The Muraya’s take off to Diani for a much needed babymoon


After their cute pregnancy announcement, Dj Mo and Size 8 are off to Diani for a babymoon.

Babymoons have become increasingly popular for couples after making a pregnancy announcement.

The Muraya’s in their latest youtube video, reveal they have gone to Diani for the much needed rest.

Dj Mo says he wants his wife to rest before the bundle of joy arrives.

“guys it’s one the pregnancies nimebond nazo so after we announced about the pregnancy mumejua venye vitu zimekuwa zikihappen but one thing I want to tell you is that I want to thank you so so much because manze muliona hiyo video we had so many testimonies, we had there are so many people wamekuwa kwa hiyo situationwe encourage each other and we made the video trend maze”

He added

“There is something I am planning for the baby the pregnancy pia asikie vizuri I want us to go somewhere hii place tunaenda I will be telling you very soon. There is a ka small gift we want to get for the baby and so keep it here for more details.”

In the video he tells Size 8 to carry beach clothes “eh nataka tuende kwa beach mtoto atakaa vizuri asifinywe tupich picha tuta piga halalfuy tukimbie. Dj Mo leans over and sasy guys hana idea but it’s goign to be the best idea ever”

The couple leaves the house and outside is a cab where Dj Mo instructs Size 8 ‘enter here’

They show up at JKIA where size 8 comments “I’m so excited Dj Mo bebi taking me to babymoon”

Size 8 tells fan her cravings include ndoma, omena, ice cubes, na ugali ya kanaa.

They lovingly discuss how tired she is because their second born Muraya Jnr has been waking up frequently at night and Dj Mo doesn’t help But she says it’s ok because he take Wambo to school early morning.

“By the way marriage ni kusumbuana ‘ujue tuu strength ya mtu I realized Mo is not good at night, so if I start teling him oh mimi naamka wewe huamuki tutasumbuana tuu but sasa yeye ndio lazima apeleke watoto shule na amrudishe. Halafu mimi nanganganna na junior usiku”

Dj Mo agrees with her comments, then makes fun of her pregnancy cravings and she responds ‘nienjoy tuu na uje ni mimba ninakubebea”

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