We have Babu’s gun from the shooting drama at B Club – Police


Police have confirmed that the firearm used int he shooting incident at B Club early Friday morning belonged to Embakasi East Mp Babu Owino.

Kilimani police boss Lucas Ogara confirmed this on Friday afternoon adding that the victim is in stable condition.

“We cannot mention the victim’s name because it is against the law. But we have receives report that the bullet passed through his neck,” Ogara said.

 Ogara said they are holding the suspect at the station and is yet to record a statement after they interrogate him.

“At the moment we are doing some elementary investigations including assessment of the crime scene ,”he said.

Earlier, Babu’s lawyer Cliff Ombeta said that his client was approached in a non-friendly manner by someone he considered a friend and caused the physical fight.

The deejay
The deejay

He confirmed that Babu’s gun is with the police and it was genuinely acquired and licensed.

The lawyer confirmed that there was no murder and the victim is in hospital.

“It is Babu who took the victim to hospital and the latest is that the DJ is stable. He even paid for the medical bill and has vowed to continue paying,” Ombeta said .

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I had altercation with Babu bodyguards before shooting drama at B Club


Mark Okweri was at B-Club before the shooting at around 1:00 a.m and joined Embakasi East Babu Owino in his table.

The witness said that he has been a friend of the MP for a long time and that everyone was having a good time at the club before the incident.”

“At some time there was a confrontation between Babu’s bouncers and I… they got really physical and at that point, I left and went to Kilimani police station,” he said.

Okweri said that he could not tell if Embakasi East legislature was under the influence of alcohol.

On Friday morning, Okweri arrived at the club to get the CCTV video but apparently he was told the cameras were off.

“After speaking to my lawyers, I was advised to get the CCTV footage but apparently the management said the specific camera where the fight occurred was offline,” Okweri said.

“It is absurd that all the cameras apart from that one which captured the fight was working,” he added.

Babu was arrested on Friday morning over the incident and is in the Kilimani Police Station recording statement.

Police said the man who was shot at Kilimani’s B club is injured and rushed to the hospital for treatment.

A witness told the Star that he walked in the building to find ladies wailing and men running around.

Police said they have not recovered the pistol used or the spent cartridge.

B-Club declared crime scene after Babu Owino gun drama (photos)

B-Club describes itself as the place where “the ultimate destination where style meets entertainment”.

But now, the club located at Galana Plaza in the upper market Kilimani area of Nairobi, is now a crime scene.

This follows an early morning incident where Embakasi East MP Babu Owino is alleged to have shot someone.

The club is popular with the who is who in the country, attracting huge crowds of partygoers every night.

What we know so far

– Incident was reported at Kilimani Police Station by the Club’s Security Manager George Otieno.

– Otieno said Babu Owino argued with the DJ before drawing his gun and shooting him on the neck.

– The MP was arrested at Nairobi Hospital where the DJ identified as Felix Orinda is hospitalised.

– No firearm or cartridge has been recovered yet.

Check out the photos below from the club courtesy Classic 105 photographer Ezekiel Aminga:

Babu Owino's car
Babu Owino’s car
Babu Owino's car
Babu Owino’s car
Babu Owino's car
Babu Owino’s car
B-Club after the Babu Owino incident
B-Club after the incident
B-Club after the Babu Owino incident
B-Club after the incident
B-Club after the Babu Owino incident
B-Club after the incident

The O.B number

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