Kwani unakojoa juice? Diana Marua trolled after her confession of peeing in the pool

Diana Marua was recently trolled after she confessed to a dirty secret that many women do in swimming pools. Peeing in there.

In one of her recent vlogs, Diana and her husband Bahati were on a short vacation in Chale Island and while sitting next to each other at a swimming pool, the father of three asked,

Before you become petty, I want to be pettier. How many times ushawai kojoa kwa maji ya swimming pool?.

His wife responded saying,

“Kukojoa nakojoa all the time as long as I’m in I just do it…. but umenifundisha ughetto we’ve become one. So we go with the flow,” she said.

Diana Marua and Bahati
Diana Marua and Bahati

This ignited mixed reactions online and below are some of the comments

John Gakonyi This is the reason poverty will never end in Kenya and forever blaming president Uhuru yet the head is full of kukojoa stuff

Alice Apondi I do it too. There’s no problem peeing in a pool

Lilian Nancy kwani anakojoa juice

Mwangi Maina Useless couple. Kama hamna kitu ya kufanya fukuzeni locusts

Mary Gm Heri ingekuwa kwa kitanda ingemake sense kidogo but upuzi huo

Sharley Comfort 😂😂😂😂😂woooooowwww Diana ati all the times you in the pool you pee😂😂 seems more of a guilty pleasure.

Pauline Mulewa Beauty without brains.

Syombua Pretty Queen hii ni utoto.

Lailah Salim Sasa huu ni upuuzi gani kama unakojoa sasa tufanye nini.

Dennis Nyamane Reason why I don’t swim.

Esther Atieno Shame on you.

Saint Recho Kojoa hata ukunie that’s not a surprise!!

‘Bahati is always busy and I feel drained ‘Diana Marua opens up on her marriage struggles.

It seems like all is not well in Bahati’s marriage to Diana Marua as the damsel and mother of his daughter has moved out of his house.

According to Diana one of the many reasons for moving out is that the gospel artist and father of two is never at home to ‘bond’ with his family.

She opened up about it on their reality Show ‘Being Bahati,saying that

“Things happen in relationships and i moved out two weeks ago,Bahati is never around and when he does he always says how tired he is.

He only holds the baby for a few minutes and excuses himself saying that he has to rest as he has meetings to attend.

Bahati Diana

I feel drained,and since i gave birth i feel like my life is on the hold,i look at social media and see that every one’s life is moving on except mine.

I understand that he is providing everything for me but i want his presence not his money.”

‘He raped my daughter, beats me yet I am only a few months past delivery’ Cries city woman


Nyumba Kumi official Mohamed Mwatsahu hacked to death in Kisauni

Here are comments from the fans to the couple

iamdahfriiii:@diana_marua Rudi nyumbani it’s not a bed of roses.
[email protected]….Wee hustle Bro. ..i am a very big fun of ur show….hamuwezi kula mapenzi…If she cannot see the hardworking husband she has….fulfill ur dreams Bro ….💯💯
officialkobikihara:Keep moving darling.all will be well💖
euralianovince:Dianna haezi achana na bahati eti aache Mali ya baha nefaaa😂😂😂 .she will stay there ata Kama anafanyiwa nini.

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‘The hustle of cleaning her up,’ Diana Marua can’t handle motherhood

Heaven Bahati is two months old now but the parents have not yet revealed her face.

In an interview with Amina, Bahati promised to reveal the face of her daughter any day now, adding that she is big enough.

Bahati also praised her daughter saying that she does not cry and that she is easy to bring up.

Bringing up a little baby is not always easy and sometimes they become tricky and mischievous as they grow up.

Well, Diana Marua has revealed to us that motherhood is not easy for her. The mother of one daughter, Heaven, has talked about the patience that every mother needs to have.

Singer Bahati’s wedding has been called off as Diana Marua reveals she is pregnant

She wrote;


“Gosh Heav! The patience you give me as your mum is beyond words!! So, a few minutes ago, I’m raising her high and giving her the endless kisses, one of her favs and she decides to burp in my mouth with that cuddled milk.

“Yesterday, as I was giving her a bath, she shows me a new trick and poops in her water then smiles in such a relief you can imagine the hustle of cleaning her up and preparing another hot water bath and before I forget how many times have you pretended to be sleeping only for me to tip toe out of your room, close the door and boom you scream at the top of your lungs then go back to sleep once I put you on my chest? Then you wake up when mommy has just zoned out!

“The energy required raising this little controlling managers, Only a mother would understand 🙆I look at her and love her even more 💕💕”

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Bahati Gets Lessons On How To Clean And Clothe Baby Heaven In Seconds (VIDEO)

After disappearing from the public eye for a while, gospel artiste, Bahati is back with a bang. All this is thanks to his new born baby girl, baby Heaven Bahati.

Bahati and his partner Diana Marua welcomed baby Heaven Bahati on this year’s Valentine’s day to make it the perfect love story ever.

Since the birth of his second daughter, Bahati has taken social media by storm with dozens of videos and photos of baby Heaven.

The ‘Barua’ hitmaker posted another video of him learning from the nurses on how to clean and clothe his baby girl in a matter of seconds.

Bahati also took the chance to thank his fans, friends and family for the love they have shown him over the last couple days as they welcomed their bundle of joy into the world.

This Morning Getting Lessons from Nurses on how to Wash & Clothe Baby Heaven in Seconds

😃 Thank You all for the Love you’ve Shown during this Season as We Welcomed this Little angel 😍 You Know I Love You All

Check out the video below.

Gospel Singer Bahati To Defend Himself In Court For Obtaining Money Under False Pretenses In January (Evidence)

Businessman Benson Kathai, who has accused Gospel star Bahati of conning him of Sh200,000, is a frustrated man.

Three months after reporting the offence to the police at Karuri police station, the matter has not been dealt with.

The matter was reported at Karuri Police Station in October 27 and 28.

Here are the OB numbers as recorded in the Occurrence Book.

Bahati CourtThis led Benson and his lawyers to write to the Director of Public Prosecutions. According to a letter from Kago Muthama and Company, the businessman’s efforts to get justice have been frustrated, and he sought to know why.

The letter was received by the DPP’s office on December 13, with regards to the case recorded in the Occurrence Book on October 28 at Karuri police station.


Here is the agreement between Bahati and Benson that was dishonoured.

Bahati Court


The DPP is yet to respond.

Check out the letter with the ‘received’ stamp by the DPP’s office.

Bahati Court

Meanwhile, Benson and his lawyers also went to court and sought protection from the OCS of Karuri police station.


Here is the court document.

Bahati Court

Also, the same document adds that Bahati went to Karuri police station on December 2 and reported that his life was threatened by Benson. This resulted in the OCS, “with various police officers under him, calling Benson, threatening him with arrest”.

The OCS received the same document on December 7.

An order signed by Kiambu principal magistrate J Kituku states that the OCS of Karuri police station cannot arrest or harass Benson, as long as he cooperates with the investigation.

Also, come January 11 next year, Bahati will be in court to answer charges of obtaining money under fraudulent means.

Here is the court order proving that Bahati has to go to court to prove his innocence.

Bahati Court

Bahati Court

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Never Forget Those Who Helped You! Read Bahati’s Touching Message To The Mzungu Woman Who Rescued Him From Mathare Slums

Award-winning gospel singer Kevin Bahati is living proof that indeed God’s time is the best. The Machozi hit maker, who lost his mother at a tender age and was living in the city’s second largest slum Mathare, has every right to praise and thank God for all he has done for him. Continue reading “Never Forget Those Who Helped You! Read Bahati’s Touching Message To The Mzungu Woman Who Rescued Him From Mathare Slums”

Gospel singer Bahati trolled by fans after making this comment about his wedding to Diana Marua

Kevin Bahati, who is a gospel artist known for hit songs like mama, barua and and the collabo with Mr. Seed kumbe kumbe, took to his facebook  page to ask his fans the number of guests who should be invited to his wedding with the love of his life Diana Marua.


The two lovebirds are set to walk down the aisle after announcing sometime back that they will wed. The wedding is expected to go down this month, though no one knows the date based on an interview with Pulse.

Their love blossomed when Bahati auditioned lasses for a video vixen role for his wedding song. Diana got the part and their connection grew from that encounter.

In an interview on Kiss FM, Bahati confirmed that he slid into Diana Marua’s DM, leading to the relationship we all know.

After the video shoot, Bahati and Diana spent more time together and she got saved when he invited her to go to Katoloni prayer center for an overnight worship. This was around the time when they discovered they were meant to be and they started dating resulting in the popular name ‘prayer partner’.

Now that they are preparing for their wedding, Bahati has thought it wise to share with his fans, to find out the number of people who should be invited to their nuptials.

His question didn’t elicit the reaction he was hoping for. Read his fans comments below.

Kenedy Ambumbi…. We ni fake sana.
Coolbrown Ashley Luo Bae… Mimi huboeka tu na hiyo swag yako ya udu, ku sag trao nikama umehara ndani sio poa, tena naona huyo dem wako nikama ako mature Sana than you but that’s non of my business, 3rd, sazingine mimi huboeka na wewe venye we hubehave ka kindergarten kid, yaani just grow up men, wachanga kubehave nikama umevuta fegi lorry mzima, otherwise I can be part of that wedo, nitakulea belt tatu Kama present…
Chris Master… wedding and u have a child out of wed rock????? Kenyan gospel artists are hypocrisy
Evans Omarion… Na hawa mahaters wa Bahatiwaah😂😂😂😂 mtu kama c relative yako kindly wachaneni naye…yaani umeload data bundles za kutype hate speech …bibi awe mzee awe brand new ni WAKE .kwan tukifa wanaume tutazikwa na mabibi?? Wanawake wakifa huzikwa na waume?? Tunaishi Leo …wacha mtu ajipe raha arrrgh

Jakusa Jack WuodnyatangaThat lady is more mature n looks older than you. I wish you could grow first na uachane na ujinga

EISH! Meet The Man Bahati Will Call FATHER-IN-LAW In a Few Weeks Time, He’s Very Handsome And Young-Looking

Gospel singer Bahati and his girlfriend, or should I say, fiancee, revealed that they are going to exchange vows in August 2017, and we can only wait for the ‘D-day’ to know how true this is.

Wife Material Sio? Diana Marua Reveals What Her Husband-To-Be Bahati’s FAVORITE Meal Is, Check It Out Here

Kevin Kioko aka Bahati confessed in a recent interview with Pulse that is indeed going to marry the video vixen and model, revealing that they will be going to her hometown, Bondo, for a traditional wedding before the big day.

You can call her and hear from her too. The wedding plans are at an advanced stage. The wedding is going to take place in August. We will be going to Bondo where Diana’s family comes from to do the traditional ceremony. We have already done the informal introduction to both our families and that is why I am saying this is no longer just between Diana and me but also our entire families.


And just to make sure that people believe them, Diana Marua took to social to talk about the news that she is going to “change her last name forever in a few weeks” just make sure that she removes all doubts that people may have about the wedding.

I remember going before God on my knees and admitting my level of brokeness and opening my heart for restoration. I then began praying boldly for things that I knew I needed and not the things that continued to enable the broken parts of me. I desired to be a woman of God who wouldn’t be afraid to rise up to the calling. And God works in mysterious ways! I cannot begin to write them down but they’re countless. Honey, you played a huge part in making me become that woman. You refused to allow me to see myself other than how God sees me. I love the way you trust what God has whispered to you about me. Someone once told me nothing lasts forever and I told her you ain’t never met someone who showed you the difference. In a few weeks and you’re changing my last name forever. Thank you God for bringing this man into my life. 
Now, Diana Marua has gone ahead to introduce her father to the world, who is her only living parents after her mother passed away a few years back.

She shared a photo of the young looking man, as they spent some quality time in a restaurant. She captioned the video with only; “Papa” followed by a love emoticon.

Well, meet the man who will walk her down the aisle during their grand wedding with Bahati. I bet he will make a good father in law too.

Check him out below.



Diana Marua Writes A Sweet Message To Bahati

Every love story has a beginning, and that between singer Bahati and his prayer partner Diana Marua is one to remember.

Bahati confessed to Kiss FM sometime back that he slide into Diana’s DM after noticing her beauty, and from then on the two were love struck

Their feeling towards each other also grew when she appeared as a video vixen in singer Bahati’s ‘Mapenzi ‘ video. Diana Marua and Bahati are no doubt the hottest couple in showbiz and just like other celebrity couples they been caught up in controversies.

The two have turned a deaf ear to the haters and proved to the world love conquers all.

diana marua 0

Bahati’s Bae took to her social media and wrote a sweet message appreciating the efforts of the love of her life for the love of her life saying

‘Sometimes I lack words to tell you… I could give you a thousand reasons why but only God knows. Only He knows how much of a hard worker you are, I’ve been here… seen it all but you are a true definition of Favored and Blessed. I’ve seen God do amazing things in your life and each day, it gets Bigger and crazier. I am soo proud of you and I always thank God for you.’


Their fans and followers responded to her adorable words

gracemakhasoBest couple ever

salima_bello_loveLove you

puritiehmEeish love in the air…wish you guys well in this…God bless

miss_mwovawahhhh this love napenda sana

zarythemodelWhat can I say nothing but all the best




DRAMA! Bahati And Diana Marua Flee To Escape Baby Mama Pressure (PHOTOS)

Did you see it coming?

First Bahati introduces his beautiful daughter Mueni Bahati. At this point, everyone knew it was another adopted child as he did not mention it was his own biological daughter.

It turns out his baby mama is Kisha Yvette Obura put things in perspective by revealing that the baby was biologically Bahati’s. It did not take long after fans started trolling Diana Marua, the current woman warming Bahati’s bed for posing with the baby.

 According to Kisha’s friends on social media, Diana did that without the mother’s consent. Bahati would first be trolled for allegations that he had denied Keisha’s pregnancy and after two years, he comes out to say how much of a proud father he was.

Size 8 Defends Bahati From The Backlash He Received After Introducing His Daughter



Minding Her Own Business? Bahati’s Girlfriend Leaves Nairobi After Being ATTACKED For Posing With His Daughter

It is with all that trolling that the Mapenzi hit maker and his video-vixen lover have decided to take a trip to Zanzibar, Tanzania to have some alone time they have been wishing for.

The two have been posted photos of them in the ocean having fun proof that they enjoyed each other’s company.

It seems they have decided to get away from the hate on social media after Baha admitted for the first time that he is head over heels in love with the 28-year-old lass.

Here is where they ran to;

Reasons We SUSPECT Bahati Might Have Married A Video Vixen SECRETLY

Till now Bahati and his Mapenzi video vixen Diana Marua are still hiding the fact that the two are deeply in love. From what I know, Bahati met Diana on Instagram and started dating late last year with their romance showering their social media, where they met.

Is Bahati Working On A Collabo With A Secular Artiste From Tanzania?

Well, it seems Bahati who does his things privately might have thought of wedding the 29 year old lass in a private wedding. NB; Not all social media relationships work but this one seems to raise questions constantly.


They Follower Each Other Like Sheep

We well know that early last year Bahati was looking for Mama Morgan and some of the qualities he cited were she should be younger than him. Well, Bahati sure does know how to contradict himself. Back to my point, Diana has been following Bahati everywhere he goes, from interviews to his studios to his house. Now that Bahati is in a media tour in Tanzania, you already guessed it. The lass is also there. Is there something we need to know?

EXCLUSIVE! Bahati Reveals He’s Planning To Get Married Soon, Talks About Young Guys Who Date Older Women (VIDEO)

These Two Are Like Twins

They hit the headlines during the Machozi hit maker’s birthday where they rocked similar clothes. Their trend has gone on to date and were spotted rocking white clothes in Tanzania recently. Aren’t they just more than a dating couple?


“I Am Not Diana Marua’s Husband” Married Man Accused Of Having An Affair With Bahati’s New Girlfriend Speaks Up

Is that a Pot Belly Or Baby Bump?

It seems Diana Marua eats too much of Githeri nowadays because her belly is growing. Is Bahati feeding her too much that she can barely have the flat belly she had earlier?

Look closely at her video;

Don't call him 'Lover Boy' He is a 'GOOD BOY' @barnabaclassic 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

A post shared by miss_dee (@diana_marua) on

In the meantime, check out the song that brought these two together;