‘When they said that I ordered my wife to take a paternity test,’ Bahati reveals lowest moment

Gospel singer, Bahati is always a topic of discussion on blogs and most of the time it’s something controversial.

Some of these stories he says affect him personally but there is one specific one that got to him.

In an exclusive interview during the rebirth of his record label EMB he revealed that his lowest moment in life was when it was alleged that he had ordered a DNA on Diana Marua’s baby.

My lowest moment was when they said that I had ordered my wife Diana Marua to take a DNA of our daughter Heaven to confirm paternity.

A source at the time said that the results had been dropped at the gate.

The DNA results were dropped at the flats where he stays and left in the custody of the person who was at the gate because there were explicit instructions not to drop it at his house.

The news of the DNA letter got a lot of tongues wagging, as neighbors talked about Bahati’s reaction to the letter. No one knows for sure what the results are.

When called for comment, Bahati rubbished reports of there being a DNA letter, adding that, “Mambo ya kuingilia familia yangu siwezi ongelea.” (Matter family I will not talk about them.)

He later came out on social media to put up a united front together with his wife, Diana Marua.

He posted,

“It’s a God- Given Duty of every Man to Protect his Woman and Kids; THEY COME FIRST!!! 👨‍👩‍👧 They’re What God looks before blessing you🙏 I Love You

If there is one man who has a thick skin in the entertainment industry it is certainly Bahati. So many things about his life are out there but he keeps at it.

‘Ilianza na kadouble tap’ Bahati and Diana Marua reveal how they met

Celebrity couple Bahati and Diana Marua recently opened up on how they met and who approached the other first and it is such an interesting encounter.

During an interview heard by Classic 105,  the couple also opened up on what attracted them to each other with Diana saying that Bahati’s joking nature is what attracted him to her.

How do you deal with Bahati given that he never takes anything seriously?

“To be frank he is a joker but he is the person I chose, he was a joker even before and that is one thing I loved about him.

On whether she was a slay queen before meeting Bahati, she says

“I wouldn’t put myself in the slay queen category if one decides to call me a slay queen or a socialite that’s up to you. I was a marketer working for a local firm.”

‘Nlijichukia, my wife brought her mpango wa kandos to our house claimed they are her relatives’ Audio

bahati 7

Where did you meet Bahati?

“Our first encounter was a day before the ‘Mapenzi’ video shoot, I first liked his photos on social media and I double tapped.

He also double tapped on two of my photos and that’s how we started.

Later after the double tapping incident someone called me asking if I wanted to be in a gospel video shoot I did actually did not know it was Bahati’s video,I said yes.”

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Bahati says;

“A day before the shoot I asked if I could drop her home and that’s how it started.”

On what she loves about Bahati she says;

“I was dating other men but I left all of them for Bahati, He is very true and real about himself, His personality is also very appealing.”

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