Here are six things that attract women to a man

Different women have different tastes when it comes to men, while some sleep with a man for his money others are attracted by something else.

Here are things that attract a woman to a man


There is nothing as sexy as a man who is oozing confidence, a man who knows what they he is capable of and is not scared to go for it.

2. Stamina

Yes you read that right, who would want to go out with a man who cannot keep his erection for more than a minute? So stamina is a plus.

If you have no stamina as a man, kula mrenda, chapa tizi and lets meet behind the tent.


Experience is important maybe it be while looking for a job or not it is paramount. For most women a man who know where to touch and when is a complete turn on.

It would be really uncomfortable and tiring for a woman to keep pointing where her G spot is to a 30 something year old.

As a man just do your homework and then come implement it .

Dressing like a fire fighter to bed kills the mood – shouts Captain Kale

4. Explore

Milan Kundera once said that

“Making love with a woman and sleeping with her are two separate passions not merely different but opposite.”

Every woman loves a man who loves to explore, a man who is ready to find out what parts of my body will make her orgasm.

It would be really annoying for a woman to start counting all the weekends on a calendar just because she is having boring [email protected]

5.Financial stability

Truth be told, no woman wants a broke man for a husband/wife. We all know pesa hutafutwa but how about you make some mullah and then look for a wife.

[email protected] alone is not enough to sustain a relationship, as most women would say

‘Heri nilie kwenye range Rover kuliko ncheke kwenye boda boda’

6. A clean man

People say mwanaume ni jasho but as a lady I will tell you thats a lie.

Women love a man who has his business together, a good cologne, well fitting clothes, shaven beard and well maintained nails.

We wouldn’t want to lose our precious honey pots to filthy nails, eew.

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Incase You Have A Crush On Your Boss….Here’s What To Do

Attraction is one thing that happens to all humans and it doesn’t have a specific place or time, it has no structure or formula and picks no season. That said, there is always a chance that you might find someone attractive at work.

However what happens when the person you are attracted to or have a crush on is your boss? Do you follow through or just ignore the feeling? What are the chances it will work and is it even a good idea? Well if you find yourself attracted to your boss here’s what to do:

1. Give yourself a reality check – Do you think you are confusing admiration with love? Often, people in the position of authority are undeniably attractive and command attention, but do you really think it is more than that? Have you fallen head-over-heels and cannot stop obsessing about your boss? If not, then you should probably be getting off the couch, stop emotional eating and think of better things of likeable consequences. For instance, pump some spark into your neglected social life, so that at least in one part of the day, you are absolutely disconnected from work and enjoying with people you have ignored for long.

2. Talk to your friends, not colleagues – Of course, we are humans and our heart bleeds love, but do you think that there is space in your heart to let office romance blossom? Talk to your close friends and pour your heart out. They are more likely to give an objective and non-judgemental point of view. You might be pressuring yourself in to believing that you have found your Mr. Perfect, but find out if you really have been fooling yourself? Remember, not to mention or disclose the wobble in your knees to your office because you would not come to know when this secret becomes a rumour.

3. Find out if you are being manipulated – You may be an extremely diligent and hardworking person, but are you sure you are not being exploited or manipulated? Now, your boss may have noticed your absolute adulation and they may be plotting to get his/her work done in order to climb the ladder of success even further. So, you must look at their track record to see if they earned or scored their way to the top. You do not want to end up exhausting yourself with this one-sided admiration, where you are being skinned to your bones.

4. Do not make your feelings obvious – The tingles in your throat and butterflies in your stomach will need some taming. Make sure you do not spend too much time devising strategies for ‘dressing to impress’, or of ‘taking charge of every project’ to get yourself noticed. Wear the regular clothes and look out for your body language. Any change in behaviour around your boss, will not only be noticed by your colleagues, but also by the one you secretly adore. You may inadvertently become the subject of the office jokes.

5. Catch-22 situation – If the feelings are mutual,that is, both you and your boss confess to ‘liking’ each other, you may find yourself in a catch-22 situation. Either you would have to switch departments or your job. If you choose to continue working in the same office, it would be better if you avoid flirting with each other. Now, you must understand that like any other relationship there is a 50-50 chance that this relationship, will work or not. But, there is always a danger of mixing your personal life with the professional one in such situations. So, whether you want to get over the whirlpool of emotions or ride along the tide, it is completely your decision.


Signs That He Is Attracted To You

It’s always important to recognize the subtle signs that tell is someone is into you before you act. If you don’t know how he feels, you may end up embarrassing yourself by making an unwarranted move.

Instead of going with the flow and simply hoping for the best, there are signs that you should look out for to ascertain whether or not he is attracted to you.

  1. Eye contact – Nothing says “I’m into you” like eye contact. Apart from business and common courtesy, eye contact shows that someone is interested, engrossed and wants to know more about you. A man who is attracted to you will maintain eye contact for prolonged periods of time.
  2. Blushing – It’s highly unlikely for a man to blush, but if he is into you, chances are he will blush every once in a while. He will stutter or mix up his words, smile to hide the blush and will seem nervous in a good way. Be careful on this one, if anything, analyze the situations when it happens and make sure it’s when you are just the two of you.
  3. Engages you – Are your conversations just general banter or deep talks? If it’s just regular talk then he might not be that interested, but if he wants to know what you like, things that make you tick and subjects of things that interest you, then he’s attracted to you.
  4. Smiles – Guys and girls alike tend to smile a lot, but smiling with an open grin that reveals your teeth and is often accompanied by laughter or compliments means more than just attraction; it implies genuine interest.
  5. Makes plans with you – Does he ask you to join him in his plans or in things he wants to do? Does he ask for your opinion when he wants to do something or is working on a project? Unless someone is attracted to you and wants to be a part of you then he would not bother to involve you in his affairs.
  6. He says it – Don’t you agree that it would be the easiest thing for everyone if we all admitted our feelings? Things would be so much easier and all the confusion and misunderstanding would be avoided. If a man is attracted to you he will eventually tell you.

Four Tips To Make You More Attractive

Beauty will make people attracted to you but it is not enough to have a man stay with you. There are many things that a man will look for in a woman, the physical aspects aside.

A man may be attracted to you but you will need more to keep him glued. Here are 4 ways to make men more attracted to you:

  1. Keep an open mind about the men you go on dates with. You don’t have to treat a guy shabbily because he has little money or doesn’t take you to the most expensive restaurant to eat. Appreciate his honesty and intelligence, find his uniqueness. It doesn’t mean you’ll marry or date him, just make him feel good.
  2. Desist from trying to win a man’s approval or acceptance. Don’t panic about the way you look, or speak. Just focus on enjoying yourself on your date
  3. Always look for ways to accept, value and appreciate men. Make an effort to look for the good qualities of the men you meet. Doesn’t mean you’ll go out on dates with them all. It may just be that the man who opens the door for you at your workplace. Every man has a value.
  4. Discard your one-sided expectations – When you go out on a date, don’t carry your ‘men’ checklist with you. Stop hoping for a romantic connection after a first date, you’ll get disappointed later. Rather look out for your date’s good qualities, be friends first before proceeding to the next level. That friendship may do more for you than a romantic relationship ever will.


9 Truths About Love And Attraction

If you’ve been religiously reading our articles, one way or another, you’d gain tons of insight on how to go about your dating life. If you want to further enhance your knowledge and gain an edge over others, then you have to go deep…way deep. Let’s talk about the science of attraction and falling in love! Ready to take mental notes? We love dates gives you insights. Here they are!

1. The power of eye contact
You often hear people say that eye contact is a sign of respect; what you don’t know is that eye contact can be a sign of love too! It can fan the flames of love between two strangers! Staring into each other’s eyes for more than an hour can create a feeling of longing and love.

2. A matter of brevity
There is no need for long talks and overzealous flirting. Psychologists believe that it only takes four minutes and ninety seconds for a person to determine if he or she likes someone. The majority factor for this swift decision is body language. Make your moves count!

3. The age factor
An extensive study of how a person’s choice of partner is directly influenced by the age of his parents upon conception. Those people who are born to parents in their 30’s are likely to be more attracted to a mate who’s older than them.

4. The voice
Women find men who have deeper voices to be highly attractive. The attraction has a lot to do with our innate inclination towards sexual dimorphisms or the difference in appearance between male and female species. Women naturally (and unconsciously) view male as the beefed up manly man, while men see women as a fragile being in need of protection.

5. Opposites do attract
The idea of men and women having a platonic relationship is a possibility but not a reality…thanks to men. Men are more likely to view friendship as a means to pursue a romantic level of relationship. Men perceive that the attractions they feel towards women are more often than not mutual. Over confident much?

6. Blame it on the hormones
A bonding hormone found in male sweat called androstadienone is a source of attraction for women; the stronger, the better. A whiff of the odorless hormone can send women into elated mood frenzy and sexual arousal. Guys, don’t go all crazy by doing a 100k run then refusing to showering prior to a big date. It doesn’t work that way. Please.

7. Lady in red
Wearing the color of love can actually help women get, uhm, love! Women wearing red clothing are associated with being sexually responsive and it can increase her overall status. Red gives ladies an instant feeling of confidence, empowerment and sexiness. If you don’t fancy wearing a red outfit, try putting on a crimson lipstick the next time you go out. Men are attracted to that as well.

8. The look of love
Men are subconsciously attracted to women with larger pupils. Italian women even went to greater lengths to dilate their pupil by using Belladonna (beautiful lady) plant extract to make them more attractive hundreds of years ago.

9. Love lessens pain
Pain experts found out that the distraction caused by being in love can lessen the feeling of physical pain. Love targets the area of the brain where opioids works best. Having a terrible headache? Go fall in love!

Four Factors Of Attraction As Made Out By Matchmakers

Chemistry is  very important between two people who are attracted to each other. Sometimes it may not happen instantly, in some cases it builds up over time, so don’t dismiss someone because it wasn’t immediate.

Chemistry is not as mysterious as most people might think but you learn a lot about it over the years if you are really observant.

Here are the things you should know about finding chemistry with someone:

Chemistry is hardwired by your historical past:Yes, you read me right! Chemistry is defined by how we first saw love, which for most people goes back to the relationship, or lack of relationship, between their parents. From the time we are small we notice aspects of our parents’ relationship such as whether they argued a lot, got along great, were supportive of each other, did not speak to each other, are affectionate, etc. As we grow into adults looking for our own partners, we tend to be attracted to people who are either similar or opposite to our parents’ way of relationship.

Matchmakers can predict chemistry, and so can you: Since chemistry is defined by our history, I am able to predict who my client will be attracted to by interviewing them during our first meeting. I ask about each of their parents as individuals and about their parents’ relationship with each other. I also learn about their own past romantic relationships, what has and has not worked, as well as their current relationship goals. I then take a step back and look for patterns in the answers to these questions. By doing so, I am able to pinpoint the types of people they feel organic chemistry with, and determine if those relationships have been healthy or problematic.

Good chemistry does not always mean successful relationships:While chemistry may not be the only thing to look for in a partner, it’s very important that two people are attracted to each other. There has to be an underlying spark for them to want to continue to get to know each other. The problem for a lot of people is that their search for ultimate chemistry can hinder them from finding a meaningful and lasting relationship. If your chemistry has consistently led you to individuals who are inappropriate for you in terms of values, lifestyle and relationships goals, then you are doomed from the start. Relationships need more than just chemistry to survive.

You can change your chemistry patterns:If you are starting to think your chemistry patterns might be what has been keeping you from having successful long-term relationships, do not worry. Chemistry patterns can be tweaked. To do this you need to think back to the types of people you have had relationships with in the past. Recall their characteristics and traits, both positive and negative.


How To Attract The Right Person

It always seems like a hard task to find the perfect someone so most people end up settling for the next best thing, but it is very possible to land the man or woman of your dreams.

Here are three simple ways to do this:

1. Do things you love – When you’re focusing on the things you love like your hobbies or being in your element. Nothing is more attractive than the vibe you generate when you are happy and carefree. It makes you look more attractive. Plus meeting someone you share your interests in is a good thing.

2. Be Yourself – How long can you pretend to be someone you’re not? not long. Besides you want someone to like you for who you are so it makes it easier for you to get along. Besides it’s easier to be comfortable around someone who like you in your element. So just be yourself, don’t try too hard to be another person.

3. Self Respect – One needs to have self respect in order for others to respect you. You have to put your foot on the ground and stick to what you believe in. Disrespect of any kind should be spoken upon, not having a back and forth all the time or changing your mind to be accommodating. The sooner one knows how to act around you the better.