‘You have married a hardworking woman,’ Uhuru Kenyatta praises Anne Waiguru on wedding day

President Uhuru Kenyatta has commended Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru and Kamotho Waiganjo for keeping to the Kikuyu culture.

Speaking during Waiguru’s traditional wedding ceremony President Uhuru Kenyatta said,

We thank God because it is a good day. We are here to keenly look at this. I have never gone for a Ngurario of old people.

I was wondering where I would sit. I am happy that we are embracing our culture.

Some of our lives are going wrong because we have left our traditions. We have embraced the wazungu culture and that is why our society is collapsing.

People no longer respect each other. You think you are better than the rest.

From Uhuru Kenyatta to Itumbi here are guests attending Anne Waiguru’s wedding today

Uhuru Kenyatta,Sabina Chege
Uhuru Kenyatta and Sabina Chege

Uhuru went on to encourage people to embrace their culture.

Some of you speak English but they dont know where that language originated from.

It is our responsibility to embrace our cultures.
Gambling, we want to get that money so that our children can use it in sports and culture.

Gambling is not for children, and also, some money should be given to the government. Tax.

‘In Waiganjo, I have found a new son,’ Anne Waiguru’s mum praises soon to be son-in-law

He went on to assure Kamotho that he had indeed made a great choice in choosing Waiguru.

Kamotho I can guarantee you, you have married a hardworking woman because I have worked with her.

She has done a tremendous job in the country. Use that energy now to make sure Kamotho is smiling.

In conclusion he said,

You are getting married to a fantastic man. A man who cares for his country and to his people.

With Gods grace you will live a long life. Kirinyaga people I have your debt but, I will build the road from Kianyaga to kibugu.

We have a new contractor and in a few months, the road will be fine.

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Posh and class at Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru’s traditional wedding -Photos

Family and friend have today gathered in Kirinyaga county to witness the traditional wedding of Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru.

Anne is set to wed City lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo.

The wedding is expected to be attended by a big number of guests, including politicians.

Waiganjo paid the bride price for Waiguru in Kiamungo village, Kirinyaga on February 16.

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Anne Waiguru and fiancee Kamotho Wanjohi
Anne Waiguru and fiancee Kamotho Wanjohi

He was married to a Nairobi-based publishing consultant and journalist Lorna Seneiya with whom he had three children.

The two then had their first date at Thai Restaurant in Nairobi, leading to the current relationship. Waiganjo is from Murang’a.

Here is Kamotho Waiganjo, the lawyer who has won Anne Waiguru’s heart

Waiguru warned that her marriage to Waiganjo should not be politicized. He hinted that some people had started interfering in her private life with politics.

Below are photos of the classy wedding.


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Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 12.12.20 PM


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