Bahati had a son!? Willy Paul expresses shock at news(exclusive)

Willy Paul and his baby mama, Mali Queen have been blessed with one son whose name is King Damian.

The news of his son broke last year with the singer been very protective of him, keeping him out of the public spotlight.


I asked the singer whether he had heard that Bahati’s new-born son had already amassed a large following on his Instagram page.

Majesty Bahati has close to 27,000 followers on his Instagram page.

NB-No post has been put up on the page!

Willy Paul, ‘I won’t have a wedding, some women will spoil it!’ (exclusive)

I asked Pozze whether that news would prompt him to create a page for his own son?

Willy-Paul with his son King-Damian and his baby mama Mali-queen
Willy-Paul with his son King-Damian and his baby mama Mali-queen

The singer said that he didn’t even know that Bahati had had a son! How could that be?

Willy said that he doesn’t follow the happenings on social media, even telling me that he hadn’t heard about popular Kikuyu musician John De’ Mathew’s death!

He said that he minds his own business and only spends his time online on his own pursuits. Willy, however, congratulated his contemporary on his baby blessing.

Bahati and Diana Marua looking at their son
Bahati and Diana Marua looking at their son

Willy also explained that he would not open a social media account for his son at the moment. His reason was that the Lord had not led him to so.

The singer was also adamant that anyone who had a problem with him should insult him and leave his family out of it.

Willy Paul posing
Willy Pozze

On whether he and Bahati would do a collaboration together, the singer maintained that it was God who ordered his steps and he would follow what He says.

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Diana Marua reveals first cute photo of her son, Majesty

Diana Marua is now a proud mother of a baby boy. The mother of two gave birth today with the news being released by her husband, Bahati on his Instagram page.

Bahati and Diana Marua at he baby shower
Bahati and Diana Marua at the baby shower. The couple have now had a baby boy

The two-time mom herself has now also revealed an image of the baby on her Instagram page. The image reveals the little ones cute hands and a side of his face.

A file photo of a pregnant Diana
A file photo of a pregnant Diana

Her caption read;

They call me Mama Morgan, Mama Heaven and Today, My King has been Born 💃 Wednesday 14. 08. 2019 at @RFH_healthcare at exactly 1:04pm MAJESTY BAHATI @majestybahati 👑 weighing 3.5kgs 😍 GLORY TO GOD 🙏 WELCOME @MajestyBahati @Majestybahati @majestybahati

The one-day-old baby already has close to 5000 thousand followers and is already the RFH Hospital brand ambassador!

Diana Marua and Milly wa Jesus
Diana Marua and Milly wa Jesus

God bless the family!

More information to follow

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His name is Majesty! Bahati and Diana Marua welcome second baby

Bahati and his wife Diana Marua are the proud parents of a new baby son. The couple who already had a baby girl called Heaven Bahati who was born last year, welcomed their son whose name is Baby Majesty.

Bahati,Baby Heaven and Diana Marua
Bahati,Baby Heaven and Diana Marua

The couple broadcasted the news on Bahati’s Instagram page. His caption read;

GLORY TO JESUS 🙏 At Exactly 1:04 pm @majestybahati Has Been Born #MAJESTY 👑 .

The video of the delivery room is below;

Their fans were quick to congratulate them. Some of their messages are below;

size8reborn Congratulations


cigar_babe Mtoi ashapata job already na mimi nazurura hii Kenya..Want to be born in celebrities womb next round dear lord😂😂😂
gabu_bugubugu Congratulations my small brother

queen_chirstine_ Congratulations bahati 😍

sarahkabu Ooh am joining him to cry… birth is a miracle… a gift straight from heaven… God has entrusted you to take care of him and guide him fulfil his purpose in this world… all the best.

This is likely to be the first celebrity born as Bahati’s close friend Diamond Platnumz and his bae Tanasha Donna are expecting a baby anytime soon. Also Millie wa Jesus and Kabi wa Jesus also have a baby boy on the way.

Bahati Diana Marua and Wa Jesus family at their combined baby showers.jpg
Bahati Diana Marua and Wa Jesus family at their combined baby showers.jpg

The couple has also opened a page for their baby son. Majesty’s Instagram page already has close to 2000 followers. This mirrors the same procedure they followed for their daughter Heaven last year. The couple immediately created an Instagram page for her and it now has 173 thousand followers! That is more than provocateur Ringtone has!

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Diana Marua pens heartfelt message to unborn son

Diana Marua and Bahati are over-excited. The two are ready to welcome their second born, a baby boy.

Marua will give birth anytime now.

Diana Marua
Heavily pregnant singer Bahati’s wife 

In a post she shared on her Instagram, the heavily pregnant mother of one said she can’t wait to hold her second child in her arms.

For this Little Boy, we have Prayed 😇 I am Ready to hold you in my arms Baby M 💙🙏

Bahati with wife

Over the weekend, the couple hosted Bahati’s adopted parents at their home. The singer narrated how his ‘parents’ took care of him and promised to start a children’s home and help street kids as well.

Bahati's foster parents

On the other hand, Diana showered the couple with praises for helping her husband, promising to take care of the two.

Thank you Mum Thourun and Dad Sammy for taking care of my hubby @bahatikenya and my son @morgan_bahati during their childhood days at ABC Kenya Childrens home when they had nowhere to call home. They are who they are today because of the foundation you raised them on. The memories my hubby shared of the faces of life he went through were quite overwhelming and inspiring. You are a cheerful giver and that is what @bahatikenya is today. It was a pleasure hosting you at our home. Today… we laugh, we dance, we eat, we celebrate at the goodness of the Lord in our lives. Everything happens for a reason because He is an intentional God. My heart is grateful you raised a man after the heart of God and to him and my son, I will always take care of them the best way I possibly can,’ she wrote.

Other heavily pregnant celebrities who are in their last trimester include Tanasha Donna, Kambua, Milly wa Jesus just to mention but a few.

Diana Marua
Bahati’s wife and his brother

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Is Bahati joining Diamond’s WCB? The artist tells all

Bahati has had a tough year when it comes to running his own studio.

The gospel singer started EMB records a couple of years ago with a lot of fanfare but the label has not done as well as he would have expected.

Earlier this year, the artiste lost a lot of big talents with the likes of David Wonder, Weezdom and Mr. Seed leaving under less than glorious terms. Many then wondered whether the label would still exist after the exits.

Bahati wearing headphones
Bahati wearing headphones


He has lately been going a lot to visit Diamond down south. The Tanzanian artiste owns WCB records and some wondered whether he was going to get signed into the label.

Drama never ends: Bahati calls police on Mr Seed’s fiance Nimo

Bahati spoke on an interview on radio recently and explained the reasons for his visits. He said that he gets ideas and mentorship from Diamond. He said in the interview;

Mimi kuenda Wasafi of course is for the business relationship and you know with no doubt, Wasafi is one of the most successful record labels in Africa na kuwa rafiki na mtu kama Diamond you learn a lot and nikitoka hapa niende Tanzania, I just go chill and I listen.

Pengine ananiambia hii ndio mistake alimake, usifanye hivi, fanya hivi ananiadvice kuhusu tomorrow, about the music industry, about running a record label and that’s why I made so many changes.

Bahati and Diamond posing
Bahati and Diamond posing

The father of 3 adds that he listens a lot to artists who preceeded him, and Diamond is among them.

Bahati wearing headphones
Bahati wearing headphones

I for one laud Bahati as he looks to expand his repertoire. He should follow the model that Willy Paul has used to gain more and more recognition. But the question is will he still be doing gospel music as he goes international?

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It’s A Boy! Photos of Diana Marua’s gender reveal baby shower

One of the most exciting parts of being pregnant is finding out whether you’re expecting a little boy or girl, and a gender reveal party is the best thing.

Diana Marua and Bahati hosted friends and family to such a party on Saturday 3rd July, where they revealed in a video they are having a baby boy.

The moment they revealed was such a magical moment in the epic reveal party.

Diana wore a white and gold themed dress as she expressed her excitement:

My God YOU’RE TOO GOOD OHH!!! My #GenderReveal and #BabyShower will forever be cherished. It was a beautiful Day today.


Babe, @bahatikenya you out did yourself and not a day goes by without realizing how Favoured I am, thank you for loving me unconditionally and showing it everyday!!! IT’S A BABY BOY AND OH BABY, I WISH YOU KNEW HOW MUCH YOU ARE LOVED ❤❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


This brings to mind the huge party Diamond Platnumz threw for his new bae Tanasha.

Bahati also attended the party and must have taken some inspiration from it.

We wish them the best.

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Overflowing With Love: Diana Marua can’t wait to welcome baby number two

The second baby is on the way for Bahati and Diana Marua and it’s pretty soon according to her..

Diana announced to her fans on Instagram,

“I am so ready to welcome my second born, mama is so ready and can’t wait to meet you. It has been a good journey and I can’t wait to pop. In a few weeks, this will be memories down the lane,” she said.

Just like their firstborn daughter, Diana Marua has not revealed her second baby’s gender.


The two unveiled their pregnancy after a romantic holiday to Dubai to mark ‘babymoon’.

During their first child’s pregnancy, the duo kept it under wraps, with no single photo of pregnant Diana or baby shower. They only announced their child’s birth.


In a past interview, she said her first pregnancy was marred by problems including hyperpigmentation, sore feet and a pelvic condition that hurt her walking.

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Let your wife hen-peck you – Bahati’s advice to men for a happy marriage

Bahati and Diana Marua’s relationship is one of the most scrutinised of marriages in Kenya. And that isn’t by accident. The two have allowed it to be that way with their reality show that reveal the intricacies of their relationship.

During an interview on NTV last month, the singer saw it fit to give men some advice. The advice was as shocking as it is strange.

1 year-old Heaven Bahati ready for school? Diana Marua thinks so

Bahati had been asked by the interview panel whether Diana (who is 3 years older than him) had sat on him, a theory that many keen observers of the couple might have had.

Bahati and Diamond posing
Bahati and Diamond posing

His response proved that they might be right by saying that men/husbands should let their women ran the home the way they see fit.

You know women are the ones who run our homes. Whatever they say should go. By the way, advise to men out there, dear men, if you want to survive, if you want to be happy like me and not stressed like Samir, pleas allow your wife to hen-peck you. That way, your marriage will be happy.

Diana Marua and Bahati
Diana Marua and Bahati

The hen-pecking was experienced recently on their reality TV show, Being Bahati, in which Diana was captured shaving his dreadlocks against his will (I think that was a stunt BTW).

Bahatis new look
Bahati when he had dreads in the past

Call me cynical, but I think the advice he has dolled out is terrible, something Adam followed to the detriment of humanity. Even Eve who lived in paradise wasn’t satisfied with it.  Look where humanity ended after Adam’s lack of leadership. Paradise Lost.

5 Reasons why relationships are failing in this millennial era

Another point, show me one couple where the woman sits on her man and they are both TRULY happy? Never happens.

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1 year-old Heaven Bahati ready for school? Diana Marua thinks so

Bahati and his wife Diana Marua were blessed with a lovely daughter early last year. While Diana might be heavy with Bahati’s second child that does not mean that they have forgotten about the first of her womb.

A pregnant Diana holding her belly
A pregnant Diana holding her belly

Diana recently shared a tidbit about her daughter on social media. She posted an image of a cute looking Heaven. Her caption showed how proud she is of her 1-year-old. It read;

You’re too bright for your age Heav! it’s about time you go to school now 😂🥰 #MyHeart 

Heaven Bahati looking cute
Heaven Bahati looking cute

For those who follow the Bahati’s keenly, one would know that HJeaven already feeds herself and is already learning words. While most of her followers enthused about how beautiful Heaven looked some were concerned that a baby that young would be going to school.

Bahati laughing with his daughter Heaven
Bahati laughing with his daughter Heaven

Some are those responses are below;

queengk_; Not yet wacha amalizane na her beautiful mom daughter bonding lesson
roselidahkhaoma; But she is only one
quambocamakori; Chocha nayo?? Skul??yasminyusuf774’s profile picture
yasminyusuf774; Mtoto wa mwaka Shule gani

How young is too young to take a child to school? A recent study published by Harvard Medical School researchers in The New England Journal of Medicine shows that kids who go to school early can face certain health risks.

Among a large sample of kids in the US states with a Sept. 1 cutoff date for school enrollment, children born in August were 34% more likely to receive an ADHD diagnosis and treatment compared to their older classmates.

Bahati with his pregnant wife in Dubai
Bahati with his pregnant wife in Dubai

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a chronic neurobiological disorder that affects the brain structurally and chemically, as well as the ways in which various parts of the brain communicate with one another. In boys, symptoms tend toward hyperactivity and inattention; in girls, ADHD symptoms can include a tendency toward daydreaming and trouble following instructions.

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The ugliest hairstyles ever worn by East African celebrities

Celebrities are always trying to widen their spheres, musically and also in the way that the public perceives them.

One of those ways can be in their fashion and style. Hairstyles are a wonderful way for a celeb to show off their uniqueness and individuality to the watching public.

But there are times when the celebs go wrong in the hairstyle that they choose. Some of those celebs are below;

Otile Brown

This singer is the one who has caused me to write this article. The abomination on his head is not only terrible to look at, it is also a crime against humanity!

Otile Brown posing with his ugly dreads
Otile Brown posing with his ugly dreads


This is another celeb who cannot stick with one style and should be on this list several times as a serial offender. The fake locks epidemic have been popularised by East Africa’s most popular singer but they just don’t work on him.

Diamond with the ugly locks
Diamond with the ugly locks

I don’t get how he has been able to keep them despite the many women he has around him who can advise him against the style!


I think you are noticing a pattern here. Fake dreads are bad! Bahati decided to try out a new style when he went to Dubai with his wife Diana Marua.

Bahatis new look
Bahati’s when he had the ugly hairstyle

The backlash he received was so bad that even his wife Diana campaigned for that ugly mop of hair to be removed. Bahati acquiesced and a toddler somewhere smiled.


The singer put one of most egregious hairstyles I have ever seen with his blonde noodle hairstyle. Again the fake dreads make a comeback.

Rayvanny hairstyle
Rayvanny with the noodle hairstyle


The crooner is often recognised for his blonde hair but there are times that he has tried to forego the style in favour of Ghanaian lines that he wore at the Wasafi festival late last year.

Harmonize donning the hairstyle
Harmonize donning the hairstyle

I am torn on this one I must say.

Willy Paul

The ‘Haleluyia’ singer loves dying his hair, with blonde and white being a favourite for him. The singer also seems to be copying a lot of the styles that Diamond has tried out. It isn’t like Diamond has a stellar record at choosing wonderful hairstyles.

Willy-Paul looking in his ugly style

As you can surmise the common thread among all these hairstyles is that the celebs who are trying them are stitching fake hair onto their sculpts, a result that is not pleasant to the eye.

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Bahati reveals secret of how he keeps Diana Marua happy

Bahati and Diana Marua’s relationship will be the talk of the town for years to come even if you might not like it. Why? Their reality T.V show on NTV that keeps on publicising their every move just like ‘Keeping with the Kardashians’.

Diana Marua and Bahati in Dubai
Diana Marua and Bahati in Dubai

What have they been up to now? Bahati revealed to Kenyan men the secret of keeping a woman happy. And what could that be? One’s personality? No. One’s maturity? No. Money; That is the great secret for keeping one’s wife happy according to the ‘Mama’ singer.

Bahati,Baby Heaven and Diana Marua
Bahati,Baby Heaven and Diana Marua

He said this during his recent vacation to Dubai where he had travelled with his wife who is expecting their second child. He said and I quote;

Gentlemen let me fill you in. The best way to keep your wife happy is through three things: Good life, good life and good life – and that means money

Later on in the show, the singer ironically spoke about the cost the trip to the hotel had cost saying;

The limo ride was awesome but I can tell you the boychild is suffering, My pockets have been dealt a blow.

Bahati with Diana Marua
The couple in Dubai

The singer might not be speaking for every woman but his opinion is backed up evolutionary psychology theory. According to Briffault Law, one of the tenets of the theory is that: The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.

Bahati with Diana Marua 2
Diana Marua deriving benefit from her husband

In this our corrupt and extremely unequal country of Kenya, what better way can a man show his value to women than with money? What I like about Bahati’s statement is that he isn’t ashamed to say his truth. It might not be nice to hear but at least he is at peace with it.

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‘Don’t shun him’ Bahati to Kenyans over DK Kwenye Beat rape scandal

Musician DK Kwenye Beat’s rape scandal had been addressed in a new song collabo with Bahati.

The song ‘Sorry’ is an attempt to apologize according to Bahati who disclosed that he is ‘good’ with DK Kwenye Beat’s apology.

Bahati revealed his thoughts on Thursday night on Kiss FM.

Bahati reveals that DK Kwenye Beat is apologetic about the scandal and is confident the singer will do multiple things to say ‘sorry’.

I know alikuwa wrong ama atapeana statement I believe so very soon, but kukiwa na shida, when a brother is in trouble hiyo ndio time anatuneed zaidi you understand,

and there are times when someone haezi jitokeza aanzishe hiyo conversation you understand and I thought bro God has blessed me with the fans toka sababu huyu msee anategemea music hiyo ndio anakulia, analipa rent, anafanya nini, anafeed familia

so a mistake haimfanyi akuwe atolewe kwa society and uhh aliongea vitu deep pale ndani and I believe me kusema sorry mi sifeel vibaya

I’m like kama hiyo ndo the first sorry alafu aweze sema the second I’m good.

Bahati also wrote on his Instagram

Let He that is without sin among Us, let him be the first to cast a stone.

Listen to the song below:

Valentine’s baby! Bahati welcomes second born daughter, Heaven

When Beyonce and Jay Z called their child Blue, Ivy. People raised their eyebrows and shook their heads asking what kind of name if that.

Well, the Kardashians also did the same. Kim and Kanye named their kids, North West, Saint West and Chicago West.

Now, back here in Kenya, gospel singer Bahati has welcomed his second child and named her Heaven. His first born daughter Mueni with Yvette Obura is now over two years old.

‘Treat yourself, mami,’ Grace Msalame advises as she shows off her new love this Valentines Day

He made the announcement today.

“GLORY TO JESUS!!! This Morning this Girl, Diana Marua has given me the greatest gift of Life #BouncingBabyGirl 3.24kgs ❤ Help Us Welcome Heaven Bahati.”



See What Joey Muthengi And Co-Host Willis Raburu Went Doing In The Wild

Check out the moment Heaven was wheeled into the nursery.

VIDEO : @BahatiKenya welcomes New Born Baby. #HeavenBahati #Love #Marriage

A post shared by ULIZA LINKS (@ulizalinks) on

Here are the congratulations from fans.

obenojacky10: U want to kill us bahati lovly

dany_mwanake: Congrats to the both of u

mwania_:  Ukiona mimba ni kubwa…

ogangakhadudu: Wait she was pregnant

mutuku_254: Kumbe ni mimba mlikuwa mnaficha hehehe, congratulations anyway

tishnambala: Congratulations…happy for u. A baby on Valentine’s

eve_muguongo: Congrats next time punguza kukula chipo upate kijana.

carollemeteki6: Huyu mtoto to be called valentine 😚

reenenolasco: Congratulations new parents.Welcome to the challenge
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‘I Am Not Bahati Without My Fans’ One Of Bahati’s Fans Diagnosed With Cancer, Seeks Help

Bahati has for the longest time been making headlines for all the wrong reasons. He is among the most controversial gospel artistes in the country.

He has been accused by one man, Thuranira, for failing to pay back a loan of 200k owed from several months back. This raised questions if at all Bahati makes money through music, and how he spends his mulla.


Aside from that, he has constantly stated that his fans have been loyal to him and supported him throughout his music career and he considers them as family.

Well, one of his fans is ill and in urgent need of medical attention. Bahati took to social media to announce that one of his die hard fans was diagnosed with cancer and urged his fans to pray for him and contribute money to offset his medical bills.

bahati fan

I am not #BAHATI without my Fans. And your Pain is My Pain 😢. In this Picture is #X_PEY One of my Most Die hard Fans; A face that I see in most of My Performances/ Concerts. Just Received Saddening news that he’s been Examined with #TumorCancer and Tomorrow Lunch time (12:30PM) I will be Visiting #KENYATTAHOSPITAL where’s he’s admitted and I would like to ask more Family & Fans to Join me as we go to pray & Contribute for him🙏.”

Read some of the comments from his fans;

dixonlubanga: May he receive healing in Jesus’ name

freddykenya: Qr to Him

annengina26: Healing is ur portion in the mighty name of Jesus

sethndirangu: I pray that he gets well

liviancelavi1091: Wishing him quick recovary

gloriah_gich: May Jesus take the wheel

steprince5373: Together in prayers X-pay ,, you’ll be well soon coz Christ is our healer ,,I thank God that you make it our of theatre and still you’ll make it in life in Jesus Name Amen

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Alaaaa!!! Titillating DMs Force Bahati’s Wife To Deactivate Instagram Account

Diana Marua is done with social media and this is evident after taking time to search for her handle on Instagram and she’s nowhere to be found.

Bahati and Diana Marua

Diana quit the public life days after Bahati was exposed for conning a Kenyan businessman. The businessman, Benson Thuranira, claims the singer used his money to fund his tradition wedding, claims Bahati is yet to respond to, as he is not picking calls.

Many people didn’t know much about Diana Marua until she hit the headlines late last year after she appeared in Bahati’s music video, then afterwards the singer started flaunting her all over his social media pages.

Bahati and Diana Marua

Speculation has it that the newlyweds are expecting a baby. This comes weeks after their traditional wedding. But given how much the singer has been involved in recent controversies, it seems Marua is set to start a life off the public eye.

Even with speculations from fans that there might be trouble in paradise, she might just be taking time off to enjoy her pregnancy.

Diana and Bahati

However, a source close to us whispered some major details to us claiming she probably committed social media suicide because of the nasty DMs (Direct messages).

Team mafisi out here are brutal. They don’t care that Marua is a married woman: They will just slide into her DM ovyo ovyo tuu,” our source close to the star’s wife whispered. “Also, she probably will not miss all the trolls, who always littered her comments section with vitriol.”

It is not clear if Bahati had a hand in pushing the wife to get off social media.

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Bahati Releases New Song, This Time Round Not Wearing A White Suit And Loafers

Popular gospel singer Bahati has just released a new hot video from his EMB record stable. What’s different this time around is that he hasn’t gone with the signature colored suits and loafers that have been trolled heavily by Kenyans before.

Yesterday, he dropped the new single titled “Isiwe Hivyo”, which is already trending on Youtube — at #24 — at the time of this publication.


The powerful visual seeks to tell Kenyans to maintain peace and not let us go back to the 2007/2008 post-election violence.

The visuals show what happened in the recent riots, past ethnic skirmishes and the undesirable results — the death of many Kenyans.

‘I Have Never Been Arrested In My Life’ Bahati Finally Addresses The Arrest Allegations

I would say that this is one of the very few recent releases in the Kenyan music industry that make sense. It has a noble cause. Watch it and let me know that you think on @harunmomanyi on Twitter & Instagram.

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‘I Have Never Been Arrested In My Life’ Bahati Finally Addresses The Arrest Allegations

Gospel singer Bahati was accused of owing someone 200k. The guy stated that Bahati obtained the money through false pretense about two months ago and he reported the matter at Karuri Police Station in Kiambu County.

He goes ahead to state that Bahati was arrested at his home, but the Investigating Officer received a call from his boss to release Bahati with immediate effect citing an order from the county commander.


Well, Bahati has come to strongly shut down the allegations. Speaking to Word Is, Bahati stated that he has never been arrested in his life and the guy later on asked for forgiveness after he was pursued by his lawyers.

The minute I saw what this guy was saying, I engaged the lawyers of my company, EMB records. When he saw that it is now a matter concerning the law, he deleted the post he had initially put up stating that I owe him money, because he has been sued for defamation. I have build my name for years and if I don’t do something so that it’s a lesson to someone else, tomorrow someone will wake up and say I’ve stolen his car. Stealing from someone is something very sensitive or conning someone,” he clarified.


He went on to state, “So the police have been told to investigate the matter, and if he doesn’t prove his allegations, it will be a court case. But he’s been looking for me and the management asking for forgiveness. I have never been arrested in my life, even when I was in the ghetto, and that is spoiling my name because you don’t even have my mugshot. But one thing I’m sure about is that I must be paid for this accusations.”

‘Lawfully Mine’ – Bahati And Diana Marua Finally Hold Their Traditional Wedding (Photos)

Bahati and Diana Marua are officially a couple after they held their traditional wedding yesterday. Everything was hush hush as they had already stated that their wedding will be attended by few close friends and family.

Dressed in matching maroon outfits, the two looked happy and in love and are on their way to starting a family together.

Bahati and Diana Marua

Bahati took to social media to announce the news writing, “IT’S OFFICIAL… Thank You Jesus. She is Lawfully Mine. Now let the babies Come 😉 @Diana_Marua ♥.”

Diana was not left behind as she also posted a photo of the two announcing their wedding saying, “When the Title Mrs is no longer a miss now 😉 #MrsBahati @bahatikenya 😘.”

Bahati already has a kid by another lady, Mueni Bahati, and has another that he adopted called Morgan Bahati.

A while back it was reported that there might have trouble in paradise after Diana took to social media to insinuate that there might have been an argument between her and Bahati.

Diana Marua and Bahati

She said, “It doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong. The argument isn’t over until you understaaandd where I’m coming from 😊Ps: the caption has got nothing to do with the photo 😁😜.”

Singer Bahati and his lover engaged in heated argument

Bahati on the other hand went ahead to reply to the post saying, “When I come home; Everything will be alright- Baby hold On; Everything will be Just Fine 🙏 @Diana_Marua @MorganBahati.”

It was also reported that Diana is expecting her first child with Bahati. When one of our writers called Bahati’s manager, he claimed that Diana was not pregnant and if she gets pregnant, they will definitely announce the good news.