‘I joined the industry as a musician not anyone’s role model,’ singer Avril says

Singer Avril says people should not call her their role model.
Speaking on a Youtube channel with Ala C, the mother of one said she is nobody’s role model.

‘I did not join the industry to be anyone’s role model. I wanted to be a musician. If amid my journey you were inspired by my journey, take that. Anything else leave it. I am just living my life’, she said.

Speaking about her childhood journey, Avril said she credits her life to her late dad.
‘I credit my life to my late dad. He hustled for me and he would not sleep.
 I went to school and he supported me and even when I started singing, I extended that to my younger brother by educating him.’

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She added that although her dad was strict, he blessed her when she told him she wanted to venture into music.
My dad was so strict and even explaining to him was not easy. I had to sit him down but he told me to do music wholeheartedly. It gave me the morale to get that blessing from my dad.’
‘I do not want to fail my family. I work as much as possible to make it comfortable for my child. I want to be the most discipline-oriented mother.’

She said that as an artiste, she was forced to reconstruct since there was no show after corona came. She has been surviving on online business.

‘Social media trolls can lead into depression,’ Singer Avril speaks out

Singer Avril says her toughest journey in life was joining music.

Speaking to ‘Reke Ciume na ene’ the Chokoza hitmaker says that being brought up in a loving family setup, it was tough to face the cruel world of social media. She said that if one is not careful, they can end up falling into depression.

‘But when you join the world of music, technology evolved and social media came. Social media users can cause you to fall into depression if you are not of a strong mind and strong-hearted.’

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Avril posing in red
Avril posing in red

She added that there are comments that are too personal and can make you just quit.
‘Imagine you go in the studio, and it’s not that we are not gifted in voices, you spent your night recording a song and you don’t have any coin, left so that you can respond to the pressure. If you only know how much we spend on these songs. Imagine you do all that and announce on your social media that you will release a song, they comment so badly ati ‘wewe bado huwa unaimba?’ you have not even released, but they have started insulting you. They will tell you to quit. Some are genuine but by the time you get to a mental space to handle that pressure, its not easy.

She added;
‘It’s not just about the trolls but the industry itself coz there is no positive competition. During our times, we could be told that our music could not be played. But you wake up and say, this is what God has instilled in me.
The worst troll that hurt me I can’t say it here. But I just block those haters.
What keeps her going is knowing that there is nothing else she is supposed to do.

‘I tell myself if I do not sing, I will not pay my bills.’
She is releasing an album today titled ‘Spirit’.

‘I did not join the industry to be anyone’s role model,’ Avril says

Avril has been in the music industry for over ten years.

That means she has seen the bright and the dark side of being a celebrity.

However, she is a strong woman and she says she is no longer concerned with what people think about her.

Speaking on K24 TV with Betty Kyallo, she says having known how the social media streets are, she is happy.

“If what I do inspires you, then take it and learn but I am not in the industry to be anyone’s role model,” she said.

She added;

“I have grown under the limelight but my parents were very close to me. They taught me how to handle myself and ofcourse I had a good foundation. I am just enjoying my life. If I chose to be private please lemmi be, its what I have chosen.”

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Avril birthday shoot
Avril birthday shoot

The mother of one says that before she came to realisation of living her life, she was so worried of what was said and was written about her.

“Growing up in a lot of scrutiny has taught me to just live my life especially as a female artiste.

Sometimes the comments about you on social media as a woman will break you, if you do not have a strong support system back home, you will break.

I used to worry so much what people are saying about me but nowadays, any negativity, I block them in my space and move on.”


‘Something was missing in my life,’ Avril speaks about dating this one person

Singer Avril has for the first time opened up about her love life.

Well, in a recent interview, Avril explained how hard it was for her to accept a man in her life.

Avril says that the death of her father made her not trust anyone and before she accepted her baby daddy into her life, she had to question and be sure that he was the right man for her.

In the interview on Adelle Onyango’s podcast, Legally Clueless, the mother of one says she locked out many who wanted to date her.

Avril posing
Avril posing

“I questioned every person who came into my life claiming to love me. I locked out so many people.

I think grieve gives you so much, it is like a sieve because you are very conscious of anyone coming into your life and the reason they are coming into your life.

She added that she locked herself into a space where she didn’t want any human interaction.

“To a good EXTENT it helped me. its so weird but it fueled me back into the industry and that is when I did so much work and then again,” she said.

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It was then she realised that something else in her life was missing.

 “I wanted something else away from my career. I decided to Date this one person.

I do have someone, I have a love interest in my life right now and we have a beautiful son but still, I go back to questions so much,” she added.

Avril with J Blessing
Avril with J Blessing

Because of the character she developed of questioning, Avril says many are the times she quarrels with her baby daddy.

“I keep on questioning so much about even the love, care, concern, how someone can just be unconditional with you. How does unconditional love works, how does one love without conditions?

I am understanding that through the love that I have for my son, I can say he broke a very expensive vase that I have had since my dad passed on,” she said.

Avril has for long been rumoured to be in a relationship with music video director J Blessing. The two are said to be madly in love.

After months of keeping their relationship a secret, singer Avril came out to publicly declare her love to music director J Blessing, on his birthday this week.

Avril posted on Instagram a series of pictures capturing her and J Blessing.

The pictures were all accompanied by sweet messages.

“Happy Birthday . Thanking God for you ,” wrote Avril.

Avril with J Blessing
Avril with J Blessing

‘Was I supposed to grow young?’ Avril responds to trolls

When Avril said she knows how to shade on these IG streets, she meant her words.

The mother of one recently shared photos of herself which elicited so many comments from her fans.

Most of them appreciated her beauty but ofcourse there were others who thought she is no longer pretty.

Gaddafi Kenya wrote;

“You are becoming old.”

In which Avril responded ,

“Was I supposed to grow young?

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This is not the first time fans have been harsh on her.

Recently Avril has asked online users to stop being harsh on people who wear makeup.

Taking to Instagram, the mother of one shared a few photos of herself without makeup.

“Stop shaming girls and guys going through the ups and downs of having problematic skin who chose or want to wear makeup,” she wrote.

In a past interview, Avril said she has very sensitive skin. This comes barely a week after she posted photos of herself with well-done makeup and fans asked her to fire her makeup artist.

Avril said she no longer has the energy to respond to negativity.

“You all know I know how to shade on these IG streets, but gosh, that kathiing is just gone like the wind,” she said.

A while back, Avril trended for a whole day after she shared her photo without makeup.

The singer smiling
The singer smiling

She was her way of telling the world to mind its own business.

But the world is not very good at minding its own business, something that Avril found out after posting the picture.

“Society has its misgivings and I don’t blame them. I have learnt to accept the fact human beings will be human beings,” she said

“Just by me taking a picture of myself not having makeup and struggling with acne, I was insulted for an entire day nonstop by people I don’t know and probably will never meet, women and men alike. I think everyone is entitled to their opinion and ‘perfection is the disease of a nation.’”

What were some of the reactions she received from posting the no make-up selfie?

“I was trending the whole day because I was wearing no make-up and some people thought I looked hideous while others actually thought I looked prettier. Everyone has been a doctor on my timeline this past weekend, something that I have experienced for the past decade of my life,”she said.


Short and Sweet: 14 female celebs who look like a SNACK in shorts – List

Shorts are a lifesaver for most women, whether rocked indoors or outdoors they come to the rescue of many.

Sadly not everyone looks good in shorts.

However, there are celebs who have mastered the art of rocking shorts and we love it.

Below is the list. Check them out below.

1.Talia Oyando

Talia Oyando is fond of rocking shorts whether at work or off work.

She puts in work in the gym and she is allowed to flaunt her gains something she does by rocking figure-hugging shorts.


2. Shix Kapienga

The radio presenter who is in her 30’s has a body some women can only dream of. She knows how to flaunt her legs in shorts and we love it.

Shix Kapienga (1)
Shix Kapienga

3. Jacky Vike

Awinja, as she is known by her fans, is a celeb who is never shy to flaunt her beautiful petite body and we must admit we love her legs.

Jacky Vike alias Awinja


4. Kush Tracey

The damsel is never shy to flaunt her flawless legs and this she has done on different occasions.

Kush Tracey

6. Julie Gichuru

The media personality has legs to die for. In the recent past, she has been keeping fit and the legs are thanking her for it as she can easily rock shorts.

julie gichuru

7. Yvonne Okwara

The Citizen TV host has legs to die for and she does not mind flaunting them whenever she is away from the screens.

Yvonne Okwara training

9. Akothee

Akothee is another celebrity who never tires to flaunt her beautiful black legs. She does so at the slightest chance she gets. For a mother of five, she sure does look good.


10. Nice Wanjeri

Be it shorts or a micro mini dress, Wanjeri knows that some days legs need some air and team mafisi need to ogle at something.

Nyce Wanjeri

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11. Wanjiku Mburu

She is known for her role in Machachari where she plays ‘Mama Bahati’. She is curvy and shorts are a sure way of flaunting them curves.

Wanjiku Mburu
Wanjiku Mburu

12. Avril

The ‘Kitu Kimoja ‘ Hit maker is a snack in her own rights, not forgetting that she is a mother of one. She leaves men drooling.

Avril-Classic 105


13. Brenda Wairimu

Brenda who is a celebrated Kenyan actress is in her ’30s but rocks shorts as if she is still in her 20’s and we must admit she looks good.

Brenda Wairimu
Brenda Wairimu

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‘I gave birth naturally I did not have an operation,’ Singer Avril reveals

Avril has kept her baby daddy a secret plus her son’s face.

In an interview heard by this writer, she opened up on her motherhood journey and addressed the issues of the relationship between her and J Blessing, plus allegations he is her baby daddy.


Those are just rumors but I will not clarify or talk about it. J Blessing and I have a very good working relationship.

He has actually shot 4 of my videos.

Before she unleashed pictures of her baby bump, so many rumors were circulating by KOT ranging from her baby daddy to how she gave birth. Many people had speculated that Avril had a CS but today she opened up saying that those are just lies.

i gave birth naturally. i did not have an operation so for those who are busy saying i had a CS, it’s a lie

So why did Avril hide her pregnancy?

i did not want the story on my baby to come out from anyone else. I wanted to be the one to break it.


Avril is happy that her baby daddy is very much present in her son’s life but it’s sad they will not be a family because life is as it is.

I always wanted a family, but sometimes life happens. however I do not regret that I ended up with a baby daddy rather than a complete family.

Exclusive: J blessing being my baby daddy is just rumors – Avril

Avril has opened up on her motherhood journey and addressed the issues of the relationship between her and her baby daddy, who still remains unknown.

Speaking during an interview heard by Classic 105, Avril says that motherhood is amazing.

“The journey has been amazing but the transition was not easy being a career woman.

I always wanted a family, but sometimes life happens however I do not regret that I ended up with a baby daddy rather than a complete family.

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I have the treasure which is my baby and we are in very good terms with his dad.

Even if we never get to officiate the union I would still be contented because we are still family.

He was actually present during my delivery although he was not allowed into the delivery room.

My baby daddy is very responsible and very present in my sons’s life, the reason why I keep him private is because I do not feel like it’s necessary.”


‘My wife acts like a serpent in the bedroom’ Cries shocked city man

She adds

“My ex (Leslie Mugadza) loved having our love life publicized that is why our relationship was public otherwise I love keeping my life private.

If you don’t agree can you tell me how many boyfriends I have dated?

It was his way of telling everybody ‘she is mine’. 

He was a foreigner and he felt us putting our relationship out to the public gave him some form of security, because everyone would know we are dating.”

avril and her ex Muga

Asked on whether J Blessing is her baby daddy, Avril says

“Those are just rumors but I will not clarify or talk about it. J Blessing and I have a very good working relationship.

He has actually shot 4 of my videos.”

The rate at which women are enhancing their bodies is alarming, but Avril swears that she has never boosted her hips ever.

“At 24 -25 my body changed, it reaches a point a woman’s body changes that is why people were even shocked when I delivered my son because no one knew I was pregnant.

Mtoto alikua amekalia hips.” She says

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Celebs whose engagement ended before they said ‘I DO’ – List

Engagements being called off is not news anymore. We take a look back at some of the celebrities whose long engagements never got to end in the altar.

Some of the individuals have however found love else where and are happily married.  Here is the last

1. Chipukeezy

The comedian recently broke up with his girlfriend whom he had dated for three years, saying that

“People fall in and out of love, and maybe the plans I had for her did not work out.

We moved on because there is more to life than just love and relationships. People should stop speculating things, but instead let her move on with her life. She is free to be out there and get other people.

To be honest, we agreed that whatever we wanted to do together would not work out, and it was a peaceful agreement. Tulikua tunaenda Canaan tukapata mamba.”

Photos of Uganda’s top designer who died in the Lake Victoria boat accident

He proposed  on her birthday in 2015, fashionably pranking her with a berries layered cake, a small ceremony attended by close friends.

At the pop of the champagne, the charming star went down on one knee and sprung the surprise to Vivian’s joyous shock.

Image result for chipukeezy proposes to his girlfriend

2. Willis Raburu

In September  2014, the TV presenter proposed to Sally Mbilu,  a colleague. Sally later broke off their engagement after a year and a half, the main reason for the breakup was never revealed.

Lady lucked smiled on him and he met the woman he now calls wife, Marya Prude .He proposed to her in February 2017 and a few weeks later walked down the aisle.


Photos of Madtrax’s wife that will leave team mafisi confused

3. Avril

In 2016, Singer Avril took a break from her engagement to South African fiancé Muga.

In an earlier interview on Citizen Television’s 10 Over 10 programme, Avril told host Willis Raburu that since the demise of her dad in March, 2016, she felt withdrawn from a lot of activities and relations that require emotions.

“I do not know how we are going to carry on with our plans”, she said, citing her career as the main focus at the moment.

 have been quiet because after I lost my dad earlier this year, I decided to take some time off being in an emotional relationship. I was not in the state of mind and heart to plan my wedding and so I decided to put it aside,” 

Related image

4. Maribe and Jowie

On 30th June,  Jowi went down on one knee and asked for Maribe’s hand in marriage, to which she said yes!

Among those who witnessed the romantic moment included her close pals Shiks Kapienga, Terryane Chebet.
The two kept us on our toes by constantly posting mushy mushy messages on their social media platforms before Jowie was arrested as a suspect in the murder of Monicah Kimani.
To make things worse, Maribe was also arrested for being an alibi. Currently, she is out on bond while Jowie is still in remand, by the look of things it is obvious the engagement is done.
5. Pendo
Pendo got engaged to a mzungu guy in October this year. She revealed this information on her social media page on Instagram when she showed off an expensive engagement ring.
She captioned ‘I said yes’
 Only days after the engagement, Pendo was allegedly arrested for not being able to pay a Ksh 75,000 bill in a Westlands based hotel.
Joseph Kner is said to have left her in the room but Pendo however denied being arrested. A fan posed

‘Is it true your mzungu lover left you with bills? Are you at Parklands police? I hear people are making contributions to clear your debt?” 

image-2018-11-27 (1) (1)

Unbothered Pendo said

”I love making news. It’s the work I chose,”

‘The first time was the worst’ Avril opens up on her pregnancy struggles


Avril has on a few times talked about how she lost her baby fat ,but she had not opened up on the struggles she went through during pregnancy.

She lost her weight pretty quickly and now she is snatched and credits it all to breastfeeding.She is happy being a mother, and loves taking care of her son but it comes with its trials.


“Motherhood has it’s trials, especially for a new mum right at the beginning when it hasn’t quite hit you that this is your life now; but it’s the most rewarding chapter of my life that I have ever found myself in. It’s teaching me a  love that I never knew existed, patience that has brought me so much peace.”

Wilbroda opens up on why she left the show ‘Papa Shirandula’


Avril opened up to in an exclusive interview, speaking about the major challenges as a new mother. One thing she emphasized about is the fatigue which really weighed her down.

“The fatigue at the beginning weighed me and I’ll admit got me a bit loopy, but once I got a hang of things I started being a very happy tired person.”

Aaaw:Diamond opens up on why Tanasha makes his heart skip twice

Despite getting used to the fatigue of a new mother, the greatest is balancing work and her growing career.

“Later I think the greatest challenge started being striking that balance as a working mother. I am fortunate to be self employed so I spend a lot time with my son, but there comes a time when I need to travel for a couple; that’s usually pretty hard for me especially emotionally. The first time was the worst.”


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Celebrities show off their ageless transformation in the #10yearchallenge viral hashtag

The #10yearchallenge is the first viral hashtag of 2019 where people are sharing photos of themselves from 10 years ago and their current one.

Your favorite celebrity has joined in, sharing their before and after pictures.

Pinky Ghelani gushes over her hubby as they celebrate 12th anniversary


The pictures comparing their looks over ten years are quite interesting.


1. Janet Mbugua


How hard did aging hit you: Kenyan celebs do the first viral challenge of 2019

2. Avril


3. Zari Hassan


4. Nelly Oaks


5. Holy Dave


‘Pardon my poor English, I skipped nursery school’ Begs governor Waititu

6. Eddie and Paul Ndichu


7. Prof Hamo


You can also share with us your #10yearchallenge photo on the comment section.

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From Nameless and Habida here are the Best collabos of all times (List)

They say that when two or more brains are put together we are going to look at some artistes who have worked together to produce bomb songs.

Some of the collaborations are magic and they will live to be loved of due to the chills the artistes gave us for producing marvelous hits together.

 Here are some of the artistes from Kenya that have done incredible work together.

1.Nyashinski and Sauti Sol

The two bigwigs in the Kenyan music industry produced ‘short and sweet’ single that will live long. They recently released their new collaborative song called ‘Tujiangalie

2.Wyre and Nazizi

Back in the day when they were still Necessary Noize they rocked with their music and decided later their music is still dope.

Apart from being a band they are a duo that are legendary and they are so united when it comes to making music together. They have singles like Kenyan boy Kenyan girl, Bless my room and So Ruff among others.

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3.Juacali and Sanaipei Tande

Hip hop legend Juacali from Calif Records joined forces with former member of group SEMA and actress Sanaipei Tande to give us good music and romantic ones in that case.

The two are behind the songs ‘Kwaheri’ and ‘Geti kali’

4.Amani and Nameless

The two are legends in Kenyan music and across East Africa. Nameless and Amani did a song together that is called ‘Ninanoki’ in the early 2000’s. The ‘Ninanoki’ song is a timeless song that is still a club banger today.

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5.Habida and Nameless

They collaborated together to produce the song called ‘Sunshine’  and in this collaboration is where Habida had her breakthrough in the music industry.

The chemistry between the two in the music video can make a single person want to fall in love.

6.Ameelina and Sudi Boy

Their biggest hit was ‘Naona Bado’

Avril and Marya

They gave us one hit that will always be remembered. The title of the song is ‘chokoza’.

The song is basically about women giving men restless time in the club leaving men ‘Wakikula kwa macho’. Hope to see the two beauties doing another song together in the near future.

Haiya: Hit songs you didn’t know were written by other people

Nonini and P. Unit

The legend Nonini discovered the celebrated music group P. Unit and they did ‘si lazima’ song then they later did ‘Hapa Kule’ and ‘Kushoto Kulia’.

The songs are still hits till today. If they could collaborate again together it would be nice for their fans.

Willy Paul and Size 8

Gospel singers Willy Paul and Size 8 did their first collaboration together with the song ‘tam tam’ which was a love gospel song encouraging people to be in love, how to build a long lasting relationship and how to choose the right partner for marriage.

They did another song together called ‘Sijafika’ which they included gospel artist Gloria Muliro and Kambua.

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Bravo!!Here is the lucrative role Avril has landed with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Christmas has come early for Avril ,well lady luck smiled on her after she was nominated as a global artiste for an international conference.

Well I know you might be wondering what the conference is all about ,Here are all the juicy  details in the post below.

“So at the beginning of the year I told myself, and even put it on my vision board, that I’d make a trip to Rwanda .. never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that it would have been courtesy of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as a global artist for an International Conference where I get to work with amazing fellow global artists ..

‘I love you so much may God give us the grace to keep winning ‘Read Monicah Kimani’s message to her brother before her gruesome death


Still pinching myself to try believe that one of the artists is the legendary Yvonne ChakaChaka 😩 .. touch down Kigali Rwanda .. Goodmorning fam ❤️ #VisionBoardManifesting #DoYou #YouNeverKnowWhosWatching .. and of course I carried a little bit of home with me cc @home_254 @pace_africa”

We at Classic 105 congratulate her on this achievement given that she works hard in this entertainment industry which is mainly dominated by men.

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‘Stop pretending you care’Fans trol Avril after she posted this photo of Jacque Maribe’s son

Secular artiste Avril faced the wrath of angry Kenyans first first hand after being trolled for posting a photo of Jacque Maribe’s son.

Jacque Maribe is currently in remand at Langata Womens prison after being charged with the murder of Monicah Kimani alongside her fiancee Joseph Irungu alias Jowie.

Well Avril was majorly trolled for one reason,she hides her sons face from the public,the public felt it was disrespectful of her to post Maribe’s son and yet hide her own son’s face and identity.

Jacque Maribe’s neighbor implicates her in the murder of Monicah Kimani: Evidence attached

Jacque Maribe's son
Jacque Maribe’s son

emmy_brandy: This one is quick to post another woman’s child na wake ako busy protecting from Social media, pull this pic down woman with all due respect

lydiakosh: Why would you post someone’s child on social media like that, Just pretending like you care. Even Jackie’s close friends didn’t post her son, it’s very wrong

lydiakosh: Women are supposed to protect children no matter what whether it’s your child or not, this is wrong and does not depict a picture of someone who knows what motherhood is all about

‘I almost lost my son but the devil has been defeated,’ Nigerian actress Tontoh Dikeh reveals

_faithamor: @theavieway as a mother, I would hate it if my childs pic was circulated at a moment like this, it almost seems like using a child to gain sympathy from people. It is in appropriate and you being a mother one would think you would understand better, please pull it down. No child deserves this kind of publicity!

peggyshamyl: This woman is wicked,u are publicizing someone else’s child and urs you hide from the media,shame on you!women should support each other not troll .
otienowinnielucy: @theavieway kwa nini wako hutaki aonekane social media but wa mwenzio ndio huyo wewe mbiombio ama Maribe aliwasiliana nawe ukamposti mnawa huko ala… Ukiona mwenzako kanyolewa tia lako maji,,,, Dunia ni mviringo hata huyo wako kuna mtu atamposti tu

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Local and international celebrities who share similar stage names

There are celebrities who have similar stage names. Some derived their names from icons they looked up to while in some instances it is pure coincidence.

Check out my list. Do you agree or nah?

‘I already miss you so badly’ Sarah Kabu of Bonfire adventures mourns her mum as she is laid to rest

1. Avril Ramona Lavigne and Avril

Avril Ramona Lavigne is a Canadian singer-songwriter and actress who is known as the queen of pop-punk. As for the Kenyan singer song-writer and actress Avril, her real name is Judith Nyambura but she chose Avril as her stage name. She derived the name from April her birth month.


2. Navy Kenzo and Eddy Kenzo

It’s a mere coincidence. Kenzo is a Kenyan R&B artist who sang the hit song ‘mama’, while Navy Kenzo is a music group from Tanzania known for the song ‘kamatia chini’. The ‘sitiyalosi’ hit maker and Bet Award winner Eddy Kenzo is a Ugandan artist. Confused yet? Many fans always mix them up.

Left:Eddy Kenzo and right:Kenzo Matata

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3. Kurupt and K-rupt

Kurupt is an American who was active in the early90’s and he is one of the legends in the hip hop industry. K-rupt is the Kenyan hip hop artist who got inspired by Kurupt and decided to name himself K-rupt.Sadly K-rupt was short dead while being robbed of a phone.


4.Jay Z and Jaz-O

Jay Z took this stage name due to being very close to his mentor Jaz-O. He added some swag to the name

Believe it or not some of this artistes do not even know each other despite sharing stage names.

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‘He deserves his privacy’ Avril says on exposing her son to social media

Like any new mother, female artiste Avril is doing her best to keep her three month old son away from the limelight despite being a celebrity herself.

The first time mother only introduced her son to the world only a few weeks ago. We don’t know the name of the cute boy who’s father is alleged to be J Blessing.

Fashion tips curvy women can borrow from the beautiful Neomi Ng’ang’a

During a question and answer session on her Instagram, Avril made it obvious that she is not ready to divulge too much information on her baby.

Here are some of the questions her fans asked her regarding the cute baby boy.



‘I terrorize my husbands friends, dikweda goma’ City woman proudly boasts


One daring fan took the chance to ask Avril what the name of her child is, but the artiste was elusive on giving that information. Below is the funny answer she gave.


She further went ahead to explain to a fan that it is not that she is hiding her son, it’s just that he needs his privacy also.


Like all mothers, Avril has had to fight baby fat and she states that exclusive breast feeding has been her greatest tool in fighting this. She wrote



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‘It’s been a journey’ Avril says as she opens up on fighting acne

Female artiste Avril caught many by surprise when she posted a photo of her without make up, revealing the acne she has been hiding from her fans.

While some of the fans took it positively, others took the opportunity to troll her given that as a celebrity she is expected to be ‘perfect’.

‘Kuna kitu inaitwa lolo, it’s soo sweet try it’ fan dares Betty Kyallo


Here are some of the reactions after Avril posted the above photo

@IrwinClinton: @Avrilkenya the only few celeb who keeps it real & down to earth keep it up..also love ur jam its a killer chunee #TeamAvril

@Waithiira: @NyagaDavid smh…. Let the poor girl enjoy her holidays. The pressure to be perfect is too real on these streets. No one is. @AvrilKenya

@Therapist_gee: Calling @AvrilKenya ugly na akiku mcm utascreenshot that tweet, print it & laminate na uinunulie frame ka picha ya uhuru @Danwachish


‘Mum has done it ‘Akothee says as mother attends her white and gold party

@leethuo: @avrilkenya u r stil the very best n the most beautiful

@A_Gachukia: Heey Hunny @Avrilkenya You Will Be Okay Soon.

Fast foward in a question and answer session on her Instagram, Avril opened up on how she is fighting acne after a fan posted the question below

“What did you use on your skin, I remember you suffering some serious acne at some point?”

Here is Avril’s response

“Its been a journey of identifying my skin type and triggers, learning about my skin in general so I did away with sugar for a while and a variety of things for the triggers. But then @ORIFLAME_EastAfrica went ahead to have me use products tailored for my skin, now I am also using pure and natural shea butter.”


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‘Thank you’ Avril pens letter to fan who helped her fight separation anxiety

Every new mother worries when it comes to being separated from their child due to one reason or the other and Avril is not spared from that.

The mother of one is an artiste and is expected to be on the move every now and then and just when she thought things could not get any worse, a fan did the unthinkable.

A fan reached out to her telling her how much of a motivation she has been, and here is what she wrote

“One of the most humbling things happened to me yesterday. Someone came up to me showed me some really dope photos he had been taking of me during sound check and said ‘I’ve never forgotten what you said when you came to my former high school three years ago .. 10% is what happens to you 90% is how you react’ .

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I smiled like a fala the whole afternoon .. @alikhanrahim you don’t know what you did to my day especially because of the day I was having #SeparationAnxiety .. I don’t know what to say but thank you and I am so so so so humbled. May greatness follow you always. #ICloseMyEyesWhenISing 😂”

Willy M Tuva connects with woman he saved from being killed by husband

Just the other day Mzazi Willy M Tuva expressed his gratitude after  a fan he saved from being killed by her HIV+ husband reached out to him.

The lady thanked him, stating that were it not for him she would long have been dead. She wrote

“Kweli watu utoka mbali, indeed dreams are valid and how i wish one day will see you face to face # Mzazi, if where not you maybe ningekua siko hapa duniani sasa, it was in 2010 when i was in a relationship with somebody who was positive and he wanted to kill me but i talked to Willy for more than two hours trying to advice me, am now a mother of two, I thank God coz am not positive, I thank you Willy for your advice ,am here because of you # may God bless you abundantly”

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