Family first! Meet Gospel artiste Bahatis’ daughters Heaven and Mueni

When gospel artiste Bahati alias Mtoto wa mama settled down with the love of his wife Diana Marua, many argued that he was too young.

Many predicted that the relationship between the  two would no work out given the fact that Bahati had a baby from a previous relationship, plus another reason being that Diana is a bit older than Bahati.

Well Bahati has gone ahead to prove his critics wrong by showing them that he is not only a good husband but also a doting father to his two daughters, Mueni Bahati and Heaven Bahati.

Bahati is setting father goals to all dead beats out there who claim to be too busy to create time for their kids.

Here are photos of the artiste and his daughters, isn’t he blessed to have such beautiful kids?

Heaven Bahati



Bahati’s first born daughter Mueni
Diana Marua with hubby Bahati and their daughter Heaven



Daddy-daughter moment as gospel artiste Bahati and his daughter Mueni enjoy some bonding session.



Here are comments from his fans commending him and his beautiful family

maurineroticg:Nice manzee nice family

kevohbainito:  5Beautiful family

beatricebecko Lovely family

mercypesh: Blessed family

veronicahwangarinyambura: So cute,lovely family.

janeth_chumba:I love the family

muscort_hope: Woooow this family akiso gorgeous God bless the bahatis


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Pona haraka baby Heaven! Bahati and Diana Marua spend night in hospital (Photos)

Gospel singer Bahati together with his wife, Diana Marua spent the better part of last night in hospital after a health scare concerning their daughter.

The celebrity couple are still in hospital after baby heaven fell sick.

“I am Praying that you get discharged😢😢😢 Get Well Soon @HeavenBahati 🙏🙏🙏” Bahati wrote.


This caption was accompanied with a photo of Diana cradling baby Heaven in her arms. The little angel had an oxygen mask on her face.

This photo of Bahati and his first-born daughter bonding will melt your cold heart

Kenyans took to the comments section of Instagram to wish a quick recovery to the litto one.


Read some of the comments.

aida.sinzole: May she be made whole in Jesus name

mc_acts: Through Jesus stripes we were made whole.. May wholeness manifest upon her now in Jesus name Amen.

jessicak.felix.9: Wassup with Heaven? Wishing her quick recovery. She will be very okay.

faith_n_nancy: May she get healed by the blood of Jesus Christ

queen_of_renoma: Quick recovery baby..heaven, mtoto alindwe vizuri, from cold n more stuff, so innocent, n very delicate when it comes to baby& please bahati, it’s OK to be famous am happy for you but private life yenyu please, am begging you in the name of that little blessing you guys are holding keep off from social media, (especially mtoi manze)😪😪😘please!

thambitassy: Qr to UA baby.Diana continue loving your baby.Nobody should teach you how to love UA baby!!

eddie_mutuma: I feel like the publicity on this kid is too much, chezeni chini kama inawekana. Meanwhile, quick recovery to her.

shilljshill: @diana_marua some things are not rocket science…. .. doctors are not 100% correct. Elevating the head does not need a tiny baby on a sitted position.. if she must be sitted support her back with a pillow.

shilljshill: @njerinjunge upright does not mean sitted…. it means upper body elevated
[email protected]

iam_erastus: They don’t need advice,it’s not the time for that.Don’t you think they know? All they need is your support: well wishes and prayers.

parentsandbabiesworld: I know that in life there will be sickness, devastation, disappointments, heartache – it’s a given. What’s not a given is the way you choose to get through it all. If you look hard enough, you can always find the bright side.” Get well soon.

nyangijulz: Quick recovery n keep the baby off social media coz u r doing her a great deservice allow her some privacy just look arnd n realize its you, the mother n the baby who are in that room.

From us at Mpasho we pray that baby Heaven gets healed. Blessings nd favour upon Diana marua and Bahati at this trying time.

5 Reasons You Should Try Songa By Safaricom Music Streaming App

When it comes to innovation, Safaricom is an A-lister. The telecoms company is a giant in retail, events and all things entertainment. Just recently, it launched its music streaming app, Songa by Safaricom.

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1. The app was proudly made and launched in Kenya

Nyashinski at the Songa by Safaricom launch back in February / Photo By Douglas Okiddy

What can make you even more impressed than a sexy, super cool and colorful music app that was developed by Kenyans, just for you? You read that right. The app, which is now everyone’s favorite was made in Kenya. It is of international standards but still has that Kenyan vibe to it; once you download it, you’ll see what I mean. If Nyashinski, one of Kenya’s best artistes of all time can endorse the app, that means that it has the best to offer!

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songa by safaricom

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Kenyans are not yet done with Bahati as they attack his wife once again

Bahati was trolled by Kenyans when they found out the woman he was dating was much older than him but that did not stop him from getting down on one knee and asking for her hand in marriage..

They got married and had a beautiful baby girl Heaven which became another huge deal since rumours had it that the daughter was not his and he had a secret DNA test done.

Well, Kenyans will always be Kenyans, they will never let anything go. They still continued to attack his family despite him moving on.

Diana Marua’s cryptic message to haters who trolled her after photos without makeup in hospital went viral

He posted a picture of his wife and daughter on social media and said,


“My baby girl #Heaven has grown big, I pray that she grows in the ways of the Lord. Please Type a Comment to Wish her Well .”

Kenyans trolled Bahati for his comments adding that he married a woman older than him, labeling her a grandmother.

Check out this savage comments left on his post.

Ogendi: You will go down in history as the only boy child in Kenya with guts to see the nakedness of his grand mother


Markz: Congrats i see her hanging out with her grand mama

Musembi: Cheeeei ati?zero the way baba heaven on earth should learn from diamond.marrying this old women may turn into frustration so my brother Bahati be warned.

Mercie: Please please short comments , tusiharibu wakati….meanwhile she’s baby no. 2 , tambua Mueni kwanza…ama heaven alikuja na Kenya airways na Mueni akakuja na tuktuk…shame on you!!both baby gals are product of your sperms. Let her feel fathers love since uko alive.don’t argue with me am not your granny..the truth hurts.

Naftali: Sooo sad. I remember and miss those golden times when uncovering your grandmother’s nakedness was a great taboo. Let alone impregnating her. Oh boy!!

Andrew: Nigga you fornicated and you hear praying that that Angel grows in ways that pleases God. You kidding the Heavenly Father. Good Luck though.

Stacy: Mueni alitupwa trash! Saba leta mbinguni tumchinjie mbuzi, na next time ulete mama Mueni pia na mtoi tumwish the best poa, u men you’ll never change, preaching water and taking wine.sick of off.practice what you preach, Nameless and Wahu should advice you


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Awww! Bahati’s wife’s message to their newborn daughter is priceless!

Award-winning gospel singer Bahati became a parent for the second time on February 14.

Bahati and Diana Marua
Bahati and Diana Marua welcome their bundle of joy at Karen Hospital

His wife Diana Marua gave birth to a bouncing baby girl at the Karen Hospital in a delivery that was so high profile that the hospital’s CEO herself visited her to pass her congratulations.

No Wonder Bahati Is Blown Away! Diana Marua Proves She Can Be WIFE Material And Keep Her Man ‘Satisfied’

The power couple, who kept their pregnancy low key, left many by surprise after Bahati shared photos from their baby bump shoot online.

Bahati and Diana Marua
                                                   Bahati and Diana Marua
Well, the excited Diana, took to social media to pen a heartwarming message to her newborn daughter.

“He has done exceedingly abundantly all that I asked or thought of. You have no idea how much we prayed for you @HeavenBahati 😊 I’m looking at the heavens and I’m amazed by Gods gift to us. You are Blessed my angel @HeavenBahati 🙏🏼❤️”

Diana Marua
Bahati seems to be busy with baby daddy duties and he shared a video babysitting and captioned;

“Yesterday Night Baby Sitting Duties & Bonding😍 with my New Love at 3am; I Was So Sleepy but #HEAVEN hatambui, 😐 Tonight am back at it because I just found my Real #TENoverTEN ❤❤❤ #HEAVENBAHATI”

Here’s the Instagram post

The Mama hit maker has also praised his wife for giving him a baby in his new song TenOverTen.
Bahati and Diana Marua pregnant
Bahati and Diana Marua pregnant

“Bae, You’re Cooler dan d’em,
My Girl You’re badder dan d’em-
Hakuna Mwingine Kama Weh,
Sifa Zote Mi Nampa Yahweh!!!,” an extract from the song.

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Mr Seed addresses rumors he was dumped

Mr. Seed has been working under Bahati for a year now with Eastlands Most Beloved Records (EMB Records). He confirms that he has had an amazing experience working with him since they grew up together.

“Imekua experience poa juu ni mtu nime grow up na yeye. ni mtu ananielewa na ninamelewa.”


Mr. Seed has also been working on so many projects. He says he is just trying to focus on the main things and do things at the right pace, the right way. Speaking to Mpasho he said:

“Now I can stop recording and release songs for the next two years. Niko na so many projects for now am still pushing for Simba Wa Yuda because its really doing good.”

In his many projects, he would like to work with any artiste who does good music. He also admits that if God tells him to work with someone he will willingly do it.

“God akispeak anishow ‘I think unaeza combine na huyu msee inaweza work vipoa’ mbona nikatae. For now sina anybody in mind coz nimework na almost everyone in this industry ya gospel.”

Mr. Seed also thinks that the Kenyan gospel industry is still growing. He believes as long as people are preaching the word in their own way and style that’s fine. He didn’t want speak so much about other artistes music because he can’t judge their content.

With the issue of gospel music playing in Clubs he said he is happy that most of his songs, actually all the song that he has released this year, are played in the club since its ministry on his end.

Mr Seed

“Mimi huskia poa wimbo zangu zikichewa kwa club and then mtu anitext ama call aniambie ‘nimeskia wimbo yako na nimekua kwa club manzee imenibless ama imenifanya ni change njia zangu’ unajua thats ministry. Sasa hiyo ndio gospel, Jesus Christ didn’t come for the church. He came for those people who don’t know him na wale watu hawamjui ndio wale watu wako huko.”

mr seed

The worst rumors he has ever heard about himself are:

“Nimeskia mimi niko illuminati, ingine nilidumpiwa mpaka na peg ati nirudiwe. Nimeskia vitu mingi sana kujihusu toka nizaliwe”

Breakup: Popular Singer Mr Seed begs girlfriend to take him back

Where relationships are concerned, Mr. seed is not planning to get married anytime soon but he admits he currently dating.

“Sahi na focus na mziki, ile siku nitao nitaita kila mtu.”

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Unapigana Compe Na Slay Queens! Fans Troll Bahati After Stepping Out In This Outfit (Photo)

Singer Bahati has won the hearts of many with his new song Ndogo Ndogo featuring David Wonder.

The hit song has brought fame to the two young men who do gospel music and all get to be interviewed almost daily just to perform the song.


Bahati is one person who young people emulate from his lifestyle, how he carries himself and his dress code.

His fans seem to be keen with whatever Bahati steps out in, in terms of dress code. This is not the first time fans are criticizing his mode of dressing because recently he was mocked for wearing a cap inside a church which the Bible is against.


Today it is another situation. Bahati stepped out in a floral shirt half unbuttoned, tight jeans and converse kicks. Bahati has always tried to be stylish and it has worked for him severally but this time, fans were not happy with how he dressed.

He stepped out going to a show on Ebru TV for an interview and his fans had very negative reactions after he posted the picture on his instagram page.


Here are some reactions from fans:

Benter: 😂😂😂😂 yaani diana alikubali utoke na hiyo trouser from the house???? Oooh and she blocked me I know she will definitely see this and block me😂😂😂😂

Eunnie: That trouser though @bahatikenya unapigana compe na slay queens😂😂😂

Billy: Bahaa hiyo toja joh……. Ungempa Diana.

Jim: Mbona unapenda kupose kama msichana

Jasymine:  aii hiyo trouser N nn haifungiki 😂😂😂

Dj capella: Unakaa girlish😂

Carey: Sasa wewe ndo mtu achana na wakupeana jacket watu wapigie picha….baha always😂😂😂

lobo: unakaa dem, navile una critisize machali wako ivo, sawa tu

Duke.of.nairobi: Unapozz ka dem 😂😂😂rip manhood

Clobenza: U look like my neighbours son😂😂4rm the 80is

Gloria: Hiyo pose inakaa kidemdem tu.. no hard feelings am ua #1 fan…. numero uno

Vin: This trouser and pose is a nooo nooo ..Aiiii too old for this shit

Janet: Nooo that trouser never wear it again like neeeever

unapigana compe na slay queens😂😂😂

V.jyms: That trouser is a nah!!!! More of ladies


Do You Really Read The Bible? Fan’s Hilarious Warning To Bahati After Star Made Music Announcement

The founder of EMB Records Bahati, is set to release a new song today judging from his posts on Facebook.

This is not the first time a fan has blasted Bahati using citations from the holy book. But this recent blasting caught the attention of many.

The Mama singer posted a photo where he is wearing a hat, the problem comes in because of the location where the photo was taken.

In a church.



The photo was posted at part of the promo to get his fans to look out for his new single with David Wonder dubbed Ndogo Ndogo.

Bahati named David Wonder as one of his favorite East African vocalist. He is famously known for his hit songs such as Kumbe Kumbe featuring Mr. Seed, Mama, Barua and Mapenzi.

A fan warned Bahati, “Please read 1 Corinthians it’s very much wrong to wear a hat in church leave alone even in public offices you can’t sit or talk with hat on,”Essy Mukai added, “Stop confusing us your now a socialite looking for ways to capture people’s attention.”

In the good book on 1st Corinthians Chapter 11:6-8 says, “If a woman does not cover her head, let her hair be cut off. And if it is shameful for a woman to have her hair cut or shaved off, she should cover her head. 7. A man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God; but the woman is the glory of man. 8. For man did not come from woman, but woman from man…”

This only means that Bahati broke church rules and the Bible which states clearly why a man should not cover his head while inside the church. This act will leave you wondering whether the gospel artist has full knowledge about the verses in the Bible.


He has been the talk of the town ever since he posted that he was taking his ‘babies’ out on vacation which saw mixed reactions from her fans and made headlines on various blogs.

This got his fans reacting to his post and here are their thoughts:

Mercymyra Gomez:  Wow I cant wait for tomorrow I love that EMB sweet voices my number one crushes i hope hiyo kitu yenye mmekuk ni hoooootest keep it coming to a bigger tune my super stars.

Catherine Wambui:  Am I the only one who do not know this David Wonder? No offense though.

Evans Omarion:  Waiting for the remix KUBWA KUBWA after we get done with ndogo ndogo😂
DeGenius Kevooh:  GOD be glory Si next collabo itakuwa DeGenius kevooh X Bahati

Diana Ray:  woow #the vocal Prince mwenyewe thanks baha for mentoring the this our own son. Alafu kwani wedo ilicrush ama 😠😠

Samilito Mwangi:  Bahati wacha kukimbizana na Willy Paul coz uko down yani Unaweza fanya collabo na #eddykenzo 2months ago na views ni 359k na #willypozee ako alone in 2 days 400k views #willypozee #king

Maureen Craig’s:  Some who r commenting sh** don’t even know that they are blessing this guy……..#useless haters….kevin kant wait fi dat song…

Nehemah Justice Ironfist:  Is true that the Gospel of God is suffering violence, but I’m On Earth to rescue it. Eti Kenya Gospel

Popular Gospel Singer Bahati To Drop A New Song With Tanzania’s Musician Mr Nice

Just after the inauguration of the newly elected Governor of Nairobi, Mike Sonko Mbuvi, which saw many people attend including artistes such as Mr Nice, DK kwenye beat and Bahati attend.

Mr Nice and Bahati

Bahati and Mr Nice were seen sitting closely together in a photo that went viral on social media, but there were no signs that we would be surprised with the news of them doing a gospel collabo to be released soon.


Bahati has revealed that he is currently in the studio working with Mr Nice for a new project to be released soon and if this is true, then Mr Nice will be the second artiste from Bongo land working with the young gospel singer who seems to be doing well with his music in East Africa.

He wrote, “He was Our Parents Favorite😂 “KUKU KAPANDA BAISKELI” Tanzania 🇹🇿 ❌ Kenya 🇰🇪 Am from #EMBRecordsSTUDIOS with Legendary #MRNICE and I can’t for you to Listen to this Gospel Hit 🔥🔥🔥.”


This comes after Bahati released a collabo with the famously known Tanzanian artiste Rayvanny with whom they did the song ‘Nikumbushe’ that is sang by many on the streets and even in matatus.


From the instagram post shared, the two are seen hanging out at the EMB records

Mr Nice on the other hand has been trying to make a come back by collaborating with different artistes including Wasafi records Harmonize who featured him in his latest video.

Miss Independent? Bahati’s Girlfriend Diana Marua Flaunts Stacks Of Money As She Brags About Her ‘Blessings’ (Photos)

Gospel singer Bahati and his older girlfriend Diana Marua have proven that their relationship is genuine despite a lot of critics from the public and fans.

When Bahati introduced the video vixen and model to the world, it didn’t go so well, with a lot of haters taking shots at the beauty, who has reportedly dated other male celebrities like Victor Wanyama, singer Jaguar and former KTN sports anchor, Nick Mudimba.

VERY TOUCHING! Bahati’s Girlfriend Diana Marua Dedicates This Sweet Message To Her Late MOTHER (PHOTOS)

Things got worse when Bahati real name, Kevin Kioko, introduced his 2-year-old daughter to his fans on social media, giving Diana all the praises instead of the mother of his kid, Yvette Obura.


To make things worse, Diana Marua shared a photo online holding the child, Mueni Bahati, which got friends and relatives of the baby mama furious because she did not consent to the whole public exposure of her child, with some even telling her to delete the post.

I love this innocent soul, so full of love. You’re blessed to have @bahatikenya as your Daddy. You are too adorable little princess

But that’s all behind them now, and the two seem to be going on about their business. Recently, Diana Marua flaunted her recent project, where she’s part of the cast for a new TV commercial, and it looks like the hustle is paying off.


Diana Marua shared a photo where she bragged about her blessings, showing off stacks of money, in one thousand notes, with this caption; “When he blesses you dabo dabo.”

Kwisha! Does Bahati’s Girlfriend Diana Marua Also Have a SECRET CHILD? Shocking Details Emerge!

Could she be trying to prove that she is not after Bahati’s money? Time will tell.



No Wonder Bahati Is Blown Away! Diana Marua Proves She Can Be WIFE Material And Keep Her Man ‘Satisfied’

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and it seems that Bahati’s new girlfriend Diana Marua knows this too well.

The video vixen and model started dating Kevin Kioko aka Bahati a few months ago after they revealed their love to the world on social media, surprising fans who thought that he was too young to date.

Kwisha! Does Bahati’s Girlfriend Diana Marua Also Have a SECRET CHILD? Shocking Details Emerge!

However, Diana Marua is much older than Bahati, with a difference of about 7 years, but I guess for them age is just but a number.


The two met on social media after Bahati made a move on her, then, later on, she appeared in his music video for the song Mapenzi, where she played the role of his wife, and then they decided to make it a real life story, by hooking up.

The two love birds are favorite to some of their fans, while to some, they find it inappropriate that Bahati is dating such an older girl.

However, things got a bit tense when Bahati unveiled his biological daughter, Mueni, to the world, after keeping her a secret for 2 years, as some people took to social media to congratulate him, while others bashed him, for not appreciating the mother of the girl.


When Diana Marua shared a photo with the cuddly baby girl, her family attacked her for posting the photo without the consent of the baby mama, calling it disrespectful.

Is It For The Haters? Bahati And His ‘Older’ Girlfriend Diana Marua Prove Their LOVE After Baby Drama

Now that the two seem unbothered by the comments, they have been enjoying their love and recently, Diana Marua shared posts while cooking breakfast, and from the look of things, it seems that she can be a good wife.

Diana was making sausages and pineapples and from the quantity, it could be that she was also cooking for her man since they had just come from Zanzibar the previous day. Take a look at the pics below and be the judge.


Has He Borrowed A Loan? Could This Be Willy Paul’s New Ride (Photo)

Willy Paul has been silent for a while now unlike his nemesis who has been making headlines left, right and center in regards to showing off his biological daughter.

A few months ago, he was the talk of town when he claimed that he was dating or rather marrying Jamaican artiste Alaine, only to realize it was a publicity stunt for his song, I Do’ with the said artiste.


But who advises these kids on these stunts that always end up blowing up on their faces.

Anyway, he’s been missing from the public eye ever since he the Groove Awards nominations, after finding out he didn’t get any nominations. He was so bitter, he walked out before the event ended.

Willy Paul Trolled By His Fans After Losing Out At Groove Nominations

So, we have one question to ask. What has he been up to? Well, maybe he’s been working extra hours to prove that he deserved a nomination. Or maybe he’s somewhere admiring someone’s car, hoping he’ll one day throw away his overused Mark X. Or better yet, he’s somewhere cooking up the next move to gain attention, having asked a girl to abort two years ago, now that Bahati is literally gulping all the publics attention after showing off his kid.

Willy Range

Well, the assumptions are so many but let’s focus on his latest post. He just shared a photo of a Range Rover. Well, for starters, it’s not his but a brother can only but dream. But he’s too clumsy because he just took a photo from a website and reversed. He’s just shady, even Bow Wow would be so disappointed in him.

So don’t be surprised when he claims it’s his because he has to do everything he can just to stay relevant. Even Khaligraph said he had to mention him because he was becoming irrelevant and he had to stay relevant.