I thank God for you ❤️❤️❤️! Avril’s post reignites rumours that she J Blessing are a couple

Avril and J Blessing have always denied that they are a couple.

Rumour has it that the two started seeing each other shortly after J Blessing and Chantelle parted ways.

Avril with J Blessing
Avril with J Blessing

However, according to Chantelle, they both did not cheat on each other to break off their relationship; but apparently they both decided to end their relationship due to personal reasons.

Chantelle with J Blessing
Chantelle with J Blessing in the past

They however finally walked out on each other after losing their son baby Kyle due to a medical condition they both chose not to reveal.

Yesterday, the fire to the rumours that Avril and Blessing were a couple was sparked again when the singer posted numerous photos and sweet nothings about producer J.

Avril with J Blessing
Avril with J Blessing

What was interesting is that in all the photos Avril posted she and him were the both featured prominently, something that is rather remarkable considering that she was wishing him a happy birthday.

Avril with J Blessing
Avril with J Blessing

The caption that tied all the photos together read, “Happy Birthday ❤️. I thank God for you ❤️❤️❤️”.

J responses itself was very revealing and did nothing to quell the suspicions that they were together, “Asante sana mama M.”

‘Was I supposed to grow young?’ Avril responds to trolls

The way he said “Mama M” was sort of the way many husbands address their wives when they have children together.

It is a very intimate term for an African woman usually used by a man she considers closer than most.

Avril with J Blessing
The singer with J Blessing

Avril has never revealed her son’s name since she gave birth in 2018 nor has she revealed the father’s identity.

Could this be the hint and the introduction for her fans to the identity of her baby daddy?

Only time will tell and we here at Classic105 will try to get more details to find out.

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Avril shocks many after posting Naiboi’s picture and thirsting over him

Chokoza hitmaker Avril Nyambura shocked many of her fans and followers when she posted an image of Michael Kennedy Claver popularly known as Naiboi on Instagram, months after the two had a heated online fight.

The two have been engaged in a bitter back and forth the last couple of months and many were surprised with this move. Her caption read;

“Ahem. Goodmorning fam😁. #HeCanGetItTho #LadiesWhereYouAt #DarkChocolateIsHealthyRight #OkayBye” read Avril’s caption to Naiboi’s photo.


Her fans were surprised by the move since after the fight, the two had implied that they were not on good terms. As netizens tried to connect the dots, some suggested that they had patched things up while others insinuated that they were about to drop a collabo hence the publicity stunt.

Avril posing
Avril posing

Some fans even went ahead to warn the mother of one against snatching the singer from his wife and destroying his family.

Avril shows off her crazy curves in stunning swimwear

After the online fight, Avril came out to ask the singer to which extent she had broken his heart such that two years later he was still mad at her. She went ahead to say that she’d hate to be his girlfriend and told him to forgive and forget.

Avril on the beach

Naiboi who wasn’t sparing any chills for the beauty further told her to post whatever she had to say on her Instagram account adding that, that was the reason why she was not his girlfriend.

nadia_mukami 😁😁😁😁😁the captions😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣

drofweneke 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Chokoza!!

mosesshitote Usipime mwanaume 😂😂😂

princenewton_ Y’all just drop the song 🥴

mwelujackline Alafu awe mluhya. 😍😍😁..fullcourse meal

djtimsonic 😂😂maaajab …petroli na maji zimemix

caroline_wafai 😂😂😂😂tumekuja chokoza

tracywaithera 🤣🤣tumekuja chokoza🤣🤣🔥

salah.ican 😂😂😂😂😂 mnatupima

danny_njoro Usibishane na Babu wewe!!!!🔥

euniceakudai Abit confused

bernicenymonimz Haha,wapi wale watu wa makasiriko😂😂😂😂

carl_ke Tunakuona sana btw😂😂😂🤣

mercyversace Na ikufikie😂😂😂😂

eumeldah Woooiii I hope you are not thinking of snatching someone’s husband ohh

winniezack Kumekucha

iphone_lanekenya Good to see you two patch things up 🤗

iamemos “Tumekuja Chokoza”😎

melnkirote Nilijua ile beef ilikua ya [email protected] amepewa kiboko

wanjo_locks 😂😂😂 What’s not happening @theavieway

benkaga Hii ni collabo inakuja, @thenaiboi cheza na rieng. 🔥🔥🔥

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Avril shows off her crazy curves in stunning swimwear

Avril Nyambura is one of the most well-followed singers on social media. The musician who hasn’t released a hit in the last couple of years is still doing very well, mostly due to her popularity on Instagram which she has used excellently.

Akwende! Avril tells Naiboi as she sets record straight about beef

She recently left many of her fans and followers thirsting for more when she released a photo-set showing her on the beach. The mother of one bounced back real quick after delivering her baby boy, leaving fans thirsting for more.

The singer posing
The singer posing

While vacationing in the Coast, the beauty decided to give her fans front row seats to her lovely escapades but they were focussed on something else.

The singer rocking black boots
The singer rocking black boots

What? You may ask. Well, her body, her fantastic body and how she brought her groove back with just a few social media posts. As she posed in tempting beach attire, all her followers bowed and gawked at the curves that popped out of her fitting swimwear.

Check out the alluring photos of the singer below;

Avril on the beach Avril on the beach Avril on the beach

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Avril wows fans in yellow jumpsuit as they brand her ‘outrageously beautiful’


Singer Avril went all in for a night out, with a tight off-shoulder yellow jumpsuit, that fit her to perfection.

The all yellow look she embraced for the night out proves she is cool.

She was attending the launch of the OPPO Reno 2F phone in Nairobi.

Avril rocked this look with white heels and ruffle earrings, and a stunning  new hair do. She wrote

Glammed up by @phoinabeauty

Mama M as presented to you by @filbertmkwiche @fintanfashion @backyardshoez 😁

A host of celebrities attended the event including Kambua, Maureen Waititu, Laura Karwirwa, Pascal Tokodi among others.

See how she rocked the off shoulder jumpsuit:



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Super creative tricks Kenyan celebrities use to hide their pregnancy


So Kenyans have over the last two days been treated to exciting baby reveals by Kambua and Diana Marua.

This follows repeated pregnancy rumors that have haunted them for a whilee.

While we are happy and glad to see their glowing baby pictures, there is one thing they all have in common as they try to hide the pregnancy from all of us.

If you take note from Kambu and Diana Marua, they post old photos including selfies that deceive us.

Scroll through their social media feed, and I can assure you there are others who are yet to announce their good news, and continue to fool us with old pics.

The second trick celebrities use is to wear loose fitting clothing leaving unsuspecting fans clueless.

Singer Avril often relied on this trick before she shocked us all with a baby bump reveal photo. She kept it under wraps for months before going public.

While many of them argue that they want to keep the good news from us for as long as possible, their fans argue that the effort is not worth it.

The only downside to that is having to carry random objects to hold in front of their bellies, wearing loose-fitting clothing and even changing the way they work.

Covering bellies with huge handbags and wearing only black is another trick employed by celebs.

They tend to wear peplum tops, with belts, and humongous handbags when they are out and about. Next time you hear rumors, pay attention to these tricks, you just might unearth some good news.

You know those celebrities who have always been so adamant about sharing pictures of their killer bodies? Those female celebrities when pregnant will suddenly begin to post throwback pictures and close up selfies, as they keep away from the public.

What other tricks do you think they use to fool us? Drop your comments below.


Avril Claps Back At Fan For Questioning The Outfit She Wore For Swimming

Avril has been making news for a pretty long time now with the main story being that she’s pregnant for a producer. When asked about the news, they both denied it with the producer even threatening to sue.

Avril/ Instagram

Well, Avril shared a video on Instagram and the baby bump could be seen clearly, which has raised questions as to why she’s denying that she’s pregnant.

As if that’s not enough, she’s now making news after getting into the pool dressed in a dashiki shirt.

Avril/ Instagram

She went ahead to throw shade that some people will find fault because she’s in a pool in a shirt.

She wrote, “When you can’t help but take a dip in the pool fully clothed .. well almost 😋 .. I know some judgemental pricks will have something to say about that as they always do 😂 .. goodnight fam .. rest up ..”

Her fans didnt waste time as they went ahead to comment;

  • robbinsonomosa: Tafuta bikini, wacha kunieka chini hivo @theavieway
  • theavieway: @robbinsonomosa naona umeamkia post..pole sijakupatia content ya kukusaidia through the morning
  • robbinsonomosa: @theavieway sorry ni asubuhi huko. It’s night time here. Jivunie curves. Lol
  • theavieway: @robbinsonomosa sina haja ya kukua uchi IG nifurahishe watu 😊 .. lala poa
  • dakitarimhudumu: Unaeza aje swim na kanzu 😇😥😧🙍
  • iamfelo_mistari: Baby bump ohh!
  • ennkiennki: Kumbe sio wamaasai kama mimi wenye huu ushambaa tuu😂😂😂.bikini zina wenyewe 😆

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EXCLUSIVE: Are Avril And J Blessing Expecting A Baby Together? (Photos)

The grapevine is rife with news of a new celebrity baby on the way. A little bird whispered to us that J Blessing and Avril, could be expecting a beautiful bundle of joy early next year.

Dude, here is a scoop,” the source said, “Avril is paged with J Blessing. She is paged daddy. 100%.”


Another source added, “Yes, Avril is expecting her first child and she is keeping everything hush hush because this matter is private and she wants it to stay out of the limelight.”

Commenting about the matter, J Blessing flat out denied the allegations, saying, “But for real, it is news to me as well.”

Adding with a threat, “I cannot get into that because I will file a case for defamation immediately they mention me without any facts because I’m sure of my position.”


Avril was more demure about the topic, saying, “I’m immune to controversy.”

Adding that she will not fuel the fire of the rumour because society and the industry have “double standards” when it comes to women.

However entertainment pundits claim that if this news is true then Avril, being the music power that she is, is most likely to bag huge endorsements during and after her pregnancy. She will join other celebrity mums who have cashed in big like Size 8, Janet Mbugua and DJ Pierra Makena.

Here are screenshots of conversations with the two;






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Avril Rocks This Hairstyle And It’s Giving Ladies So Much Life (Photos)

Avril is one lady who has proved that she can rock right about anything and still look stunning. She’s a short lady, but that does not stop her from looking fly everytime she graces our screens or doing errands around town.


Over the years she has mastered her body and has learned what works and what doesn’t. Many curvaceous ladies have had a really hard time getting the right clothes to fit them, but at this point ladies, you can pluck a few leaves from Avril’s tree.

avril 11

A while back, she was trolled for adding weight with many saying she should hit the gym, Well, she addressed the haters, stating that she’s a curvy lady who adds weigt around her hips. Have you seen her tummy? It’s flatter than that of most skinny ladies.


Away from her curvaceous body, Avril has given ladies so much life with a hairstyle that she rocked not long ago. Rocking a fringe is not easy especially if it doesn’t go well with the shape of your face. But Avril rocked it and it has given ladies who would want to try it out, all the hope they require.

Check out the stunning photos below:

avril fringe 7

avril fringe 6

avril fringe 5

avril fringe 3

avril fringe 2

avril fringe 4

avril fringe 1