KEEPING IT SEXY! 7 Kenyan Celebrity Bachelorettes Above 30 Who Still Look Stunning And Attractive

Valentine’s Day is a special day for lovers all over the world, but not everyone has a partner or lover to share the day with, thus, for them it’s just another normal day.

In Kenya, most married celebrities or those who are dating will find something special to do for their better halves like going out for dinner, buying flowers, or just making the time out to go for a romantic holiday.

But not all Kenyan celebrities are in relationships or married, so the possibility of them celebrating Valentines is pretty slim, and maybe if they do, they would do it with close friends and family.

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For women, being single can be disadvantageous when everyone else is celebrating love with their better halves, but that will only affect you, if you make it a big deal, after all, love should be celebrated every day.


In Kenya, we have several female celebrities who are single and very content with their relationship status. It gets even better when they are above 30 and still looks hot and elegant.

So, I decided to make a list of some Kenyan female celebrities who have been able to stay gracious and stunning even after hitting the big 30, and are very comfortable to be bachelorettes.

1. Sheila Mwanyigha
She is one of the most celebrated media personalities in Kenya, having been in the industry for more than a decade. Even after leaving mainstream media, the sassy lady is still going strong and even started her own YouTube channel. The singer, TV host, and former radio host has never been married and has no children, and in a recent interview, she revealed that relationships are hard.


2. Cynthia Nyamai
The former KTN news anchor quit the Kenyan media industry to focus on her own career, starting her own PR firm and so far, it has taken her to great places. Though she’s now single, the beautiful businesswoman was once married to David Makuyu, but went through a bitter divorce after she accused him infidelity and violence. Nyamai has moved on but has never introduced another man since then.


4. Terryanne Chebet
She used to work at Citizen TV until she was laid off a while back, and is currently focusing on her cosmetics business. Terryanne is a single mother, with one gorgeous daughter, who will turn 11 years sometime in April this year. The beautiful media personality is not married but was once in a relationship with her baby daddy and she continues to look lovely.


5. Caroline Mutoko
Former radio queen and one of the most celebrated media personalities in Kenya, Caroline Mutoko is an iron lady who is not only outstanding but also very witty. The incredible public figure has never introduced an official man in her life but is a proud mother of the cutest baby girl, Theodora Nduku, who she adopted back in 2011. Caroline Mutoko has a youthful look and you would never guess her age.

Caroline Mutoko



6. Grace Msalame
The media personality is known for her curvy body that always turns heads, and even after giving birth to twins, she has maintained her sexy figure. Grace Msalame was dating her baby daddy, twin brother to Janet Mbugua’s husband – but things didn’t work out, though hey still co-parent.


7. Kobi Kihara
Another very fashionable and lovable media personality who has been on our screens for a while, Kobi is not just appealing but also a very bubbly and smart, fun-filled person. She is yet to reveal the man in her life but as far as we are concerned, she’s still in the singles club, representing bachelorettes across Kenya I do have to say, she looks exquisite for a 35-year-old.

kobi kihara2

8. Lilian Muli
She was married to Moses Kanene at a white wedding back in 2009, but sadly, they divorced in 2016 and now she’s back to the singles club and seems to be loving it. Lilian Muli is a mother of one and still looks like a 20 something-year-old yet she’s in her mid-thirties and still strutting her stuff.



Meet Some Of Kenya’s Successful Bachelorettes

Will they get married? This the question many people both men and women keep asking about.

These women grace our TV screen, engage us via radio or simply entertain us with their music, however the one thing they have in common is that they are not married.  Granted some of them have children others don’t but does that really define what a woman is? Or does having a man by your side make you more of a woman than others?

I feel that the society has made us believe that marriage  is the ultimate goal for all of us and especially the women. Men don’t really get the backlash when they choose to stay unmarried with or without children unless you’re looking for a top job case in point Patrick Njoroge the current CBK governor. He was grilled and put on the spot for not being a “family man” and hence many felt that he was unsuitable for the job citing that” a man who doesn’t know or has never taken care of a family cannot handle a big responsibility.”  Did that prevent him from getting the job? No. I feel that the people who were disapproving of him finally agreed because it was a man.

Flip the script and assume it was a single woman, do you think she would have landed the job even with qualifications? No.  Simply because she is a woman and mostly because she is unmarried it would have been highly unlikely that she would have landed the job.  Women have come a long way from the stigma associated with being single, lonely and unsuccessful to single, happy and successful.

They have scaled the heights and proven that they can be just as good, infact even better than their male counterparts and mostly successful without the tag of “Mrs”. Here are some of the women that have made it without the “ring” or a marriage certificate.

kobi kihara
Kobi Kihara – Image/Twitter
angie angwe
Angela Angwenyi – Image/Linkedin
Terryanne Chebet – Image/Niaje
anne kiguta
Anne Kiguta -Image/ kenyanvoice
Sheila-Mwanyiga – Image/Redpepper
Grace Msalame – Image/Sasatrends
Amani – Image/Amanimusic
avril beauty
Avril – Image/Enews

This Is Where The Richest Bachelors And Bachelorettes Live

There are a slew of traits people look for in a potential mate: some want tall, dark and handsome, some want a person they can laugh with and other want IQs above 120.

Of course, adding a little extra wealth would just be icing on the cake. Money Magazine put together a list of the top US to find rich bachelors and bachelorettes based on median incomes and the percentage of singles that live there.

Here are the top 10 (if you’re looking for that sort of thing):

1. Brookline, Massachusetts

Population: 60,690
Median Income : Kshs. 13.2M
Single: 44%

2. Lower Merion, Pennsylvania

Population: 58,625
Median Income: Kshs. 13.22M
Single: 30%

3. Newton, Massachusetts

Population: 87,991
Median Income: Kshs. 12.8M
Single: 35%

4. Arlington, Virginia

Population: 227,625
Median Income: Kshs. Kshs. 12.4M
Single: 45%

5. Reston, Virginia
Population: 61,177
Median Income: Kshs. 12.1M
Single: 31%

6. Columbia/Ellicott City, Maryland

Population: 172,745
Median Income: Kshs. 11.3M
Single: 31%

7. Hoboken, New Jersey

Population: 51,824
Median Income: Kshs. 10.7M
Single: 57%

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