‘My daughter told me she was scared’ Nakuru man who lost five family members in Ethiopia’s plane crash recalls

Quindos Karanja is trying to terms with the loss of 5 of his family members who died in the Ethiopian flight ET 302  which crashed on Sunday.

Mr Karanja lost his wife Anne Wangui 60, daughter Caroline Nduta 34 and his grand kids Ryan 7, Kerry  4 and Rubby, who was only 9-months-old.

They were travelling from Canada en-route to Nairobi to join the other family members

“My wife went to Canada in August 2018 and I even escorted her to the airport.”

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Mr Karanja's wife Anne
Mr Karanja’s wife Anne

Karanja rewarded his wife with a trip to Canada after she retired mid last year so that she could visit their daughter and grand kids.

In an interview heard by Classic 105, Mr Karanja says that his daughter had a premonition of their death and she even talked about the ‘feeling ‘ to her dad.

“Its like my daughter Carol was expecting something, she told me that she was excited to come to Kenya but she also added that she had fear in her heart yet she did not know why.

I am still praying to God that all this will come to pass.”

Mr Karanja's daughter Carol
Mr Karanja’s daughter Carol

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Karanja’s daughter worked as an accountant in Canada and her husband is expected to jet to Kenya even as the family tries top come to terms with their loss.

He said that his wife was more than a wife she was a friend and a confidant

”I am not even able to tell you what kind of a wife she was. She was not only a wife, she was a friend to the entire family, a mentor and a very supportive person.

She has helped me a lot and the only gift I could give to her was to go and visit our daughter for three months because I had never taken her out.

I don’t know what will happen or who I will question.

People say it is God’s will, one day I will go and see God and he will have to explain to me why he took the family like, but now I have nothing to say,” he added. 

Mr Karanja's grandkids who died in the Ethiopian plane crash
Mr Karanja’s grandkids who died in the Ethiopian plane crash

From Classic 105 we send Mr Karanja and his family our sincere condolences and to every other person who lost a loved one in the ill fated plane, we are sorry for your loss.

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