Girlfriend forced to sit ‘Arsenal exam’ or be dumped

Remember the story about a Beyonce fan who made her boyfriend sit a ‘Beyonce exam’? Well, a football fan has done something similar.

The Arsenal fan made his girlfriend sit an ‘Arsenal Exam’ to test their compatibility.

According to, the exam featured a ridiculously professional-looking cover sheet, explaining that 50 marks were available and that all answers should be filled in using black ink, etc.

Arsenal Exam

The girl performed admirably, ending with a thoroughly respectable score of 87 percent.

What’s more, it later became clear after the results had been returned that an insufficient total pass percentage would have resulted in the relationship being terminated!

“Well done Saskia. As a result I will not be dumping you! (lucky you),” her assessment page read.

However, the examiner did include a bit of constructive criticism, instructing her to focus more intently on learning all player positions, fully appreciating Alexis Sanchez’s brilliance and, of course, the fundamental fact that “Tottenham are scum.