8 men were mentioned as the ‘father’ of my unborn child – Awinja reveals

Famous actress Jacky Vike popularly-known as Awinja recently spoke to MC Jessy about some of the things that had happened to her when she was pregnant.

MC Jessy with Wilbroda and Awinja

The mother of one explained that she had been trolled her on social media when she was expectant, with some of them having crazy theories about who might be the father of her son.

“I got frustrated at first and then just decided to take things with a light touch. Up to eight men were mentioned as the father of my unborn child. Among them was a Member of the County Assembly (MCA) in my village, someone I never even knew on a personal level. There was also a watchman on that list,” she said.

Jacky Vike aka Awinja
Jacky Vike aka Awinja

She said that that experience had taught her a lot especially when it came to dealing with social media with the actress stating that it had led her to keep the boy of social media.

“People will make judgements. Some will tell him that he is ugly. I don’t want him to suffer just because he is my son, you know. And you never know, I might also get annoyed one day and insult someone over such a matter because I cannot tolerate such,” she said.

Awinja then took time to celebrate the man whose show had given her a big break. That man was the late Charles Bukeko aka Papa Shirandula, the prominent actor who recently passed on, for exposing her talent and mentoring her.

Jacky Vike looking glam

Awinja then assured her fans that she will soon be back on TV.

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I didn’t like her! Wibroda comes clean on first time she met Awinja

Jacquey Nyaminde popularly known as Wilbroda and colleague Jackie Vyke aka Awinja appeared together on Jessy Junction; with MC Jessy.

The two had a candid conversation with the MC disclosing some tidbits about their relationship early on.

MC Jessy with Wilbroda and Awinja

According to the two, Papa Shirandula brought them together in a way they still can’t explain especially since their first encounter was not so rosy.

“Awinja explained that her first encounter with Awinja was not the best as they had a dislike for each other but the worst part is that the universe kept bringing them together despite ‘the bad vibe’ between the two!”

MC Jessy with Wilbroda and Awinja
MC Jessy with Wilbroda and Awinja

She added, “At first, I didn’t like her; she didn’t seem to understand her role. I even approached the producers inquiring on the type of person they’d brought on set.”

‘Today, I pay tribute to my on-screen partner,’ read Wilbroda’s emotional message to Papa Shirandula

But their friendship eventually grew despite the negativity surrounding them and they have become a force to reckon with.

MC Jessy with Wilbroda and Awinja

Wilbroda went on to explain that  they became firm friends on set, they couldn’t even be separated on set;

“Our friendship was built on set. It has grown into a sisterhood as we know what’s happening in each other’s lives. I have the most fun when Vike is on set as the two of us have so many sideshows: We have to be separated at times because we can’t stop talking. Our kids and parents even know each other.”

MC Jessy with Wilbroda and Awinja

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Jacky Vyke ‘Awinja’ shares love for her son on his 3rd birthday


Former Papa Shirandula actress Awinja is grateful for alot on her son’s third birthday.

He makes her proud everyday and teaches her how to be a better person.

She wrote


Exactly 3 years ago Today, God blessed Us with the most precious gift ever!
Iam always grateful.

My Son turns 3 today and the journey is just amazing 


‘Awinja’ who is pretty private about her son and hasn’t shared many photos of her boy, shared a picture of her baby bump taken in a shoot back then and talked about the blessing that God gave her in the form of her little boy.

Jacky is a proud mom, and we wish them both happiness and health as they celebrate his third birthday.


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Awinja is doing something for her child that celebrity mums need to listen to

Celebrated actress Awinja of Papa Shirandula says she does not post photos of her son on social media because she is protecting him from trolls.

“As a mother, a child is very important. He is still a child and I don’t want to expose him on social media,” she told Massawe on Radio Jambo yesterday.

Jacky Vike/Awinja

She said that is giving him space to grow and make their own decisions.

“Those parents who open social media pages for their kids end up having the burden of deciding what to post on their social media,” she said. 

Awinja’s baby daddy Alfred Ngachi, a successful creative director, also prefers to keep a low profile. Awinja says the two are co-parenting and are in good terms.

Actress Jacky Vike

Asked about the wedding, Awinja said she cannot talk about when she will have one.

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Slay Queen Mwenyewe! See How Sexy Papa Shirandula’s Awinja Looks Months After Giving Birth

Baby fat for who?

Papa Shirandula’s Awinja Nyamwalo, born Jacky Vike has finally stepped out three months after giving birth.

At 6:55Am on the 3rd Of June, Awinja was blessed with a new bundle of joy -her son.

She wrote, God Blessed Me with the Greatest Gift in my Life ever! Nothing can Beat the Joy my son has Brought in My Life…. I would Love to Thank you all that have Walked with me throughout my pregnancy Journey, My Family, Friends and Fans, Thank you all for your Prayers and Advice, May God Bless you and your Families, its Been an awesome learning experience for me and my Partner and we are Looking forward to More, and I know through God’s Guidance all shall be Well.”

Awinja who is also a radio presenter at a local radio station is one of the lasses that prove that woman can be sexy even when pregnant. She rocked her baby bump just fine.

Three months after giving birth, the actress is looking even sexier.

Here is her recent photo:

REVEALED!!! This Is The Baby Daddy To Papa Shirandula’s Awinja (PHOTOS)

She made the Internet go wild with her pregnancy photos but then she did not say who the baby daddy was.

I must start by saying Papa Shirandula’s Awinja – real name Jackie Vike – looks stunning with her baby pump.

That said, it is time you know that it is not Churchill show’s Sleepy David who is responsible for the pregnancy.

BLESSINGS! Papa Shirandula’s Actress Awinja Is Pregnant! Check Out Breathtaking Photos Of Her Baby Bump

Awinja, has been rumoured to have dated Churchill Show’s comedian Sleepy David which for the longest time has been dismissed as mere rumours.

So, when her pregnancy photos went viral on social media, the first person to come to mind was Sleepy David. This was caused by a photo Mpasho exclusively exposed them kissing.


The comedian would later say it was a cheap publicity stunt.

Now, that that is settled, it turns out Awinja has been dating Alfred Ngachi.

According to Buzzcentral, the actress has been in a 3 year relationship with the executive creative director of sync media.

Papa Shirandula’s Awinja Does The Sweetest Thing For Her Fans After Her Surprise Pregnancy Announcement

Here are photos of the lucky man;