Kansiime regrets mum died before she met her son

Ugandan comedienne Anne Kansiime says her mother died before she could meet the couple’s newborn son.

Mama Kansiime got sick during the Covid- 19 lockdown and passed away in June 2021, months later her da passed away.

Speaking via her Youtube channel on the segment ‘Glass of happiness the mother of one shared 

“She was so sick that you could see it in her eyes that she wanted to be dead. She was tired of being loved and taken care of.”


“Unfortunately, when I gave birth, she had not even seen Sellasie (Kansiime’s son) by the time she died. They just video chatted and so on.”

Although she did not have a perfect relationship with her parents, Kansiime encouraged her fans to treasure their parents while they are still alive.

“It’s okay not to like them but you are better than me, who is now an orphan.

 Parents always know better than us, whether we see it or not.”

Kansiime praised her mum for being supportive when her first marriage failed.

“Now I’m always worried about who is going to stand in that gap then I’m reminded that we orphans we are God’s firstborn.”

Kansiime said the loss of her parents made her appreciate life even more.

The comedienne says she is still trying to process the fact that she is now an orphan.

“My dad died so soon after my mum that I hadn’t yet processed her death. I forget that my parents died and sometimes think my mum is at home and dad just went on a long holiday. I wish I had another chance to see my parents.”

Kansiime said although her relationship with her parents wasn’t so good, she misses a moment of their time.

“There are some of my friends who don’t get it. My fans who know me knew that my mum and I didn’t see eye to eye,” she said.

“My relationship with my mum was just like any other girl and her mum kinda. Chances are that you don’t like the way they are strict until you go through things and you know she is a hero.”

Kansiime recounted moments when she was a young girl being raised by a strict mum.

“I remember there was a time she gave my school choir teacher permission to beat me every day nearly for the whole time,” she said.

Anne Kansime with her late parents

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RIP! Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime’s father passes on

Anne Kansiime reveals name of her son as she welcomes bouncing baby boy

Comedian Kansiime yearning for a second born child

Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime says she wants a second child already.
Speaking on her YouTube Channel, the mother of one said her fiance is not aware of it but she is trying all means.
“I am trying for a second child although my husband doesn’t know. Motherhood is currently my profession and am enjoying it,” she said.
The comedian welcomed her first child, a bouncing baby boy with her bae Skylanta in April last year.
The good news was first made public by Kansiime’s man Skylanta through his official Instagram account.
He posted a photo of himself carrying his son who was wrapped in a baby shawl followed by a thanksgiving post to thank God for the blessing.
Skylanta disclosed to his followers that they had named their son Selassie King.
”This is the day that the Lord has made.”
In a past convo on her YouTube, the mother of one said she struggled to conceive her first child.
She said her fertility journey was affected by things that happened a long time ago.
“My journey to getting pregnant is not a short one. It started while I was still in school,” she said.
“I tried to investigate why it was hard for me to conceive and the doctors said my tubes were blocked, and so we had to start the process of unblocking them.”

Kansiime gave up on getting a child.

“When I imagined getting a baby with my man again, I remembered the pain I had gone through and I wasn’t ready,” she said.

“There are some tests you fail in life and you can’t imagine convincing yourself to try again. You only feel like a failure, so I decided to wait.”

How to rock those head-wraps and look totally flawless!

Have you noticed head wraps are not being used for bad hair days only? They are being used for every day looks and to accentuate beauty.

The head wraps being a trend not only reminds you of a vintage look, it also reminds you of the 60’s looks which most ladies are now embracing and mahn! are they rocking the look.

1. Anne Kansiime

Comedian Anne Kansiime is not one to be left behind as she has embraced this modern trend looking extremely classy and elegant.


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2. Joy Kendi

Blogger and vlolgger among many other tittles Joy is another celebrity who loves this head-wrap trend and we can all tell that this look looks amazing on her.

image-2019-05-17 (5) (1)

3. Amina Abdi

The glamorous and always happy Amina is one not to be left out by fashion. She slays all looks and this head-wrap is one of the looks that she slays effortlessly.


Emma Too hits back at accusations she’s using Botox

4. Janet Mbugua

Former Tv anchor slays in this simple turban look and is a look every lady should try.

It gives you that extra glow even on a bad hair day.49622762_430443290829992_2295740177906963922_n

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5. Adelle Onyango

Radio presenter Adelle is one to experiment with different looks and designs and this head wrap was sure to give her that glow she was looking for.

This style of head wrapping is one to try out don’t you think?


Pictures of Ali Kiba looking like the answer to all your prayers

6. Nancie Mwai

The gorgeous sassy Nancie is one to watch out when it comes to fashion and this look did the exact thorough glow up that we cant help but want to try this head-wrap style.



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‘I can’t keep calm’ Anne Kansiime lands an ambassadorial deal

2019 has started on a good note for popular Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime. She has landed a mega ambassadorial deal with Standard Chartered Bank.

Taking to social media, she announced that she will be the ambassador to Uganda’s first digital bank, the first fully digital online banking.

Anne Kansiime

Ninjas, I can’t keep calm, this 2019 is already a Big thing, especially for you people.

Today/yesterday, I started serving as the Standard Chartered Bank’s Ambassador of, wait for it☺; ‘UGANDA’S FIRST DIGITAL BANK’..Yes, the 1st “FULLY DIGITAL online banking solution”.

‘The birth of our daughter traumatised us’ Abel Mutua open up on being first time parents

She went on to tell her fans the kind of services they will receive.

Anne Kansiime

Super excited to announce that you can now open an account and run it from ANYWHERE without stepping foot at the banking hall EVER. They come to you.
#Wherever you are; the sittinglum, Bedlum or the beach, you can access 70 self services, yes 70, on one digital banking app..and where need be, they come to you. Now if this is not a bank acknowledging that you are the real Boss, I don’t know what is.

My juicier part:
-No Ledger fees
-No minimum balance -No ATM or Card fees
-No Bill payment fees
-Free StanChat to StanChat online Bank – You can block and change your ATM card PIN from Wherever you are💪…etc

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Exclusive: This is how comedian Chipukeezy landed that job at NACADA

Comedian Chipukeezy was in the Classic 105 studio Friday morning, where Maina Kageni hosted him as he brought along Ugandan star Anne Kansiime.

Maina and Kansiime, both congratulated Chipukeezy on his new job, and they wanted to know how he got it.

Maina sought to know how Chipu go that job. Nikujuana au?

The last message of Fly Sax pilot Barbra Kamau before her death

Chipukeezy coyly responded  to Maina’s query saying;

‘Ni maundu ma mwathani.’

‘Ni mambo ya mungu’, he repeated when Maina insisted on the truth.

Maina asked, ‘apana, ulijuaje mtu hapo ukakuingiza hapo?

‘You know that’s the thing about our mentality as people. Do you have to know people to be successful? or to be employed? or to be given a responsibility?  It’s self given if  you ask me’.

In the June 6 Gazette Notice, Chipukeezy – a comedian, will join NACADA Board as a member.

Did he know he would land such a plum job? KOT were on social media, alleging his relations with several high profile politicians. But Chipu denied this saying

‘No, I didn’t know I would be given the job’.

Chipukeezy, in an Instagram post on Thursday, expressed his gratitude to the President and DP William Ruto following the appointment.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank God, HE the president, the Deputy president for the appointment to the NACADA Board,” he said.

“This is very humbling and I promise to work hard towards ensuring that the task ahead is accomplished as per the expectations,” the comedian said.

Maina ended the interview by congratulating him;

‘congratulations my brother I am so proud of you’, he concluded.

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Uganda comedian Anne Kansiime opens up about her failed marriage months after speculation

Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime seems to be living the life after parting ways with her husband Gerald Ojok.

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It Is Official! Anne Kansiime And Hubby Ojok Have Broken Up!

Kansiime married Gerald Ojok in a traditional ceremony in 2014 but in 2017, she took to social media to state that they were no longer an item.

“OJ and I are not together anymore. Reasons why are we are not are not for anyone else to know but the two of us.”

Recently, during an interactive Q&A session with her followers, Kansiime revealed that she was happy and enjoying her space after a fan asked her if her marriage could be saved.

“Qn; Can your marriage be saved? ‘I’m not a prophet. But as far as I’m concerned, I love my newly found peace of mind,” she wrote.

The witty comedian is also doing good careerwise and she was awarded by Rising Star Academy.

“Congratulations ARE IN ORDER MY NINJAS!
I’m seriously overreacting.

The SIIKETV Rising Star Academy Awards just awarded me an honorary recognition. ” The SIIKETV Honorary Recognition Awards are conferred by board members to honor, recognizes excellence and celebrate the hard work, dedication and of independent filmmakers and entertainers. The Rising Star Academy Awards strives to empower talents who shape and evolve the independent film and entertainment industry.
You Kansiime Anne have proven beyond limitations and doubts that you are a champion of excellence in a field that was mostly known to be the boys club.
Your talent does not only represent Uganda but Africa as a whole, you give hope to the millions of aspiring and talented young women that IT IS POSSIBLE.
You are Africa’s pride and we celebrate you!” I woke up to this my ninjas!!.
So I’m here overreacting with gratitude.

The event will be held at the Presidential Ballroom -Clarion Hotel
Date: June 16th, 2018,” Kansiime posted.

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Too Much Love! Female Comedian Anne Kansiime Shows Off Her Young, Lovely Parents

Below are latest photos of Kansiime that prove that she has moved on and is happy.


Anne Kansiime


Anne Kansiime


Anne Kansiime


Anne Kansiime



Anne Kansiime


Anne Kansiime


Anne Kansiime

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It Is Official! Anne Kansiime And Hubby Ojok Have Broken Up!

Uganda’s top comedian Anne Kansiime has finally come out to reveal that she and her husband Gerald Ojok are not together anymore.

For a while now, rumours had it that she had split with Ojok, four years after their traditional wedding ceremony and are now living separately.

Kansiime confirmed this during a Facebook session with fans where she asked them to ask her any burning questions about her life.

And she was honest…really honest!

She responded to a fan who asked about their split


In another response, the comedian says she is still confused on whether she is going to find love again.

anne kansiime 3

Anne Kansiime

Aww! Ann Kansiime writes a sweet message for her hubby

Check out other replies to fans about her relationships, to a point of calling her marriage with Ojok a ‘real joke’


anne k


kansiime 5


kansiime 3


kaniime 2


anne kansiime

Anne Kansiime Under Fire After Dealing With ‘Drug Arrest’ News

Anne Kansiime had to deal with a fake news site that posted an erroneous and clickbait seeking story about getting arrested and charged for drug possession.

The site, is one of the many ‘fake news’ websites that thrive in posting celebrity death news, hoaxes and libelous news articles.

Anne Kansiime was the latest victim of this. The site claims that the popular Ugandan comedianne was searched by the customs and border police at Heathrow airport upon suspicion and her luggage was found to contain a small bag containing white powder.

They conducted a second search and found a second similar bag which was tested and turned a positive result for cocaine.

To mitigate the effects of this story Anne Kansiime issued a statement and posted a video showing that she was no where near Heathrow nor was she arrested.

She posted a video of her and the crew rehearsing for her theatre performance this weekend.

One of her crew members, Emma Kaka posted a statement reading, “First of all we would like to acknowledge all our ninjas who have shown genuine love and concern by inquiring from us what is going on. Kansiime is in Uganda and has been in Uganda for the last 3 weeks since returning from work in South Africa late January and hasn’t been to the UK since November 2016 with proof of location that can be found on all social media platforms for Kansiime Anne. It is a pity that some online tabloids find it exciting to fabricate stories that tarnish the image of honest hardworking people. We kindly request the public to be smart and reject helping such tabloids grow their following by riding on the hard Labour of others. Kansiime Anne is a role model to many across different age brackets something that she doesn’t take for granted and is highly committed to.
Once again we thank all media platforms and journalists whose unwavering faith in Kansiime has played a huge role in clearing the lies that were being fed to the innocent public.”

Some unscrupulous fellows who are taking advantage of the whole fake news scenario decided to create a Facebook page with Anne Kansiime’s name and started asking people to help raise money for her bail.

Anne’s accounts are all verified. The fake one isn’t.

Anne alerted her fans, “Fake page alert my ninjas. Please do not send any money or help to anyone that poses as Kansiime Anne on Facebook. This yo ninja knows better than to take advantage of her ninjas. Be sharp my ninjas and block such negativity. #sharedblessings indeed.”

She’s Alive! Ugandan Comedianne Anne Kansiime Quashes Death Rumours

Anne Kansiime is no doubt one of the most celebrated and sought after female comedians in Africa.

Real name, Kansiime Kubiryaba Anne, the humorous lass has been referred to as “Africa’s Queen of Comedy” by her fans, and over the years, she’s proved that to be true.

Kansiime’s fans were shocked and left in dismay recently when swirling rumours about the death of the Ugandan comedian spread across the internet, but it turns out that it was a big lie.

The report had claimed that Anne Kansiime was performing at a concert in Johannesburg, South Africa, when she suddenly fell ill and passed away thereafter, upon arrival to the hospital.

This caused a frenzy since no other site or media outlet had reported on the death of the award-winner, prompting Anne Kansiime to come out and shut down the rumours that she had passed on.

Anne Kansiime

The Ugandan sensation slammed the death allegation from the Times Lives publication, by going to on social media to inform her worried friends, family and fans that she was alive and well.

From the post, Anne Kansiime seemed disappointed by the false reports of her death and of course she didn’t forget to add a little humour to the post, but firmly refuting the claims at the same time;

Hmmmmm….so times1ive.co.za please help me to help you! If you are going to tell my ninjas that am dead, at least tell me in advance so I back up your story. Indeed Idleness has finally become a hobby. Well, relax my ninjas, your queen ninja is not about to desert you fwaaaaaa…..I still have a lot of love and joy to give. #sharedblessings #IKnowWhoIam.

We are glad to know that the beautiful, rib-cracker is alive and in good health, and still enjoying her life with the love of her life, Gerald Ojok, who quit his job to join comedy.

Anne and Ojok walked down the aisle in October 2013 in an elegant traditional wedding. They two are deeply in love and are always sharing loving and heart-warming messages on social media and displaying affection in their photos.


Anne Kansiime

Too Much Love! Female Comedian Anne Kansiime Shows Off Her Young, Lovely Parents

Kansiime Kubiryaba Anne, better known by her stage name Anne Kansiime, is one of the most popular and top female comedians in Africa and there’s no doubt she’s very talented.

Kansiime has performed in very prestigious stages and events, not only in Africa, but also worldwide and has received numerous awards and accolades.

She has been recognized and appreciated by some of the most respectable public figures and celebrities including; Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o, Yvonne Chaka Chaka and more.

The humble and respected Ugandan comedian has worked hard to grow her career and often reminds her fans that it did not come on a silver platter. She is always inspiring those who have a dream to make it in the showbiz or comedy industry.

The 28-year-old has always thanked her parents for the support they have given her over years and for always having her back and this time, she decided to share photos of her parents who are aging gracefully and looking fabulous.

The 28 year-old put up the photo with this lovely caption that reflected on their endless love; My Mother and Father. #‎relationshipgoals #‎sharedblessings‬

Check out the beautiful photo below. Aren’t they just astonishing?

Anne Kansiime’s Parents