Bae, sponsor or fossil! How to identify the kind of man you are dating

As a man, you sometimes ask yourself whether you are bae, sponsor or a fossil.

According to women, these three categories are different and here is how.

‘Bae is a man who is aged 25, when you are past 25 but below 35 your are referred to as a potential given that you can make a good husband in the future.

According to women men above the age of 35-45 are called sponsors, this is because most of the time these men are married but have a woman on the side.’

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If you are a  man above 45 you might be wondering what category you might fall in.

‘Men who are aged 45-65 are known as ancestors so do not get angry the next time a woman calls you that.’

In conclusion,

‘If you are a man who is aged 65-100 and dating a young woman then you should know that you are a fossil.’

Crazy as it may sound men in all the above categories have no trouble finding love, in fact, the older you become the easier it becomes for you to find love.

Especially when you are financially capable after all which woman would get horny for a man whose wallets are dry?

Which category are you at and maisha hio floor inakupeleka aje?

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Here’s Why You Can’t Seem To Get A Bae

While it is not a guarantee that one will end up in a relationship with whomever they are dating, it bothers many, more so women as to why they cannot seem to keep a man down.  It can be frustrating during dating as others end up with the happily ever after wedding, some enter in longterm commitments while others get heartbroken severally.   If you are one of those, here are some of the reasons why you can’t seem to get a bae, according to Tosin

1. You push for a commitment – During the early months of the relationship you should not tell your man that you’re interested in a committed relationship. Allow things to work naturally and take their path. This is because a man is likely to shut down if they feel pressured or manipulated. With time, you will find that you both will agree what path to take.

2. You stop putting your true self forward – You should be true from the start, pretense will always have a way of ruining you. Faking a character does not do you any good because the mask will eventually fall off. Be your true self. If he can’t accept you at your worst, he doesn’t deserve you at your best, right?

3. You make way too many assumptions – After the first 60 days of any relationship, the infatuation wears off and expectation and assumptions starts setting in. Welcome to “Fools in Paradise.”This is when past experiences, be they good or bad, can interfere — putting even the most promising relationship at risk. This is the point in a relationship where we teach each other how to treat us. Communication is a great tool as it will help kill assumptions on all levels and you will be on the same page.

4. You don’t communicate clearly – Clarity is a MUST whether in business or in a relationship. Being politically correct might be safe, but will get you nowhere. Learn to stick to your word but remain respectful at all times.

5. You act like you’re still available – Your relationship should always be on your mind, even if your significant other isn’t present. Stay mindful of your behaviour, don’t be ratchet when alone but a saint when with your bae. The public eye has a way of sending out gossip.