INHUMAN! Stepfather Charged With 99 Offences; He Drugged His Wife Before Raping His 12-Year-Old Stepdaughter

A ‘tired’ working mum never considered the possibility her husband was drugging her at their Sydney home so he could sexually assault her daughter, a jury has heard.

The woman, who can’t be named for legal reasons, on Thursday said she noticed ‘powdery substances’ in drinks made by her husband and she would suffer ‘extreme and sudden tiredness’ that led her to seek medical tests.

‘You just reassured me I was tired … I trusted you and I believed you,’ she said at the Downing Centre District Court during her cross-examination by the accused.

‘I would ask you ‘have you put sugar in it?’ and you would say ‘no I haven’t done anything’… (but) it would taste different to when I made the drink.’


The 45-year-old man is representing himself after pleading not guilty to drugging his wife and stepdaughter.

He has pleaded guilty to 99 charges relating to the sexual abuse of his stepdaughter which started when she was 12.

A doctor told the jury the girl said her stepfather would crush travel sickness tablets to mix in her mother’s food and drink, and when she fell asleep he would have sex with the stepdaughter.

A meat tenderiser found in the home had a small amount of white powder on it that was found to contain three different drugs.

‘At any stage did you think… that someone, probably your husband, was drugging you?’ the accused asked the woman.

‘No, I didn’t… you would always throw me off the scent,’ she said.


The woman said she raised concerns about her husband’s close relationship with her daughter – whispered arguments, early morning walks on the beach and long gym sessions.

On one occasion she told him to ‘stay the f*** away from my daughter.’

‘I was angry about the way you were behaving towards her,’ she said. She denied she was jealous of their close relationship.

The court previously heard SD memory cards discovered in the lining of the stepfather’s jacket contained 78 videos and 778 images which showed him sexually and indecently assaulting the stepdaughter, and in some of the footage she appeared to be asleep.

The mother said she found another SD card in her desk that she thought had family photos on it.

‘But it didn’t. It had photos of you assaulting my daughter,’ she said on Thursday.


Daily Mail

Naivasha Man Instructs Police To Arrest Him Because He Can’t Cope With The High Cost of Living

A 35-year-old man left police in Naivasha perplexed after he demanded that he be arrested and jailed as he could no longer cope with the high cost of living.

When told that he could not be arrested as he had not committed any crime, the man whipped out two sticks of bhangi as evidence and challenged the police officers to do what they do best.

The man who was said to be depressed shocked the officers when he said that he had earlier tried to smoke bhang near some officers but they did not notice.

SO BRAVE! Heroic And Daring Girl SAVES Her Father’s Life By Snatching a GUN From a House Burglar

Trouble started after the barber from Karagita estate walked in the office of Naivasha OCS Isaac Sang and pleaded that he be arrested and jailed.

On being questioned by the OCS, the man admitted that his business had collapsed due to bad company and thus wanted to be locked in.

We told him that he could not be arrested as he had no committed any crime but he went ahead to produce two sticks of bhangi. We had to call in one of the leading clerics to pray for the youthful man who from our investigations was suffering from depression before allowing him to go home.

On his part, the man who was identified as Peter said that the high cost of living coupled by the loss of livelihood had affected his life and thus wanted government support.

I walked all the way from Karagita to Naivasha police station so that I could be arrested and put in jail where am guaranteed a place to sleep and food.

Meanwhile, a ten-member committee has been formed to resolve the dispute between herders and farmers in Kikopey Gilgil after members of the two communities clashed over water.

Fear And Anxiety Grips Farmers After Receiving Hate Leaflets In Mai Mahiu Targeting Some Communities

Each community will be represented by five elders in the meeting following an incident on Monday where water pipes worth thousands of shillings were destroyed.

Trouble started after Maasai accused some farmers of blocking a seasonal river that flows from maji matamu dam leading to a water shortage downstream.

According to Gilgil MCA Jane Ngugi the elders would have a meeting on Wednesday so as to resolve the water problem.

“The Maasais want the blocked seasonal river opened up while the Kikuyus want compensation for their damaged pipes,” she said.












-Antony Gitonga








-Antony Gitonga

Tanzanian Tour Guide Operator Arrested After Falsely Translating Tourists Remarks

A Tanzanian tour guide operator who was filmed falsely translating the words of a tourist has landed himself in big trouble with the authorities after a video of the incident went viral. If you haven’t seen it please check it out below.

Mwalimu Kingang’i Has Three Reasons Why Politicians Are Visiting Witchdoctors In Tanzania

In the video, the tourist was complementing the country and its scenic features but the tour guide operator completely misrepresents what the tourist meant and instead went on to attack the Tanzanian government about hunger crisis facing the East African nation, further saying she claimed that Tanzanians were always complaining about their plight as a nation…

Here’s a translation of the clip.

Tourist: Hi my visit to Tanzania has been beautiful and gorgeous. The people are fabulous and wonderful and friendly. The animals are wonderful.

Guide: Ansema watanzania mnalia njaa  kila siku mnalia nja wakati mna maua nyumbani. Si mchemshe maua mle. Si vizuri kulia njaa.

Tourist: The variety of animals and is incredible unlike anywhere else. 

Guide: Anasema mnaomba raisi wenye ampikie, kwani raisi wenyu ni mpishi? Chemsheni nguo mkunywe.

Tourist: It will be an experience to savor all your life. It is beautiful and remarkable.

Guide: Anasema mhangaike, na raisi hawezi kutoka ikulu awapikie chakula kwa hivyo mjipikie wenyewe.

VIP for Who? Tanzania’s First Lady Admitted At Government Hospital (Photos)

After the clip, the country’s tourist minister ordered his arrest. The man worked at the Serengeti National Park before he was arrested.

In the video, the ever smiling tourist has no clue that her beautiful remarks have been totally misrepresented.



Pastor James Ng’ang’a Pleads Not Guilty In Fatal Limuru Accident Case

Televangelist James  Ng’ang’a has this morning pleaded not guilty to all charges leveled against relating to the fatal road accident that happened on 26 July at  in Limuru that left one woman dead.

The Neno Evangelism Pastor who spent the night at Gigiri police station after police declined to grant him cash bail appeared before Limuru Principal magistrate to answer to the following charges:

1. Failing to report an accident as stated by the traffic act CAP 403.

2. Dangerous driving causing death.

3. Giving false/misleading information to a person employed in the public service.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges and will be remanded at Gigiri Police Station until Friday when his application to be released on bond will be heard. Two senior Police officers Christopher Nzioka  and Patrick Baya were also charged with conspiracy to defeat justice alongside  Mr Simon Maina, the man who presented himself as the driver of the Range Rover that caused the accident.  

There was heavy police presence outside the courts with followers of Neno Evangelism camping outside holding placards written ‘Apostle We Love’



Police outside the courts


Pastor Ng’ang’as followers outside the courts


Trending: Black Woman Dies In Police Custody After “Resisting” Arrest

The rise in Black related deaths under the police in the U.S have  risen over the years and three days ago another case emerged.

A 28 year old lady named Sandra Bland was reportedly arrested for passing a red light.

A footage shows how the police man used force which as not necessary  when he arrested her, as she refused and begged him to let her go.

The footage which has done rounds on social media under the hashtag #Sandrabland, shows a scuffle between the two and she can even be heard asking him to stop mishandling her because she knows her rights.

The police then calls for back up and soon she is arrested, however three days later she is found dead in her cell.

Many people are disagreeing with the report that claims she committed suicide and say that she was murdered.

Watch video:

95-year-old granny charged with stealing Sh900,000

A 95-year-old woman was charged with stealing Sh900,000 in accrued rent from a private company on Thursday.Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko had offered to pay Esther Wachira’s bail but she was released on a Sh100,000 bond. Wachira allegedly stole the money, for a plot in Shauri Moyo estate, Nairobi, between January 2000 and December 2014.

The plot belongs to Peter Macharia, Francis Kabue and Fredrick Mwangi of Masterways Property. The woman, who required a Kikuyu translator, denied the charges at Milimani law courts before chief magistrate Daniel Ogembo. She is one of the directors of Kiona company which claims ownership of several properties in Nairobi.

The case will be heard on July 30.

– The Star

Court Issues Fresh Arrest Warrant Against TV Host Jeff Koinange

The court has issued a fresh warrant of arrest for top media personality Jeff Koinange for failing to attend court this morning. His cash bail of Sh100,000 has been forfeited after failing to appear in court for a second time.

Controversial businessman Tony Gachoka who appeared before the court has been ordered to appear in court at 3pm today.

The talk show host was last Tuesday arrested and later freed on sh100,000 bail for failing to honor court summons. Jeff and Businessman Tony Gachoka were allegedly held in contempt of court after discussing a case involving high profile businessmen Jimi Wanjigi, Sani Wanjigi and Kwacha group of companies during his show Jeff Koinange Live.

Mwalimu King’angi’s Hilarious Version of Jeff Koinange’s Arrest

Talk show host, Jeff Koinange was Tuesday morning arrested and arraigned  in court to answer to charges of contempt of court. He was later released on a Sh100,000 bail, read the full story HERE.

The ever-hilarious Mwalimu King’ang’i on the morning show with Maina Kageni had an interesting take on Jeff’s arrest. The case will be heard today.

Listen to the interesting audio below

Jeff Koinange Arrested, Freed on Sh100,000 Bail

Media Personality Jeff Koinange has been freed on a Sh100,00 cash bail after he was arrested at his home earlier today, for failing to honor court summons.

The TV Show Host and Businessman Tony Gachoka were arrested for allegedly failing to honor a court order, after discussing a court case on TV touching on several high profile businessmen Jimi Wanjigi, Sani Wanjigi and Kwacha Group of Companies during the Jeff Koinange Live, despite a court order barring the discussion.

The lawyers representing the Kwacha group accused Jeff of playing hide and seek games with the police and labelled him a flight risk. However, Jeff in his defense, said that he was not served with the Court Summons. He told the Court he was unable to come to court because of the heavy rains.The case will be mentioned next week on Monday .

Maisy Chesang- Nairobi’s senior resident magistrate had issued an arrest warrant for Jeff Koinange and Tony Gachoka for failing to appear to answer contempt charges.

Five held in Juja as boy, 14, kidnapped

Five suspects have been arrested in connection with Monday’s abduction of a student at Juja Preparatory School, Kiambu county.

Ruiru deputy police boss Birgen Kiptoo said the student, Martin Njoroge, 14, was abducted by three people as he walked out of the school gate.

He said the abductors attempted to trick the boy into their waiting vehicle on claims they were taking him to his dad.

“When the boy resisted he was bundled into the car and blindfolded with his school tie before sped off,” Kiptoo said. “When the victim was unfolded, he was shocked to find himself in Parklands, Nairobi in the hands of his sister’s best lady friend. The friend according to the victim frequented their home and sometimes stayed there for months,” Kiptoo said.

Both ladies drunk in pubs on the Koinange Street, a police source told the Star. Kiptoo said later in evening the boy was blindfolded again and taken to a barber in Dandora, where the abductors left him overnight.

On Tuesday the barber realised the abductors were not coming for the boy and called his brother, a head teacher at a preparatory in Dandora.

Kiptoo said the abductors called the boy’s father, Benson Njoroge Mungai, demanding a Sh3 million ransom to release or kill him.

“After alerting police, sleuths started their work, they laid an ambush at Mungai’s home in Kenyatta Road Estate in Juja. When the vehicle, which was delivering the captive arrived at 8pm, the boy was rescued safely,” he said.


Indian man arrested for trying to bury daughter alive

Indian police have arrested a man for allegedly trying to bury alive his 9-year-old daughter in the northeastern state of Tripura, police said Saturday.

Neighbours alerted the police after they saw Abul Hussain trying to bury his daughter in a pit on Friday in the backyard of his residence in Putia village in Sipahijala district, local police official Uttam Bhaumick said over the phone.

“The neighbour said Abul Hussain tied the girl’s hands, taped her mouth and buried her till her neck,” Bhaumick said.

The man was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

The girl was admitted to hospital and her condition was serious, Bhaumick said.

The girl’s mother was not at home when the incident took place. Police cited neighbours saying Hussain disliked having a girl.

Many Indian families consider girls as economic burdens and sons as breadwinners, which leads to abortions of female foetuses or discrimination against girls by denying them access to education.


Wetangula calls for the arrest of businessman Paul Kobia

Bungoma senator Moses Wetangula has asked police to arrest controversial businessman Paul Kobia who was admitted to hospital after running amok on Thursday.

Police said his family took him to Gigiri police station after he became violent at his Runda home. Sources say he kept saying ‘I killed Fidel’.

Wetangula told mourners at Fidel Odinga’s funeral that police had no power to judge ‘who is mad’ but such powers lies with the court of laws.

Speakers at the funeral service at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology maintained that Fidel’s death was not natural.

Lawyer Kethi Kilonzo alluded to the presence of poachers who were killing lions in in their camp.

“We have poachers of lions, poachers took away my father, poachers took away Kajwang and now poachers have taken Fidel. We need to stop these poachers,” Kethi said in Kiswahili.

Acting Inspector General of Police Samuel Arachi on Thursday dismissed media reports claiming Kobia had been arrested.

“Mr Kobia was taken to Gigiri Police station by his family who wanted to be assisted in having him restrained and escorted to a psychiatrist after he started shouting incoherently and acting violently,” Arachi said in a statement.

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko said Kobia had claimed knowing how Fidel Odinga died during an altercation with his security team at Village Market.

Two guns were found in his car despite the fact that his firearm licence had been withdrawn after he shot dead a motorist last year.

Fidel died on Sunday morning at his Karen home. Pathologists are yet to release the cause of death.

-The Star

Arrest warrant sought by South Korea for heiress to Korea Air

South Korean prosecutors applied for an arrest warrant yesterday for Korean Air heiress Cho Hyun-Ah, who delayed a flight with a tantrum over snacks in a “nut rage” incident that caused a national uproar.

The prosecutor’s office said the 40-year-old daughter of the airline’s chief executive faced charges including violation of the aviation safety law, coercion and interference in the execution of duty.

“Our office has sent a request for the court to issue an arrest warrant,” the prosecutor’s office said. Cho was accused of forcing the chief cabin crew member off a December 5 New York-Seoul flight and of compelling the taxiing plane to return to the gate after she took exception to being served macadamia nuts she had not asked for – and in a bag, not a bowl.

A government investigation found that she had screamed and hurled abuse at a flight attendant and the chief purser, Park Chang-Jin. An arrest warrant is also being sought for an unidentified company executive on charges of destroying evidence from the incident.

A court will hold a hearing early next week to review the warrant application. Cho has insisted that she did not physically assault the chief purser, but prosecutors said she had pushed the flight attendant, based on the testimony of passengers and other flight attendants. Park has claimed that Cho pushed him into the cockpit door and jabbed him with a service manual.


Irish Independent


Arrest warrant issued for Bonnie Khalwale and Ababu Namwamba

An arrest warrant has been issued against Kakamega Senator Bonnie Khalwale and Budalangi Member of Parliament for allegedly being behind a mass protest earlier on Thursday dubbed “occupy parliament” against the Security Laws (Amendment) Bill 2014.

The two were arrested earlier in the day outside Parliament alongside Bungoma senator Moses Wetang’ula just as the protest on the Bill began. Amendments to the Security Laws were passed in Parliament on Thursday evening  amidst chaos as MPs in the National Assembly resorted to kicks and blows during the debate.

“We will will resist dictatorial tendencies in kenya with the new jungle laws.A baseless Warrant of arrest will not intimidate anyone . Freedom is coming ! ” Khalwale said through his tweeter handle.

– The Star

Calling Olivia Pope……. Arrest Warrant Issued for Ex Scandal star

Columbus Short may not be wanted anymore on “Scandal” … but he’s still a wanted man — as in there’s now a warrant out for his arrest.

Short was ordered to show Wednesday morning in criminal court for a hearing in his domestic violence case.  His wife was asking the judge for more protection from the actor, who is mired in legal trouble.

But Columbus wasn’t there, so the judge issued a bench warrant.

Here’s the interesting twist.  The day before he was a no-show in a different criminal case. The judge threatened to issue a warrant and Columbus suddenly appeared.

Read more: