Beyonce gets unprecedented control over Vogue’s September Issue cover

Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour gave Beyonce control over this September issue.

Furthermore, this is Vogue’s biggest and most influential issue.


It even has its own documentary; The September Issue.

Similarly, this unprecedented move is out of character for Anna Wintour, but it is said to have been negotiated as a key part of Beyonce’s contract, according to a Huffington Post report.


Bey used her power to have 23-year-old black photographer Tyler Mitchell to be the one to take her picture.

Tyler Mitchell is the first photographer of colour to shoot a Vogue cover in its 126 year history.


While Beyonce is controlling the magazine cover,her contract also states she is to select the photos of her inside the magazine.

Likewise,she is also writing her own captions in long form, according to the Huff Post.

Even more,Queen Bey has graced the cover of Vogue before;



Vogue’s September issue cover once before, shot by Mario Testino in 2015.


While she has graced the front of the magazine on various occasions, the September issue is the biggest of the year.

All in all, we can’t help but wait and see the masterpiece that will come out of this September Issue.

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Why the Queen of fashion Anna Wintour can’t do without her trademark sunglasses

She usually opts for Chanel and is never seen on the front row without them. ‘They are seriously useful,’ she once said. ‘If I am bored out of my mind, nobody will notice. At this point they have become, really, armour.’

But could there be another reason that she wears them? According to biographer Jerry Oppenheimer, they’re prescription glasses.

She rises at 5am and within 45 minutes is being driven in a Mercedes to the Midtown Tennis Club for an hour on court.

‘She’s like a retriever,’ said one of her coaches. ‘She’s so fast. She’ll chase down everything.’


Whippet-thin and 5ft 5in, Wintour is thought to be a dress size 0 (a British size 4). Breakfast, by 8am, is a Starbucks coffee on her way to Vogue’s HQ at One World Trade Centre in New York. (She used to eat smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, but no more it seems.)

Wintour favours a high-protein diet and never drinks alcohol. Lunch, usually eaten at her desk with her mobile turned off, is either a rare hamburger without the bun or a fillet steak with green salad but no dressing.

She loves avocado, hates broccoli and coffee ice cream is an occasional treat. Those who’ve dined with her report she sits at the table in fur and sunglasses and doesn’t eat.

After tennis, Wintour returns home to have her hair professionally blow-dried each morning. She’s said to have a hairdresser on permanent call.

Incredibly, she’s had the same hairstyle — a harsh pageboy bob — since she was 14. All that’s changed is the colour. Photos from the late Eighties show a chestnut brunette which gradually lightens to today’s near-blonde.

Every four weeks, she flies into the UK for a trim by £200-a-time stylist Max Coles at Nicky Clarke’s Mayfair salon.

‘We always stick to a very sharp and sleek finish with some slight variation on the length according to the season,’ he says. The look is enhanced by a volumising shampoo, a thickening spray and plenty of hairspray.


Less is more — a good base, dark shadow on the eyelids, mascara, a touch of blusher and peachy lipstick or gloss.

Although blessed with good bone structure, rumours still abound that several years ago she had a facelift by New York cosmetic doctor-to-the-stars Sherrell Aston, who charges £18,000. Anna is also said to be a fan of cold laser facials at the Freeze Clinic in New York to tighten facial muscles.

Her wardrobe is colour-coded with garments hanging precisely one inch apart. With an alleged £150,000 clothing allowance each year (on top of her £1.5 million salary as Conde Nast’s editorial director), her closet must make the famed fashion cupboard at Vogue look like Primark.

But she’s not one for fleeting trends. Her signature silhouette is a dress with a nipped-in waist, a knee-length or longer hemline, a conservative neckline — and often sleeveless to show off those toned arms. She hasn’t been spotted in trousers for over a decade.

Her other love is colour. Her minions know not to show her anything in black, no matter the designer. She once said the one thing you’d never see her in was ‘top-to- toe black’.

But she’s not afraid to wear the same look several times. ‘It’s always fun to have something new, but it doesn’t mean that everything you already have in your closet has to be thrown out,’ she says. ‘Recycle. It’s totally OK.’

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Equally striking for a woman at the helm of the fickle world of fashion, Wintour has been wearing the same shoes since 1994, when the then little-known Manolo Blahnik designed her a pair of sandals known simply as the ‘AW’.

The cross-fronted slingbacks have a kitten heel and come in a variety of shades — all beige — to complement her skin tone. Blahnik has a last the exact shape of her foot so every pair fits perfectly — but the design can be unforgiving. Wintour has been pictured with what look suspiciously like bunions peeping from the strappy sandals.

While jewellery designers would fall over themselves to lend her their most precious pieces, the fashion matriarch is rarely seen in fine gems. Instead, she wears huge strings of different-coloured chunky stones and crystals. Even a royal heirloom she once wore to a gala, an amethyst necklace that had belonged to King George V’s wife Mary, wasn’t a string of delicate gems but rather a regal version of her usual hefty favourites.