Diana Marua responds to criticism about leaving out Bahati’s son

Diana Marua is clearly affected by any story that has to do with her children.

She only has one child with Bahati, Heaven, but from what we see on the show Being Bahati, she also plays the role of a mother to Bahati’s other children.

Bahati Diana Marua
Bahati Diana Marua

She posted a picture of her husband and Heaven captioning it,

My God-given responsibility is to make sure that before anything else, they find a comfortable place in my heart to call home. They come first before my needs and nothing is more rewarding to be told “I appreciate you” by my hubby @bahatikenya and being given the warmest hugs and kisses by my baby @heavenbahati every day!! ❤🙏

Bahati lives with his son, Morgan but in pictures or even the show, he is rarely seen. Of course Instagram in-laws will be concerned wondering what’s going on? Why isn’t Morgan in the picture?

One brave Juliet questioned Diana Marua and since this is a sensitive topic, she replied to her saying she should be reasonable.

don’t be too quick to start saying things just because you can. I’m sure you don’t take photos of your mum and dad/brothers and sisters together all the time. that doesn’t mean they’re not acting like your family

The post did not stay for too long, Diana went ahead and deleted it.

Trying to avoid unnecessary drama in her marriage is not easy. Just a few days ago on Being Bahati, Diana had to calm her husband down.

She announced that she will be going to Italy to fulfill her lifetime dream as a cook in one of the most prestigious hotels in Italy.

This made Bahati mad saying that he will not be eating in that house:

Actually in this house I’m not going to eat. I have to get used to staying hungry because when you go to Italy, I will be hungry.