‘Don’t bury me in Muranga!’ Policeman pens chilling suicide post

A chilling Facebook post by a Kenyan Police identified as Apollo Kioria has left Kenyans pondering it’s content in shock after it was penned days ago.

According to his social media platform, Apollo is from Kangema, Muranga County.

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 In the post, he warns people not to bring him flowers when he is dead.

Just incase I die fighting for my rights family kindly burry me not in Muranga ..I don’t belong there and to my dear friends my posts Will remain active .

At Langata cemetery don’t bring flowers instead go back to feed my hungry street families.


Going by one of his past posts it is obvious that Apollo is a man with a caring heart as he is seen sharing a meal with street kids.

In another, he pens an open letter to the President which reads,

Open Letter To My President, His Excellency The President Of The Republic Of Kenya And Commander In Chief Of Kenya Defence Forces.

Your excellency, 
I write to bring to your attention my present predicaments and also of the mental anguish that I’m going through at this moment.

Apollo Kioria
Apollo Kioria

I joined the service in the year 2006 and seconded to the Rapid Deployment Unit in the year 2008
I was further redeployed to the Late Hon Michuki Residence with the contingent of others officers for security and patrol.

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Apollo further adds that at some point his salary was stopped and he is a struggling man.

Having grown up in the area I was marked by some elements sympathetic to the sect.

I was later transferred to the very area that led to simultaneous attacks between the year 2013-2016.

While recapulating my salary was unlawfully stopped but later reinstated and arrears paid with subsequent attachment at Jogoo House Legal Office. Only to be ordered back to Muranga.

Your excellency the compensation that was meant for the injuries was stopped midway and my salary was suspended again 9 month ago, causing immense pain and suffering.

Apollo Kioria
Apollo Kioria

In conclusion, Apollo says,

I’m a registered person living with disabilities and the scooter that I use for mobility was impounded at central police station with no preferred charges to-date.

Kindly note that I have a young family that entirely depends on me.

Lastly your excellency, I have not paid rent to shelter my family. I have not paid school fees either for my little daughter. We are sleeping hungry. We have stopped thinking.

Apollo Kioria 
F/n 229066
[email protected]

We hope that someone reaches out to him and helps him out for the sake of his young family.

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