Types Of Women You Need To Avoid

The dating pool is filled with different kinds of people, from the kind soul, the freak, the “mama kanisa”, virgin Mary, the psycho to the drama queen. While looking for that woman who will rock your world, you need to understand that everyone is different. With that in mind, you should also avoid certain types of women for you to have a peaceful relationship.

Here are some of the women you need to avoid at all cost:

Madam clingy: This has got to be one of the worst types of woman you will want to be around, let alone date officially. Filled with insecurity and jealousy, she will not let you have a peace of mind. She will be possessive and will want to mark her territory. Unfortunately you will only realize this once deep into the relationship because in most cases we ignore the signs.


Madam “guess what’s on my mind” : This type of woman will expect you to read her mind all the time. In fact she will constantly “test” how well you know her to see if you really love her and often gets offended if you get it wrong. You are expected to be a mind reader, and we all know men don’t like guessing!

The chatter box : There is talk and then there is too much talk. This kind of woman will talk about any and everything both relevant and otherwise. While being talkative isn’t a bad thing, men don’t like people who cannot listen or respect that a conversation should allow both parties to voice their opinions. You can’t be the host and the guest at the same time.


Madam Independent: A woman who has made it in life and career and seems to have it all plus everything going on will be an automatic threat to a man. She also takes equality more than seriously. However, they will still approach her, but the problem comes when she treats the man like she doesn’t need him and has everything covered. Hallo “feminists”

Madam Perfect – This is the batch of women that think they are everything and you should be honored that they considered you. They will make you worship the ground they walk on because they are simply doing you a favor by being in your presence.


Madam Me, Me, Me – These women looove themselves, they are confident, beautiful, radiant and much more simply because they know and have accepted who they are. This makes them the best to approach because they are the perfect “chase”. The problem comes when she switches from sweet to B#$%& real quick. She likes things to be about her, it’s a relationship but not a team effort because she comes first and in most cases she can become emotionally distant because she shields herself from being hurt.

Things That Kill Your Online Dating Profile

This article first appeared on The Huffingtonpost.

The internet has provided an avenue to do business, make friends, get information, earn a living even find love. There are so many websites that provide a chance for people who are looking for love.

On such sites one is required to create a profile and give personal information about them to attract a potential mate. However not many know what to write or keep off their profile and they end up attracting the wrong people or none at all.

If you are on a dating site, here is a list of things you should not do:

No Hats – Avoid wearing hats in pictures because it may translate to “I’m bald” or “I’m hiding something.” Even if there is nothing wrong with your head, tapping through seven photos of you in seven different hats will leave a lady slightly suspicious. Also wearing masks, helmets etc is a complete NO NO! Show off everything you have to offer so the person interested in you will like your profile without a doubt.

No bathroom underwear selfies – This isn’t brain surgery, and it’s definitely not the rodeo. Just like with wearing hats, resist posting bathroom selfies of you in your boxer briefs. According to a survey done by Zoosk, “men get 19 percent more messages if their photo is taken outdoors, and full body shots dramatically increase the amount of incoming messages received.” If you absolutely must make it known how much overtime you’ve been putting in at the gym, select pictures of you hanging at the beach or pool in your bathing suit of choice.

Exclude baby pictures – Women love to see a potential suitor holding a baby because it’s cute and shows your soft side and perhaps foreshadows what you may look like when the time finally comes. But for many women browsing through OkCupid, that time is not now. If you’re not ready for a baby or a serious relationship, exclude pictures of you holding your niece or nephew at the zoo.

Avoid foul language – Convey your intentions and awesome personality as politely as possible. Limit your humble brags and curse words. It’s difficult to express tone in Times New Roman, and profanity can come across as a bit aggressive, especially if the person of interest has no idea what you sound like in person.

Spare us the fake deep quotes – Women are interested in your personality traits, not what you think Gandhi may have said. Profiles that include personal information are perceived to be more business-minded. If you somehow run out of things to say about yourself, quoting your favorite song can be a good conversation starter. But don’t try to pass off Green Day lyrics as your own profound meditations on modern love.

Keep break-up sob stories away – This is one exception to the “don’t keep things bottled up” adage. When it comes to past relationships, if you need to spill it, phone a friend. Phrases like “I don’t know what I want” and “I’ve been hurt” are instant red flags for online daters seeking something new and fun. Keep the vibes positive.

Keep it in your pants – Last but not least, absolutely don’t use picture of your genitals or even mentions of your special body part. Yes, that includes nicknames. It’s typically off-putting for a woman to see a picture of your penis if she hasn’t requested one. As a general rule for sending any nude pictures, just don’t unless the person asks for it. It seems so obvious, and yet it can be such a turn off.


Things To Avoid When Pursuing Someone You Like

Have you ever liked someone that you just wanted to be with them all day everyday, staring at them, feeding them with your love and attention etc. Well it is natural to want to feel that way about a person, however how you treat them is what will eventually determine if they stay or not.

What is he? When you’re chasing after someone you like, being too persistent or in simple terms “insisting” can work at a huge disadvantage to you. It will also make the person you want ask too many questions ‘What does the guy want from me?’ ‘Is he good or bad?’ ‘Is he a stalker?’ The person will choose to stay away, no matter how hard you try later, you can’t really blame them.

Too witty: Conversations are good as they give you time to know each other and share ideas on different aspects. However trying to control the conversation by being overly “witty” will leave your date totally unimpressed.

Compliment other guys, and be with her friends: Few guys are cool enough to enjoy a conversation when a girl praises some other guy. Chill, take it in your stride with a smile. Praise that fellow even if you don’t like him one bit. If that is tough, pretend to agree with whatever she says. Remember that everything in fair in love and war. Later, if your relationship takes off, you can always tell her you were lying! Besides getting irked over it won’t change your opinion. More importantly, make sure you also hang around with her male friends as one of them. Don’t try to occupy all the space around her. She will feel claustrophobic.

Go slow: Most of us want a relationship to turn serious the moment we are sure about someone. The other person may not think likewise. Hence, go slow give them time. Try to figure out what they are thinking. Don’t tell her that her world begins and ends with you till you are, well, more or less, sure that she thinks similarly.


Practical Ways To Avoid Conflicts With Your Partner

Fights, arguments, conflicts, disagreements etc are very common and are part of relationships, infact its one of the things that has to happen in a relationship.

However constant fighting isn’t good for anyone as it gets exhausting and is bound to kill the relationship. We are all humans and at some point we will disagree on certain issues, dealing with that is what happens to be the challenge for many which doesn’t have to be the case.

Here are simple ways to do it:

Avoid ego clashes:  It’s natural to assume that we are the best. However, in a relationship remember there’s a lot of sharing between two people. So whether it’s good or bad, be prepared to share the credit as well as blame with the same spirit. Remember it takes two to tango.

Be diplomatic: There might arise situations where the finger clearly points towards your partner’s fault. If he/she is mature enough to admit, fine. But when you know it won’t happen, be diplomatic and stay cool. There’s no point arguing with such a person expecting him/her to deliver an apology.

Analyze the reasons: Sometimes anger might be a result of work pressure or stress. If that is the case, try to put off the fight. The earlier you do it, the better it is. You will eventually realize there was no issue after all.

Douse the fire first: In case of a fire, first remedy would be to extinguish it rather than investigating the cause. Similarly, in a conflicting situation try and lessen the intensity of the fight by making peace. Many big fights start with a trivial reason. Hence, try not to get into an argument right away.

Give space: If you fight over a serious issue and know that it’s going to turn ugly, then it’s wise to just leave the place. When emotions run high it’s best not to get into an argument that leads to bitter fights. At that point in time, all you need is time and space to think over the issue. So just flee the place and come back later when both of you are calm and in a situation to settle things across the table.

Don’t act in haste: Do not send furious messages or mails in a fit of rage. Wait for the right time to discuss things. Most importantly, this will also avoid any untoward incidents. For all you know, it may hurt your partner and leave a deep impact on his/her psyche.

Don’t get emotional: It’s natural for anyone to get hyper and lose temper during fights. However, remember it’ll only spoil your health. Try as
much to keep a check on your anger and solve issues peacefully.

Don’t bottle up: If you or your partner is the inexpressive types, it’s even more dangerous. As much as verbal fights and arguments are bad for a relationship so is non-expression. Bottling up negative feelings harms relationships. So try and solve it then and there itself without postponing. Sit down and tell your partner about how you feel, it helps a great deal to communicate.

Show you care: No matter how ugly your fight was, do try to act normal. This will erase any ill-feelings that your partner would have towards you. It’s important to make the other person feel wanted and cared for.


Foods To Avoid While Curing A Hangover

So you were out last night and you really outdid yourself on the shots of tequila , vodka , whisky or whatever your poison is  and now you are paying the price with a nasty hangover.

Well the bad thing is that you swear not to drink but you will do it again, the good thing is I will tell you the foods to avoid when hang-overed.

Orange juice: If your hangover has bypassed your tummy and is only brewing up a storm in your head, then orange juice is safe for you. Otherwise, even though you may be tempted to rehydrate with a glass of orange juice, try to resist. The sourness of the citric acid will only upset your tummy further, rather than soothing it.

Coffee: You might think that coffee will stimulate your system and help you out of the doldrums, but actually it will just make your hangover worse. Hangovers are the result of severe dehydration, and coffee being a diuretic will just dehydrate you further. Instead, drink plenty of water, fresh fruit juice or herbal tea.

Greasy food : Greasy food is better at preventing hangovers than curing them. If you dig into a big burger or a pack of fries before you start drinking, the grease will line your stomach and lower the alcohol absorption rate (while also loading you up on unhealthy calories, so watch out). However, this same theory doesn’t work the next morning, since greasy food irritates your stomach when it is already sensitive.

Meat: You can eat a little bit of meat if you want, but avoid eating a whole lot of it, even if your system is suddenly craving it. Your blood sugar is probably low after drinking, so eating a lot of protein without much carbs will lower it even further, causing your headache to ratchet up considerably.

More alcohol: Many people claim that you can cure a hangover by drinking more alcohol. In fact, there is a Norwegian phrase called ‘hair of the dog’, which means that the cure for whatever problem you’re facing involves the thing that did the damage in the first place. Drinking more alcohol will make you feel better for a short while, but it will eventually dehydrate your system even more, intensifying your hangover.



How to cure the festive hangover

After over indulging and probably having too many shots on a night out or during  meal with family and friends during this festive season, you will wake up with a hangover from hell.

Worry not, there are several ways to sort out this issue.

1. Painkillers –  As obvious as it sounds a Paracetamol/Ibuprofen or two will sort your headache and cool you down.  However you should steer well clear of aspirin. While it will shift your headache it ‘may further irritate the stomach and increase nausea and sickness.’

2. Water- Alcohol dehydrates you, so the best way to get back to your feet is drinking plenty of water. This is especially effective if you drink in between glasses.

3. Sex – Getting it on between the sheets can help boost your mood and help you forget about the stomach-churning hangover and the brass band camped out in your ear drum. Its not a guarantee that the hangover will go but it will liven up your moods.

4. Food – Contrary to what many do it’s probably best to avoid a fry up. Instead, get stuck into a proper nourishing breakfast. It’s the best way to replace all those lovely vitamins and minerals your body lost working hard to process the alcohol. Wholemeal toast with a scrambled egg, some tomatoes and mushrooms and a glass of orange juice is better than beans and fried bread.

5. A cup of ginger tea- Put it in hot water or, er, just chew it… Either way ginger helps alleviate nausea and feels a bit like a warm cuddle from someone who loves you. Although, if you do decided to just chew it, that cuddle may feel more like an unbearable burning in the back of your throat.

6. Sleep-  Booze disrupts the sleep cycle, so part of the reason you are feeling so sick is because your body is sleep-deprived. Hit the sack for a couple of hours and you’ll be back to your old self in no time.