A list of famous mum’s who died giving birth

No woman should die giving birth, yet there are countless stories of the horrific experiences families go through while their loved ones are int he labour ward.

Below are celebs we lost while bringing life into the world.

  1. Jude Wanza

Mombasa based actress Maureen Wanza passed on at a Kilifi hospital 2 years ago.

The popular actress who acted on Sumu and Moyo died while giving birth. The baby also died in the process.

Maureen Wanza

2. Regina Katar

Regina Katar was the fiancée of renowned audio visual producer Tedd Josiah.

Ms Katar died from internal bleeding, which was caused by a blood disorder in which there were too few platelets in her blood.

She was just three months into motherhood, with after-childbirth wounds yet to fully heal, when she died.

Tedd Josiah

“She died from a very rare condition, which occurs among few women across the world, but it is very rare to be detected among African women.

Her blood platelet count fell below normal after childbirth,” Tedd Josiah told eDaily.



“Regina’s platelets, a component of blood whose function is to stop bleeding by clumping and clotting blood vessel injuries, were so diluted, leading to a significantly reduced count.

Sadly, all through she had an internal bleeding, which had not been detected, nor stopped, because of her low platelet count.’

3. Druscilah Sonko

Druscillah Walowe Mngoda popularly known as Dru Sonko died days after giving birth to their newborn son, Darell Sonko.

She was wife to popular actor Dan Kinyanjui.

Dan is doing a good job raising his sons and we can’t help but be proud of him.

Below is a current photo of Dan and his sons Djibril and Darrel.

Dan Sonko and his sons

4. Jessie Q


Jessie Q, a young songstress from Tanzania had shown signs of becoming a musical icon,

According to reports fromTanzania the musician died on Saturday, April 6 2019, barely hours after giving birth to a bouncing baby boy.

Jessie Q

Her death was confirmed by The House Of Talent producer Rehema Jones who said she passed on following complications during delivery.

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‘Say hello to Taj’ Juliana Kanyomozi welcomes baby boy


Ugandan singer Juliana Kanyomozi has welcomed a second child.

Juliana surprised fans with a birth announcement saying

IT’S A BOY!!!! Say hello to Taj 12-05-2020. We are thrilled!!. To God be the glory.

Juliana managed to keep her pregnancy a secret and looking through her social media, nothing indicates she was expecting.

She successfully kept her pregnancy out of the public eye by posting many quotes and selfies, which gave no indication of her secret.

We are happy for her and her mysterious baby daddy.

Juliana is not the first celebrity to announce totally unexpected news.


From Diana Marua, to Size 8 and others, we wish all these mums the best as they look after their bundles of joy.

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Baby Number 3: Ciara shares sweetest pregnancy announcement

Ciara and husband Russell Wilson are expanding their cute family.

The couple announced on social media they are expectign baby number three in pictures taken by Russel.

The singer took to Instagram today, January 30th, to announce that baby number three is due to arrive, apparently sooner than later. Ciara made her pregnancy public with a gorgeous bikini photo taken in Turks and Caicos.

ciara baby 3 2

Friends and followers congratulated the fans with many noting that she will bring into the world another cute baby.

“Number 3,” Ciara captioned the post.

Her husband Russel also posted an announcement on Instagram with the same caption.

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‘Best pregnancy yet’ Dj Krowbar announces baby number three 


Dj Krowbar and wife are expecting baby number three.

The popular mixmaster, who hosted on KTN’s gospel show Tukuza is back on the flow of things in Kenya, since he moved back to Kenya from South Africa.

He left his job to go study audio engineering in SA.

Dj Krowbar and family are living the life a year after relocating to South Africa


In a 2018 interview with Samantha Bridal, Dj Krowbar revealed that he and his wife decided she would be a stay at home mum when they started a family. She is also a jewelry designer.

‘Before I got married I told God I want to be there for my kids and be a stay at home mum, but my prayer was our life would be the same’.

Dj Krowbar added about what makes a successful marriage

‘Have somebody to walk with you, we live in crazy times especially in the occupation I’m in, and for me what really makes me remember my vows is the kind of people I surround myself with, that is a constant reminder of my vows. I surround myself with people that have a value system. We have two or three genuine people in our life’.

Congratulations to the cute couple.

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Usain Bolt and girlfriend announce they are expecting in stunning pregnancy shoot

Usain Bolt and his girlfriend of ten years Kasi, have announced they are expecting their first child together.

Kasi Bennet has been with the athlete since back in the day and this is certainly good news for the couple.

usain bolt girl preg
Usain Bolt Girlfriend Kasi

Usain shared the happy news with his 9.3 million followers on Instagram, sharing a picture of his partner, Kasi Bennett, cradling her baby bump.

Usain wrote

“I just want to say that a king or a queen will soon arrive”.

Kasi also responded to the warm wishes writing

Thank you so much for all the well wishes and beautiful messages! I’d love to thank you all individually so hopefully I can get to it at some point today. We see all the love and are beyond blessed and grateful. Bless up to our little one’s extended aunties and uncles

usain gorl preggers

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Willis Raburu opens up on heartbreak of losing unborn baby


Willis Raburu and his wife Mary Prude have lost their unborn child. The Citizen TV presenter revealed that his wife had developed complications leading to a stillbirth.

Stillbirth is the delivery, after the 20th week of pregnancy, of a baby who has died.


Raburu shared a tear-jerking story of his WhatsApp, explaining what happened, while thanking those who supported him and his wife through the journey including her fitness trainer, Alvin.

Alvin, my brother, There is no easier way to say this. God called our little baby angel home. We got into labor but there were some complications and a clot so we pushed out a stillbirth.

My heart is completely broken, she is such a beautiful angel. I want to thank you for all the support during this time for the comfort and the love, for getting Mary fit and ready she did so well at labor. We are trying to be strong but we are absolutely devasted. I know it will be hard even for Nessy when she hears the sad news but tell her to take heart as well,’ he wrote in part.

He went ahead to share an emotional message about his unborn daughter.

We were all waiting for the baby, but God called her home. My angel Adana is on the other side now looking over us and we will do her proud. One day at a time. We will be quiet and away for a while but we will be back. Once again thanks.

Here is the screenshot

Willis Raburu Mpasho.co.ke



Woman blasted for demanding inconvenience fee before having children


Women who publicly express what their standards are often find themselves being trolled.

People label the woman as problematic and say they are baffled by how these ‘outrageous’ demands.

Joyous Size 8 shares first photo showing off her miracle baby

Such a discussion went down on Twitter with one woman saying what she expects her man to do for her before she bears him any children.

@TWILEYTM wrote on Twitter that
No babies until a ni*ga put me in a new crib & car, plus ring on this goddamn finger. And a 100k inconvenience fee for getting me pregnant during my prime. Plus my bbl & surgery for new titties right after I give birth. I will not be compromising.

This comment elicited mixed reaction with some saying women have become too demanding, but others supporting her decision saying they would ask for more.

All these men saying she’s asking for too much 😂

Worse case scenario she doesn’t find someone who will give her this so she continues flourishing because she’s choosing not to have a baby by a dust bucket

Where’s the negative?

Nairobi D actress Bridget Achieng hired four nannies for newborn son

How the hell is this even realistic? I assume you’re in your late 20s to early 30s? What guy in that age range is making that kind of money, just to give to one sole person? Reality tv and social media has your mind twisted! A lot of delusional females on Twitter.

You’re suppose to get pregnant in your prime that’s when your body of in the best shape but whatever.

Lmaoo this is my favorite tweet of the day. Why do men assume women who want men with money are broke. It’s usually quite the opposite. Wealthy or/and ambitious women want the equivalent and usually get it.

I had a Caesarean! Gospel singer Kambua narrates

Agreed most women do have their money right, but this tweet NAHHHHHH that’s almost 500k for a kid before the kid is born this is far fetched lol. Hopefully the guy has standards for her at least 200k in assets for him to even talk to her

🤔 i need all that minus the surgery, I want a personal trainer and a nanny.

I’d pay for a surrogacy pregnancy and we can get a new place idk about the rest as an adult you should be able to get your own car and if you ain’t the one getting pregnant you don’t need any surgery or new titties🤷🏻‍♂️ as your man imma love your body regardless

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A list of Celebrities who became parents in 2019

Celebrities who became moms and dads in 2019-List

2019 has been a blessed year for celebrities as most have become mothers and other dads. It is something that can’t be taken for granted.

Motherhood/fatherhood is something not everyone gets to experience and we do not take it for granted.

  1. Bridget Achieng

Bridget Achieng welcomed her firstborn son, Sekani in February 2019.

She had been trying for five years and confessed her heartbreaking story on social media. She is currently bringing up her son alone.

Bridget and her son Shekani
Baby Sekani

2. Risper Faith and Brian Muiruri

Nairobi D actress and businesswoman and her husband Brian welcomed their son this year.

Risper and Brian got married in February 2018, in a lavish wedding that was graced by close friends and family members.

Risper Faith

3. Millie Wa Jesus and Kabi Wa jesus

The celebrity couple welcomed their first child in November 2019. Millie and Kabi are known by their fans through their You Tube channel.

Kabi and Millie wa Jesus.

‘I had lost hope,’ Tahidi High’s Omosh on why he had given up on acting

4. Diana Marua and Bahati

Diana Marua and her celebrity husband Bahati welcomed their son Majesty Bahati in September 2019.

The couple have a daughter, Heaven Bahati.

Diana Marua and her kids Heaven and Majesty

5. Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz

Tanasha Donna and her Tanzanian baby daddy Diamond Platnumz welcomed their son Naseeb Junior in October 2019.

The couple who are among the most followed celebrities in Africa had been dating for months before the delivery of their baby.

Tanasha and Diamond


6. Kambua and Jackson Mathu

Gospel artiste cum TV presenter Kambua and her husband welcomed their first child in August.

According to sources, the former Rauka show host gave birth on 10 August 2019, to a bouncing baby boy, Nathaniel Muhoro Mathu.

Kambua gospel

7. Khaligraph and Georgina Mutei

Khaligraph Jones and his boo Georgina Muteti welcomed their bundle of joy this year.

Their daughter Amali Jones Ouko is all shades of awesome, she is beautiful just like her mother.

Khaligraph Jones and her daughter.


8. Njeri Gachomba alias Njambi Real Househelps of Kawangware

Njambi as she is fondly known by her fans welcomed her second born days ago.

Njambi already had a daughter from a previous relationship. She has managed to keep her man off the limelight.

Njambi's baby shower

9. Zeddy of Churchill

Churchill comedienne Zeddy welcomed her daughter Malkia in August, 2019. Zeddy has kept her man off the limelight and so we do not know of his identity. We are however happy for her.


10. Size 8 and DJ MO

The celebrity couple recently welcomed their second born in November 2019.

The couple had kept news of their pregnancy a secret until the last months,their son was born weeks before her due date.

Size 8 and Ladasha

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It’s a girl! Kate Actress’ baby gender reveal

Kate Actress is expecting a baby girl. The mother of one recently held her gender reveal party and baby shower.

The extravagant party was attended by Kate Actress’ best friends among them Kambua, Neomi Nganga, and Abel Mutua’s wife but Njugush’s wife Celestine Ndinda was missing.

The actress got married to her husband Phil Karanja in 2017 and are expecting their first child together. Kate’s baby shower theme was pink and floral.

Below are the photos from the gender reveal party

Kate Actress's baby shower


Kate Actress's baby shower

Kate Actress's baby shower
Kate Actress’s baby shower and gender reveal

Kate Actress's baby shower

Rachel Adah This is so Classy. Wow

Jane Liams Who else want more?? Congratulations mama K that’s so beautiful ❤️❤️

Minage Neem Goals right there😍


Joyce Nimo Wow… Congratulations Cate! And the video is soo on point! 🔥🔥🔥

Ruth Congratulations kate ❤❤❤

Great Kenya God bless me too

Everlyn Classy 😘😍 congratulations mama K

Esther Ng’ang’a Wow! So beautiful. Congratulations Kate


Monique Kioko Baby K is about to be the happiest baby in this world… Wishing you a safe delivery mà❤❤❤

Ochieng Sharon My my my…..over di bar. This was legit the best gender reveal. You didn’t come to play yoh. And the garage send off 🤩💞…..congrats Kate

Lucy Mateni Wow!! Soo lovely 🤗😍. God bless you Mama K. Safe delivery 🙏❤


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6 Celebrities on the pain and heartbreak of suffering a miscarriage


These celebrities have publicly spoken about their experiences with pregnancy loss.

When we go through an emotionally traumatic experience, we often close down and keep the pain private—and miscarriage can be a heartrending ordeal.

Sadly, up to 25 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage. But the more we talk about it, the less people will feel alone. In recent years, celebrities have stepped up to share their stories of loss. Here are the famous faces who’ve had the courage to open up about their experiences with miscarriage.

These celebrities have all bravely commented on their own pregnancy losses, and their quotes about miscarriage are worth sharing with all.

…I lost everything! RHOK actress Njambi says of miscarriage


Speaking on her vlog, Size 8 said, “Don’t take baby showers for granted. Learn to appreciate everything in life. For me, this pregnancy getting here (last trimester) is a miracle. I’ve almost died several times. It doesn’t matter if you have billions of money, you can’t enjoy what you have.”

She narrated how the pregnancy took a toll on her, a few months after she suffered a miscarriage.

“I panicked and asked my husband (DJ Mo): The other pregnancy miscarried, what if this also terminates? So we rushed to the hospital and I was given some medication,” she said.

“Three weeks later, I got a very major pressure attack, and after some time, it went down a bit. Again, I started feeling some weird pains in my uterus.”

‘My unborn baby’s heart beat was at 180’ Size 8 says about emergency CS

2. Njambi of Real Househelp of Kawangware:

‘Real Househelp of Kawangware’ actress Njambi has opened up about a miscarriage she had with her previous pregnancy.

She wrote on social media, “That gave me the anxiety of sharing this news of this pregnancy. When we got pregnant on November 2017, we were not ready. I remember after the miscarriage on April 2018, everyone told us that everything happened for a reason. We didn’t quite understand that it wasn’t the right time for us.

3. Beyonce:

Beyoncé herself opened up about the loss in her HBO documentary Life Is But a Dream. “Being pregnant was very much like falling in love,” she said in the doc. “You are so overjoyed. There’s no words that can express having a baby growing inside of you, so of course you want to scream it out and tell everyone.” But early complications caused her to lose the child. “I flew back to New York to get my check up — and no heartbeat… Literally the week before I went to the doctor, everything was fine, but there was no heartbeat.” She added, “The pain and trauma just makes it mean so much more to get an opportunity to bring life into the world.”

‘God! I died some more’ King Kaka’s fiancée narrates how she lost her child

4. Mariah Carey:

Mariah Carey opened up about her miscarriage heartache after losing her first baby before the twins came along. Back in 2008, Cannon revealed that right around the Christmas holiday, they learned they were pregnant and prepared to share the good news with friends and family. That plan was derailed by a call from Carey’s doctor.

“Unfortunately, that was the time where he said, ‘I’m sorry, but the pregnancy is not successful,’ ” Cannon recalled. “It was emotional for both of us and that’s when I saw the strength. She handled it so well and then to get on the plane and have to spend Christmas with friends and family, it definitely brought us closer together. It strengthened our relationship so much … she handled it so well.”

Carey went on to say the experience, though challenging, has made them more ready for parenthood.

“The way it happened, so quickly at first, I didn’t know what to expect. That was not easy,” she admitted. “I’ve never really been a very forthcoming person about my personal stuff. It kind of shook us both and took us into a place that was really dark and difficult. When that happened … I wasn’t able to even talk to anybody about it. That was not easy.”

5. Gabrielle Union:

Over the past few years, Gabrielle Union has been an open book about her fertility struggles. In her 2017 memoir, she wrote about how she’s had “eight or nine” miscarriages throughout her life—most recently with her husband, Dwayne Wade—and she likened her body to a “prisoner” of trying to get pregnant. But now, at the age of 45, she finally was able to get a diagnosis.

“Toward the end of my fertility journey, I finally got some answers. Everyone said, You’re a career woman, you’ve prioritized your career, you waited too long and now you’re just too old to have a kid—and that’s on you for wanting a career. The reality is I actually have adenomyosis,” Union said at the annual BlogHer conference, according to People. “The gag is I had it in my early 20s.”

Union noted how almost all of the doctors she visited disregarded her symptoms and would solely put her on birth control as a treatment. “Instead of diagnosing me, they were like, Oh you have periods that last nine or 10 days and you’re bleeding through overnight pads, perhaps there’s something more there,” she explained. “Every doctor I saw was like, Let me put you on birth control. The pill can mask all kinds of things. It is amazing at preventing pregnancy; not so great with addressing adenomyosis.”

6. Nana Owiti (King Kaka’s wife):

“In April 2014, I went to the washroom and got a blood stain. Very fast I Google and somewhere hapo napata ooh! Sijui implantation bleeding,” stated Nana. The blood stain prompted her to visit a hospital where a scan was conducted.

“The sonographer calls another Sonographer and I hear. ‘Hakuna!’

“Anyway I ask ‘hakuna nini?’ the first sonographer says ‘hakuna heartbeat’…
“I gave King (Kaka) a quick glance and quickly gave those two sonographer another one expecting a ‘We just fooled you!’ My God! There was no taking back their words. I died a little. King was confused and I some more. I walked out first and sat by the hallway of the hospital.”

Other celebrities who have shared their own struggles and experiences with miscarriages and the pain they bring also include Pink, Gwyneth Paltrow.

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Diamonds sister shares that she suffered miscarriage

Diamond Platnumz’s sister Esma Khan miscarried a few weeks ago.

“Yes, I was pregnant. I miscarried, so I went to the hospital,” she told Wasafi.


Esma and her baby daddy are back together after their public break-up that drove them into the arms of other partners.

“He and I have been back together for a while but we were in relationships with other people. But our children have brought us back together,” she said.

“We gave each other an ultimatum of two weeks to leave our other relationships.”

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Njambi of Real Househelps of Kawangware gears up for childbirth


An excited Njambi is ready to welcome baby number two and in a candid post on social media revealed heartache suffered after a miscarriage, and the toll it took on her relationship.

‘My husband and I both cheated,’ Njambi reveals

The real housewife actress hid her huge baby bump with good reason as she explains below.


Early this year we spotted a heavily pregnant actress, then later she revealed she is welcoming her child with hubby. She explained why she kept the news a secret

First of all I was not hiding the fact that I had a baby on the way, I wanted to confirm the well being of the baby before I announced it on social media.

She spoke candidly about this pregnancy revealing the dark times she suffered in April 2018 from a previous miscarriage,

The darkness I was living in because of a severe depression, I previously had a miscarriage and that also gave me the anxiety of sharing this news of this pregnancy….. .

Images shared by friends in a surprise baby shower show she is excited and ready to bring her baby into the world.

…I lost everything! RHOK actress Njambi says of miscarriage

She has been actively working saying she needs every penny until maternity leave starts.

She wrote saying

Yes! I was still on set hadi this week on Tuesday….. Tumetafuta pesa ya Pampers mpaka tukiwa 40weeks…….. Tumechoka juzi tu

We can’t wait to meet her new bundle of joy.

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Why your belly itches during pregnancy


Some itching around the stomach is normal as your skin is stretching, and there’s no way around it girls.

Usually it’s thought to be caused by raised levels of certain chemicals in the blood, such as hormones.

Later, as your bump grows, the skin of your tummy (abdomen) is stretched and this may also feel itchy.

It is a common problem that creeps up on us on the second trimester, and may become worse.

10 signs you may have Kidney disease
What can you do for an itchy belly when you’re pregnant? Her are 4 ways to find relief for this pregnancy symptom.

Don’t scratch: Tempting as it may be, grating away at your skin only causes more irritation.
Moisturize: A natural moisturizer like Shea butter, or Coconut oil can stop the itching. Also remember to apply it often during the day.

8 Things couples do everyday to build a successful marriage

Smooth on vitamin E oil: It’s very healing — and great for sore nipples after pregnancy too.

mum pregnant
A pregnant mum

If you have a bathtub, soak in it:   A bath with warm water can work wonders for dry skin. Just make sure the water’s not too hot, which can dry out your skin even more.

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6 Things no one tells you about C-Sections


Do you plan on having a c section when you finally begin a family?

If it’s in your future plans there are common things that can happen during and after a cesarean.

10 signs you may have Kidney disease

One thing to note is that c-section experiences are different, each good and bad in their own ways.


That people will assume something went wrong:
There’s this misconception we all have that a woman who does a c section is you gave or your birth plan went wrong. What you need to know is that many C Sections are planned with t full approval of doctors as the safest thing that can be done.

That it’s simpler than a natural birth because there’s no pain:
Who said this? You will feel the doctor pushing and pulling to get the baby out.

The drugs ill make you feel delirious:
When you come out of surgery you are on a LOT of morphine, which is good (because pain), but it can make it hard to know exactly what’s going on, and also can make it hard to breastfeed immediately.

10 things new mum’s worry about at workplaces that don’t offer lactation rooms

That feeling is as a result of a reaction some women have to the anesthesia. Bear with it.

No lifting things after:
It’s a major abdominal surgery and it takes time to recover. The doctor will discourage you from lifting, and it may mean you will need help with your baby, something many mothers feel upset about.

Peeing and pooping may make you feel some type of way:
The medication makes you constipated, but a good doctor should give you some pills to help with the bowel movements.


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10 things new mum’s worry about at workplaces that don’t offer lactation rooms

When new working moms return to work, they expect to continue breastfeeding their babies for several more months, but workplaces in Kenya make it difficult to do this.

That’s all about to change if your leaders get their act together.

Employers with 50 or more employees must provide a private space for nursing mothers to express breast milk for their babies, or face steep fines.

8 Things couples do everyday to build a successful marriage

That’s according to a new bill proposed by Muranga Women Rep Sabisn Chege who says

The Breastfeeding Mothers Bill of 2019 I tabled makes it compulsory for all persons who own, lease or rent buildings holding at least 50 people to provide a lactation room.


She adds that

Those fined (Ksh.1M) for failure to provide lactation rooms will also pay Sh10,000 each day during which the offence continues until they put up the facilities.

Many breast feeding mums I spoke to revealed the challenges they go through with companies in Kenya that don’t provide these support services, yet expect new mums to work.

  • There is no private room allocated for new mums.
  • There is no sink with dish soap, hand soap, drying rack, paper towels and a storage cabinet to clean up pump accessories and bottles.o-BLACK-BABY-facebook


  • No comfortable chairs specifically suited for nursing mothers
  • A flat surface for a breast pump to rest, like a long countertop
  • No access to electrical outlets
  • No locks on the door that warns passers-by that the room is in use
  • No tissues and anti-bacterial wipes to clean up the flat surface
  • There is no small refrigerator for storing breast milk.
  • No microwave is allocated for steam-cleaning pump pieces (the mom will have a bag she places the pump parts into to steam clean)

Girls, what’s your horror story and how did you manage to breastfeed your child beyond the six months without facilities? Do share below this post.

Some of the company’s doing good at this end are Facebook, Deloitte, Pricewater Cooper, Unilever USA among others.


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Pregnant or just eating a lot? Kenyans wonder about Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo has been having a ball since she made her move from KTN to K24. The bubbly and comely T.V presenter has had one of the most-watched talk-shows with her Weekend with Betty airing on Friday’s.

The K24 host hanging out in Pokot
Betty Kyallo hanging out in Pokot

This past week rumours have been swirling that she might be pregnant with her second child after some saw a picture of her healthy tummy and thought that it might signal that she was having a baby.

The picture that has started her fans on a rabbit trail
The picture that has started her fans on a rabbit trail.Courtesy/Urbannews254

Some of the comments are below;

frankywebbz@kessiemoh Kuna moshi ama?
kessiemoh @frankywebbz kuna ka kweli somewhere
bella_aluoch She’s just eating too much, kwanza when doing Up Close. Hiyo tumbo ni ya food 😂😂😂
aquanette45 If she’s pregnant then I must be 10 months
shish_shi It’s her business? That’s wat I think…I like her..that’s all that matters.

We won’t tell Okari! Fans beg Betty Kyallo to reveal her mystery man’s face

This will be the second time this year that the popular entertainer has been rumoured to be pregnant. In July she had to deny the rumours saying, ‘Lol, pregnant! Aki mnapenda kupangia mtu maisha, you’ll scare my mum. No, I’m not. Maybe in a few years. For now, Ivanna (her daughter) can’t even stand another child getting my attention.’

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo

I think this situation is much the same. It is much ado about nothing! The picture below shows Betty in the same outfit that has caused the whole hullabaloo and as a smart person can see, the healthy stomach is no more.

The K24 host
The same outfit that started the rumours

Me, I am more concerned about her revealing the man that she is dating. The man some suspect to be the son of a famous industrialist in Kenya. Do you know him?

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We have walked through the valley of death – Size 8 says about pregnancy

Size 8 and DJ Mo celebrated their 6th marriage anniversary this past month. The couple, who make many swoon with their public acts of devotion and affection, have been blessed with a daughter called, Ladasha Belle.

The Crossover host with his wife
Dj Mo holding his wife, Size 8

For a time I wondered whether they had closed the chapter on getting more kids until it was revealed mid this year that Size 8 was pregnant again. Such good news especially after the horrible anecdote she delivered earlier in the year about how she had had a miscarriage in January.

The singer with DJ Mo at the golf course
Size 8 and DJ Mo at the golf course

Now she is smiling and laughing like the proverbial Rachel and Hannah who finally had kids after much struggle. Yesterday, she posted a beautiful photo on her Instagram page showing her clad in a red dress and one could see the joy radiating from the singer.

Size 8 looking great in red
Size 8 looking great in red

Her caption was a reminder of the hardships she had gone through but that her God had come through for her. Read it below;

And to God be the glory!!!!! This far I can testify of His grace, His faithfulness, His mercy and love for me and my unborn baby……. though we ‘ve walked thru the valley of the shadow of death God has been our protection our cover, thru tears and thru pain, God has covered us under His mighty wing!!!! And I did not loose this pregnancy!!!! Soon and very soon I will hold my baby in my hands because this far God has fought for us!!!!! The journey this far has not been easy full of hurdles but His grace has been our strength!!! To all believing God for a child please don’t give up no matter what medical reports say. HE WHO HAS KEPT ME AND MY BABY THIS FAR IS FAITHFUL even in the darkest hour keep the faith!!!!!!!! Close family and friends know the complications that I’ve gone thru while carrying this baby yani this is a miracle!!!! Tears of thanks giving run down my chics as I post this knowing that only God has made it possible……….. BEHOLD SEE THE MIGHTY HAND OF YAHWEH!!!!!!!!!!!

The singer smiling
Size 8 smiling

What a wonderful testimony!

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Why you shouldn’t bite a newborns nails to keep them short


Have you ever asked yourself how to trim your baby’s nails without nipping the fingers or toes?

Don’t be tempted to bite your baby’s nails to keep them shorter.

That’s simply because germs from your mouth could get into any tiny cuts on your baby’s fingers, possibly causing an infection.

Plus you also won’t be able to see what you’re doing, and you’ll find your baby’s fingernail is tiny compared to your teeth.

Video of woman’s eyelashes on a windy boat ride goes viral

gabrielle union baby 1

To keep them nice and short, try these tips instead

Press the finger pad away from the nail and keep a firm hold on their hand. Try not to trim too low as the tip of your baby’s finger may bleed, which can lead to infection.

Newborn babies’ toenails are so soft they tend to curl over the end of the toe, which means it’s hard to tell which bit of the nail growth is still attached to the quick, so go slowly.

What if I cut their skin?

If you accidentally nip the skin, don’t worry. Gently hold a piece of clean, damp cotton wool on the cut, apply a little pressure and the bleeding will soon stop. Don’t use a plaster though, as if it comes away your baby may choke on it.

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New borns tend to have soft, flexible nails that grow quite fast, sharp and dangerous to them. This means they can easily scratch themselves and even claw their faces, so you’ll need to learn how to keep your baby’s nails clean and short.


It’s not easy trying to hold a cross, wriggly baby while you delicately trim their teeny, weeny nails, but if you take care and use the right products it can be done.

The good news is, when your baby’s very small you can gently peel the ends off with your fingers. But then as your baby grows, you’ll need to start using special baby nail clippers; tiny, round-ended safety scissors or a fine emery board. Some parents also like using emery boards to smooth rough edges after cutting.

Get help with trimming nails

Trimming your baby’s nails is a whole lot easier when you’ve got another adult holding your wriggly baby still and distracting them. You might also want to pick a time when your baby is calm or distracted – for example when they’re feeding or even sleeping.

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How often do I need to cut them?

Fingernails grow particularly fast so you’ll need to cut them more than once a week. Toenails though grow more slowly, so a couple of times a month is fine.


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