Cecilia Mwangi may legalise union with Mungatana

Former Kenyan beauty queen and anti-jigger crusader Cecilia Mwangi may walk down the aisle with her partner, former Garsen MP Danson Mungatana.

Speaking exclusively to Word Is, the former Miss World Kenya said chances are that “we may make our relationship official by either going the Attorney General’s way or treat you to a grand wedding.”

She was, however, reluctant to reveal much about her relationship with Mungatana, with whom they have a child together.

The former legislator — who is now the Kenya Ports Authority chairman — is alleged to have another secret affair with a renown TV girl.

“I am happy with my situation and I remain true to what I’ve devoted myself to. He (Mungatana) is the father of my child and nothing can change that. But I wish not to dwell so much on that,” she said.

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