‘My boyfriend has asked me to never discuss politics with him,’ explodes angry woman

Politics is regarded as a dirty game and not many like to engage in it.

A young woman, who loves politics and is majoring in Political Science is afraid that she may end up being single the rest of her life.

She says her boyfriend gets angry anytime she talks about politics. The young lady wrote to a relationship expert DearWendy seeking advice.

Below is what she wrote:

“I’m a college student in the South (think Deep South) and I met a guy about two months ago through a mutual friend. “Eric” is also a college student here in the South but at a neighboring university. We’ve now been dating roughly three weeks and we have a problem. I love politics. I am majoring in political science and keep up with many major political events. I want to be a political journalist after graduation. I love talking about politics and political topics; it’s my passion. While I grew up in a red area, I’m a Democrat. He’s not party-affiliated, but he has many opposing ideas to my own. This is not the problem for me. I’m fine with it because we have a great relationship and none of his opinions make me uncomfortable. The problem is that he gets angry every time I talk about politics or anything political.

I don’t know if it’s our differing views or if he feels attacked because I’m (usually) more knowledgeable about political events than he is. Every time it comes up he gets upset, which makes me upset and we just end up arguing — not even necessarily about politics but just arguing about how he feels like I belittle him. His solution is for us to never talk politics, but I just can’t do that since it’s such a major part of my life.

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‘I’m in love with 2 women,1 of them is pregnant and I don’t like her,’ confused man seeks advice

I know people say politics and religion shouldn’t be discussed because they cause issues, but I think in today’s society it’s just impossible to know someone without knowing the political morals and values they hold. I really care about Eric and he’s an amazing man, but I feel like I can’t talk about the thing I’m most passionate about around him for fear of messing up our otherwise amazing connection. What other solutions could there be so that we can communicate about politics without there being tension?”

What do you think about this matter?


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Horrifying! Husband Attacks His Wife With A Screwdriver In A Barber Shop (Video)

A man was caught on camera attacking his 38-year-old wife with a screwdriver as she was sitting in a New York barber’s shop.

The couple, who share custody of a five-year-old daughter, ended up brawling in the store before taking the fight outside onto the street.

The attack was a brutal one as the man walked up to his unsuspecting wife with a screwdriver hidden in his hand.

Chilling video shows a man repeatedly stabbing his wife with a screwdriver while she sat in a Manhattan barbershop, cops said Monday
Chilling video shows a man repeatedly stabbing his wife with a screwdriver while she sat in a Manhattan barbershop, cops said Monday


The dramatic security footage first shows the man attempting to run back and plunge the tool into his spouse
The dramatic security footage first shows the man attempting to run back and plunge the tool into his spouse

The entire assault was caught on camera which saw the pair struggling from one end of the shop to the other.

Jose Castillo, 66, could be seen bludgeoning the woman with the tool as she fought desperately to escape.

One of the shop’s owners, Angel Sierra, tried to intervene by attempting to drag Castillo away but he was simply too strong for him.

The man simply pushed him out of the way and began to attack his wife for a second time.


The man got his wife outside and and fell to the ground while he continued to stab her 
The man got his wife outside and fell to the ground while he continued to stab her


The woman almost managed to escape but in the panic ended up opening the door the wrong way leaving her trapped behind the glass and allowing the beating to continue.

By the time the assault ended up on the sidewalk the woman was on the floor and a passerby also tried to stop the fight.

Police have arrested and charged Castillo with with attempted murder.

The store owner, Sierra, has been to visit the woman in hospital where she is recovering but says she is not doing well and is currently breathing through a tube.

The woman recently arrived from the Dominican Republic and had been working as a waitress.

She was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital and was treated for multiple lacerations and stab wounds.

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‘My Pastor Is Sleeping With My Wife,’ Cries Out Heartbroken Man

Cases of pastors ‘chewing’ their flocks have been rampant of late. Married men no longer feel their marriage are secure especially those dating/married to churchgoers.

Some of the women are side dishes of pastors and a married city man is hurting after he found out that his wife was having an affair with his pastor.

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‘I killed my wife for sleeping with her boss’

The man says recently he busted his wife on a video call with the said man of God and they were both naked. He’s confused on what to do because his pastor gave him a job.

“My pastor is sleeping with my wife but I don’t know how to confront him because he gave me a job.
I have been suspecting but had no evidence until my wife started having midnight calls. I always want to be awake but I notice that I sleep off after food, so I decided to pour the food she gave me that night and pretended like I ate it. Acted like I have slept off as usual. This lady went to the sitting room, took off her clothes then put the light on and called someone via video call. She put the phone on speaker and place it on the divider as she touched herself. I was seeing my pastor naked on the phone, touching himself and telling my wife to press her breast . I had to take my phone to record but it was not very clear because her phone was far, I took pictures of her.


I have been thinking about how to handle this. I am irritated to my bones, my own pastor, I really respected that man I must say. How do I handle this matter?” he wrote.

Do you think he should confront the pastor and his wife?

Check out some of the comments from social media users

Bisolaogunniyi: End times scenario

Nedsond: Act fast, you may be killed soon…

Sparkle: The evil that this generation does even Satan is sitting on a sofa with popcorn to take notes.

Cynthia.okonji: We keep hearing different stories every day. Only God will help us….

King: Confront your wife, make sure you get enough evidence from her phone (their chats, nude picture, and videos). Don’t even make it a big deal with your wife yet until you get those proves. Then turn to your pastor (get a solid back up) send him evidence with the names of press company and newspaper company, TV&Radio station you intend to reach out. If he doesn’t comply with you as much as possible. But while all this is going on, don’t be on same roof with your wife.

Loveday: You never see anything. You people see pastors as God. Spiritual father. I am sure you will go to church later today to pay him tithes and offerings and he will still fuck ur wife. I wonder how many wife has gotten pregnant by pastors and give to their husband.
Cindynwokebirinwa: Confront the idiot and your stupid wife. So cos he gave you a job he should then go ahead and sleep with your wife? And plz, stop eating your wife’s food. It’s obvious she has been drugging you with help of the pastor. The next thing now will be to kill you to cover up this sham cos he is a pastor.

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‘My Boyfriend Doesn’t Have A Pretty Face,’ Whispers City Lady

A city lady has written to a relationship expert lamenting about her boyfriend’s physical appearance.

According to this lady, her boyfriend doesn’t look pretty enough and she’s thinking of leaving him.

‘I am tired of my boyfriend!’ cries woman after dating for two years

 Below is her letter, go through.

“I am 27 years old and had a serious relationship two years ago, which was my first true love experience. There were certain issues he and I didn’t agree on, like values and beliefs, so, unfortunately, we had to leave each other. Half a year after our break up I tried to call him back and fix things with him, but he said he is not interested and he is in a different place now. I know his real reason was that he knew we wouldn’t be happy together and that getting back together wouldn’t solve our issues. Even though two years have passed, sometimes I feel I haven’t gotten over him yet. I go on dates, but at the end, when things don’t work with other guys, I always end up thinking about him.

Continue reading “‘My Boyfriend Doesn’t Have A Pretty Face,’ Whispers City Lady”

‘I’m not physically attracted to my wife,’ whispers unhappy married man

A disturbed man has revealed that he is not happy in his marriage. The man says he’s not attracted to his wife and he went ahead to marry her just to make her happy.

He’s torn in between whether to divorce her or not. Below is what he wrote to a relationship expert.

“I’m a young married guy. Got married to a wonderful woman less than a year ago. My wife is wonderful, but have some issues like we all do. My problem is that I’m not physically attracted to her and if there is any attraction it is a microscopic one. I have been fighting this, and hoping I will start feeling something. The truth is I’ve been having this feeling before the wedding, but I didn’t want to disappoint her or her family, they are genuinely good people. I want to love her effortlessly, but it’s not happening. Continue reading “‘I’m not physically attracted to my wife,’ whispers unhappy married man”

‘Church girls are bad news!’ shouts woman after she found condoms in her bible

They say do not judge a book by its cover and I agree to that. A young woman has shocked man after she revealed how her boyfriend picked another woman in church and had “lungula” with her.

According to this woman, the church girl forgot her bible behind and while going through the pages, she found her address, contacts and a pack of condoms inside.

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Gospel singer Mary Atieno’s husband accused of cheating and mistreating musician

 Here is what she wrote to a relationship expert.

“May God punish my boyfriend, do you know this useless boy left me in church yesterday and picked a girl from church, took her home and had sex with her. But the foolish girl forgot her Bible, and her name, Phone no, address, and school was in it.
Do you know that church girls are bad , she had condom inside the Bible too.
How can I punish him? He has admitted and apologized but I want to hurt him so bad.”

What would you have done if you were in this woman’s shoes?

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‘My girlfriend turned down my proposal and I proposed to her friend, did I do anything wrong?’ poses city man

‘My girlfriend turned down my proposal and I proposed to her friend, did I do anything wrong?’ poses city man

A man has left many wagging tongues after he proposed to a woman he had a one night stand with.

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Relationship expert Bi Msafwari angers Kenyans after these remarks 

According to this man, he was ready to settle down with his girlfriend but when he proposed to her, she turned him down. The man says he had no option but proposed to his girlfriend’s best friend whom he had a one night stand with.

“Yesterday night I took my fiancee out with the intention of proposing to her, I secretly hinted some of her friends and mine too to witness it and made them swear they will never tell her. After eating and drinking I went down on my knees, brought out the ring, held her finger and posed the question (will you marry me?) expecting outright acceptance without delay. She quickly withdrew her hand and ran away. All our friends were persuading her to come back and accept the ring but she didn’t. Instead, she picked her handbag and left. All efforts to understand her reason were fruitless. Everyone persuaded me to let her go.I was so ashamed and lost my self-esteem,” he wrote in part.

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Trouble in paradise? Anerlisa Muigai deletes pics of her boyfriend from her social media accounts

He says the girlfriend went when his girlfriend found out, she went to harass her friend calling her a husband snatcher. She is begging him to take her back and he’s confused on what to do.
“Luckily there is this her friend that came to witness it too. One of the days my ex-fiancee wasn’t around we slept together and she was sweet and wife material too. She was dying to have me as hubby, so I decided to give her the ring and immediately she accepted. On getting to know this my ex-fiancee went to her house this morning fighting her and calling her husband snatcher. Since yesterday she has been begging me to forgive her action that she didn’t know what came over her last night. That she expected me to give her some more time to make up her mind instead of proposing to another woman immediately. But it was her actions which made me retaliate that way. Now I don’t know whether to retrieve the ring from the new lady I proposed to who has accepted me wholeheartedly or maintain status quo that leaves the ring with her as proceed with marriage plans.”

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‘My sister is expecting my baby,’ man leaves many shocked after revealing that he has an affair with his sibling

Cases of incest have been rampant of late begging the question have people forgotten their traditions?

‘I’m in love with my kid brother,’ confesses city woman

A man on Twitter has shocked netizens after he disclosed that he is having an affair with his sister.

“My sister and I have a love that goes beyond the legal system. Some call it incest, we call it fate,” he tweeted.

This ignited mixed reactions among social media users and the unbothered man went ahead to reveal that they love each other and were expecting a baby girl.

“Me and my baby sister. Cutest couple ever. I love her 😍😥. The world will never understand the bond we have,” he wrote adding that:

“Our parents don’t know but they will soon because she is actually three months pregnant with my daughter/niece.”

Here are the screenshots

Man admits to sleeping with his sister

Man admits to sleeping with his sister
Man admits to sleeping with his sister


Man admits to sleeping with his sister

What do you think leads to such cases?

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‘My 1 week marriage is on the verge of breaking,’ cries heartbroken woman

Hello ladies and gentlemen, is it right for spouses to have passwords on their phones? If yes, is it a must the other better half to know the password?

Well, many say that having passwords on your phone is a sign of cheating but others urge that it’s a way of keeping away snoopy friends.

‘My boyfriend has asked me to never discuss politics with him,’ explodes angry woman

A newly married woman is afraid that her one-week marriage might collapse after her husband went through her phone and emails.

I am in tears right now my one-week marriage. might hit the rocks. My husband asked for my password and gave an ultimatum I thought he was joking until today he said I should give it to him or I shouldn’t text or call him, am not hiding anything or cheating he is sure about that but anytime we exchange password we always end up fighting the last time I gave him my password he logged in and check whatever he wanted to check and then log out the next morning he tried to log in but couldn’t then he changed his password I didn’t realize he changed his until later that day when it says the owner might changed the password I asked him he replied with anger that I changed mine I swore to God and told him I didn’t he probably missed something I even screenshot the last email I got from ig…. and to be honest this is the kind of problem am avoiding becauseI want happiness in this marriage not bring things that I know the consequences.”

Is it right for couples to read each other’s private messages?


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‘I’m in love with 2 women,1 of them is pregnant and I don’t like her,’ confused man seeks advice

A man, who has confessed to being in a relationship with two women (one for five years and the other for two years) is confused on what to do.

According to the man, he loves the woman he’s been in a relationship with for five years more than the other one. But the problem is, he’s impregnated the one he doesn’t love (two years) and she has refused to abort.

He says he has since then broken up with the girlfriend of five years and he’s seeking advice.

“I have 2 serious relationships (5 and 2 years respectively) but am in love with the one I have dated for 5years than the other. The problem am having now is the 2 years lady is now pregnant and not ready for abortion but seriously in love with the other one. I don’t wish to lose or leave her for some reasons because we have shared a lot of things in common (she’s even having an international passport carrying my surname). Though I have told her (5years girl) to allow us to break up, but my mind keeps feeling guilty about it.  I am Thinking I have really offended her though she’s not aware of the other girl’s pregnancy but she will get to know once she delivers. Hope she won’t feel bad about this. I need advice.”

Check out the reactions

Oyin_sweetberry: Both of them don’t deserve an unreliable man like you!

Tushblackcoffee:  You are seriously in love but you cheated for 2 whole years without reservation and now you are asking if she won’t feel bad. Chai!!!!!!!

Mandy_smash: Guy you don’t love the 5 years one because if you do you wouldn’t have cheated on her.

Sunpeace: So you want to waste her time again for nine good months devil?

Breezy_zee: This world is wicked

Olodo: You don’t play with people’s hearts like that, man
Rachyejis: Reading this senseless post makes me think you deserve a series of dirty slaps…how do you keep two serious relationships and yet loved the first but still kept cheating.now you are here saying trash.is like you want to be unfortunate in this life you came to.

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‘I’m in love with my kid brother,’ confesses city woman

Cases of incest have been rampant of late. From mothers having affairs with their children to cousins dating their own blood, we’ve heard many confess about committing incest but the question is what drives them to have such feelings?

‘I Had An Extra-marital Affair With My Sister-in-law Now She Has My Baby, Can I Sue Her For Trapping Me?’ Cries Out Nakuru Man

Well, a city woman has revealed that she’s attracted to her younger brother and has on several occasions thought of raping him.

“I am in love with my kid brother. He has grown into the kind of man I want. My brother is my dream man and I have been holding myself from raping him but I can’t anymore.
Whenever he is in his underwear, I die in my own orgasm. I know this is crazy but I need help before I commit an abomination.
How can I kill this feeling? I am ashamed saying it but I need help please”


Check out some of the comments from social media

Tosinomowumi: Don’t be tempted by your flesh baby….trust me if you try sleeping with him, you will never forgive yourself. .. see what happened after Tarma was rapped in the bible. .capital hatred awaits you.

Mz_topazz: My sister you need deliverance

Modupe.kolawole: You need a psychiatrist what is this world turning to your kid brother ha

Dr_morula: Jesus!!!Is this even possible?

Sannybel: Repent and tell God to take charge, tell your mom abt it and go for deliverance. Study the Word of God and go close to God. This will help

Jasminepalms: This is so not normal

Teekay: Talk to a psychologist, stay away from him, be more prayerful and get yourself into something that takes your mind off it


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‘It’s been 48 hours after Valentine’s and I haven’t seen my girlfriend of 2 years,’ cries heartbroken man

A young man is heartbroken after his girlfriend of two years left him on Valentine’s day for another man.

According to this man, his girlfriend ran away with a Yahoo boy and three days later, she hasn’t come back yet.

“It’s been 48hours after Valentine’s  and I haven’t seen my girlfriend. She left me in mainland and followed another man (a Yahoo boy) to another city. It pains me so much. Is it a crime to be honest with your girl that yo can’t afford the luxury now due to your future plan?

I work am not broke, but it seems these Yahoo boys won’t let us enjoy life with our girlfriends.  I will quit my job and join Yahoo boys. I am in pain. Its not fair for our two years old relationship. Will I ever recover? I’m hurt. I am in my house alone and my girlfriend is out there being pounded like fufu in a Yahoo boy arms.What can I do to forget about her? This is a girl I have invested so much on but it seems contentment is not in most girls’ dictionary. This is the worst Valentine week ever. I resorted to drinking alcohol hoping I will forget her but nothing has changed. Love indeed sucks.”

Check out the reactions from social media:

Dollinanga: Love doesn’t suck, loving the wrong one does. Sorry you’re hurting, you’ll get through it. Some of us have gone thru worst ,yet we survived. Don’t become a bad person cos of someone who doesn’t deserve you, you’ll find better. Just don’t give up on love

Justhorpe: She just show you her real colours. My dear move on with your life

Ohmonzuha: The best revenge is to be successful in what you are doing. Get up tap ur back and say… You’re strong, you will overcome, and you will succeed.

Jedd: bro God just saved you from future problems. You would have heard one day your wife left your baby and traveled to meet a Yahoo boy.

Ttvirtuous: 1) Sorry about the hurt, 2) NOT all girls are vain and materialistic, 3) Instead of quitting your job, why not develop yourself and get a better job then pray for the right woman. Don’t go from frying pan to fire all because you are hurt.

Nkasanwa: Don’t turn bad because of one girl who isn’t worth your love, a million and one decent girls out there to build beautiful life with.

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Repetitive Arguments And Fights Over Finances Are Signs That YOUR Relationship Is On The Rocks

Relationships don’t always run smoothly but a sexual anthropologist has shared the signs to pay attention to that tell you your relationship is over.

Bella Elwood-Clayton from Sydney is an expert on relationships and said one of the main red flags that indicates the relationship is in a danger zone is when the excitement is gone.

‘When, actually, you’d rather just read a book. And he would prefer to play Warcraft. Every night,’ she told Daily Life.

‘The last time you orgasmed while looking into each other’s eyes was before jeggings came out’.

Bella Elwood-Clayton is an expert on relationships says one of the main red flags that indicates the relationship is in a danger zone is when the excitement is gone

She says that the bio mechanical processes that happen when we fall in love only last so long and it is around the six to 24 month mark that the honeymoon period starts to end.

Ms Elwood-Clayton believes that when the complications of life get in the way it often leads to couples being less infatuated with each other.

‘Differing financial values and the stress incurred from consumer debt and partner materialism. These are a top reason for divorce,’ she said.

She has stated that research has found that couples who disagree about finances once a week are more likely to divorce than those who disagree a few times a month.

She has stated that research has found that couples who disagree about finances once a week are more likely to divorce than those who disagree a few times a month

Arguments are a main factor of whether Ms Elwood-Clayton believes a relationship will last or not.

‘If the same fight keeps cropping up, tend to your damn soil. Although conflict is part of any long-term relationship, be aware of intensity and frequency,’ she warned

Although she recognised that as relationships go on couples occasionally become less sexually interested with each other, physical aspects are still important.

‘When you no longer kiss on the mouth every day. A sensual kiss says, I am still in love with you. You are more than a co-parent, a co-inhabitor,’ she said

'When you no longer kiss on the mouth every day. A sensual kiss says, I am still in love with you. You are more than a co-parent, a co-inhabitor,' Ms Elwood-Clayton says

And these aren’t the only signs your relationship might be on the rocks.

Previously relationship expert Olga Levancuka, shared with Daily Mail her three factors in a relationship that prove it is time you should cut ties.

She believes that being a priority in the other persons life is important and if you’re not, it could be a sign to let go.

Ms Levancuka said it’s important to think about whether your partner has introduced you to important people in their life, whether they’re making future plans with you and whether they make important decisions that could impact both of your lives.

‘Being someone’s priority isn’t necessarily all about spending every waking moment together. It’s about playing an important role in each other’s life and being truly connected,’ she said.

She also recommended that you should be aware of whether you have grown apart, as people are constantly changing and evolving.

Dear Women, Here Are Signs That You’re Dating A Married Man

Nothing beats the feeling of a woman knowing that she is in love and that her love is returned. Knowing that, she’s the first lady to a man somewhere (someone’s Salome). But what would you do after finding out that you’re just a side chick? Would you walk away or commit suicide because of that?

Well, here are signs that you’re dating a married man or rather he is cheating on you with his wife;

1. Always spend time in the sitting room when you visit him

This is a clear indication that he is a married man! He doesn’t want to take you to his bedroom because the wife might find out. His wife and you use different colognes or sprays and it will be easy for her to notice. Such a man will prefer you stay on the couch and even have sex there.

2. Hairs all over the bathroom sink

If you ever visit a man and there are long hairs everywhere in the bathroom or even in between his sheets just know that he is a married man. If the hairs are from wigs and weaves my dear run as fast as you can! There’s a man somewhere meant for you, and it is not him.

3. When you call him and he doesn’t pick

Ladies, if you ever call him during any time of the day especially weekends and he doesn’t pick up, just know that he is a married man and is probably spending time with his family. Or he is busy, making love to his wife.

4. Classy women clothes in his house

If you ever find women’s clothes, shoes, handbags, and lotions just know that he is a married man. Some will use their female cousins as an excuse but why would she put her clothes in the same wardrobe as his? Or why would she air her underwears in your bathroom yet the guest room has an ensuite bathroom too?

5. He prefers staying in the guestroom and not his bedroom

There’s no doubt that such a man is married. Why would he want to spend the whole time with you in the guestroom and not his main bedroom? Are you a guest? Ladies, take notes. He is married and you’re just an option to him.

6. Oooh! And if he texts you a goodnight message at 17:30 pm just know that he is a married man.


‘Someone Tell This Lady To Leave My Husband Alone!’ Begs Kenyan Woman

Dear men, if you have to cheat please make sure that you are a smart one. Always ensure that your main woman doesn’t know about your side chic in case you have one. Or else, they will embarrass you on social media. But why fight over a man?

Women need to mature up and let bygones be bygones. If he really loves you whether you have kids or not, he will come back, but if you aren’t meant for each other, he will never come back no matter what.

An angry married woman has exposed her husband’s mpango wa kando identified as Janet on Facebook. Apparently, Janet has been engaging in sex-capades with this woman’s husband and she finally gathered the courage to face her, but the alleged side piece denied the affair saying they are only business partners.

The stressed woman who wasn’t satisfied by Janet’s answer, went ahead to share the WhatsApp conversation screenshots online warning her to stay away from her husband.

“Someone tell this bitch so-called janet to leave my hubby alone!,” she posted.

Here are the screenshots













‘Never Stop Loving Even After You’ve Been Heartbroken,’ Former Citizen Tv’s Anchor Kirigo Ngarua Advises Kenyan Women

It’s always a wish for every woman to get married and have a smooth relationship with their partners but in most cases, this doesn’t happen. Many women end up in abusive relationships and we have seen some divorce their husbands citing infidelity and others even battered.

Kenyan Woman Exposes Her Best Friend Who Has Been Having Sex With Her Hubby


Many are heartbroken by their partners who promise to take care of them (during the exchange of vows at their weddings incase they are married legally) and end up committing suicide or doing something bad and former Citizen TV’s anchor Kirigo Ngarua has a message for such women who have been heartbroken.


“I opened up to him because I thought he was different from the rest. I shared my personal stories and secrets with him. He knew what my ex put me through and promised to never do the same. I told him how frightened I was to let someone new in, fear of getting my heart broken again, but he assured me he would protect my heart at all cost. I just couldn’t go through another heartbreak, knowing how long it took me to pick myself back up the last time. Eventually, he changed and ended up doing the exact same thing my ex did. Tore my heart out and stepped all over it like it was nothing. I just couldn’t understand how someone that claimed to love me could be so cruel and heartless… and now I’m stuck asking myself why, Kirigo shared this post on her social media accounts hoping that it would help heartbroken women and captioned;

“I came across this yesterday and felt the need to share it.Most ladies if not all of us have gone thru something like this. The lesson I learnt..never stop loving..you may have been broken before..but don’t stop loving..so ladies..what have you learned from such an experience??”

Woman lying on the ground with laptop on large broken heart, abandoned laptop behind her
Woman lying on the ground with laptop on large broken heart, abandoned laptop behind her

Kirigo Ngarua has been sharing messages about relationships of late and who knows? Maybe she is in love.


Kenyan Woman Exposes Her Best Friend Who Has Been Having Sex With Her Hubby

If you want free entertainment, visit some of these Facebook groups especially Kilimani Mums and Dads uncensored. If it’s not a man exposing his wife for sleeping around, it’s a woman looking for advice concerning her dead marriage.

Forget About Moshene, Here Is Proof That Kilimani Mums Is A Powerful Group

A Kenyan woman has left many in shock after she took to social media to savagely attack her best friend for sleeping around with her husband.

According to the disgruntled woman, Olivia her longtime bestie has become a family friend and even their husbands, live like brothers but she was recently shocked to learn that she was sharing her hubby with her.

‘I have experienced the true meaning of betrayal I never thought this will happen to me. OLIVIA your place is in HELL We use to be best of friends with this lady and our husbands are like brothers for almost 5 years now only for me to realize that I have been smiling with a python She and my husband are having affair behind our back even though I know my husband can cheat I never expect it to be my best friend gi after all we have been through OLIVIA, spending days with you in the hospital and looking after you? And at that age with a 1616-year-oldaughter and four boys you are still sending nude photos you are wicked for real.’

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Nairobi Woman Turns Down Mpango wa Kando’s Exotic Holiday, Still Loves Jobless Husband

But why betray your best friend? here is the full screenshot.

Kenyan Woman

Dear ladies, if your man has never introduced you to his parents here are the possible reasons why

Ladies for how long do you think you should date a man before marrying him? Well, some even date for more than a decade and end up marrying each other or break up if things don’t work out. But wait, why waste your time with someone for all those years?

Anyway, if you ever date a man for more than a year and he doesn’t introduce you to his parents if they are still alive, here are the possible reasons;


  1. He is not ready to settle down

If you have dated a man for more than 6 months yet he hasn’t shown any signs of marrying you, run my sister. He is just wasting your time.


2. He has a family

If he has never introduced you to his parents or any family member, the probabilities of him having a wife and children are high. Ladies, if he loves you, let him introduce you to his family so that they you become part of them.


3. He likes your kinky sex

Yes, he likes you for that but you aren’t the proverbial wife material. Such a man will use you then dump you afterwards. Ladies, why waste time with such a man yet there are many handsome men out  here waiting for you.


4. You aren’t mature

If everytime you are together you keep on behaving like a small girl then don’t wait for him to go a step ahead and introduce you to his family. You get what you want so ladies, always act your age. If you are forty-five, thirty behave like a mature woman, not a campus teenager.


5. Both of you are more into the ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement

Once you make it clear that you are for FWB, my dear sister, don’t expect him to introduce you to his parents. Just stay in the relationship and have fun. No man would want to marry a man or a woman who fancies threesomes and is a freak.