My daughter called him daddy after a month, Njambi speaks about her husband

Real Househelps of Kawangware Actress Njambi says she moved in with her now-husband Nelson a week after they met.

Narrating Njambi says that Nelson’s cousin asked her to say hi but he was so cold.

“He gave me a nod and I went back home. He never even asked for my number. Days later, he asked a friend for my number and he used to call me daily and would talk till late at night,” she said.

They met at Wailing Souls concert at KICC four years ago.

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Njambi posing
Njambi posing

Njambi says the fact that Nelson clicked with her daughter within a short period convinced her he is the one.

“We started living together a week after we met. My daughter Tamara started calling him ‘Daddy’ a month after we moved in,” she said.

Narrating his side, Nelson says he was a fan of Njambi since the ‘Hapa Kule show’.

Nelson went to see her on set and brought her a yoghurt on the first date.

In an earlier interview, Njambi said that her ideal man was tall, dark, and handsome and God blessed me with one with a pure heart.

They are raising a blended family.

Nelson came with a son from his previous marriage while Njambi has a daughter. They also welcomed a son a few months ago.