Anerlisa Muigai’s posh Lavington home stormed by auctioneers

A lawsuit against Keroche Breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai from 2018 has culminated in drama in the posh apartments in Lavington.

Back in 2018, Mwananchi Credit Limited and Dennis Mombo sued Anerlisa for defaulting in paying a loan of Ksh 13m.

According to the suit paper, “She defaulted in servicing the loan leading to the institution of HCCC No. 357 of 2017 which was referred for mediation; that when the suit was pending mediation, the defendant negligently and recklessly published on social media namely her Facebook and Instagram platforms untrue allegations against the plaintiffs which were defamatory.

That the publications against the plaintiffs in their natural and ordinary meaning meant and were understood to mean inter alia that the 1st plaintiff company was incorporated to carry out fraudulent business under the guise of a lending institution.

That the 2nd plaintiff is a fraudster who uses his company to defraud people and he had colluded with one Ben Kangangi to defraud the defendant of KShs.20,000,000.”

Following the suit, a decree by the high court was signed by the deputy registrar on October 26, 2020, reads: ” That the judgment be and is hereby entered in favour of the 2nd Plaintiff (Dennis Mombo) against the Defendant (Anerlisa) in the sum of Ksh 2,500,000.”

Adding that “the amount will attract interest from 14th November 2019 until payment in full.”

Today, auctioneers tried but failed to get access to Anerlisa’s Lavington home to recoup the cost of the judgement.

The drama is still ongoing. Kep it here for more.

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MCA’s wife joins auctioneers as they impound his cars

A member of the Kisumu county assembly is in trouble after auctioneers and a woman he had inherited descended on his home and impounded his vehicles.

The man, known for his love for a posh lifestyle and driving fuel guzzlers, has now been forced to use public.

His wife, angered by her husband’s love for young girls, joined the auctioneers who were attaching the property for an unserviced loan.

The ‘bull’ had been on several occasions caught having good times with girls in his official car, which is now in the hands of the auctioneers.

Talk about trouble in paradise.

Meanwhile, Kenyans are shocked that top county officials from far-flung areas are chauffeured in to spend their weekends in luxurious hotels in Nairobi.

While some have established homes in Nairobi, we are informed that such county officials never spend time there when they are in the capital city.

Particularly, a governor from Nyanza with an insatiable appetite for college girls has angered many.

He travels to Nairobi every weekend with different girlfriends. Corridors has it that he sends his bodyguards to select the girls from colleges in his county.