standards of decency and respect. I cannot condone what has happened on this occasion. A member of staff – who is a completely innocent party – took himself to Accident and Emergency after a physical altercation accompanied by sustained and prolonged verbal abuse of an extreme nature. For me a line has been crossed. There cannot be one rule for one and one rule for another dictated by either rank, or public relations and commercial considerations.

Second – This has obviously been difficult for everyone involved but in particular for Oisin. I want to make clear that no blame attaches to him for this incident. He has behaved with huge integrity throughout. As a senior producer at the BBC he will continue to have an important role within the organisation in the future.

Third – Obviously none of us wanted to find ourselves in this position. This decision should in no way detract from the extraordinary contribution that Jeremy Clarkson has made to the BBC. I have always personally been a great fan of his work and Top Gear. Jeremy is a huge talent. He may be leaving the BBC but I am sure he will continue to entertain, challenge and amuse audiences for many years to come.

The BBC must now look to renew Top Gear for 2016. This will be a big challenge and there is no point in pretending otherwise. I have asked Kim Shillinglaw to look at how best we might take this forward over the coming months. I have also asked her to look at how we put out the last programmes in the current series.”

Jeremy has been fired despite petitions garnering over one million signatures from Top Gear fans. He has since changed his twitter handle to “I used to be a presenter on the BBC2 motoring show, Top Gear.”

Jeremy’s twitter profile

Screenshot from 2015-03-25 17:53:40

Jeremy Clarkson set for new show on BBC

After his suspension from Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson could be back on BBC as host of the “Have I Got News For You”.

The presenter who is the subject of an internal inquiry after he was involved in a “fracas” with a producer on the motoring show BBC

Details indicate that  he is due to record the satirical panel show in May.

A producer from Hat Trick, which makes the show, told the Broadcasting Press Guild that he thought Clarkson was “a fantastic broadcaster”.

He said: “As far as I’m concerned he is hosting Have I Got News for You, the BBC has not told me what to do yet and it will be an interesting conversation.”

He joked: “Maybe we will get the producer on so he can hit Jeremy Clarkson live on television.”

The BBC declined to comment on whether Clarkson’s suspension, if it is still in force, would cover an appearance on a separate show.

BBC viewership affected by Jeremy’s suspension

BBC’s decision to postpone the remaining episodes of Top Gear has seen it lose millions of viewers and receive thousands of complaints.

The latest episodes which were to be aired on Sunday night were replaced by a Red Arrows documentary which pulled in just one million viewers – compared to the five million who regularly tune in for the popular motoring show.

The BBC has refused to say how many viewers have contacted it about its decision to suspend Jeremy Clarkson and postpone the remaining episodes but it is believed to be in the thousands.

Communications watchdog Ofcom said it had received more than 100 complaints, with a spokesman saying it will take no action as it “can only assess a breach of the broadcasting code if a show has actually aired”.

The BBC’s inquiry into Clarkson’s Top Gear “fracas” has started – less than a week since it announced the presenter was suspended after allegedly punching producer Oisiin Tymon after filming for the show during a row over a hot meal at a hotel.

A BBC spokesman said: “The BBC’s position is the one we set out in a statement last week. We have an investigation led by Ken MacQuarrie to establish the facts and people should wait for the outcome of that.”

Jeremy Clarkson hints at exiting Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson has hinted he may leave Top Gear, following his suspension from the programme for an alleged “fracas” with a producer.

This information was gathered from an article he wrote in his regular Sun newspaper column.

Clarkson described himself as a “dinosaur”, and said that the day comes when you “wave goodbye to big monsters and move on”.

An internal disciplinary inquiry is due to be held into the incident.

This is not the first time that Jeremy has been caught up in a controversy that has seen him suspended.

Over 600k people sign petition to bring back Jeremy Clarkson

After being suspended over a “fracas”, Top gear’s Jeremy Clarkson’s fans signed a petition to have him reinstated.

The petition was started by a blogger and has so far garnered over 600,000 signatures.

The Sunday edition of U.K. motoring program holds a Guinness record for the most-watched factual program in the world.

The BBC said the two final episodes in the series may be dropped as well, and a petition was started Tuesday, as at now the petition dubbed “Freedom to fracas” stands at over 600,000.

As for the “fracas” media reports said Clarkson allegedly hit a producer over a lack of catering, while filming them show on location.

This isn’t the first time for him to be caught up in controversy.

Topgear host Jeremy Clarkson gets suspended by BBC

Jeremy Clarkson, the popular host of the car program “Top Gear” was suspended by the BBC on Tuesday after a mysterious “fracas” with a producer.

Mr. Clarkson, 54, known to make impolite comments about foreigners and then apologizing. BBC had put him on a “final warning” last year for his behavior after he used a racist word during filming.

At the time, Mr. Clarkson said, somewhat jokingly, that the BBC had told him he would be fired if he made “one more offensive remark, anywhere, at any time.”

He has had issues before including some that are deemed racist.

In October, Mr. Clarkson and his crew had to flee Argentina after allegedly being attacked by local residents in an incident over a license plate. Mr. Clarkson was driving a car with the plate number H982 FLK, which was understood to be a reference to the British military victory over Argentina in the Falkland Islands war of 1982.

Mr. Clarkson and his team insisted — with a wink — that they had no idea what the license plate meant. But most observers saw it as a typical Clarkson ploy to seem both naughty and patriotic.

Last year the show was censured for breaching broadcasting rules after Mr. Clarkson used a derogatory word for Asian people in a program from Myanmar.

In  May 2014, video footage that was not intended for broadcast appeared to show Mr. Clarkson using a racist term while reciting the nursery rhyme “eeny, meeny, miney, moe.” He later apologized and begged forgiveness, denying that he had uttered the slur but admitting “that it sounds like I did.”

Similarly, in January 2012, Indian diplomats complained about a program from the country in which Mr. Clarkson described a car fitted with a toilet as “perfect for India because everyone who comes here gets the trots.

The year before, the BBC apologized to Mexico after Mr. Clarkson and his co-hosts characterized Mexicans as “lazy” and “feckless.” The show has also mocked Germans, Romanians and Albanians, among others.