‘I have packed and left my marriage countless times,’ – Diana Marua

Ever walked out of a relationship? Diana Marua has revealed she has walked out of her marriage severally.

The mother of two says growing up with an abusive father made her grow up to be an angry child who thought things could only be done her way.

Speaking on her YouTube channel where she was hosting her sister Michelle Ngoje, Diana shared

“The first two years were very tough.

I used to pick up my bags and leave any time we disagreed.

Mark you Bahati is not the violent type.

I used to snap very easily, I would pick anything I saw and hit you.

But that was because that was what I saw growing up.”

Diana says her marriage is still intact because her husband has been patient and understanding with her.

“I was like ‘I am me and that is final’. I thank God I got a patient husband who would cool off before we solved our issues.

I am telling you that there are so many things that go on in these houses.”

Her advice to her fans

“Nothing is permanent.

For now, you might not have the means to leave a toxic relationship but the best thing you can do is to wait on God.”

Even though their marriage has not been perfect Diana is adored by Bahati.

Mathare North aspiring MP Bahati and his wife Diana Bahati

That has been proven by the countless times she has been showered with expensive gifts among them high-end cars and most recently a house.

Bahati presented Diana’s dream car in a surprise reveal at the Windsor Golf Club. 

The artiste said the gift was just his way of appreciating his wife and the role she has played in his life.

“I wanted to show that I appreciate you for a good job, you’re almost at 700,000 subscribers, you have come into the music industry and have outdone yourself…you are on the right path…the day that people will stop talking about you, just know that you’re dead brand-wise…” 

He then presented her with the posh machine.

“A brand new Prado Toyota TX gift for mama watoto, @Diana_Marua, nimpee hizi gift mbili zimebaki ama nitulieeee?” wrote Bahati on his Instagram page.

He continued, “And that’s how you surprise a queen. Babe, I hope you have loved your third gift, enjoy

The 6-bedroomed house gifted to Diana boasts of a gazebo, an in-house chef, a walk-in closet, and a dressing table.

It also has a huge bathroom that is fitted with a bathtub (and can also double up as a jacuzzi).

It also has a bedroom balcony, a TV room among other things.

The house sits on a 50 by 100 plot of land with a total floor area of 340 square meters.

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Kenya male celebs who were in the delivery room when their wives were giving birth

Gone are the days when men wouldn’t be allowed into the delivery room as their wives gave birth. Being present is now a trend most men have picked up.

Below are celebs who were present during the birth of their kids, some were in the delivery room more than once.

1. Kabi wa Jesus.

During Milly wa Jesus’s delivery, four days ago, her husband Kabi was standing right beside her. 

A photo of Kabi during the process left men wondering whether they should all take the same step of following their women to the labor room.

Kabi is among the few men known to be giving support to their women throughout pregnancy and during delivery. 

2. Dj Moz

The gospel deejay was present during the birth of their daughter Zahra, his wife laboured for 17 hours

3. Arrow boy

It was just recently that Arrow boy and Nadia Mukani welcomed their first baby to the world. and Arrow boy revealed that his love for Nadia multiplied after witnessing her give birth to their son.

He also said that the same made him have so much respect for other women.

4. Daddie Marto

Daddie Marto and his wife Christine Koku have shared many experiences together from childbearing to child delivery since Daddie Marto has been willing to go through the same struggles as his wife.

5. Frankie Justgymit

Frankie is one of the few celebrities who are known for supporting their women in the labor rooms, throughout the clinic visiting till child delivery.

Frankie has shown Corazon Kwamboka and other women that pregnancy involves both wife and husband and not to be left for women alone.

6. Agunda Bweni

The celebrated music producer was in the delivery room during the birth of his son Mshindi.

Being his first child after a 10-year wait, am sure Agunda couldn’t have it any other way.

7. Robert Burale

The stylish image consultant was in the delivery room during the birth of his daughter Lexxie.

In an interview with Citizen TV, said he has no regrets about going to the delivery room. He however says he went through some trauma.

8. Bahati

The aspiring Mathare politician was present in the delivery room during the birth of his daughter Heaven in 2019.

9. Mwaniki Mageria

The creative was present in the delivery room during the birth of his 3 kids.

He says he was not traumatized by the experience.

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Bahati blasted by fans for asking them to fund his campaigns

Mathare MP aspirant Kevin Kioko has announced that he wants his fans to help in contributing for his campaigns.

Bahati who is eyeing Mathare MP, took to his Instagram page to ask his fans to support him. He shared a paybill number in which fans can contribute money to.

Bahati who was partly raised in Mathare said his journey in politics is to inspire the youths that something good can come from the slums

Here is what he wrote;

“I Made a Tough Decision to go for this Elective Seat not Only to Win and Bring the Much Change Needed Change in the Slums of Mathare but to also Give Hope and Show that Something Good Can Come out of a Ghetto 🙏 I AM HERE TO INSPIRE.”

Bahati further added that he had officially started his campaigns thanking his fans for believing in him.


However,the post elicited a mixed reaction from his fans with many congratulating his move.

Some though, accused the former gospel singer for using the opportunity to milk money from his fans.

Here are a few comments from his fans;

Champez_85: Ambia wasanii wenzako wakuchangia ili ukipita uwatetee huko parliament.

winniefredey333: Ety till number again. Wabula the rich are to be more richer and poor, poorer.

kirangari_boys: Vile inafaa bro bora vijana watoke chini ….mhesh mwenyewe bah.

lavidafie: Nani aliitisha till number? Kama hauko ready endelea na music uko talented sana. (Who asked for the Till? if you are not ready please continue doing music.)

jemonduati: Bahati should perfect one thing he is all over the place. One time gospel artist, next time secular artist, now politician 🤦‍♂️ I mean who wants a leader tht has no principles and sense of direction 🤔 He will be elected and do the same thing he has been doing to the Mathare folks. I feel like Bahati is conforming and confused because of peer pressure..just stating my observation..

Mathare aspirant Bahati defends himself after crying on live TV

Singer and Mathare aspirant Bahati has come out to defend himself for crying over the loss of the Jubilee nomination ticket early this week.

In an interview with Dr King’ori on The Wicked Edition, the ‘Mama’ hitmaker said the reason he cried is that he was carrying the pain of the Mathare people.
“I was just expressing the needs of my people. You know in parliament I will do three things, I will be representing the people, I will be a legislature and I will also be implementing. So I think I was doing one of the things that I should be doing in Parliament. I took their pain and I carried it to the press conference,” he said.

Bahati has been calling out the Jubilee party to allow him to fly the party’s ticket in the August election.

On Monday, Bahati cried at a press conference after his party allegedly asked him to step down in favour of Oluoch as the constituency is considered an ODM zone.

“I was told to step down after receiving the nomination certificate,” he said, adding that even with the new developments he was not going to step down from the Mathare Parliamentary race.
He complained of a fraudulent process in awarding the Jubilee party nomination certificate even after the party conducted free and fair primaries.
“I personally have made a decision that I’m not backing down from the race. My name will be on the ballot on August 9.”

He has since stated that he won’t be vying on an independent ticket.
Bahati said Jubilee is negotiating with ODM on the same issue.

“I have renegotiated with the party, I acknowledge the secretary-general and Kanini Kega for giving me a listening ear.
I am hopeful that they will allow me to go to the ballot. I am not buying the independent card because that is like betraying my party.
I also believe my party will not betray the young people. Nothing has been talked to me officially for me to hand in my nomination. I believe they will hand in my name to IEBC.”

‘Stay focused’ Diana Marua encourages Bahati

Diana Marua has reacted to her husband Bahati being denied the Jubilee Nomination Ticket for Mathare MP ticket.

The mother of two through her Instagram has encouraged her hubby to hang in there despite the hardships he is currently facing.

“Every Dark Cloud has a Silver Lining. It’s Tough but We shall Overcome. @BahatiKenya Stay Focused on the Greatness that lies ahead of you and the people of Mathare.”

Kevin Kioko better known as Bahati was allegedly asked to recall his Jubilee Nomination certificate to be the sitting MP of Mathare.

Bahati received the go-ahead to fly the Jubilee party ticket for the Mathare constituency over the weekend.

Speaking in a press conference on Monday, 25th April, a teary Bahati said that after he was handed the MP nominations certificate, he allegedly received calls from ODM asking him to recall his certificate.

“I received a call and I was called for a meeting and want to be as open as possible. I am being told that I need to recall the certificate and step down for the sitting MP since he(MP) feels threatened and he feels that if I am in the ballot box, the seat will not go back to ODM which I have said no,” he said.

Bahati added that he is running for the seat since the people in Mathare have asked him to do it.

“Mathare people have suffered and I did not join politics since I wanted a job, I already had a job but someone who came from there understands them,” he said

He went ahead to ask the Jubilee Party leader, President Uhuru Kenyatta, and ODM leader Raila Odinga to intervene.

“I have called this Press conference to speak to my President and talk to the ODM leader Amollo Odinga. I am also in Azimio and this certificate here is not only for Bahati but it represents many other youths. It is a sign of hope. Please give the youths of this country a chance.”

Bahati added that by stepping down, he will have betrayed the Mathare people who asked him to vie for the seat.

“For the last 24 hours have been the toughest time of my life. I have been thinking of how I will say this since I don’t want to look as if I am betraying my fellow youths. Not to look as if am betraying the people of Mathare that have entrusted me with this opportunity to serve them. They pushed for my nominations.”

Bahati expressed that it would be unfair to give away the nomination since he went through the nominations and followed the process as per the IEBC regulations and Jubilee awarded him the nomination after he won.

Bahati added that he will be on the ballot box in August and he strongly believes he will serve the people the right way.

“I am not returning and I am not recalling my certificate. For this one, I am not stepping down for someone who has not helped my people, someone who does not understand the problems of Mathare people.”

This is not the first time someone is asked to step down for a more popular candidate.

Westlands MP Timothy Wanyonyi was recently asked to step down for ex-Nairobi governor Polycarp Igathe.

In 2017 Charles Kanyi alias Jaguar was also asked to step down for veteran politician Maina Kamanda.

Bahati responds to giving Diana Marua fake flashy gifts

Singer Bahati has responded to rumors that his chasing clout with fake gifts to his wife Diana Marua.

This is after he gifted his Marua a fully furnished house estimated to be worth Sh27million and a LandCruiser Prado TX Sh 9 million.

Taking to Instagram, Bahati said that despite coming from a humble background, he is blessed he will keep sharing the little he has.

“To those who are doubting that God can bless a poor boy from the slums let me confirm this, yes I am a boy from Mathare slums and to those that believe God can raise a man from poverty to glory, May God do it for you too in Jesus name. The God who raised me is faithful to bless anyone.”

This is not the first gift that the couple has showcased on their social media for the past few years.
Diana responded on the matter, urging Bahati to continue proving people wrong.

“Amen, my baby!!! Prove them wrong. From grass to grace, you are highly favored,” she wrote.

The couple has severally made headlines with fake stories.

Recently, Diana B faked reports that her YouTube channel has been hacked, only to create hype for an upcoming song that she released a day after the ‘hacking’.

Leave a man who doesn’t treat you right – Diana Marua urges

Diana Marua may be lesser known than her well-known husband Bahati, but that hasn’t stopped her from expressing what she thinks and feels about different situations.

Bahati and Diana Marua

The mother of one sent out a bold message to ladies who are in abusive relationships. Marua, a mother of one, went to social media on Saturday, May 12, to urge ladies to walk out of emotionally draining relationships, even if they had no means of fending for themselves.

Diana Marua
Diana Marua

Diana Marua urges women to leave well-to-do men if they are abusive
Marua believes that women should flee from any man who make them feel inadequate for not having a source of income. She wrote:


Marua’s message smarks of hypocrisy after she took the piss out women who did not have hubbies that could drive them to work. This was in response to the recent flash floods in Kenya.

Diana Marua
Posing on her car

She sent out a brutal message in March telling Kenyan ladies to “swim to work” since they were faulting her for dating a man with a car. Her post read:


Marua’s message isn’t anything new, even Akothee the purveyor of female wisdom has repeatedly called on women to leave men who don’t treat them right.


Esther Akoth popularly known by her stage name Akothee has took time in October to advice women who think that having a baby with a white man automatically mean that one becomes rich.She shared a post on Instagram where she said that one of her baby daddy who is a white man does not provide child support for his son.

Akothee Screenshot
Akothee Screenshot

I think that this advice is common-sense but not everyone has it. Sadly.

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‘Is my dream still achievable?’ Bahati says he wants to be a billionaire at 30 years

Bahati says he had vowed to be a Billionaire before he clocks 30 years old.

In an Instagram post, the ‘Dear Ex’ hitmaker said that the ongoing pandemic messed up with his plans.

Bahati is not yet 30 and so there is hope for him.

He wrote;

“I had Said I wanted to Make My First Billion at 30 Years Old 💵💰💴 I did Not Know Corona Was Listening to My Plans 🙆‍♂️ I am 28 Years Now…. IS THE DREAM STILL ACHIEVABLE???” 

‘My baby daddy asked for a DNA,’ Miss Morgan speaks about raising her daughter

Bahati smiling
Bahati smiling

Bahati first talked about becoming a Billionaire in 2018.

 “I want to be a billionaire by 30 because we have been in a situation where no one valued our music and no one believed that you could be rich through music.

 That is why I am tapping into things people haven’t tried before. I dared to launch a record label when it was viewed as non-profitable. I want to try new things and with that, get more knowledge. As I work on music I am also dealing with property.” 

DJ Mo calls out former gospel artiste Weezdom for spreading hate amongst artistes

DJ Mo has called out former gospel singer Weezdom for spreading hate amongst gospel artistes.

DJ Mo advised him to ‘grow up’ after Weezdom tried to imply that Kenyan gospel artists do not support each other.

This is after Bahati posted a screenshot of WCB artist Rayvanny congratulating him on his new ‘Naanza tena’ gospel song.

Commenting on the post, Weezdom took the opportunity to attack Kenyan gospel artists for not supporting Bahati.

According to Weezdom, he could not fathom how a Tanzanian artist would recognize Bahati’s efforts yet local gospels artists haven’t.

Ni uchungu! Bahati shuts down EMB records, terminates contracts with artistes

Well, Weedmon is Bahati’s friend and he was initially signed by EMB before Bahati announced that the label was dead.

Bahati wrote;


Weezdom responded;


Angered by the comment, DJ Mo asked Weezdom to mature up and focus on his craft.

“BROTHER STOP THIS KUPIGANISHA WATU … it’s time we mature up …..Fanya kazi wacha this crap… kindly.”

Bahati with his manager Weezdom
Bahati with his manager Weezdom

Early this year, the controversial Weezdom announced that he had quit the gospel industry. Taking to Instagram, Weezdom announced he can no longer handle the hate in the gospel industry.

“Been getting so many DM’s watu wakiniuliza why I’ve edited my b10…soon I’ll be explaining why but for now, chenye najua tu ni kwamba i’m no longer doing gospel music nimechoka na vita na chuki za gospel industry ya Kenya,” Weezdom posted.

‘I cried and had mixed emotions the whole week, Diana Marua celebrates son’s first birthday

Bahati and Diana Marua’s son Majesty Bahati has turned one year old today.

Through her social media account, Diana Marua recounted having mixed emotions for a whole week before giving birth to her son.

She shared a video on her Instagram narrating how happy she was on the day she was going to deliver as she was sure she would be coming home with an addition to the family.

She was not sure how her first born daughter who was only one and a half years old would react after seeing another baby

Diana wrote;

‘My children will never go to boarding school’ Boniface Mwangi shares wife’s experience

Bahati with Diana Marua at the event
Bahati with Diana Marua at the event

“ONE YEAR DOWN 14.08.2019 😭🙏

A day like this Last Year, My Pregnancy Journey was ending in a few hours. I had cried, I had mixed emotions the whole of that week. I was happy that the wait was over and I was about to hold my baby in my arms. I was sad at the same time because I knew I’ll miss the feeling of him kicking and seeing him play in my tummy, that special season of getting everything you want and ordering people around 😂🙆‍♀️.”
She added;
“I was anxious to meet him, what would he look like? I was leaving home for hospital pregnant and I’ll come back home holding a baby, how would my baby @heavenbahati handle it? she was just one and a half years old, my small baby who understood nothing yet. @morgan_bahati thought 4 days in hospital was a long time not seeing his Mama around. I almost cried with him again. The journey to the hospital was an eventful one, MJ was kicking hard, he wanted to meet his Family. This was the Day that the Lord had Made and it was About Time I hold yet another Blessing @MAJESTYBAHATI in my Arms…. THANK YOU GO.”
Check out photos of the one year old Majesty.

Diana Marua in red
Majesty Bahati

82847061_1224519254550926_7424604374798172353_n 115997723_233085327710903_2284317620565820829_n 116769707_106701124400373_2434870495235214965_n(1)

A List of Male Celebrities Who Show Us The Coolest Way To Rock The Bandana

In the entertainment industry you have to stand out to get noticed, this means you have to have a good sense of fashion from head to toe. You can always add a little touch such as accessories to complement your look.

People started rocking the bandana back in  the day and our local celebrities note-ably the likes of Willy Paul, Bahati, Naiboi and Diamond Platnumz seem to be bringing back the trend.You can either wear it as a headband, hang it around your pocket or wrap it around your arm.

Bandana is no doubt one of those accessories that complements the look especially in the entertainment industry. The piece of cloth comes in a wide range of colors to choose from.








If Denno commits suicide today, you will flock with condolence messages, Bahati tells gospel artistes

Bahati is indeed fed up with fellow gospel artistes.

He has even shut down his record label EMB.

You all remember when Bahati announced to the public that he was signing Denno to his record label?

Well, he did that and even featured him on his reality show, bought him a car and helped him come beck to the industry. Anyway that is according to what was put infront of our eyes.

Speaking exclusively to Classic 105, Denno said he could never thank Bahati enough.

“It felt like a dream only to realise it was real. My wife was also very happy about the news,” he said.

Simba kamili! Diamond Platnumz causes ripples after buying a Rolls Royce

“I feel very good and I can never forget this good deed. I call Bahati my destiny helper. I will never forget that he is the one who got me out of using matatus.”

Before buying the car, Bahati had inquired from Denno on how he moves around.

Bahati bought a car for Denno
Bahati bought a car for Denno

Denno said he used public means, which was very challenging.

“Sometimes you agree to meet someone but you stay so much in traffic and the other person can’t understand your predicament,” he said.

It was a good thing.

Well, while announcing the closing down of EMB, Bahati called out the industry for fakeness and claimed that most of them only show up when someone is dead.

“I took in Denno when he was in the verge of losing it, a position where he did not see the value of life.
Denno came back and there were times I lack and I bought him a car, but none of these guys in the gospel industry posted or shared his music, none.”


Bahati added that if he commits suicide, they will flock.

“Even before, none of them called him to check on him. This is the gospel industry we have.
They think that if they post his music, its like they will be making me rich,” he said.

Gospel artistes don’t agree in the name of God, they only agree to bring down Bahati.

He said that he has released Denno from the record label but will continue supporting him as a friend.

“I want to also release Denno so you can support him when he is not under me,” he said.



Ni uchungu! Bahati shuts down EMB records, terminates contracts with artistes

Gospel singer Bahati has called out Kenyan gospel musicians for living a fake life.

He said this while announcing that he had come to a point where he had decided to shut down his record label EMB.

He says that most of the artistes whom he took in, were broke before but now they are the ones trying to bring him down for the last three years.

‘RIP EMB! cries Weezdom says ‘fakeness and hatred in gospel industry’ led to Bahati’s fall

“I have recordings of them being told to say bad things about me. I was capable of suing the artiste but am a Christian, I did not do that because it is not every fight that is worth fighting and fathers don’t fight sons,” he said on his YouTube chanel.

Bahati says his main purpose of opening the label was to support artistes and that EMB has never been a business, but wanted to help someone to be successful and maybe someday, support themselves.

“Now it has turned out that people hate me because I am helping someone else. I know it is a tough decision but I have told God I want to shut it down and start something else as Bahati,” he added.

Bahati wearing shades
Bahati wearing shades

That was part of his ministry but he has realised that the gospel artistes are using it to have a bad name.

“I want fans to understand that although I have undergone a big loss, first this was a ministry but what is the point of doing ministry when the same ministry is translated the wrong way always leaving you with a bad name,” he said.

Bahati posing in shades
Bahati posing in shades

Eastland’s Most Beloved (EMB) Records has been at the centre of drama for the past several months.

Almost all artistes who have been signed under the label, as well as employees, have left the label at some point, in what ends up being a messy affair with back-and-forth accusations in the media.

He has also been in the past accused of mistreating artistes and even orchestrating their arrest once they fall out and upcoming singer Peter Blessing is a great example.

Closing down the record label means that he will have to terminate all the contracts with the artistes he has signed.

That’s Your computer Lab? KOT blown away by Brookhouse school pictures

Pictures of the computer lab at Brookhouse school has gone viral.

If you were not in a group of schools, you will understand why so many of us are salty.

The Brookhouse computer lab is so breathtaking, we can’t deal.

Must Be Nice: Photo of students flying private jet to posh Kenyan school

brooke house sch 1

Nairobi was in 2019 rated as having the most expensive international schools according to a survey by International Schools Database shows that out of the six African cities surveyed, Kenya’s capital had the highest average fee as well as the most expensive fees charged, rivaled only by Cairo about Sh2.6 million. The study was published in the Businessdaily.

Here are some hilarious comments from KOT

Gasheri Shee Is ths a class or inside a plane pliz..

Kanzah Aadam Sheikh I feel we r in ushago here in uk🤣 . We don’t hv these !

Martin Kariuki Aye Brookhouse, is this a class or a ship?

Raabia Hawa Wah some of us tulikua kupanga line ya computer room zikiletewa tukiwa form 3. Anyway Bora uhai

700K per term! Kenyan schools where celebs educate their kids

Kenny Mufasa Bahati Wang Wu Yi editing suite nzima ya Ghana man 😂😂😂 sio nusu ya hii😂😂😂

Otis Wakona Kenny Mufasa Bahati hehehehehehehehe. Am missing this my school too. Waaah, alafu tuanlilia hapa ati equity in representation and in opportunitites. let me focas

Tamala Busuku Wa Evelyn I have really admirer to teach in such schools yaani just to get the experience of dealing with well equipped institutions 😏

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Kwani unakojoa juice? Diana Marua trolled after her confession of peeing in the pool

Diana Marua was recently trolled after she confessed to a dirty secret that many women do in swimming pools. Peeing in there.

In one of her recent vlogs, Diana and her husband Bahati were on a short vacation in Chale Island and while sitting next to each other at a swimming pool, the father of three asked,

Before you become petty, I want to be pettier. How many times ushawai kojoa kwa maji ya swimming pool?.

His wife responded saying,

“Kukojoa nakojoa all the time as long as I’m in I just do it…. but umenifundisha ughetto we’ve become one. So we go with the flow,” she said.

Diana Marua and Bahati
Diana Marua and Bahati

This ignited mixed reactions online and below are some of the comments

John Gakonyi This is the reason poverty will never end in Kenya and forever blaming president Uhuru yet the head is full of kukojoa stuff

Alice Apondi I do it too. There’s no problem peeing in a pool

Lilian Nancy kwani anakojoa juice

Mwangi Maina Useless couple. Kama hamna kitu ya kufanya fukuzeni locusts

Mary Gm Heri ingekuwa kwa kitanda ingemake sense kidogo but upuzi huo

Sharley Comfort 😂😂😂😂😂woooooowwww Diana ati all the times you in the pool you pee😂😂 seems more of a guilty pleasure.

Pauline Mulewa Beauty without brains.

Syombua Pretty Queen hii ni utoto.

Lailah Salim Sasa huu ni upuuzi gani kama unakojoa sasa tufanye nini.

Dennis Nyamane Reason why I don’t swim.

Esther Atieno Shame on you.

Saint Recho Kojoa hata ukunie that’s not a surprise!!

Bahati lived in my house, comedian Mathenge reveals why they differed

Bahati’s old friend Alex Mathenge a comedian, has revealed that he housed and helped him back when he was still starting in the industry.
Speaking in an interview with Classic 105, Mathenge said he used to stay at his place.
“I was like a big brother to him and also his confidant.”

They were good friends before Bahati called cops to arrest him for a mistake he hadn’t done.

Fans remind Bahati of his multiple baby mama’s after accusing Peter Blessing of promiscuity

“He came with three Subarus full of policemen just because of a Facebook post. The cops told me ‘We’ve been told you posted photos of dead soldiers on his Facebook,’,” the comedian said.


“I told them I didn’t and was taken to Kasarani police station. After the police officers searched the page they didn’t find the photos. Bahati had already deleted the post.”

Mathenge also revealed that Bahati used to take his then-girlfriend [Yvette Obura] to his house.

“Alikuwa anakuja na dem yake kwangu [He used to come with his girlfriend [Yvette] at my place. He knew I wouldn’t go out telling people.
Bahati and Yvette dated for quite a while and were blessed with a baby girl, who’s four years now.

Other people whom Bahati has called cops for include; Peter Blessing and Mr Seed’s wife Nimo.

Diana Marua shuts off critics attacking Bahati

Bahati’s wife Diana Marua has played her role perfectly,  defending the oft-criticised singer from trolls attacking him for his role in Peter Blessings arrest.

I did it all, I had it all – Diana Marua reflects on past party lifestyle

Mama Majesty hasn’t been giving critics a peaceful night’s sleep, with brand ambassadorial offers and stunning looks that have left mouths ajar.

Diana Marua
Diana Marua

While responding to a fan, she attacked:

I didn´t come on earth to die poor. I came to live and live life to the fullest. I speak life and I will finish the race strong🤗.

Diana Marua with Bahati
Diana Marua with Bahati

Moving on to the trolls and haters, this was her message for them:

Speak life, your words have power over your life. You see someone getting Blessed, you make noises ati aliye juu hushuka, what kind of sorcery is that? 🤣🤣🤣 not when you serve a Mighty God A’beg, He is too much, don’t even go there! The ones boarding, let’s meet at the Top 🤗

In another of her posts, Bahati´s Queen clapped back at her haters, screaming:

You disturb alot of spirits when you make moves they thought you were afraid to make 😎

Diana Marua
Diana Marua

She added:

Learn to Distinguish who Deserves an Explanation, who deserves one answer and who deserves Absolutely Nothing. We shall Revisit 😉 The only way to retire is At The Top of Your Game!

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Bahati gives reason why he blocked his baby mama Yvette Obura

Gospel singer Kevin Bahati has disclosed the reason he decided to block his Baby Mama Yvette Obura. During the latest episode from his reality TV show, Bahati Reality, the singer said he blocked the mother to his first daughter because she was talking to blogs about him for no good reason.

Yvette Obura and Daughter Mueni Bahati
Yvette Obura and Daughter Mueni Bahati

He said that he had talked to Mueni’s grandmother, further accusing Yvette of wishing herself a Happy Father’s Day, instead of him.

‘Haujui mbona nilikublock? Sasa kama mtu hajui mbona nilimblock si hakuna haja ya hii meeting. Kama Yvette naamka leo tuko sawa, kidogo watu wametuona kwa Bahati Reality usiku, asubuhi najipata niko Mpasho. Kuna saa Yvette ameniweka kwa blogs sana for no good reason hadi nikaanza kudhani anafanya kazi huko. Sasa utafanya aje ndio usione huyu mtu, si unamblock. Mimi naongeanga na shosho yake. I’ll do anything to make sure my daughter gets the best life that I never had… Siku ya Father’s Day for example ameamka ameambia mtoto oh ‘Hi my daughter, happy Father’s Day to me because I’m your father’ sasa mimi nimekaa kwa hii meeting kama uncle ama relative?” said the singer.

Yvette Obura
Yvette Obura

But Yvette was having none of that and said that she hadn’t done what he had accused her of. She clarified that she had only wished her father and brothers a Happy Father’s Day.

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She then called out Bahati by reminding him that fatherhood is not only about providing for their kid but she also needs her father’s presence,

‘Hakuna kitu kama hio niliandika. Niliwish babangu, na brothers zangu happy Father’s Day ikujiongelelea. Wacha nikuambie Baba Mueni kuwa mzazi is not all about kulipa school fees an kufanya birthday, presence ndio everything,’ said Yvette Obura.

Bahati and Mueni
Bahati and Mueni

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