Cryptic text raises eyebrows on state of Aeedah Bambi and Anwar Loitiptip’s marriage

Senator Anwar Loitiptip’s relationships normally have how much drama? I ask this question because his new wife Aeedah Bambi has already started posting subliminal messages, a reliable sign in celebrity relationships of things going off-track.

Aeedah Bambi with Anwar Loitiptip (1)
Aeedah Bambi with Anwar Loitiptip (1)

Aeedah, who has been on holiday in Zanzibar, shared a post on her social media page that had many neutral observers concerned with the state of her marriage with the politician.

In her message, she alluded to the importance of knowing someone’s background before getting involved with them. Her Instastory message read;

“The worst prison in the world is a home without peace. Be careful of who you marry or fall in love with.”

Aeedah Bambi screenshot
Aeedah Bambi screenshot

Let’s remember that Aeedah and Anwar dated for a very short time before their marriage. For those with short memories, Aeedah “stole” Anwar from her good friend Saumu Mbuvi who has a child with the legislator.

Read Saumu Mbuvi’s message after baby daddy and former best friend posted photo together

Bambi’s post could be seen as a teething problem in any new marriage but when one takes what Saumu had alleged about Anwar, her post becomes more concerning for the reader.

Saumu Mbuvi pregnant with the senator in the past
Saumu Mbuvi pregnant with the senator in the past

The daughter of former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko had accused Anwar of being abusive in their past relationship. Anwar for his part didn’t deny the allegations but defended himself by saying that Saumu was bipolar.

Saumu with Anwar
Saumu with Anwar

With this history in place, one must wonder what exactly is going on between the two who got married a few months ago?

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Aeedah Bambi shows photos of her lush home with Saumu’s baby daddy Anwar

Aeedah Bambi, wife to Senator Anwar Loitiptip is flaunting their home. Months after saying I do to the love of her life, Aeedah has taken to social media to show off her new home.

Bambi is married to Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip, who also happens to be an ex-lover and baby daddy to Saumu Mbuvi.

Saumu with Anwar
Saumu with Anwar

Taking to her social media, Bambi showed off her house which is meticulously decorated asking her fans to connect her to someone selling good quality carpets.

The mother of one tied the knot with the Senator in April 2021.

The Senator and Bambi took to their respective social media platforms to announce the news of their union in short but precise posts.
One fan did not believe the news that the politician is now married and asked for photos as proof.

‘Uongo, lete picha za harusi.’

To which the Senator responded,

‘Tembea Nyumbani Uone Bibi Harusi live live, Picha Mitandaoni Tunajua Mahatters Wanasubiri Waanze kudiss but Tuko Rada.’

Sonko with his daughter Saumu and Anwar in the past
Sonko with his daughter Saumu and Anwar in the past

It’s not clear for how long Bambi and Anwar have been dating as he recently went through a nasty breakup with ex Governor Sonko’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi.

Now that it’s clear that the two are married there is nothing we can do but just wish them the best.

Check out the house photos below;

Aeedah Bambi home 3 Aeedah Bambi home 2 Aeedah Bambi home 1 Aeedah Bambi home

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“Anwar would call me crazy and mad!” Saumu Mbuvi alleges on her bipolar disorder

Saumu Mbuvi, the daughter of former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is normally a constant feature on this site. The two reasons for that are; the lavish lifestyle she is able to live and her interesting relationships with the men she chooses as romantic partners.

And this article is no different. Saumu has been speaking about the last man she let into her heart, Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip.

Saumu with Anwar
Saumu with Anwar

Saumu who has a kid with Anwar, has been speaking about her relationship with the politician to vlogger Sharon Mwangi.

She confessed that Anwar Loitiptip, was a major trigger for her bipolar disorder, explaining that the lawmaker would ridicule her when she had manic episodes.

“In my past relationship, any time I would break down, the person would call me crazy and that I’m mad, and those things would really hurt me. This is something I never wished for. I have learned to manage and live with it. It has not stopped me from being my best,” she said.

Saumu Mbuvi
Saumu Mbuvi

She also admitted that her choice in partners made her condition worse.

“For me, relationships have not been working out because of the type of partners I have been choosing. I have been going for narcissists who have been dragging me down. They are the worst people to deal with if you have bipolar,” she explained.

“I would wind up in hospital every two months. I was having hypomania episodes. I was not okay and this person would drag me down.”

No! Saumu Mbuvi to fan who asked if baby daddy Anwar is supporting their daughter

She also said that she didn’t sleep at one time in the past for 4 days when she had an incident of hypomania

“For me when I break down, I start reading the Bible like the whole day. I get super-spiritual.”

The mother of two also revealed she was diagnosed with bipolar eight years ago.

“I had a breakdown and I had to be taken to hospital, and that is when I was diagnosed. That was eight years ago,” she disclosed. I was completely sick, I guess I had a trigger. I did not know I had bipolar for a long time. The minute I had a trigger, that completely broke me down. I would be rushed to the hospital. That is when I was diagnosed.”

Sonko with his daughter Saumu and Anwar in the past
Sonko with his daughter Saumu and Anwar in the past

How has she been managing her condition? “I did a self-discovery journey and I went to therapy. I cannot use certain drugs like weed. Also, I had to set boundaries against people who stress me. I cut off people and relationships. Now I’m at a good place.”

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So cuuuute….Aeedah Bambi shares beautiful photos with new hubby Senator Loitiptip

Senator Hon. Anwar Loitiptip and his new wife, Aeedah Bambi celebrated his birthday bash this past weekend doing so with so much style!

Bambi posted images of her and her man on his birthday on her Instagram page, with the mother of one gushing over the politician.

“Happy birthday to my best friend,my greatest critic, my fiercest supporter ,my accomplice ,my workout partner, my love, my EVERYTHING! ❤️ 👑 Hon. Senator 005 👑🔥 Sherehe ianze!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥,” read Aeedah’s post.

Bambi also posted a video showing the two enjoying themselves as the senator drove them.

This is the first time the couple has released photos of themselves together since rumours started swirling that they had gotten married in April 2021.

Don’t forget that Anwar and Saumu Mbuvi broke up earlier this year in one of the most contentious celebrity splits ever. She explained that Anwar used and dumped her.

Saumu Mbuvi pregnant with the former senator
Saumu Mbuvi pregnant with the former senator

When Saumu was asked in March if it was true that her friend Bambi was dating her Baby Daddy Anwar, she replied; “I wish them well… I have beautiful kids to focus on, he is not my focus now…I’m a father and mother to my kids and I’m okay with that.”

Sonko with his daughter Saumu
Sonko with his daughter Saumu

Anwar went public with the good news about solemnizing his new relationship through a Facebook post saying, “Got Married”. Aeedah herself also put up a similar post, “Got Married” before commenting on Anwar’s post with “Hubby” an affirmation that they are now “Husband and Wife”.

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Ladies, men will not commit because you had their baby, just ask Saumu Mbuvi

Saumu Mbuvi’s baby daddy Anwar Loitiptip revealed this week that he is now a married man. And why is this information important? It comes barely two months after his acrimonious split from Miss Mbuvi.

What also added insult to injury was the rumours swirling that Anwar had moved on to Saumu’s former friend, socialite Aeedah Bambi, rumours that turned out to be true.

Sonko with his daughter Saumu
Sonko with his daughter Saumu

The senator and Saumu were in the headlines at the time with accusations and counter-accusations flying around as to the cause of the split.

Miss Mbuvi, who is former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko’s first daughter accused Anwar of being physically abusive during their relationship, even going as far as to say that he had threatened to kill her.

In a rejoinder to Saumu’s claims, Anwar admitted to beating up Miss Mbuvi saying it happened only once before he knew she had a mental problem, claiming that she suffered from bipolar disorder.

“Yes, but only once before I knew she was suffering from a mental problem. Call her family members, mine, friends, hospital…everyone knows she’s sick…”

saumu daughter 1 with sonko

He also explained that beating Saumu Mbuvi did not leave her hospitalised.

“Even before we met she had that problem and that’s why all her boyfriends left her. So how can I beat her and we have been dating for barely two years then she gets sick?” he posed.

That last line is a real punch in the gut from Anwar on Saumu’s person, ascribing her mental problems to why she can’t keep a man.

Don’t forget that Anwar and Saumu started dating in late 2019 and had a child soon after in what best can be described as a whirlwind romance.

And there were plans for a time that the two would solemnize their relationship, plans that soon started looking like the infamous promises the Jubilee government made us in 2013.

Saumu Mbuvi reveals date set for wedding to baby daddy Senator Loitiptip

Now Saumu is alone, a single mother of two daughters by two different fathers, men she incidentally had contentious break-ups with in the past.

Marry before you carry

The point of my article is to show that many men today will not commit to a woman because she had a child with them. Aeedah Bambi dated Anwar for a short time and got the prized marriage that Saumu who has his daughter couldn’t get!

Saumu Mbuvi pregnant and smiling

Diamond Platnumz’s life is a testament to this truth. The Tanzanian superstar has left at least 4 baby mamas in his wake without ever marrying any one of them. Or American musician Future who has 6 baby mamas including Ciara.

If any lady wants marriage from a man, getting a child to push that agenda isn’t the best way to do it. If you couldn’t convince him with your personality, feminine wiles and charm, then having a child with him won’t do the trick. And why would you want to have a kid with a man who isn’t sure about you becoming his wife?

Ask yourself? Which is harder, being a wife or a mother? At the end of the day, a man who really wants you, will marry you before you carry his child or have no qualms about putting a ring on it when you are pregnant.

Saumu with Anwar
Saumu with Anwar

But what do I know…

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Anwar Loitiptip gets married barely 2 months after breaking up with Saumu Mbuvi

Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip, Saumu Mbuvi’s baby daddy has revealed that he has tied the knot. Yep, barely two months after breaking up with former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s daughter, the man has moved on with socialite Aeedah Bambi.

The two reportedly got married before the start of the holy month of Ramadan with both updating their Facebook relationship status to “Got married”. The two still haven’t announced the people they got hitched to.

Anwar wasn’t afraid to address a fan who inquired about whether he had really gotten married, adding that they avoided posting pictures online to keep “haters” in the dark.

“Tembea Nyumbani Uone Bibi Harusi live live, Picha Mitandaoni Tunajua Mahatters Wanasubiri Waanze kudiss but Tuko Rada. (Come home and see the bride. We know haters are waiting for photos online, but we are alert),” said Loitiptip.

Saumu Mbuvi pregnant with the former senator
Saumu Mbuvi pregnant with the former senator

Don’t forget that Anwar and Saumu had a whirlwind romance that begun in 2019 and were blessed with a daughter in March 2020. They were even planning to get married in mid-2020, plans that didn’t materialize.

Saumu Mbuvi’s latest message has me concerned about her relationship with lover Anwar

Then in February 2021,  Saumu revealed that they had separated after Loitiptip allegedly became abusive and unfaithful towards her.

Sonko with his daughter Saumu
Sonko with his daughter Saumu

A few days after breaking up with Miss Mbuvi, the politician was spotted hanging out with Aeedah (who was Saumu’s friend) at Yejoka restaurant in Parklands.

And to add more insult to Sonko’s daughter, a month later Aeedah (who shares a son with city businessman Steve Oduk) posted a photo of an engagement ring without naming her fiance.


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Tulipatana Facebook – Saumu Mbuvi says about “Son of Pharaoh” after bitter break-up

Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi has had a tough 2021. The woman who has been blessed with two kids was in the news recently after she disclosed that she had been allegedly abused by her baby daddy, Senator Anwar Loitiptip.

Saumu Mbuvi
Saumu Mbuvi

Saumu has been in 3 serious relationships the past decade has amassed two baby from two of them. One thing that is common in all of her relationships is that they start with a flourish and crash like the Hindenberg.

This week the dark-skinned lady meditated about her past especially as regards relationships telling Massawe Jappani,

“Problem yangu, I have always been scared of being single na nilikuwa na haraka ya kuingia kwa relationship at a time I did not heal from previous relationship. Huyu mwanaume alinipata kwa sababu nilikuwa na heartbreak hiyo time. Kwa sababu shida yangu kubwa sijui kukaa single.”

Adding, “Hii ndio shida yangu kubwa. I have been swimming in relationships, by the way sikuwa najua kukaa single. Najipata kwa hii relationship, mara tumeachana tayari niko kwa ingine hata sijmaliza siku moja.”

My second daughter couldn’t breathe well – Saumu Mbuvi narrates tough pregnancy

Was the bipolar condition a major reason for her break-ups? She said “No. Maana hata inanifanya niwe kama perfectionist. Yule mwanaume alinipata kama niko broken down and I need a shoulder to lean on, akakuja kama rafiki kumbe alikuwa son of Pharaoh because you never known intentions za mtu.”

“Tulipatana Facebook, akaanza kunitumia message saa hizo ananiita my sister sijui nini…lakini kwa hayo yote I have to forgive myself for being a fool. We speak the truth and let the truth judge Us.”

Sonko with his daughter Saumu
Sonko with his daughter Saumu

She said that her bipolar condition became worse when she started dating her second baby daddy as a result of Anwar’s alleged alcoholic nature and other things that her ex-boyfriend was allegedely using.

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The beginning of Saumu Mbuvi and Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip’s love story

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu has opened up about being in love and getting married pretty soon to Lamu Senator Anwar.

The relationship between the two was made public after a fight at a club where he was injured. The two were watching the UEFA Champions League finals at Memphis Lounge within the neighbourhood of USIU in Kasarani.

Saumu Mbuvi attacked by trolls as she shares loving message for Lamu Senator

On Tuesday September 3rd in a radio interview, Saumu spoke about the special connection between the two, after suffering heartbreak from her baby daddy

He was my best friend for a while, he was someone who encouraged me to tell me what work I can do he has always been pushing me

I met Anwar in Mombasa. I had gone on holiday and he was there for a security meeting. We started talking often. He was more of a best friend and encouraged me to take up projects.

My love has been there for me through my ups and downs. I appreciate him very much. He even tells me to leave trolls alone, and to put aside my phone.

Saumu gushed over her boyfriend saying he plays an important role in her daughters life.

my lover right now he is a very amazing father to my daughter


As a single mum bringing up a child without a man actively in her life, she needs a father figure for her child

I would advice if you have left your man find a father figure, coz there is something a father will teach a child that is different, this generation there is something the kids are missing because there we are so confident being single mothers

Saumu Mbuvi with her new man
Saumu Mbuvi with her new man

Wedding bells?

Very soon

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Saumu Mbuvi attacked by trolls as she shares loving message for Lamu Senator

Mike Sonko’s daughter, Saumu Mbuvi is one woman who is known more for her relationships than anything else. Maybe her dad… The eldest Sonko daughter is in the news again.

Saumu Mbuvi
Saumu Mbuvi glowing

And why is that? She decided to share a photo with her new man, the Lamu senator, Anwar Loitiptip. Her caption read;

Feelings can never be hidden, love can make you dine on raw meat. Hi Future.

Saumu and the Lamu Senator were recently in the news after they were allegedly roughed up at a hotel when they wanted to leave at 2 am after a football match.

Saumu Mbuvi with her new man
Saumu Mbuvi with her new man

The two were also spotted on holiday in Zanzibar days after the incident, although nothing could be confirmed at the time.

Saumu Mbuvi talks home wrecker allegations:Only pets can be stolen not real men!

Saumu, as many will remember, had a bitter break-up with her ex and even went ahead to delete him from her social media. Even photos that show the former lovebirds opening a lush nightclub in Westlands also mysteriously disappeared.

Saumu Mbuvi with her ex
Saumu Mbuvi with her ex

While some might be happy for her that she has moved on, others were displeased with the way she has moved on so quickly. One visitor on her timeline even commented, ‘Aaahh wewe pia uko confused!!! jumping from Men to Men Give time To love yourself You will Find true love😏😏’

Saumu was having none of it and responded with fire telling the poster;

enda upende nyanyako ..take your bitterness kwengine

and then added;

heri mimi wangu wanahesabika…wewe je?? Kila siku unatega

Saumu with her first baby daddy, Gatu
Saumu with her first baby daddy, Gatu in the past

And she wasn’t done. Saumu told off all the women who saw fit to attack her for the way she was running her life. She wrote on her Instalive stories saying;

Saumu screenshot
Saumu screenshot. Courtesy/Urbannews254
Saumu screenshot
Saumu screenshot. Courtesy/Urbannews254

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‘I will not quit my job as an ambulance driver,’ mother of Lamu senator shouts

The mother to Lamu senator elect Anwar Loitiptip has said sh will not quit her job an ambulance driver in the county just because the son is now a big shot in politics.

Umi Kher Mohamed 51, works as a principal ambulance driver at the Mpeketoni sub-county hospital.

She has been at her job for over 15 years now and says she sees no reason why she should quit simply because her son got elected as a senator.

Umi says she has raised her children in extreme poverty and doesn’t believe a good job should be thrown away simply because another opportunity has arisen.

Umi Kher and her son Lamu Senator-elect Anwar Loitiptip in Lamu town yesterday /PRAXIDES CHETI

“I’m proud of my son and what he has become today. Its the dream of any mother for her children to achieve so much in life. I have been through a lot raising my children. Poverty has been our guest so many times but I thank God that we have come this far. And that’s why I don’t plan on quitting my job just because Anwar is now a senator. I will still continue working to earn my bread and take care of my younger children. I know Anwar will help but I will still do my part as mother,” said Umi.

She said she in not in her job just for the money for also for the reward that God has in store for her following the service she renders to patients in need of her services at the Mpeketoni hospital.

“Its Anwar who has been elected senator not me. My duty lies with patients at the Mpeketoni hospital and its not just about the money, it’s about God rewarding me for my duty at the end of it all and to top it all, I love my job and haven’t ever dreamt of quitting,” she said.

Umi Kher and her son Lamu Senator-elect Anwar Loitiptip in Lamu town yesterday /PRAXIDES CHETI

Asked if she would have her son get her a more senior position in the county, Umi said she was comfortable with her position as a driver and that under no circumstance would she take advantage of her son’s position to get herself to a place she didn’t qualify for since it would be a sin even before God.

“I will remain a driver till I retire and am not ashamed of my job just for the record. I can’t use my son to get myself elsewhere. I am just happy of his achievement but I will continue with my job,” she said.

The senator elect is Umi’s third born child amongst his four siblings and her mother says his is a deserved win having campaigned miserably on foot and sometimes using motorcycles.

“We don’t have much as a family but he did all he could to reach out to his people during campaigns. He would go on foot for his campaigns or sometimes on motorcycles but we thank God thar he won.His duty now lies with the Lamu people,” said Anwar.

Meanwhile the senator elect had pledged to use his young age to woo the youth off drugs, a major vice that has affected many youth in Lamu.