Bahati blasted by fans for asking them to fund his campaigns

Mathare MP aspirant Kevin Kioko has announced that he wants his fans to help in contributing for his campaigns.

Bahati who is eyeing Mathare MP, took to his Instagram page to ask his fans to support him. He shared a paybill number in which fans can contribute money to.

Bahati who was partly raised in Mathare said his journey in politics is to inspire the youths that something good can come from the slums

Here is what he wrote;

“I Made a Tough Decision to go for this Elective Seat not Only to Win and Bring the Much Change Needed Change in the Slums of Mathare but to also Give Hope and Show that Something Good Can Come out of a Ghetto 🙏 I AM HERE TO INSPIRE.”

Bahati further added that he had officially started his campaigns thanking his fans for believing in him.


However,the post elicited a mixed reaction from his fans with many congratulating his move.

Some though, accused the former gospel singer for using the opportunity to milk money from his fans.

Here are a few comments from his fans;

Champez_85: Ambia wasanii wenzako wakuchangia ili ukipita uwatetee huko parliament.

winniefredey333: Ety till number again. Wabula the rich are to be more richer and poor, poorer.

kirangari_boys: Vile inafaa bro bora vijana watoke chini ….mhesh mwenyewe bah.

lavidafie: Nani aliitisha till number? Kama hauko ready endelea na music uko talented sana. (Who asked for the Till? if you are not ready please continue doing music.)

jemonduati: Bahati should perfect one thing he is all over the place. One time gospel artist, next time secular artist, now politician 🤦‍♂️ I mean who wants a leader tht has no principles and sense of direction 🤔 He will be elected and do the same thing he has been doing to the Mathare folks. I feel like Bahati is conforming and confused because of peer pressure..just stating my observation..

6 traits of Bahati that tells he is a supportive husband


Diana Marua launched her singing career and husband Bahati was on hand to encourage and help her launch it.

Bahati shows us he is a lifelong partner who supports Diana’s dreams, allowing her to thrive and become the best version of herself.

Fellas! Here’s how to be a supportive husband like Bahati

-A supportive partner allows their significant other to make choices. whether they change jobs or go back to school and tell them they are capable of meeting their set goals.

-Being a supportive partner also means making your partner feel important and respected. This requires listening to and considering your partner’s opinion and making them a priority in your life.


View this post on Instagram

A post shared by BAHATI (@bahatikenya)

-Being a supportive husband means being helpful to your wife.

-Being a supportive spouse also means respecting your partner’s time and individual plans, just like you would expect her to respect yours

-Being a supportive spouse also means having gratitude for your partner and taking the time to express it


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Diana Marua has racked up 1.9 million Instagram followers


Diana Marua has hit a milestone on her social media handles and thanked Kenyans for following her.

she told that ‘IT’S THE WINNING SEASON!!!! We are at 🎉 🎉🎉 1.9MILLION FOLLOWERS ON IG YOOOOO!!!!!!!


That is not the only major thing. Diana has also racked up half a million subscribers on Youtube. Wow.





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‘Is my dream still achievable?’ Bahati says he wants to be a billionaire at 30 years

Bahati says he had vowed to be a Billionaire before he clocks 30 years old.

In an Instagram post, the ‘Dear Ex’ hitmaker said that the ongoing pandemic messed up with his plans.

Bahati is not yet 30 and so there is hope for him.

He wrote;

“I had Said I wanted to Make My First Billion at 30 Years Old 💵💰💴 I did Not Know Corona Was Listening to My Plans 🙆‍♂️ I am 28 Years Now…. IS THE DREAM STILL ACHIEVABLE???” 

‘My baby daddy asked for a DNA,’ Miss Morgan speaks about raising her daughter

Bahati smiling
Bahati smiling

Bahati first talked about becoming a Billionaire in 2018.

 “I want to be a billionaire by 30 because we have been in a situation where no one valued our music and no one believed that you could be rich through music.

 That is why I am tapping into things people haven’t tried before. I dared to launch a record label when it was viewed as non-profitable. I want to try new things and with that, get more knowledge. As I work on music I am also dealing with property.” 

‘Unakaa Coronavirus’ Bahati mocked after he debuts new daring haircolor 


Just like the rest of us, celebrities are also self-isolating. That means their glamorous lives and looks are no longer the same. What are they doing when they want to make an aesthetic difference?

Doing it themselves, of course.

All of me loves all of you: Rashid Abdalla and Loulou Hassan’s matching outfit to swoon over

Bahati has gotten on the nerves of many after showing off his new red hair, that doesn’t look professionally done I must add.

He showed off his makeover rocking bright red locks that fans say is terrible. He however begs to differ saying

All Girls Like My New Hairstyle 😉🌷 NIMEWEZA ama NIMECHOMA??? #Bahati

Here are some hilrious reactions about his new look.

This isn’t the first time he has experimented with such a daring hairstyle.

Hizo dreads zinakaa spikes za Corona Virus

Amekaa tu corona virus Rolling on the floor laughing

Betty Kyallo comes clean on her relationship with her ‘Somali Guy’

My mans out here looking like a coral reef

Lmao,unaka mabuyu

brian charles..
More like diagram ya covid

DJ Mo removes impediment preventing him from “servicing” Size 8 regularly

LAUGHING GASDirect hit..
Unakaa beetroot

Willy The OG1..
Hhaaaaa no no you looking like kale ka brush kakuosha choo Aki


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Every photo Diana Marua has shared of her surprise baby bump

On their trip to Dubai, fans swore they spotted a baby bump, but Diana Marua and Bahati kept mum.

Days later the nagging comments continued and the couple decided to drop the pregnancy confirmation details on their social media.

Bahati wrote

Been Working Hard😋.. I thank God for Another Blessing Coming 😍😍😍 Just Comment “CONGRATULATIONS DIANA”

Days later, Dianna  has posted more photos of her baby bump and she looks gorgeous.

Dear God, 2019 is Indeed my Year 😭 You have Blessed me too too much 🤗 THANK YOU FOR THIS ANGEL IN MY WOMB 🙏

Here are photos of Diana’s baby bump

59244181_1090948847695624_1929355872158924386_n (1)


image-2019-05-17 (9) (1)


image-2019-05-17 (13) (1)

Congratulations: Kambua unveils cutest baby bump

image-2019-05-17 (15) (1)


Their fans went ahead to say,

totamercy: Blessed couples.. congratulation baby Israel on the way

cash_cashi : so beautiful pregnant your husband must be so proud at you two

unykwawira: The pregnancy looks good on you ❤️congrats

gracie_kui: Congratulations , you loook absolutely stunning ❤️🔥

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KOT in outburst as Diana Marua suggests ‘Bahati hajui!’

Being Bahati is the latest show in town but Kenyans ain’t feeling it! The show which is aired on NTV every Sunday morning has received heavy backlash and the question is, will it survive like the likes of Nairobi Diaries and Perfect Match?

Bahati and Diana Marua
Bahati and Diana Marua

Well, yesterday the second episode of Being Bahati was aired and Bahati took to social media to ask his followers to watch the show. He wrote:

I Know We Made this Day a Secret but Tonight on NTV 7:30pm this Memorable Day Will Air Exclusively #BEINGBAHATI ❤ YOU CAN’T MISS THISSSS 🔥

It was shot before they welcomed their baby Heaven. In the episode, they showed us how the young couple’s ruracio (traditional wedding) went down and at one point, Diana Marua revealed that Bahati ‘didn’t know 33x’.

Diana Marua and Bahati

She simply meant that he did not know the gender of the child she was carrying, but some thought she meant about his bedroom skills.

Here are the reactions:

Vicky Vicky: Lack of content in everything

Juma: This #BeingBahati thing, the dumbest program to ever hit a Kenyan television. @ntvkenya, this is disastrous!

Geoffrey: #beingbahati this is the most clueless,useless show in kenyan history.

Kwamboka Kadzo: is anyone else getting embarrased watching this being bahati thing ?Ni kama hosehelps of kawangware

Kiairetu Msupa: Ati Baha hajui  🤔 really Diana na mimba ulipata Kwa miujiza ama

Joy John: You only need sperms to get pregnant. May be aliingiza tu akamwaga

Joan Mwangi: Hahaha…. gani? Ya mtoi ama mnyanduano?

Wangui Wanyama: Woooi….. She meant of the baby

Erin Chibole: Did I just hear Diana say Baha hajui

Betty Kuria: Diana.., i hope she meant something else not the way am thinking..#BeingBahati 😂😂

Ma Tamika:  Yap that’s what she said gaifafa wht do you expect….game ya mluhya(where she was) na mkamba(where she is) aziezi ambatana😂😂😂😂🤦🙆🤗

Lydia Doy: Hahaha she meant gender of the baby

Daisy: #beingbahati is a nice show, people diss it and will sit to watch WAGS,hypocrisy at its best

Hellen Ogega: Hii being bahati ni documentary ama ni soap?

Olga Bosibori: Aki he’s such a baby, and his squad isn’t helping.. Immature

Esther Wambui: Huyo sistake diana kiherehere..ati im single

Eve Kivisi: Waah!!sister ya diana amesema ati baha ni mtoto.nxt wk itakuwa moto.diana amesema bahati hajui

Umuu Abas: Mwenyewe anaezaje aibisha bwanake huyo

Tri Shy: Ati bahati hajui …mambo crias hii aki


Shirleen Shish: Sister ya Diana ni moto. Anachukia bahati na hafichi

Lizz Ouma: Bahati is soo childish


Bettieh Dennis: I love the show

Shiko Judy: Khai the way people pay attention in other people business is like they will sit for an exam!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

Chole Boru Dembele: I think she meant the (gender) of the baby

Caroline Murray: Hahahaha kenyans sex ndio mkipenda tihihiihi ni ya mtoi aka gender lol

Doreen Benjamin: I don’t care apambane na hali yake

Tanita Mary Wambui: Nangoja next Sunday ndio nisikie hiyo story vizuri


Unapigana Compe Na Slay Queens! Fans Troll Bahati After Stepping Out In This Outfit (Photo)

Singer Bahati has won the hearts of many with his new song Ndogo Ndogo featuring David Wonder.

The hit song has brought fame to the two young men who do gospel music and all get to be interviewed almost daily just to perform the song.


Bahati is one person who young people emulate from his lifestyle, how he carries himself and his dress code.

His fans seem to be keen with whatever Bahati steps out in, in terms of dress code. This is not the first time fans are criticizing his mode of dressing because recently he was mocked for wearing a cap inside a church which the Bible is against.


Today it is another situation. Bahati stepped out in a floral shirt half unbuttoned, tight jeans and converse kicks. Bahati has always tried to be stylish and it has worked for him severally but this time, fans were not happy with how he dressed.

He stepped out going to a show on Ebru TV for an interview and his fans had very negative reactions after he posted the picture on his instagram page.


Here are some reactions from fans:

Benter: 😂😂😂😂 yaani diana alikubali utoke na hiyo trouser from the house???? Oooh and she blocked me I know she will definitely see this and block me😂😂😂😂

Eunnie: That trouser though @bahatikenya unapigana compe na slay queens😂😂😂

Billy: Bahaa hiyo toja joh……. Ungempa Diana.

Jim: Mbona unapenda kupose kama msichana

Jasymine:  aii hiyo trouser N nn haifungiki 😂😂😂

Dj capella: Unakaa girlish😂

Carey: Sasa wewe ndo mtu achana na wakupeana jacket watu wapigie picha….baha always😂😂😂

lobo: unakaa dem, navile una critisize machali wako ivo, sawa tu

Duke.of.nairobi: Unapozz ka dem 😂😂😂rip manhood

Clobenza: U look like my neighbours son😂😂4rm the 80is

Gloria: Hiyo pose inakaa kidemdem tu.. no hard feelings am ua #1 fan…. numero uno

Vin: This trouser and pose is a nooo nooo ..Aiiii too old for this shit

Janet: Nooo that trouser never wear it again like neeeever

unapigana compe na slay queens😂😂😂

V.jyms: That trouser is a nah!!!! More of ladies


Do You Really Read The Bible? Fan’s Hilarious Warning To Bahati After Star Made Music Announcement

The founder of EMB Records Bahati, is set to release a new song today judging from his posts on Facebook.

This is not the first time a fan has blasted Bahati using citations from the holy book. But this recent blasting caught the attention of many.

The Mama singer posted a photo where he is wearing a hat, the problem comes in because of the location where the photo was taken.

In a church.



The photo was posted at part of the promo to get his fans to look out for his new single with David Wonder dubbed Ndogo Ndogo.

Bahati named David Wonder as one of his favorite East African vocalist. He is famously known for his hit songs such as Kumbe Kumbe featuring Mr. Seed, Mama, Barua and Mapenzi.

A fan warned Bahati, “Please read 1 Corinthians it’s very much wrong to wear a hat in church leave alone even in public offices you can’t sit or talk with hat on,”Essy Mukai added, “Stop confusing us your now a socialite looking for ways to capture people’s attention.”

In the good book on 1st Corinthians Chapter 11:6-8 says, “If a woman does not cover her head, let her hair be cut off. And if it is shameful for a woman to have her hair cut or shaved off, she should cover her head. 7. A man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God; but the woman is the glory of man. 8. For man did not come from woman, but woman from man…”

This only means that Bahati broke church rules and the Bible which states clearly why a man should not cover his head while inside the church. This act will leave you wondering whether the gospel artist has full knowledge about the verses in the Bible.


He has been the talk of the town ever since he posted that he was taking his ‘babies’ out on vacation which saw mixed reactions from her fans and made headlines on various blogs.

This got his fans reacting to his post and here are their thoughts:

Mercymyra Gomez:  Wow I cant wait for tomorrow I love that EMB sweet voices my number one crushes i hope hiyo kitu yenye mmekuk ni hoooootest keep it coming to a bigger tune my super stars.

Catherine Wambui:  Am I the only one who do not know this David Wonder? No offense though.

Evans Omarion:  Waiting for the remix KUBWA KUBWA after we get done with ndogo ndogo😂
DeGenius Kevooh:  GOD be glory Si next collabo itakuwa DeGenius kevooh X Bahati

Diana Ray:  woow #the vocal Prince mwenyewe thanks baha for mentoring the this our own son. Alafu kwani wedo ilicrush ama 😠😠

Samilito Mwangi:  Bahati wacha kukimbizana na Willy Paul coz uko down yani Unaweza fanya collabo na #eddykenzo 2months ago na views ni 359k na #willypozee ako alone in 2 days 400k views #willypozee #king

Maureen Craig’s:  Some who r commenting sh** don’t even know that they are blessing this guy……..#useless haters….kevin kant wait fi dat song…

Nehemah Justice Ironfist:  Is true that the Gospel of God is suffering violence, but I’m On Earth to rescue it. Eti Kenya Gospel

Popular Gospel Singer Bahati To Drop A New Song With Tanzania’s Musician Mr Nice

Just after the inauguration of the newly elected Governor of Nairobi, Mike Sonko Mbuvi, which saw many people attend including artistes such as Mr Nice, DK kwenye beat and Bahati attend.

Mr Nice and Bahati

Bahati and Mr Nice were seen sitting closely together in a photo that went viral on social media, but there were no signs that we would be surprised with the news of them doing a gospel collabo to be released soon.


Bahati has revealed that he is currently in the studio working with Mr Nice for a new project to be released soon and if this is true, then Mr Nice will be the second artiste from Bongo land working with the young gospel singer who seems to be doing well with his music in East Africa.

He wrote, “He was Our Parents Favorite😂 “KUKU KAPANDA BAISKELI” Tanzania 🇹🇿 ❌ Kenya 🇰🇪 Am from #EMBRecordsSTUDIOS with Legendary #MRNICE and I can’t for you to Listen to this Gospel Hit 🔥🔥🔥.”


This comes after Bahati released a collabo with the famously known Tanzanian artiste Rayvanny with whom they did the song ‘Nikumbushe’ that is sang by many on the streets and even in matatus.


From the instagram post shared, the two are seen hanging out at the EMB records

Mr Nice on the other hand has been trying to make a come back by collaborating with different artistes including Wasafi records Harmonize who featured him in his latest video.

EISH! Meet The Man Bahati Will Call FATHER-IN-LAW In a Few Weeks Time, He’s Very Handsome And Young-Looking

Gospel singer Bahati and his girlfriend, or should I say, fiancee, revealed that they are going to exchange vows in August 2017, and we can only wait for the ‘D-day’ to know how true this is.

Wife Material Sio? Diana Marua Reveals What Her Husband-To-Be Bahati’s FAVORITE Meal Is, Check It Out Here

Kevin Kioko aka Bahati confessed in a recent interview with Pulse that is indeed going to marry the video vixen and model, revealing that they will be going to her hometown, Bondo, for a traditional wedding before the big day.

You can call her and hear from her too. The wedding plans are at an advanced stage. The wedding is going to take place in August. We will be going to Bondo where Diana’s family comes from to do the traditional ceremony. We have already done the informal introduction to both our families and that is why I am saying this is no longer just between Diana and me but also our entire families.


And just to make sure that people believe them, Diana Marua took to social to talk about the news that she is going to “change her last name forever in a few weeks” just make sure that she removes all doubts that people may have about the wedding.

I remember going before God on my knees and admitting my level of brokeness and opening my heart for restoration. I then began praying boldly for things that I knew I needed and not the things that continued to enable the broken parts of me. I desired to be a woman of God who wouldn’t be afraid to rise up to the calling. And God works in mysterious ways! I cannot begin to write them down but they’re countless. Honey, you played a huge part in making me become that woman. You refused to allow me to see myself other than how God sees me. I love the way you trust what God has whispered to you about me. Someone once told me nothing lasts forever and I told her you ain’t never met someone who showed you the difference. In a few weeks and you’re changing my last name forever. Thank you God for bringing this man into my life. 
Now, Diana Marua has gone ahead to introduce her father to the world, who is her only living parents after her mother passed away a few years back.

She shared a photo of the young looking man, as they spent some quality time in a restaurant. She captioned the video with only; “Papa” followed by a love emoticon.

Well, meet the man who will walk her down the aisle during their grand wedding with Bahati. I bet he will make a good father in law too.

Check him out below.



Has He Borrowed A Loan? Could This Be Willy Paul’s New Ride (Photo)

Willy Paul has been silent for a while now unlike his nemesis who has been making headlines left, right and center in regards to showing off his biological daughter.

A few months ago, he was the talk of town when he claimed that he was dating or rather marrying Jamaican artiste Alaine, only to realize it was a publicity stunt for his song, I Do’ with the said artiste.


But who advises these kids on these stunts that always end up blowing up on their faces.

Anyway, he’s been missing from the public eye ever since he the Groove Awards nominations, after finding out he didn’t get any nominations. He was so bitter, he walked out before the event ended.

Willy Paul Trolled By His Fans After Losing Out At Groove Nominations

So, we have one question to ask. What has he been up to? Well, maybe he’s been working extra hours to prove that he deserved a nomination. Or maybe he’s somewhere admiring someone’s car, hoping he’ll one day throw away his overused Mark X. Or better yet, he’s somewhere cooking up the next move to gain attention, having asked a girl to abort two years ago, now that Bahati is literally gulping all the publics attention after showing off his kid.

Willy Range

Well, the assumptions are so many but let’s focus on his latest post. He just shared a photo of a Range Rover. Well, for starters, it’s not his but a brother can only but dream. But he’s too clumsy because he just took a photo from a website and reversed. He’s just shady, even Bow Wow would be so disappointed in him.

So don’t be surprised when he claims it’s his because he has to do everything he can just to stay relevant. Even Khaligraph said he had to mention him because he was becoming irrelevant and he had to stay relevant.

Reasons We SUSPECT Bahati Might Have Married A Video Vixen SECRETLY

Till now Bahati and his Mapenzi video vixen Diana Marua are still hiding the fact that the two are deeply in love. From what I know, Bahati met Diana on Instagram and started dating late last year with their romance showering their social media, where they met.

Is Bahati Working On A Collabo With A Secular Artiste From Tanzania?

Well, it seems Bahati who does his things privately might have thought of wedding the 29 year old lass in a private wedding. NB; Not all social media relationships work but this one seems to raise questions constantly.


They Follower Each Other Like Sheep

We well know that early last year Bahati was looking for Mama Morgan and some of the qualities he cited were she should be younger than him. Well, Bahati sure does know how to contradict himself. Back to my point, Diana has been following Bahati everywhere he goes, from interviews to his studios to his house. Now that Bahati is in a media tour in Tanzania, you already guessed it. The lass is also there. Is there something we need to know?

EXCLUSIVE! Bahati Reveals He’s Planning To Get Married Soon, Talks About Young Guys Who Date Older Women (VIDEO)

These Two Are Like Twins

They hit the headlines during the Machozi hit maker’s birthday where they rocked similar clothes. Their trend has gone on to date and were spotted rocking white clothes in Tanzania recently. Aren’t they just more than a dating couple?


“I Am Not Diana Marua’s Husband” Married Man Accused Of Having An Affair With Bahati’s New Girlfriend Speaks Up

Is that a Pot Belly Or Baby Bump?

It seems Diana Marua eats too much of Githeri nowadays because her belly is growing. Is Bahati feeding her too much that she can barely have the flat belly she had earlier?

Look closely at her video;

Don't call him 'Lover Boy' He is a 'GOOD BOY' @barnabaclassic 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

A post shared by miss_dee (@diana_marua) on

In the meantime, check out the song that brought these two together;


EXCLUSIVE! Bahati Reveals He’s Planning To Get Married Soon, Talks About Young Guys Who Date Older Women (VIDEO)

Kenyan gospel singer Bahati has over the years become one of the most celebrated artistes in the local music industry, known for his tear-jerking and inspirational songs.

Bahati, real name, Kevin Kioko has however in the last couple of months been involved in a few scandals and controversies several times, including his online and public beef with fellow singer Willy Paul.


The two are however in good terms now after they missed out on the Groove awards nominations for 2016, that jolted them into reality that their public stunts and online brawls were only affecting their music negatively.

Bahati has however decided to stay away from controversy and at the end of last year, he decided to go back to his roots and genuine Christian songs by dropping a new song with celebrated, veteran singer Jemimah Thiong’o dubbed Kwa Moyo Wangu.

Away from music, Bahati has also been in the limelight of late for his relationship after he revealed his girlfriend, Diana Marua, who he calls his ‘prayer partner’ a term that has made him trend for good and bad reasons.

His new boo, Diana Marua was the main video vixen in his wedding song, Mapenzi and soon afterward, it was revealed that the two were actually dating and are the newest and cutest couple in town.

Amazing! Gospel Singer Bahati Drops One Of The Most Romantic Love Songs

We recently had the chance to sit down with Bahati to open up about his personal life, including his love-hate relationship with Willy Paul.

bahati 2

Bahati has been hesitant to say that Diana Marua is his girlfriend and during the interview, we felt the need to ask him if he finds it hard to reveal he has a girlfriend considering he’s a gospel artistes. We also sought to know when he plans to settle down.

Sizzling Romance! This Is How Bahati And His Beautiful Girlfriend Diana Marua Met

We also asked him what prompted him to adopt his three children, lessons learnt from his poverty stricken days to now when he has money and fame.

Watch the short video below as Bahati reveals all the juicy details about settling down, Willy Paul, his adopted children and what he thinks about older women who date younger men, aka Ben 10’s.