Zari’s the most difficult! Diamond’s photographer says about women singer has dated

Zari Hassan is the most followed female in East and Central Africa. And by that, I am speaking about her hugely popular Instagram channel.

Zari Instagram page.jpg
Zari Instagram page.jpg

The woman who became very popular with the masses after her relationship with Diamond that produced 2 wonderful children chronicles her life on the photo-sharing app.

Maina Kageni reacts to Zari’s MCM’s ‘new look’

One thing needed for that is quality photos and stupendous photo-shop and editing (very much in Zarinah’s case) for that carefully curated look.

Zarinah posing
Zarinah posing. Note the skin tone

So a photographer is needed for that important role of getting the best out of Zarinah. One of those who has worked with her in the past related how tough it was dealing with the Ugandan socialite.

Diamond Platnumz’s official photographer Ashraf Lukamba has now alleged that Zari Hassan could be a tad bit annoying – Apparently, of all the women Diamond Platnumz has dated, she was the most difficult to deal with.

Lukamba posing with Diamond
Lukamba posing with Diamond

She would wake up early in the morning and demand for spontaneous photo sessions. The talented photographer spoke to Bongo5 and claimed that Zari was an early bird who always expected everyone to operate according to her schedule.

‘She used to love photos so much and would wake me up at the wee hours of the morning to take them right before she left for work. At that time, I was struggling to wake up because of the cold in South Africa.’

Zari Hassan posing
Zarinah Hassan posing

Tanasha meanwhile is a different kettle of fish as she is more laid back. ‘She is not the type to be involved in senseless dramas and always talks to everyone,” Lukamba said.

This is a sentiment that her ex Diamond may agree with as he has complained in the past about her. He once said that of all the ladies he dated, Zari proved to be difficult to deal with and was very demanding.

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