‘My life is not a secret but private,’ Avril reveals why she doesn’t post her love life

Singer Avril says she is taken and has chosen to keep her love life private.

In a recent interview with Ala C, the mother of one said he dated several men before settling for the love of her life.

She said that most of those she dated wanted her to quit music as they felt insecure of her being surrounded by men.

‘I realised that music is such a jealous lover. It doesn’t want you to concentrate on anything else.

Relationship are destroyed because of music coz you give it a lot of time.

As a female artiste, my producer is male, my biggest fans are male so, those who come in my space must be very mature and not intimidated.

At 18-19years, do you think you will get such a person, some will come with an agenda for you to leave music. There is no way you will work.
I wont lie that I did not date, I dated several People. Before I actually got the person who would understand me it took time.’

They are too emotional!-Kenyan men’s number 1 complaint to Maina about working with women

The singer posing
The singer posing

She added that she did not want to speak much about her love life since there is a price of revealing too much to people.
‘I will not speak so much about that since when people want to know too much about you, there is a price coz it means you have to sacrifice your privacy. The reason nobody has ever seen my baby is coz he has his life and when in a relationship, its two different lives.
You know me for music, people want to ruin things.
I love my privacy although my life is not a secret. People know I am in a relationship and I have a baby but they do not know who. So my life is not a secret but private.’

Akwende! Avril tells Naiboi as she sets record straight about beef

Judith Nyambura Mwangi or as many know her, Avril has been in the news the past week after Naiboi re-ignited bitter memories about her refusing to feature on his song 2 in 1.

I don’t have a flat tummy and I don’t care! Avril proclaims

The back and forth has been very entertaining for most of us who love the pettiness but it seems that the mother of one wants to move on from the affair.


In an interview with one of Kenya’s radio stations, the musician explained that she was still nursing wounds days after giving birth and therefore didn’t see the need to jump on the project, despite promising to do so.

“From my understanding nilimnyima video ya 2in1. So I had just delivered my baby and I was in recovery mode. So Naiboi akanitumia message akaniambia “Hey is it possible for you, (lakini siwezi indicate sana lakini no one knew I was in recovery) to do a video for me, I said yes. Sasa mimi nafikiria hii video nafaa kufanya in like a week, so me I thought ni kitu kama ya one week and I will be ready to do, mdogo mdogo two hours later anashinda akituma messages ile video niaje, Kesho ile video, aiish Dude!!! “

The singer smiling
The singer smiling

She added,

“So me si kurespond , I didn’t say anything, Nilijiambia tu kwa akili yangu I don’t need this kind of pressure right now niko na enough issues. Nafikiria venye nitapumbia maziwa mtoto wangu, hata kuketi ilikuwa shida, alafu mtu bado anataka niende nifanye make-up nikafanye video. So when I said I did not feel like doing it, it was true, I was not in that space, so beef ikaanza hapo. So the next thing naskia kwa radio akisema Avril and Victoria Kimani refused to be in the video. Hiyo ni story ya 2018. So January 8th, naamka nimetagiwa kwa post ya Naiboi, I’m looking for a female artiste na tafadhali msinitajie Avril? Are we still on this? So mi sijui bado nimekasirikiwa, aiii! A kwende. Makasiriko ya 2018 tusilete 2020.”

Avril wearing blue jumper
The singer posing

Her explanation comes days after Naiboi, shared a video saying that he wanted to do a collabo with a female artiste except for Avril.

Naiboi with Bien
Naiboi with Bien

Naiboi’s 2 in 1 was an all celebrity video that saw media personalities and musicians record short clips on phone that were later combined to make a full video.

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Blue ticks! Kenyan Celebrities who have been Verified on Instagram

Being verified on Instagram means Instagram has confirmed that an account is the authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents.

A verified badge is a blue check that appears next to an Instagram account’s name in search and on the profile.

Below are some of the Kenyan celebrities who have been verified,

   1. Avril


    2. Njungush


Celebrities we wish were dating FOR REAL

   3. Daniel Ndambuki ‘Churchill’


  4. Sauti sol


   5.Vera Sidika


Utashtuka! Creepy maternity photos that will surprise you

     6. Huddah Monroe


    7. Bahati


     8. Victoria Kimani


    9. Joy Kendi


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Celebrities we wish were dating FOR REAL

They are our favorite celebs, who are pals, but would look so darn good together if they were dating in real life.

Here are some celebrities we would like to see dating,

1. Nyashinski and Avril

in a post on instagram, Nyash sent tongues wagging after the photo below was shared. He wrote

Avril outchea looking like financial stability and 16 glasses of water a day! 😂 tag her 3 times if you’re not a hater.


Bravo!!Here is the lucrative role Avril has landed with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

2. Larry Madowo and Edith Kimani

These two have been friends for the longest and are among few celebrities who are not scared to show it.

Earlier, Larry Madowo posted,

‘Living our best lives now in Paris with one of my realest, smartest friends. But Edith Kimani is also one of the silliest. I keep her around because she teaches me fancy things and she’s a general riot’


3. Paskal Tokodi and Celestine Gachuhi

Their on screen chemistry in their series ‘Selina’ which airs on Maisha magic just makes us want them to date in real life.


Daddy goals: These photos of Njugush and his son prove he is a responsible dad

4. Ian Mugoya and Huddah Monroe

Have you seen these two? They are just too beautiful and would make such a cute and to die for couple.


5. Wiz Kid and Tiwa Savage

I mean come on guys! These two are just showing us how much they should be in each others lives and we are here for it especially after Wiz Kid’s song called ‘fever’.


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Avril shows off her baby for the first time

About a year ago songstress come actress Avril(Judith Nyambura Mwangi), had posted pictures of her baby bump months after she had broken up with her fiance of three years.

avrl bump

Finally we get the first look at her baby after she posted an adorable photo last night on her Instagram with the caption saying;

“All worth it .. goodnight “

Friends goals! After doing a song together, Ommy Dimpoz opens ups about Avril’s baby


In which afterwards she also posted on motherhood;

avril mother

Here are more photos of Avril with her baby bump.


avrl bump

Apart from Jose Chameleon and Avril, here is a list of celebrities who were born in April

April has finally come to an end.

This has not only been a rainy month but also many celebrities birthday month.

Today, celebrities like Avril, Jose Chameleon, turned an year older and the Internet is blowing up with fans wishing them a happy birthday.

In Photos: Akothee’s Sons Celebrate Joint Birthday In Style

Avril wrote;

‘We always wish each other happy birthday and so the tradition continues .. happiest birthday to my birthday mates @jchameleon… May happiness follow you. Fam, help me wish these EA superstars a happy birthday’


Jose Chameleon wrote;

“Born: 30th April 1979,
Today is my Birthday Life is the biggest gift God gives to man and Talent is another he gives to those he favours.Happy birthday to everyone I share this day with.”


Yesterday, King Kaka also celebrated his birthday.

Avril’s sweet message to J blessing on his birthday

He wrote;

‘Now this is love. On your 16th birthday they made you a cake with my image on it. You mentioned that I was your hero. I thought it only happens to akina Bieber na CB , anyway Happy Birthday Nevian , May you have many more.’


Well, here are more celebrities who celebrated their birthday this month;

1.Fena Gitu

Fena was born in April and on the 25th she turned 28 years. she wrote on her Instagram page;

’28!!! 🍾🥂I’m Just Grateful!! ❤
#Trouble2018 Drippin 😉’


2. McDonald Mariga

Kenya’s greatest football players,  Mcdonald Mariga Wanyama, turned 31 years old this month. He is still the beckon of many youth footballers in Kenya. He was born on the 4th of April 1987.

3. Wangari Maathai

The late Nobel peace price Wangari Maathai was born on 1st April. She would be 78 years. She will be remembered for her vast achievements and the impact she made on the lives of so many people.

4. J Blessing

Video director and Pace ambassador J blessing was born on the 15th April. The rumored baby daddy to Avril’s new child share his birthday month with his beautiful  baby momma.

5. Akothee  and her two sons

Single mothers president Akothee celebrated her birthday this month. The same month, her two sons Oyoo and Ojwang. They  also happened to celebrate their birthday in the same month with their mum.

The one surprising thing that Avril has learnt

As we await the birth of a celebrity baby from singer Avril, the singer is revealing to her fans in an open letter what she thinks about life and how she is slowly trying to live and understand it.

Perhaps Avril is tired of throwing caution to the wind, and has decided to share her journey. This somewhat reminds me of that Swahili proverb ‘asiye funzwa na mamaye hufunzwa na ulimwengu’ which means whoever is not taught by the mother will be taught by the world. she made public her thoughts on Instagram, noting that;

“You live you learn. I never understood that until I genuinely started learning to live (slowly getting there).”

EXCLUSIVE: Are Avril And J Blessing Expecting A Baby Together? (Photos)

avril 1

Clearly she’s been thinking about this dream called life and how she’s going to row her boat down in the stream of merrily (happiness).

“Giving in to every vibration, every thought, not being afraid of being vulnerable (well sometimes . I haaaaate being vulnerable. maybe more scared than hate) and just letting go. That’s when ‘row row row your boat (you), gently down the stream (life), merrily merrily merrily merrily (be happy) … life is just but a dream(is it not?)’ .. makes sense.

In another post she also added,

“I tried . even when the goal posts and the rules of the game kept changing . I tried.”

Avril is clearly speaking in parables and is keeping us in the dark but we hope she will soon tell us what she’s trying to communicate.


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Meet Singer Avril’s Handsome Grandpa Who Has Put Kenya On The World Map

Back in 1968, Kenya sent a squad of sportsmen to represent our country in the Olympics in Mexico. And among those in the team was a handsome man named Philip Waruinge. Philip went on to win a Bronze.

Olympic featherweight boxer Philip Waruinge on return to Kenya, with trophy and Mexican hat.
Olympic featherweight boxer Philip Waruinge on return to Kenya, with trophy and Mexican hat.

Well it seems this Olympian is related to music sensation Avril. The singer posted on her social media, revealing her special relationship with the Olympian.

She wrote;

Saying that I am humbled having met this man is an under statement .. very few people know know that I am the grand daughter of the living legend Boxing Olympian Phillip Waruinge .. hearing tales about him from his childhood friend and boxer as well, Jimmie ‘Pap Pap’, made my heart so full #MyHeroes #GreatnessRunsThroughMyVeins #Stinger #LightWeightBoxingChampions

Check out their picture below

Avril and boxing legend Philip Waruinge


Sassy Singer Avril’s Vacation Picture Sends Male Fans Into A Frenzy

Avril is setting the thirst trap out here on the gram after posting a picture while in Mombasa on vacation.

Sassy singer Avril is currently on vacation in Kilifi. where she traveled with her counterparts under the Kaka empire label.

A picture that the singer has posted has caught the attention of male fans who couldn’t help but express their thirst on the comments section. The curvaceous singer has time and again had male adoring fans throw themselves at her feet, especially when she is performing. Which man can’t resist her curves?


She and other artistes under the Kaka empire label jetted off to Kilifi, and from photos they seem to be having a grand time.

She posted;

Chilling #MandhariniKilifi

avril bikini pic

Trust team mafisi to represent themselves well. Here are some comments from guys thirsting after her

mukirifredrickThe bikini pose tukule kwa macho tafadhali

graffinkimWaaah hizo vitu nanii

Stanley Orondo What always kill me is your beauty I wonder if I can get one time to have a photo with you.

Geoffrey Mwaura Mtoto mzuli huyu

Micky Muryth ka ningefika hpo 2 ningeswim even on ma jeans en sweater mxupa,wow

Felix Felix Ungenishw twende

Steve Cidwell wow!! u jst nid to be co**ed in that pool

Tekno Muxiox Khasou can’t express how i felt seeing ua pic#too_raunchy_mama

Chris Mugambi kumewaka ….sima moto wapi

Gerald Kioko The cameraman!!!!Lazima amesimama😜 tena ndani ya maji.

She’s Still Stunning! Kenyan Singer Avril Shows Off Her New, Daring Hairstyle (Photos)

Singer Avril is one of the most loved and celebrated female artistes in the Kenyan music industry.

From back when she was still new in the industry with her hit song Mama to the mature lady and musician she is now, the Nakuru-bron singer has remained humble through it all.

Other than her amazing beauty and curves that drive men crazy when she’s performing, Avril is also very talented, with an angelic mellow voice that soothes the soul with her smash hits and love songs.

Huyu Ni Yule Dame! Victor Wanyama Reveals How Avril Helps Him Unwind Before a Match

Avril, real name, Judith Nyambura, recently released a song dubbed Yule Dame that empowers and appreciates women who hustle in one way or the other, even the ‘mama mboga’ and charcoal sellers who don’t shy off from odd jobs.

She recently shocked her fans when she shared a photo on social media, looking like she’s heavily pregnant, with a caption that read; “That awesome moment when you start showing 😂😂”. But it turned out that she was just joking around and ain’t preggers.


Well, the other thing that the stunning singer is known for is her sense of fashion and amazing natural hair. A few years ago, Avril experienced self-esteem issues with her forehead, and to hide it, she would wear girls caps and hats, but later on she decided to embrace it.

Avril now shows off her big forehead despite some fans making fun of it. There was a particular time she shared a photo with no makeup on, and her acne and forehead were very visible in the pic, with some fans posting nasty comments while others applauded her for her courage.

All in all, Avril believed in herself and even became the Kenyan ambassador for Oriflame Cosmetics, which has helped in her  journey to have a better skin.


The Nikimuona hitmaker now shows off her natural hair more often after ditching the hats, and once in a while, she will rock weaves or wigs, but she has never tried a daring hairstyle before, like putting crazy colored braids apart from a few highlights that she uses on her hair.

Ukweli Wa Mambo! Avril Finally Speaks Out On Her Alleged Fling With Footballer Dennis Oliech And Why She Dumped Her Ex (Audio)

But this time round, Avril has decided to go a bit wild with a daring hairdo. She got herself black and gold , long, crotchet braids that run down her shoulder and I have to say she looks different and still gorgeous, but I prefer her with natural hair.

Check out the new hairdo below, clearly, Avril can pull off anything.