“I downplayed my gifts for fear of being called a “show off,”- pens Kambua

Gospel artist Kambua recently revealed to us her beautiful baby bump after rumors of her pregnancy went round and KOT could not keep calm about the news

Amidst all the good news that comes with being with child, the gorgeous TV host and presenter says she was one who always feared and second guessed herself.

In a long post which she took to her social media, she said,

I was never the girl who stepped out boldly- no. I was the girl who second-guessed, and talked myself out of countless opportunities.

I downplayed my gifts for fear of being called a “show off”.

I was the girl who desired the light but didn’t have the courage to walk in it. But my story is different now.

In the words of Marianne Williamson, “It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us…

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same”.

Congratulations: Kambua unveils cutest baby bump


Baby News: Kambua shows off blossoming bump weeks after big reveal

In her post she thanks God for saving her from all sorts of fear that held her behind on so many blessings and opportunities

In her words, she says,

My credit goes solely to God, for liberating me from fear- fear of the unknown, fear of people, fear of taking chances, and taking charge.

God who has constantly whispered to my heart, “do not fear”. Now I step into spaces, boldly.

Sometimes I step in with my heart in my mouth, and that’s ok too- doing it afraid.

I am fully aware of my light and how it not only liberates me, but how it pierces into the darkness of others, allowing rays of hope to stream in.

So yes, in this crazy, crazy, world, I choose to be… dauntless.


In all this, she still oozes beauty even as she is about to welcome baby number one with her husband of 7 years.

Other celebrities who will be welcoming their beautiful bundle of Joy is the Wa Jesus family who recently announced the good news.

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Morning conversation: Mothers who deny fathers access to their children

A feature aired on KTN on Monday night called Breaking Bonds about Kenyan fathers denied access to their children by baby mama’s.

This formed the basis for the morning conversation on Classic 105 Tubonge Tuesday with Maina asking: By the time you have been denied access, what have you done?

Mothers who deny fathers access to children following a divorce or separation is a highly debated topic, often dividing Kenyans.

The Breaking Bonds feature was a harrowing thing to watch as the guys wept and said they way they don’t have money but can be there emotionally for their children.

‘Time heals all wounds,’ Bridget Achieng on why she forgave deadbeat baby daddy

Why would a normal woman who used to worship the ground you walk on say you can’t see your children? If you have been excluded from your children call me and explain Maina urged male callers.

Many fathers called in to explain why they don’t see their children.

This man recounted

Most women force pregnancies then they dump you and get your money. They are rotten tot he core.

Zari washes her dirty kinen in public, accuses Diamond of being a deadbeat dad

Another said

Nowadays women have been turned out to be hunters. They are hunting us too much. 

Another said

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” it’s just never okay for a woman to use a child against a man or vice versa.

Dear Classic 105 fam, what has been your experience in this issue? Do drop your comments below.

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Baby News: Tv host Ben Kitili and wife welcome second child

KTN’s top anchor Ben Kitili and his wife Amina Mude have welcomed their second child.

Kitili took to social media to share the great news with his fans and his message read,

Another rock for my sling..Roman Hami Kitili..named Kitili after his grandfather and great, great grandfather, Kitili wa Muthengi, a legend who had 33 wives..baby and mother Amina Mude are well..we thank God.

HIs wife Amina also shared a photo of their newborn and captioned it with the date of birth and a heart emoji.

Below are the photos

Ben Kitili

The couple, who tied the knot in November last year, have a three year old daughter.


Fans of the media personality have congratulated him and below are some of their congratulator messages;

sahuru.20 Oh so cute congratulations both and thank God for the blessing

joy.21.02 Congratulations @benkitili .May he grow to be highly favoured by God and man.Amen

smukangai To God be the Glory! Congratulations

Binti Wemo Congratulations are in order to you and your wife. Blessings to baby

B’Jibbo Mungatana Congratulations bro Ben Mukatai Kitili. Blessings upon blessings to your household..

Cellynah Muthoni Congratulations,your hard work has finally bore you fruits.

Damaris Kitavi Congratulations! That moment really humbles man. 😊. May God bless you with many more children


Enjoy these rare photos of Beyonce’s twins as they turn two


Beyonce’s twins Rumi and Sir Carter turn 2 years old and her fans are elated.

They have yet to be seen out in public for a while, but we think it’s right to know the twins with these rare snaps Beyonce shared a year ago.

courtesy Twitter/Bey Legion

In April, 2019 Beyonce shared about the pregnancy journey with Sir and Rumi saying she underwent an emergency c section.

Are you Zari? Betty Kyallo trolled for hiding new ‘man’

Beyoncé used her Netflix documentary to reveal that she had to undergo an emergency cesarean delivery for the birth of her twins after one of them momentarily stopped breathing.

rumi and sir 4

In ‘Homecoming’ – the two hour and 17 minute documentary released on Wednesday morning – the iconic songstress shared details about the traumatic birth of her twins in June 2017.

‘My body went through more than I knew it could,’ she said on the Netflix documentary. ‘I was 218 pounds the day I gave birth.’


The ‘Formation’ singer offered an inside look at her life leading up to Coachella last year, candidly sharing that the birth of Rumi and Sir Carter really took its toll on her body.

‘I had an extremely difficult pregnancy,’ she continued. ‘I had high blood pressure.’

Huddah claims she is selling her 60 million home in Runda

‘I developed toxemia – preeclampsia – and in the womb, one of my babies’ heartbeat paused a few times, so I had to get an emergency c-section.’

She doesn’t go into specifics in naming which twin caused the complication.

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It is NEVER safe to drink alcohol while pregnant – study shows

Babies whose mothers drank alcohol during their pregnancies – even as early as at conception – are at greater risk of being born with low birth weights, a new study suggests.

The new research, from scientists in at the University of Oxford and the University of Queensland found that alcohol blocks the development of all-important blood vessels in the placenta in rats.

And these effects become apparent from the very earliest stages of pregnancy.

They also discovered that the female animals were much more dramatically affected by alcohol exposure, which was linked to 17 percent lower birth weights and 32 percent less blood vessel development in the placenta.
A developing fetus is sensitive to every change in the mother’s body, and vital statistics like birth weight can have lifelong consequences.

Babies are considered to have a low birth weight if they are under eight lbs and five ounces.

Being small at birth puts a child at greater risk of breathing disorders, brain bleeds, heart defects, eye diseases, infection and an under-developed liver early in life.

As they grow into adolescence and adulthood, these children are more likely to develop life-threatening conditions like diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

They are also at higher risk of obesity and intellectual disabilities.

Among the most common causes of low birth weight – aside from premature birth – is fetal growth restriction (FGR).

FGR simply means that a developing fetus doesn’t gain enough weight in the womb.Genetic factors – like parental size – can keep the baby from gaining this weight, but so can lifestyle factors, like drinking, smoking and using drugs.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges that there is no safe amount of alcohol to drink at any time during pregnancy – including before a woman knows she is pregnant.

While the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) echoes this advice, it also reassures women that ‘serious harm from this kind of [alcohol] use is unlikely.

‘The important thing is not to drink any alcohol for the rest of the pregnancy.’

But the new study, published in the journal Development, suggests that there may be risks to even the earliest sips of wine, beer or booze.

Scientists at the University of Queensland and the University of Oxford studied female rats beginning four days before their eggs were fertilized.

They continued to monitor the animals and the development of their embryos until after the babies were born, and considered ‘early pregnancy’ to span to four days after fertilization.

Even alcohol exposure in these earliest days of the animals’ pregnancies had clear and damaging effects on their fetuses.

In the earliest days of pregnancy, the placenta is developing around the fetus.

Proper development of the organ and its vasculature is critical to the fetus because this system of blood vessels will deliver nutrients and oxygen from mother to baby.

But in the rats, the scientists saw that even alcohol exposure in the earliest days of pregnancy cut the growth of blood vessels in the placenta.

For unclear reasons, the effects of this shortcoming were felt much more by female fetuses, whose placentas showed a 32 percent reduction in blood vessel growth, and whose birth weights were an average of 17 percent lower.

‘This has implications for human health by helping to explain, in part, why babies exposed to alcohol in the womb are often born small,’ said study co-author Dr Jacinta Kalisch-Smith, a placental researcher at the University of Oxford.

‘The next part of this project is to see whether nutrient supplementation can reduce or even prevent the adverse effects of alcohol exposure.’

Daily Mail

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West finally reveal the face of their 4th child

Kim Kardashian has finally revealed a close up of the face of their fourth born child whom they named Psalm Ye after he was born 4 weeks ago.

She took to her social media to post her fourth born baby boy with a caption that read;

Psalm Ye


Sad: Janet Mbugua’s niece rushed to hospital after sustaining burns

Well here is a close up look of the cute baby boy

61153501_157428478635568_8940063332915002500_n (1)

Baby News: Kambua shows off blossoming bump weeks after big reveal

Kim Kardashian first shared a photo of her child on May 17th cuddled in baby blankets where she first revealed the name of the child.

Well Psalm is a book in the bible and on E- Entertainment, Kris Jenner Mother Kim Kardashian went ahead to explain that the baby boy was a blessing hence his name.

Well children are always a blessing anyway and all we can do is wish them well.


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Baby number 7! Singer Kidum welcomes new son ‘Kajiado’

Kibido Kibido has been blessed with baby number seven.

The ‘Mapenzi’ singer and his third wife have welcomed a son whom they named, Kidum Junior aka ‘Kajiado’.

Kidum and his wife
Kidum with his wife

The musician shared the information on his social media page that this was his second child with her, unlike what most had initially thought.

He wrote on his Instagram page that;

Sometimes I laugh when I read news about me ! This Kidum junior aka Kajiado is not her first born jamani ! I have a daughter with her called Nicole . It is true I have now seven children in total but two with this now my wife . Hahahahaha nabado !!!!!

Kidum with his pregnant wife
The singer with his pregnant wife last month

Fans and friends were quick to congratulate the singer. Some of the comments are below;
nimohsesh; Congratulations to both of you. Mugure job well done my sister.

adrian.h.stepp; piga kazi mpaka wafike 11 baba la baba ufungue Kidumu sports academy!

fassie_lady; Watoto baraka mzee mshukuru mungus

kg_godschosen; Congratulations to you and your beautiful wife

Kidum left his fans in awe when he first decided to show off his heavily pregnant wife on May, 24 2019 and now all can witness the blessing the two have.

Why did the singer give his son the name of a Kenyan county? Because Kidum Junior was born while the artiste was performing at a show in Kajiado. After he learnt of the birth, he finished the show and immediately went to see his wife and the new-born in hospital.

Kidum at a concert in Kajiado
Kidum at the concert in Kajiado

And he will not be the first celebrity to give their child an interesting name. Former ‘My Name Is Earl’ star Jason Lee famously named his first-born and son Pilot Inspektor Lee!


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Baby shower gifts that are guaranteed to be a hit with mom-to-be

We are heading into the weekend and many of us are likely to be attending a baby shower. Do you ever stress over what to buy the mom-to-be?

Below is a list of gifts that should not miss in a baby shower;

Tokeo la picha la baby shower gifts


Gifts from the heart. This are the kind of gifts that are either made by ones hands or passed on from one person to another. One can decide to crotchet a sweater for the baby with their name on it. This shows that one took their time to make the same cloth with passion. They may also include gifts that were once given hence are being passed on from generation to generation. This may include toys that were once passed as gifts and they help to keep a good connection between the people who will share that particular gift.

Tokeo la picha la crocheted baby blanket

Gifts for the mother. Often times people get excited about the baby and forget that the mother also needs some treats. Things such as babysitting, helping with housework or preparing nice meals are good idea.

They are usually tired or rather exhausted hence need some help. Pregnancy and feeding pillows are important too after the baby is born.

Check out Tyler Perry’s stunning Ethiopian baby mama Bekele – Photos

Books for mummy and baby books. This is especially more important for first time mothers. Books on baby related content will come in handy. Story books are also not a bad idea.

Ready to Pop: K24’s Isabella Kituri ‘tears of joy’ as she gears up to deliver second baby

Baby clothes. Buy clothes for the different stages of growth. Also pay attention to nice colors and gender of the baby.

This includes baby nappies, blankets baby bedding.

Tokeo la picha la baby clothes

Foods. When the baby is born the mother is normally weak hence will take much time for her to gain strength. The foods should be able to last at least a month to enable the mother to gain stability to work on their own. Remember to also include baby foods on the shopping list and fruits and vegetables are essential to a baby shower.

More gifts:




Babu Owino gushes over daughters as he shows off his children for the first time




Kenyans biggest celebrities are constantly in the spotlight, which means fans may feel like they know everything about their lives. But after years of following celebrities, you might be surprised to know that some of your favorites are parents, some to more than one kid.

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino is one. He sneakily shared a picture of his adorable children gushing how they look alike.

See below his children who have been hidden away from the public eye.

We can tell they are ultra close in this photo he shared of his children, two adorable baby girls.

Babu Owino

He also gushes about how supportive his wife is

Don’t let someone who gets you flowers and chocolate for a day misguide you into dumping that hardworking fellow who provides you with sukuma wiki and avocado everyday!



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Ready to Pop: K24’s Isabella Kituri ‘tears of joy’ as she gears up to deliver second baby


K24’s Isabella Kituri had the best surprise when she turned up at her workplace.

Her colleague Franklin Wambugu had arranged a surprise baby shower at work, and the heavily pregnant mum couldn’t have been happier.

She expressed her happiness saying

‘I think back to how unhappy I was,’ croons Maureen Kunga on weight loss journey

Tears of joy, through love of friends. Thank you k24tv sisters for fooling me into a wonderful “meeting’ of baby showers. And franklinwambugu01 for executing the secret mission
The K24 anchor who was widowed at just 25 years, looked ready to pop while stepping out to work this week and as she stepped into the office she got the biggest surprise.

K24 Isabella Kituri baby shower

Jessica cradled her large baby bump while making her way into the room where her workmates were ready to celebrate the soon to be mum.

Bahati reveals secret of how he keeps Diana Marua happy

Isabella currently is the mother of one child – a son. We can’t wait to meet her new bundle of joy.

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Real House Helps of Kawangware actress Njambi pregnant (See Details)

Celebrated real house helps of Kawangware actress Njeri Gachomba alias Njambi is expectant with her second child.

She already has a daughter.

Jambi was spotted around Archives, in the CBD, looking all shades of awesome with a baby bump.

She was wearing a blue stripped dress and black dolly shoes.

Waititu finally completes dowry payment for wife after 30 years

Recently Njambi shared a post on how she suffered a miscarriage adding that she was not ready to talk about it yet.

Sharing the photo below she wrote

I might not be ready to talk about it but I still remember…… Goodmorning

miscarriage post

Njambi has in the past talked about battling depression. According to her the one reason she never went through with it is because of her daughter.

Taking to Instagram, Njambi shared a photo of her on a day when she lost every thing she called hers.

I remember when I took this photo, this was the day I lost everything I’ve ever worked for.

 I had sat on the stairs as they took everything from my house.

My mum was so stressed and my brother @kenyan_twist as usual was cheering me up.

Prominent celebs who have openly talked about suffering miscarriages

She adds

I remember he was telling me about how I was used to having my own bathroom in my bedroom sasa na Rudi kutumia choo na kila mtu 🤣🤣(my brother though).


I felt like my life was ending I mean I just got up now am being put down again.

I remember Tam came back from school and she was shocked, “haukuniambia tunahama” she said.

She was asking where our things are especially her toys 😂😂😂typical….. 

Njambi goes on to open up about how she has battled with depression

Anyway, It wasn’t supposed to be a long post but anyways since am half way……

Can I just say something about depression and how sad it is that young people are ending their lives because of love, money and jobs.

KOT praise Simon Cheprot after his heroic act in Nigeria

Njeri Gachomba alias Njambi or real house helps of Kawangware

Adding that

I tell people life is never that serious, you loose some you gain some ..

I’ve been depressed since I was 15yrs I had family drama, I had self esteem, I felt unloved, unwanted, I felt like I meant nothing to anyone.

Njambi with her daughter

I’ve tried it all taking pills, countless times I’ve tried to commit suicide, I’ve wanted to jump off my balcony a million times.

I’ve scars coz I used to cut myself….

But every time I try shit, there comes Tamara complaining about something I said I’ll do and I didn’t.

She goes on to add

If you ever feel depressed and you feel like you want to end your life please find a purpose, every one has a purpose for living.

I think the reason am still alive am still surviving is because of someone somewhere who is going through a lot and has no one to talk to, my DM is always open.

In conclusion Njambi states that she does not understand why she finds pleasure in pain.

I understand, I know how it feels to be worthless, to have self esteem, to feel unloved I know.

I am where you’re…. I get tattoos or piercings just to numb my pain…

 I don’t know why I find pleasure and comfort in pain….. And to friends please check up on your person.

She also advises Kenyans on how to identify a depressed person.

We depressed people don’t know how to talk, how to talk about our problems .

We might look alright but deep down we’re dying. I know I smile alot, I joke alot but when I am alone, I am empty.

Plus, depression is making me so fat 🙊🙊

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Every photo Diana Marua has shared of her surprise baby bump

On their trip to Dubai, fans swore they spotted a baby bump, but Diana Marua and Bahati kept mum.

Days later the nagging comments continued and the couple decided to drop the pregnancy confirmation details on their social media.

Bahati wrote

Been Working Hard😋.. I thank God for Another Blessing Coming 😍😍😍 Just Comment “CONGRATULATIONS DIANA”

Days later, Dianna  has posted more photos of her baby bump and she looks gorgeous.

Dear God, 2019 is Indeed my Year 😭 You have Blessed me too too much 🤗 THANK YOU FOR THIS ANGEL IN MY WOMB 🙏

Here are photos of Diana’s baby bump

59244181_1090948847695624_1929355872158924386_n (1)


image-2019-05-17 (9) (1)


image-2019-05-17 (13) (1)

Congratulations: Kambua unveils cutest baby bump

image-2019-05-17 (15) (1)


Their fans went ahead to say,

totamercy: Blessed couples.. congratulation baby Israel on the way

cash_cashi : so beautiful pregnant your husband must be so proud at you two

unykwawira: The pregnancy looks good on you ❤️congrats

gracie_kui: Congratulations , you loook absolutely stunning ❤️🔥

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‘It’s not what you think’  Njugush’s wife pleads with Kenyans


Njgush and his wife Celestine went to Dubai recently where they treated their fans to cute coupledom pictures.

The well deserved vacation according to the couple saw them come back home with some surprising news.

The couple are in Uganda and have unveiled they are expecting bby number two.

Celestine chuckled when sharing the news with Kenyans saying

Its not what you guys think. Work n play

In all honesty, we are happy for this beautiful couple, and blessing to them as they await the arrival of baby number two.


Why Harry and Meghan chose the name Archie Harrison and the meaning

Archie is the shortened version of Archibald, a traditionally Scottish name which is said to mean ‘true, bold and brave’.

Unlike many senior royals, Archie only has one middle name – Harrison – which is of Aboriginal origin and, in a fitting tribute to the baby’s father, means ‘son of Henry’ or ‘son of Harry’.

Many in Britain had expected a more traditional royal name, with bookies favouring James, Arthur, and Edward, with Archie sitting at around 100/1.

Famous Archies include red-haired cartoon character Archie Andrews from the Archie comics franchise in America, as well as NFL quarterback Archie Manning.

Archie Mitchell was a villain in the BBC soap EastEnders, Lawrenece Olivier played Archie Rice in The Entertainer, and another famous Archie is jazz saxophonist Archie Shepp.

Harrison, meanwhile, has largely been made popular thanks to Star Wars actor Harrison Ford.

The couple did not disclose why they had chosen the informal names but Archie is becoming increasingly popular in Britain and was among the top 20 most common boy’s names in 2017, according to the Office for National Statistics.

UK royal names are normally chosen from a relatively restricted pool of those used by past kings and queens.

But reports previously emerged that Meghan and Harry were considering an unusual name that was relevant to both Britain and the US.

Meghan also ignored tradition by keeping the birth and recovery process private, unlike sister-in-law Kate, who appeared before the cameras hours after giving birth.

A baby name expert said the ‘most modern Royal couple’ have chosen a ‘fresh, fun and very modern name that both reflects their new family makeup’.

SJ Ljungstrom from ChannelMum.com said:

‘Although both names are unusual in Royal circles… Archie is a wonderful choice as it encapsulates pomp and tradition while having all the cheeky chappie qualities of Harry himself.

‘Harrison also perfectly encapsulates the American and wider Commonwealth trend for using surnames as firstnames,’ she added.

‘The names work as they are noble and regal but also have the warm and caring common touch, just like the couple themselves.’


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry finally introduce their son to the world

Meghan Markle stunned well-wishers when she stepped out in a white dress to present Baby Sussex in St George’s Hall at Windsor Castle today.

The Duchess of Sussex, who welcomed her first born just two days ago, looked remarkably chic in a bespoke white trench dress.

Meghan and Harry introduced their baby, who is yet to be named, at St George’s Hall at Windsor Castle.

Meghan secretly gave birth 8 hours earlier, returned home before announcement 

Prince Harry and Meghan doting at their son
Prince Harry and Meghan doting at their son

New mum Meghan described the experience as “magic” adding “I have the two best guys in the world, so I’m really happy.”

She went on to say the new arrival has the “sweetest temperament” adding “he’s the dream” with proud dad Harry adding “I wonder where he gets that from.”

There are as yet no details of the birth; whether the Duchess had to be induced, for example.

What we do know is that the baby boy weighing 7lbs 3oz, born at 5.26am on Monday, was healthy. Doctors and midwives will have checked both mother and son to look for any signs that something may be wrong. Happily there were none.

It is thought Harry and Meghan spent around four hours at the hospital getting to know their new arrival before the prince alerted the outside world.

And it is at this stage, around 9.30am, that things start to get a little unclear. Harry is believed to have contacted aides to let them know that all was well and that he was the proud father of a son.

But it was not for several hours – at 1.49pm – that the Palace released a statement saying that Meghan was in labour, even though she had in fact already given birth some eight hours earlier.

Below are the photos of their baby

Prince Harry holding his new born son



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Royal Baby: Meghan Markle delivers baby boy

The Duchess of Sussex has given birth to a baby boy with her husband by her side after going into labour this morning.Her husband is thrilled.

It was amazing. Absolutely incredible. I’m so proud of my wife. It’s been the most amazing experience I could ever have possibly imagined.

How any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension. But we’re both absolutely thrilled.

We’re both absolutely thrilled and so grateful for all the love and support from everybody out there, it’s been amazing, so we just wanted to share this with everybody.

The name of the baby, which is seventh in line to the throne, will be announced at a later date.

The couple have maintained an element of secrecy around the arrangements for the birth, saying they will share news of their baby’s arrival “once they have had an opportunity to celebrate privately as a new family”.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle

Members of the international press have been assembled in Windsor for several weeks awaiting news that the baby is on its way, with American television networks updating their viewers daily.

They will now be joined by excited members of the public and the British media, in the last few hours before the seventh-in-line to the throne is welcomed into the world.

The baby is understood to be around a week overdue, with the Duchess, who is 37, said to be “comfortable and content” as she waited in her new home at Frogmore Cottage with her husband and mother Doria Ragland by her side.

She is reported to have hoped for a home birth, as the couple emphasise their wish for total privacy for their new arrival.

That plan will change as medically necessary, sources have suggested, with overdue babies requiring careful monitoring for the safety of mother and child and contingency plans in place for any intervention needed.

The Duchess is reported to have chosen a female-led team to support her, with the Royal Household doctors on hand to help if necessary.

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Babies given formula instead of breast milk are 25 per cent more likely to become obese – study

Babies given formula milk instead of breast milk are 25 per cent more likely to become obese.

Almost one in six bottle-fed babies are obese by the time they reach primary school, an international study of more than 100,000 six to nine-year-olds found.

Children never given breast milk have 25 per cent higher odds of obesity than those whose mothers exclusively breastfed them for at least six months.

5 efficient ways to achieve the perfect life-work balance

Experts believe formula may cause babies to gain more weight and grow faster because it is developed from cows’ milk, which has higher levels of protein and may trigger the growth of fat cells.


Mark Zuckerberg builds his wife a glowing ‘sleep box’ to help her at night

Researchers looked at primary school children from the WHO Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative which includes 22 European countries.

The children’s mothers were asked if they had breastfed, for how long, and if they had done so exclusively without feeding their baby other liquids such as water.

The results, available for up to 16 countries and almost 30,000 children with full breastfeeding records, show those breastfed for less than six months were 12 per cent less likely to be obese than those never breastfed.

Children breastfed exclusively for this period were five per cent less likely to be obese.


‘My friend framed me to be gang raped by 6 men’ Brenda Obath recalls

Those children in the heaviest three per cent of their age group, well above the expected weight for their height and age, were classed as obese.

Breastfeeding is known to reduce the risk of babies being overweight, which may be due to hormones, nutrients and bugs in breast milk which change babies’ gut bacteria.

Breast milk is believed to ‘programme’ babies to burn fat more efficiently in later life instead of storing it and gaining weight.

Formula milk, in contrast, is thought to increase babies’ insulin levels compared to breast milk, which may cause them to grow more and bigger fat cells.


-Daily mail

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A simple chart of multiple birth terms

The birth of quintuplets in Kakamega has some Kenyans confused about the terms used to identify multiple births.

The 28-year-old woman Everlyne Namukhula who hails from Sisokhe village in Navakholo Sub County gave birth to three girls and two boys through Caesarean

Confused about the term quintuplets? Don’t goggle, we got you. Below is a simple breakdown of names used to refer to babies born in multiples.

Even though multiple births are rare in Kenya, the fascination with such births still gets us all.

This quick reference can help you know what to call sets of multiples.

Number of Babies Term Used
1 Singleton
2 Twins
3 Triplets
4 Quadruplets (quads)
5 Quintuplets (quints)
6 Sextuplets
7 Septuplets
8 Octuplets
9 Nonuplets

The prefixes for the numbers four through nine come from the Latin words for those numbers. “Single,” “twin,” and “triplet” come from Middle English.