GOING SECULAR? Is Bahati Working On a Collaboration With Former Yamoto Band Singer Aslay? (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

Lover hitmaker Bahati seems to have landed himself in hot soup after unveiling his daughter whom he had kept a secret for two years.

While some Kenyans condemned him, others congratulated him, and praised his girlfriend Diana Marua for being courageous and staying with him despite his confession that he had a secret child.

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Bahati, real name, Kevin Kioko has however not commented on the allegations that he’s a deadbeat dad who abandoned his child and the mother of the little girl by the name, Yvette Obura.


Yvette has blasted Bahati saying he didn’t bother telling her he was going to unveil her on social media. She also revealed that they dated for about 5 years before he became famous. Actually, she made it clear that she was not a groupie and at some point, he even cheated on her. Wow!

Bahati and his video vixen girlfriend Diana Marua are currently in Zanzibar, which happened just days after the lass was attacked for posing with his daughter, without even appreciating the baby mama. Fans told her off, saying it was disrespectful and insensitive.


The two are on the beautiful Island for both work and pleasure and as I was going through their posts, my attention was caught by the presence of former Yamoto Band’s singer Aslay, known for his song ‘Naenda Kusema Kwa Mama’.

The Bongo star was part of Bahati’s convoy. Aslay recently revealed that Yamoto band is parting ways, attributing it to his solo career.

Remember That Kid Who Sang “Naenda Kusema Kwa Mama”? Look How Grown And Masculine He’s Become (PHOTOS)

I bet these guys are up to something, which could be the main reason the Kenyan singer decided to do a video shoot in Zanzibar, which is a few hours from Dar es Salaam.

If this is true, this will be the second secular artiste Bahati has worked with from Tanzania. Check out the photos below.


Aslay Drops New Song ‘Muhudumu’ After Revealing He’s Flying Solo Minus Yamoto Band

‘Nakusemea’ hit maker Aslay is now pursuing a solo musical career and has a new single ‘Muhudumu’.

The video is directed by Tonee Blaze.

Remember That Kid Who Sang “Naenda Kusema Kwa Mama”? Look How Grown And Masculine He’s Become (PHOTOS)


Aslay was in the Yamoto Band with 3 other members, but looks like they are splitting up. In an interview with Base Tv ( in Tanzania) Aslay

said that they lost track as a group and felt he should do music individually. Despite the group splitting

Despite the group splitting, one of the major achievements was being nominated for the MTV MAMA awards 2016 in the Listeners

Choice  Category.

yamoto mama 2016

Aslay’s new song ‘ Muhudumu’ is basically a song where he’s pleading with his lover to come back home.

In the process, Aslay resorts to drinking alcohol because his ”wife” abandons him due to a disagreement. Hence the lines ”Waiter ongeza glass, Muhudumu ongeza glass”.

Without further ado, watch the new video from one of Bongo’s finest artistes, Aslay.