I have been sued for Sh21million over Ayeiya’s death – Comedian Paul Wakimani Ogutu

The late comedian Ayeiya passed on in 2017 in a grisly road accident. The comic was becoming a star in the industry and great things were expected of him before his untimely death.

Since then many have mourned the late Ayeiya missing the loss of such a generational talent. But years later new revelations are emerging about the aftermath of his death.

The late Ayeiya on Churchill show
The late Ayeiya on Churchill show

Fellow comedian Paul ‘Wakimani’ Ogutu who was at the wheel when the car crashed, has divulged that he had been sued by Ayeiya’s family. Others who were in the same car were actor Maina Olwenya and Ayeiya’s wife.

They accused him of causing the death of their loved one, and are demanding Sh21million in compensation. The comic who was speaking to OG Lorenzo said,

“After Kuzika Ayeiya we came back to Nairobi, and when we came back to Nairobi I thought that everyone understood that it was an accident kama Kawaida. So after a week or two, the wife (Ayeiya’s Wife) called me akaniambia ako na Barua yangu, so nikasema niko na shughuli kidogo nikimaliza I will come. That day sikuweza kukutana na yeye, then I met her on the second day. On that second day she was serving me a court order.

Paul ‘Wakimani’ Ogutu
Paul ‘Wakimani’ Ogutu

The court order was demanding that I pay her sh21million.

“A court order that I am supposed to pay for killing her husband. It’s not a lie what Zeddy said, ati nadaiwa Sh21 million and it’s not a lie what the bloggers said ati nadaiwa pesa by the family. The family has been constant, mimi nimejaribu sana vitu ziwork between me and the family,” said Paul Wakimani Ogutu in part.”

Exclusive: I lost my friend Ayeiya on the day of my ruracio – Terrence

He went on to state that the case is still before the court of law and its hearing was stopped due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Paul ‘Wakimani’ Ogutu speaking during the interview with Lorenzo
Paul ‘Wakimani’ Ogutu speaking during the interview with Lorenzo

He then explained to Lorenzo how the sh21 million figure had been reached saying that the lawyers had calculated the late Ayeiya’s salary against what his potential earnings would have been until retirement before his death.

“Which I will say here right now the cases in Court I cannot talk about the case but I can share what I have received. So I am in court that is also what made me to go into depression. Case iko court ni Corona tu imesimamisha.”

He then explained that it was Ayeiya who had called him to come and pick him up adding that he would not sacrifice a friend. He then adduced that the incident had caused his career to falter.

The late Ayeiya before his death
The late Ayeiya before his death

Ogutu made it clear that after the accident, things went south and he went into alcoholism, where he could drink himself silly, only to wake up by the roadside the next morning. The interview is below:

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RIP! Comedian Emmanuel Makori ‘Ayeiya’ remembered three years on

A day like this, 14th April 2017, Emmanuel Makori Nyambane  alias Ayeiya went to be with The Lord. He died after  his car hit a pole near the Catholic University of Eastern Africa on Magadi Road, while coming from a show at Carnivore.

Godfather of laugh industry, Churchill paid tribute to Ayeiya during the recording of the show last weekend

Unfortunately, this is the week we lost Ayeiya.

This is your anniversary we still remember you Ayeiya and we pray you continue resting in peace.

He was coming up very well. Ayeiya, we still love you so much. 

His guest, comedian Jalang’o added,

It was one of the most saddest moments in the comedy industry. 

Ayeiya had many signature styles. His fans can vividly remember how he used to walk on stage.

Ayeiya would come in with his signature beats and say.


He would immediately introduce his topic of the day.

Ayeiya would walk on stage with his black briefcase and one memorable thing about him was that he never missed putting on his cap.

May he continue resting in peace.

Exclusive: I lost my friend Ayeiya on the day of my ruracio – Terrence

‘I Know You Are Still With Us… True Soldiers Never Die,’ Read DJ Shiti’s Moving Tribute To Ayeiya

Real House Helps of Kwangware actor DJ Shiti has penned an emotional tribute to late comedian Ayeiya, born Emmanuel Makori.

Ayeiya Kenya

Ayeiya passed away on 14, April last year in a grisly road accident. The witty comedian was eulogized by many as a great and talented artiste and his legacy still lives on.

MUST READ! The Message Ayeiya Shared With Kenyans Before His Painful Death

“It’s almost one year since you went to dine with the angels… you set the pace for us in the Comedy Industry…. Most of us started our career replicating your reputation…. from comparison jokes to story jokes… as well as real-life situation jokes…. I know you are still with us… True soldiers Never Die… Ayeiyaaaaa….poapoa…,” read DJ Shiti’s message.

Ayeiya left behind a widow and a daughter.

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PHOTO: Meet The Late Comedian Ayeiya’s Cute Daughter

Keep resting with the angels comrade!

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MUST READ! The Message Ayeiya Shared With Kenyans Before His Painful Death

He always brightened our living rooms whenever he graced the screen. He left our ribs aching but he is no more. Emmanuel Makori Nyambane alias Ayeiya Poa Poa alias AKA died on Friday morning after he was involved in a grisly road accident near the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

The late Ayeiya was in the company of his wife, comedian Wakimani, award-winning actor Maina Olwenya and a friend when their car hit an electric pole. Ayeiya died on the spot while his wife suffered serious injuries and was rushed to the Kenyatta National Hospital where she is still undergoing the treatment and reports indicate that she is in a critical condition.

Life And Times Of The Super Talented Comedian Ayeiya (VIDEO)

Well, apart from his creativity and fresh content, Ayeiya left Kenyans with a powerful message that many will remember him for.

“TusiBLEED Ndio WaLEAD.”

Here is the photo evidence

This message is an advice to Kenyans to remain peaceful during the election period. In short, Kenyans should exercise free and fair elections so as to avoid a repeat of 2007 post-election violence.


Life And Times Of The Super Talented Comedian Ayeiya (VIDEO)

Before his demise, Emmanuel Makori Nyambane alias Ayieya or AKA was one of the funniest comedians at the popular Churchill show.

Ayieya always ended his shows with these words;

‘Ayieyaaaaa, Poa Poa, Awolan Shatta deh, Mungu Awabariki.”

This morning, news reached Mpasho that Ayieya went to be with the Lord after a tragic accident near The Catholic University of Eastern Africa. Ayieya was with award winning actor Maina Olwanga and fellow comedian Ogutu Wa Kimani who were rushed to the Kenyatta hospital.

SAD! Churchill SPEAKS OUT After The Death Of Popular Comedian Aiyeya

The comedian was with award winning actor Maina Olwenya and fellow comedian Ogutu Wa Kimani who were rushed to the Kenyatta hospital.

The comedian might have been coming from the Churchill recording held yesterday at the Carnivore grounds.

He will be remembered for his jokes sourced from day to day experiences and everyday current issues.

May he rest in peace.

Here is where Ayieya started, back in the day courtesy of Churchill show;