Diana and Bahati respond to incessant pregnancy rumors

Diana and Bahati friends party went down Friday night in an exclusive part of town.

Fans turned in large numbers to show their love for the couple who are winning hearts with their relationship and business marvel.

Bahati and Diana played host to Terence and wife Chebby, Kikuyu singer Samidoh,

Milly chebby and Terence showed there is no bad bloos as has been alleged by fans whi said they no longer ahng out.

The Friday night bash held at Ashaki’s in Ruiru along Thika Road saw the East Arican power couple perform together.

The invited media questioned Bahati about Diana supposedly beign pregnant stemming from continued rumors.

Bahati said “eh babe kwani kuna watu wana kuanga bedrioom yetu?”

“By the way they have spculated alot, I think we shall go to Komarock modern to see tupime bana it can’t be that people are speculating and I have no idea, babe are you pregnant?”

He turns to Diana who laughs off such claims and walk off.

Aboutpoutting together a bash this fast, the Mathare Mp hopeful told

“Its my day to taker a break from politics nimechoka sana akili. I have cried so much on Tv but today it was just to chill wigh my friends as we enjoy life and also as they support me because we are the next level tunaenda ya campaign.
It was a last minute project put together a week ago.”

Bahati explained how he put it together and performance line up

“most of them were busy, others were tied sana like Terence but they sacrificed and cancelled alot of their events you know”

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Diana Marua reacts after Bahati is awarded the Mathare MP ticket

Diana Marua, wife to Kelvin Bahati has penned down a congratulatory message to the father of her children after he was handed the Jubilee Party ticket to vie for the Mathare parliamentary seat yesterday.

Diana described the act of Jubilee giving the nomination certificate to her husband Bahati as a win for the youth of Kenya and Mathare constituency.

She shared on her social media platform;

“The devil might delay the process but he cannot deny what has been written and stamped in heaven. Victory belongs to Jesus, he has never failed us!

“This is a big win for the youth of Kenya and Mathare constituency!!!. Thank you Mr President and the 5th hon. Raila Amollo Odinga for giving #mtotowamathare a chance to represent the youth on the ballot come august 2022. let the journey begin. Mathare, you have won already. congratulations @bahatikenya. #bahatiformatharemp,” Diana Marua wrote.

In a post, Bahati expressed his gratitude towards his party and their leader President Uhuru Kenyatta for giving him an opportunity to bring Change in Mathare.

“Baada ya machozi…. ni bahati tena!!! the Jubilee/Azimio certificate is back and Mathare constituency can now have their favourite candidate on the ballot.

“It’s official Kevin Bahati Kioko will be running as a member of parliament Mathare constituency with the jubilee/azimio ticket. God has never let his people down… god has done it again.”

In a separate post he added;

“Thank You My President & My Party Leader H.E Uhuru Kenyatta for the opportunity to Bring Change in Mathare. Thank You also for giving the Youth of this Country a Chance to Bring their Contribution in the Azimio Government… May God Bless You, Mr President.”

Bahati added that he is optimistic that he will win in the coming general elections.

“I promise you the Mathare seat will go to the Azimio team… apart from Mathare I will go out there as Kenyans most followed musician to preach the good news of the Azimio government and also to bring change that is needed where I come from, that’s Mathare.”

Earlier last month, Bahati cried while addressing the media after he was asked to step down as Jubilee’s Mathare MP candidate in favour of ODM’s Anthony Oluoch.

Mr Seeds marshalls support for aspiring politician Bahati

Mr. Seed’s note to Bahati as he goes for Mathare MP Seat.

Moses Omondi alias Mr. Seed penned a touching letter to Kevin Bahati alias Bahati telling of his support as he goes for the Mathare MP seat.

In the letter, he recalls their past life together, how they grew up poor. Mr. Seed talks about the struggles they went through and what poverty tastes like.

“I will not talk about our growth because No One doesn’t know about our struggles growing up. We experienced what poverty tasted like. We ate and drank poverty but what kept us going was the little hope that one day we will make it.” He wrote

He says that his “nilizaliwa Huruma” song is just not a line in the song but it is to show how much they loved their home Huruma in their home Mathare because it was all they had.

Mr. Seed’s support to Bahati for the Mathare MP seat is not because he is a politician but because he is a leader and he believes that the people of Mathare need Bahati as he knows the struggles in Mathare. The Gospel musician says in his emotional letter that he wishes the people of Mathare to get to know Bahati’s intentionsf or them.

“Nilizaliwa Huruma” isn’t just a line to a song to make a good hook but a testament of how we loved our home Huruma in Mathare. It was all we had, a place to call home. I remember us sleeping down (literally) you shared with me your vision for the people and how when you get blessed you will like to bless others. You are not a Politician, but a leader. I pray the People of Mathare get to know how your intentions for them are pure.

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‘She passed on in the house’ Bahati on mother’s death

Bahati tells Diana why he is getting into politics.

The singer was interviewed by wife Diana on Friday March 26.

Kevin Bahati Kioko told Diana that he will write a book about his experience growing and living in Mathare and his mother dying at home.

The revelation was made on Diana Marua’s youtube channel on Friday March 25, where he cried about losing his mum on Christmas day,, 8 years ago.

Diana asked him why he wants to become an MP, and he recounted his mothers experience in a health facility, that drove him to want to change things for poor people.

For me it goes a long way, more than being an MP, it’s more about the people of Mathare and my life. Those who know me for long, they know my story. In brief for the newcomers, my mum and dad lived in Huruma, I have seen the god and bad times of Mathare. I remember I was 6 years old I lost my mum. I was going to class one.. It was in December in Christmas day on 25th. I think losing a mum changes everything. I thought about being left in upcountry after her burial . We were so poor and my dad was not in a position to have a househelp kukua na mtu kungangana na mimi, but here we lived in one room and we were two families in one room. we were not related, it’s your dad ameshikana na baba mwingine. So after the burial, I cried hard so I wouldn’t be left in Ukambani. I entered the pick up that ferried my mothers body to Makueni to come back to Nairobi.

I was just coming back to Nairobi to try my luck. Juu niliteta sana , in my mind I didn’t want to be left behind. And that is how I ended up back in Mathare. Things were tough . I needed to go to school but my bother Kioko could not pay fees, so I went to a children’s home

My mum passed on in the house and believe me until today you know the people in Mathare still have poor health services. The morning my mum passed there is no level five hospital there is no hospital we say you can get quick attention, the morning my mum passed on for you to get help I remember that week before she died, I woke up at 3am to panga line so that your sick person can be treated by 11 am,, ….tears…and that’s how my mum passed on. My mum passed on waiting when someone on the queue hio hospitali, by the time huyu mtu anakuja kutibiwa it’s almost the next day. I remember ndio hata atolewe kwa hiyo nyumba…let me tell you something it was on a Christmas day, ndio nakumbuka ndio atolewe kwa hiyo nyumba because she passed on kama midday alikua kwa nyumba a few hours ndio hapo sasa afungwe na blanketi, sasa hio till today in Mathare there is nothing improving.

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Kama ni views atawin! Reaction after Bahati announced joining politics

Controversial gospel singer Bahati on Friday declared his bid to contest for the Mathare MP seat. 

He submitted his nomination papers to Jubilee Headqurters on Friday saying he wants to give back to people who raised him.

“Mimi Mtoto Wa Mathare… I am a proud member of the Jubilee Party and the Azimio Movement. I am accepting the calling to vie for this seat,” he said.


““I was born and raised in Mathare and for the last three decades our biggest challenge is that we have never had a leader who was born and raised in Mathare. We have been electing leaders but it’s time for Mathare to get a son who was born and raised here and understands the people,” he said.

Kieni MP Kanini Kega received Bahati on behalf of other Jubilee officials, handing him a red cap as a sign of acceptance.

“You will tell us which seat you want. The only seat that has been taken is the presidency, you are free to contest for the rest,” Kanini told Bahati. 

Check out comments from fans;

eddiebutita: All the Best🙌 Tukivote na Views anachukua asubui na mapema.

notiflow: Shouldn’t he have started with MCA then go up the ladder ¿

brasho._: Mafans wa Mziki na politics are 2different things,,Kwa ground vitu ni different,dayo asikuchoche😂😂utaanguka vibaya sana.

finess_._: Mathare ya hospital ama Kuna ingine.

_mayy_v: Asidhani YouTube subscribers na vitu za clout ni votes 😂😂😂vitu Kwa debe ni different

chris_m_ke: Atleast ataacha mziki we are tired of his shitty songs.

Not everyone that laughs with you means well – Willy Paul

Willy Paul’s latest sentiments have got fans wondering whether he is throwing shade at his nemesis Bahati.

Takigntohis Instagram, Willy Paul penned ‘Be careful who you associate with. Not everyone that laughs with you means well, funny thing is that they all want to see you fall… they’re all waiting for your downfall, I’ve been betrayed by close friends, family, industry n e.t.c. this taught me never to trust anyone… I learned the hard way fam. Thank God for life coz binadamu coz binadamu ajgeshakukatia hewa!’’

Word on the street is that Willy Paul’s manager started working with Bahati and there may be lingering sense of betrayal by this move.

He, however, did not mention the specific person who betrayed him but Bahati is now working with Willy Paul’s former manager,and ostensibly that might be the reason for his Instagram caption.

It will be interesting to see how Bahati responds if at all he does.

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The ugliest hairstyles ever worn by East African celebrities

Celebrities are always trying to widen their spheres, musically and also in the way that the public perceives them.

One of those ways can be in their fashion and style. Hairstyles are a wonderful way for a celeb to show off their uniqueness and individuality to the watching public.

But there are times when the celebs go wrong in the hairstyle that they choose. Some of those celebs are below;

Otile Brown

This singer is the one who has caused me to write this article. The abomination on his head is not only terrible to look at, it is also a crime against humanity!

Otile Brown posing with his ugly dreads
Otile Brown posing with his ugly dreads


This is another celeb who cannot stick with one style and should be on this list several times as a serial offender. The fake locks epidemic have been popularised by East Africa’s most popular singer but they just don’t work on him.

Diamond with the ugly locks
Diamond with the ugly locks

I don’t get how he has been able to keep them despite the many women he has around him who can advise him against the style!


I think you are noticing a pattern here. Fake dreads are bad! Bahati decided to try out a new style when he went to Dubai with his wife Diana Marua.

Bahatis new look
Bahati’s when he had the ugly hairstyle

The backlash he received was so bad that even his wife Diana campaigned for that ugly mop of hair to be removed. Bahati acquiesced and a toddler somewhere smiled.


The singer put one of most egregious hairstyles I have ever seen with his blonde noodle hairstyle. Again the fake dreads make a comeback.

Rayvanny hairstyle
Rayvanny with the noodle hairstyle


The crooner is often recognised for his blonde hair but there are times that he has tried to forego the style in favour of Ghanaian lines that he wore at the Wasafi festival late last year.

Harmonize donning the hairstyle
Harmonize donning the hairstyle

I am torn on this one I must say.

Willy Paul

The ‘Haleluyia’ singer loves dying his hair, with blonde and white being a favourite for him. The singer also seems to be copying a lot of the styles that Diamond has tried out. It isn’t like Diamond has a stellar record at choosing wonderful hairstyles.

Willy-Paul looking in his ugly style

As you can surmise the common thread among all these hairstyles is that the celebs who are trying them are stitching fake hair onto their sculpts, a result that is not pleasant to the eye.

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‘I’m starting to get used to this’ Diana says of stardom as rapper

Kenya’s newest rapper Diana b is loving being in the limelight and her adoring fans have encouraged her further.

In a note on her Instagram stories Diana wrote after a successful performance at Avery club that ‘I could get used to this’

Diana B is her stage name, and while greeting her screaming fans in the club as she performed, Diana also added ‘the love is madddd!!!’

‘I love you team Diana, avery was litt!!’

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Another one! Female rapper Diana Bahati releases 2nd song


Diana Bahati is not done proving she is in the music business to stay.

She launched her music career with a single dubbed Hatutaachana, and later told that her rate card is sh850k to book her for a performance. And indeed Diana Claims she has two bookings this December.

The first song has hit one million views.

Diana has Friday December 3rd, released a second song, days after unveiling her venture into the music industry.

The song titled One Day, is slowly garnering views and it will be interesting to see how far it goes.

‘Wengi Walianza Mbele Yangu
Sahii Hakuna Mtu Mbele Yangu
Kwa Uwanja Na simama Peke Yangu
Na Pande Ya wanaume naona tu

Diana was in the Kiss 100 studios Friday morning where she hit back at Willy Pauls comment about her music.

It’s Time to Address the people doubting that I’M the BEST FEMALE Rapper!!! I mean, THE QUEEN OF AFRO RAP JESHI YA TWITTER HII NI YENYU, MTATII!!


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‘Mueni has brought about alot of love and blessings’ Yvette Obura


Bahati’s daughter Mueni turned 6 years and her parents dedicated sweet messages to her.

Even Diana Marua penned a sweet note to her bonus daughter.

‘And the Birthday Girl @Mueni_Bahati celebrated her birthday in style with her two Mommies @yvette_obura ‘

Yvette has revealed they had a birthday party at Bahati’s residence for her little girl.

She thanked Diana for carting for her daughter, proving love knows no bounds.

‘This baby changed my life in ways I cant explain. Talk of grace, patience, love and humility. If you know Mueni, you know she’s too mature for her age. She has never allows me to sleep without praying and praya for me. She brought about alot of love and blessings. May God keep her long enough for me’

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Times Bahati has proved to the world he is the sneaker King


If you are looking to buy sneakers, your best bet is musician Bahati. He is always rocking amazing looks and should be your inspiration.

27 year old Kevin Mbuvi Kioko is ruling the airwaves with his collabo Adhianbo with Prince Indah. It’s all the rage on Tiktok and if you haven’t heard it, click here.

Here are pictures of his shoe game

Bahati in the studio
Bahati in the studio


Bahati with his wife Diana Marua
Bahati with his wife Diana Marua

Bahati wearing shades
Bahati wearing shades

Bahati posing
Bahati posing

Bahati with Diana Marua kissing
Bahati with Diana Marua kissing


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The Kabu’s bless Diana Marua with a birthday vacation in Mauritius


Musician Bahati threw his wife Diana Martua a surprise birthday parity on Friday night.

Diana turned 32 on Friday November 6th and was curious what plans her husband had for her big day. He kept it a secret and on her Instagram srtories she ranted about him seemingly ignoring her.

But the loving husband had planned an all white party with her family and friends.

The party was attended by Phoina, the Kabu’s, Hopekid, Terence Creative and Milly Chebby, Ringtone among others.

While toasting to her day, Sarah and Simond Kabu announced that they were giving the popular couple a birthday vacation to Mauritius.

An excited Diana exclaimed how happy that made her as the Kabu’s and guests encouraged Bahati to give her a big smooch.

Happy birthday Diana from the Classic 105 family

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Diana Marua humbled to meet Health CAS Mercy Mwangangi


The Bahati’s, the Muraya’s, The Kabu’s were among a host of celebrities’ who gathered in Komarock Saturday October 23 to unveil a new maternity wing.

The Chief Guest was Health CAS Mercy Mwangangi whom Kenyans love.

While sharing pictures of their encounter, Diana Marua is pictured in discussion with the CAS and gushes about their encounter.

Diana wrote ‘I was honoured to meet the Chief Administrative Secretary of the Ministry of Health Dr. Mercy Mwangangi who officially Launched The Oxygen Plant and The New Maternity Wing @KOMAROCKMODERN HEALTHCARE earlier today.’


As the Bahati’s walked through the hospital building, Diana also told of her pride in being brand ambassadors in a hearty note

We are Proud Brand Ambassadors of @KOMAROCKMODERN HEALTHCARE and I’m proud to officially announce the Launch of The Oxygen Plant and The New Maternity Wing opened by CAS Minister of Health, Mercy Mwangangi.


Diana also took to the stage to address the guests

‘Earlier Today with the CEO of @KOMAROCKMODERN HEALTHCARE after a successful launch of The Hospitals Oxygen Plant and The New Amazing Maternity Wing.

Thank you Dr. Nyamu for raising the bar so high. I am a Proud Brand Ambassador Representing the Best Facility we have in the country.’

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Inside Diana Marua and Bahati’s romantic wedding anniversary


Diana and Bahati are proving they are stronger than ever as they share videos and pictures from their staycation in Nairobi hotel Trademark.

The couple are marking their 6th wedding anniversary and have been counting down the days with their fans.

The romantic getaway included a bed decorated with roses in a heart that excited the mother of two.

Marking their occasion with a dedication, Diana wrote

Baby Tonight’s The Night I Let You Know
Baby Tonight’s The Night We lose Control
Baby Tonight You need that, Tonight Believe That… I’ll be The Best You Ever Had

While Bahati adored his babe in a hearty note.

Tonight ❤ Anniversary Bed 🍆 @Diana_marua


Mrembo AKULE kwanza Kabla……………. !!! #AnniversaryNight 🥂
Good Food 




Diana Marua shares cute video of her children praying


Diana Marua is doing a phenomenal job raising her four children.

She has two –  Majesty and Heaven with Bahati, and bonus children Morgan adopted, and Mueni from a baby mama.

On Saturday night October 9th, she shared a cute video encouraging her children to pray before bedtime.

This lets us know that she raises them with biblical values.

She also lets us know that children are a gift from God, and we must lift up our children to God.

See the cute video of how each takes a turn to pray before bedtime.

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“After leaving gospel music, I don’t have scandals anymore!” Bahati enthuses

Bahati made his breakthrough in the Kenyan entertainment scene with the mega-hit “Mama”. The song made him a household name even among people who didn’t listen to gospel music.

And just like many artists who start from a churchy background, the singer slowly started singing more and more secular music that one would struggle to recognize the boy who had amazed us so with his christian lyrics.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by BAHATI (@bahatikenya)

Now after years of skirting the gray area between the gospel and secular genres, the musician made a bold declaration this month that he had moved to the ‘dark’ side with his song, “Fikra za Bahati”.

In the song, the singer attacked various Kenyan artistes including Ringtone, Khaligraph Jones, Sauti Sol among others. The video for the song rubbed many the wrong way with many complaining about him smoking a cigar.

Diana Marua admits she is not legally married to Bahati just yet

From the way he puffed and billowed the smoke, it was evident that he had done it before. Given that he is still perceived as a gospel musician, the smoking video swiftly attracted backlash online.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by BAHATI (@bahatikenya)

Now the entertainer has spoken about why he decided to ditch gospel music for the secular world? The musician disclosed that he felt uncomfortable while on the gospel side because most artists in the ministry are hypocrites.

In a recent TV interview, the artiste said that most secular musicians have a real connection with God unlike many who are in gospel.

He added that he has a better relationship with God and his religion than most people in the gospel music industry.

“Call me an entertainer. Don’t call me a Gospel artiste because that term has been misused, but I am so real with God. I am spiritual. I am deeply connected with God than most of the Gospel artists. When I was in the Gospel industry, I had scandals because they were created. People fought me in the Gospel industry. Nowadays, I don’t have scandals,” Bahati said in a TV interview.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by BAHATI (@bahatikenya)

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Diana Marua admits she is not legally married to Bahati just yet

We have said or thought about it. And now from the horses mouth, Diana Marua has made it clear that she is not married to Bahati.

Two children later and years of living together does not mean they are legally married.

Speaking during the launch of his new album, ‘Love Like This’, Diana said the reason they are not legally married is that they want their kids to be able to understand when the two hold their wedding ceremony.

The mother of two exclusively said,

“We are not legally married but we are set to start our wedding plans very soon.

I just wanted my son to grow up to know and understand that my parents are actually walking down the aisle. But not this year but soon.”

Diana added that she does not see Bahati as a star, like his fans, but as the father to her kids and a friend.

“When he has his low moment and so on. It is not something big to me. We are not there for the people, we are public figures but at the end of the day, we have our own family issues that we keep to ourselves.”

Speaking about the album, Diana gushed over her husband saying she loves the album and that she has been supporting him fully in the music.

“There is no reason to be insecure, I know my man. He knows me and we are a family. This is his work and so am here to support him fully. My favourite song from the album is ‘sweet darling’, he has featured Burundian artiste. It was the first song.”

Diana also drop a scoop that reality show, Being Bahati will be back soon.

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“Do you really know who Heaven’s father is?!” DK Kwenye Beat to Bahati in diss-track

DK Kwenye Beat is a new and improved man the last two years. The gospel musician has been on a self-improvement journey ever since his embarrassing scandal in 2019.

Not only has the gospel singer been losing weight at a rapid clip, but he has also been working on his craft as seen in his recent response to Bahati’s new diss-track.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by BAHATI (@bahatikenya)

And he isn’t playing around, taking some savage shots at “Mtoto was Diana” using Bahati’s own words against him.

In Bahati’s song, he dissed a couple of artists, including Khaligraph Jones, DK Kwenye Beat, Guardian Angel, among others. In the song titled ‘Fikra Za Bahati’, the singer dissed DK Kwenye Beat saying;

”Dk Kwenye Beat- Unaokoka unahubiri, na ulifanya mimba iwe siri.”

The song which I believe is a gem (and his first good song since “Wanani”) got the desired response from most Kenyans leaving them divided in the middle.

The song which was released 3 days ago had already amassed an impressive 482K views on YouTube, while DK’s song stands at 210K views.

In Dk’s diss back called “Wachana na sisi Bahati”, the gospel singer touches on a rumoured story that has been doing the rounds since 2019 that his daughter Heaven might not be his.

And as if that wasn’t enough, he thinks that a DNA test should be done to make it clear. Unajichocha, unajua buda ya Heav ni nani aye?” he says in the 16th second of the song.

Check out the song below, which is oddly on Bahati’s own YouTube channel:


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