Anita Nderu responds to critics after receiving hate for coming out as a LGBTQ member

Anita Nderu has been in the news today after news that she had finally come out of the closet as a member of the LGBTQ movement.

While some Kenyans appreciated her bold declaration, others weren’t as happy and unleashed the inevitable torrent of disdain.

One of the critiques was that she wanted kids and still be in a same-sex relationship, with Kenyans surgically describing to Anita the process involved in having kids.

To them, two ladies cannot have children – and since most continue to assume that she is a member of the LGBTQ movement then there is no way pregnancy will happen!

Will Anita Nderu coming out as LQBTQ member help the movement?

Others asked what had happened between her and her long-time boyfriend, DJ Sunman. Some others also stated it was UnAfrican for Anita to be a proponent of LGBTQ rights.

Anyway responding to the criticism through her Instagram account; the 30-year-old kept cool and responded with the simple and classy, “Niko tu.”

In the past Anita had said that she does not see herself getting married, she also said she would only get kids when she was ready. “Whatever greatness lies ahead! I love you to bits and pieces! happy 30th @sunmannagram.”

Just months ago (June 2020) she had taken to her social media to celebrate her boyfriend DJ Sunman.

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Will Anita Nderu coming out as LQBTQ member help the movement?

Anita Nderu took Twitter and Kenyans by storm yesterday when she came out to reveal that she was a member of the LGBTQ movement.

Her short and succinct Twitter message read, “I hope my kids never have to go through what I have gone through for being LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈❤️”.

Anita’s public dalliance with the LGBTQ movement started a few months ago when she hosted two members of the LGBTQ community and the comments were not so kind.

Anita Nderu comes out clean that she is a member of LGBTQ community

In response to the backlash, she told Massawe Jappani that she wouldn’t apologise for hosting members of the LGBTQ community on her cooking show, ‘The overdressed cook’.

Anita said she that she respected people’s opinions but that she will not apologise. At the time of the interview, Anita said that she wasn’t willing to comment on whether she was a member of the community. “When I’m ready to share, I will.”

But it seems like that time has come and her announcement has made it loud and clear. The former the Trend singer is done hiding and is ready to leave her truth with the public knowing (and good for her!).

My question is whether her decision helps the cause of the movement in Kenya. I don’t think it will and for a simple reason, Kenyans have a lot of issues that take priority than the s3xual orientation of an individual.

Things like food, corruption, Covid-19 are more pressing matters than LQBTQ issues. If one looks at countries that have allowed LGBTQ rights, they all have one thing in common, they are all very advanced-2nd world and above status.

According to Maslow’s hierarchy needs (food, shelter, clothing) are at the bottom, and then the wants come at the top. How are Kenyans going to engage on the LGBTQ topic when they are still struggling to pay rent or take their kids to school.

Even our own president sees it as a non-issue. Check out his response below on the issue;

What her coming out will do in the long-term is that it will give her a boost in publicity and not much else. But what do I know?

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Anita Nderu comes out clean that she is a member of LGBTQ community

Media personality Anita Nderu become the topic of discussion on Twitter yesterday after she made remarks about her not wanting her kids to go through what she has gone through for being a member of LGBTQ.

“I hope my kids never have to go through what I have gone through for being LGBTQ,” she tweeted.
Her tweet left many questioning her sexuality while others questioned her decision to post such kind of information.

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Anita Nderu
Anita Nderu

This is not the first time Anita has trended because of posting about the LGBTQ community.

About two months ago, in one of her episodes on Instagram ‘The overdressed cook’, she hosted two members of the LGBTQ community and her post attracted mixed reactions from fans.

During an interview with Massawe, Anita said she will not apologise for hosting members of the LGBTQ community on her cooking show, ‘The overdressed cook’.

“They were just being themselves and nothing on the show was scripted,” she said. “What I know is they won’t love you all the time, some things you do, they will celebrate you, others, they will not. It is a right of expression and so I respect people’s opinions,” she said.

“I refuse to apologise for choosing to allow my friends to be who they are and for airing the episode ‘coz it is my channel and I am allowed to do that. I just hope people will be open-minded.”
On whether she is a member of the LGBTQ, Anita said that is private.

“When I’m ready to share, I will,” she said, adding she will have another episode on the same.

Anita Nderu smiling
Anita Nderu smiling

Seizures caused me to break my arm in 4 places! Anita Nderu narrates

The more the days go by the more I realise that Anita Nderu, just like the proverbial onion still has a lot of layers to her. The media personality and former the Trend host normally makes some interesting revelations about herself that are astounding to hear.

The reason for my above statement is the fact that some of the shocking health disclosures that she normally makes-something a passer-by wouldn’t guess where they to look at her.

Anita Nderu
Anita Nderu

This past week Anita divulged that she has been suffering from seizures since the beginning of the year. She said this explaining the source of an ugly scar that she bore on her right arm.

Miss Nderu said that she had broken the arm when she experienced her second and third seizures, which she described as hectic.

“For ease, here is my arm story: I suffer from seizures occasionally. Started this year in January, had four so far. My 2nd and 3rd one were so hectic during that I shattered my right arms humerus into four pieces which were put back together using a titanium plate by a Surgeon called Dr. Awori.

Anita Nderu
Anita Nderu bearing the ugly scar on her right hand

It’s been over a month now, the tear in the stitches scar is because my 4th seizure (the first one where I was alone) was so bad it tore it but it is all healed now. ”

She added that despite going for tests to diagnose the reason for the seizures, the doctors hadn’t been able to ascertain what was causing the issue. “Already did all the tests necessary, they however cannot find a cause so I live with it now.”

How dare you!? Kenyans up in arms as Anita Nderu hosts gay men on her cooking show

She had been using medication on a daily basis to deal with the condition.

“Medicating daily and taking care of myself. Still have not managed to resume normal arm function (I am right-handed so my left hand has had to make up for all those years of free loading😄) but getting there❤️ I hope that answers any questions related to the injury,” said Part of Nderu’s post.

Anita Nderu

Anita is such a remarkable woman, getting up from such tough situations with a smile on her face! In 2019, the bubbly lady spoke about her brutal experience with depression in 2018. Anita said the depressive period had lasted a total of 5 months but that she was now out of the woods.

I hope she finds out the cause of the seizures.

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Kenya will not be turned into Sodom and Gomorrah!! Lisa Gaitho lectures Anita Nderu

Anita Nderu has had a week that she will most likely never forget! The beautiful and bubbly presenter has dominated the news cycle recently  -but the debate is whether she likes the coverage she might be getting.

It all started after the former the Trend presenter decided to host a couple of gay men on her cooking show. Although Anita received a lot of from her fans there were various pockets of resistance that weren’t happy with her-A sample size that might not be in the majority but that can raise a stink bigger than the Dandora dumpsite.

Anita Nderu with over-sized glasses
Anita Nderu with over-sized glasses

Some of the people who have gone against her having the gay men on her show include Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Ezekiel Mutua.

Was she speaking to Raburu’s wife? Lisa Gaitho attacks those who question God’s existence

The (KFCB) CEO said;

 #anitanderu’s gay show was a pathetic attempt to promote homosexuality in the name of user-generated content and freedom of expression. No brand-worthy its name should be proud of this madness. It’s a laziness of mind and lack of imagination to fall for such cheap gimmick!

That’s not the only person unhappy with her. Blogger Lisa Gaitho who famously asked women to bath their husbands has also chimed in.

Lisa Gaitho posing

The blogger has come down hard on Anita on her Instagram page “rebuking” her for hosting the gay men on her show. She started; “I rebuke and come against this in the name of Jesus! its 5.30 a.m and the lord has me in tears because of the nonsense his children are being fed!”

Anita Nderu looking glam
Anita Nderu looking glam

After trying to pray away the gay ina section of her post, Lisa went on to say that Kenya would never become like Sodom and Gomorrah, warning Anita against teaching young people such harmful ways.

“Kenya will not be turned into Sodom and Gomorrah!! You’re boldly teaching young people that it’s ok to watch porn?!to participate in what God hates! In their hearts they’ll say “oh so and so is “successful” and she does all these things so it cannot be wrong. I rebuke you and co. in the name of the lord of heaven and earth!”

Lisa Gaitho portrait

While Anita has been the target of rage by people like Gaitho, she doesn’t seem to care and has even doubled down. Now how’s that for the critics.

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How dare you!? Kenyans up in arms as Anita Nderu hosts gay men on her cooking show

Anita Nderu rarely if ever finds herself in any controversy. The woman has a squeaky-clean reputation that she jealously guards.

Anita Nderu smiling

But in a world that is dominated by social media use, no one is normally safe. One minute you are a hero to the mob, the next you have become food for the lions in Caesars Coliseum, with that same mob cheering at your gory demise.

And nearly every celebrity, try as they might have been a victim of the mobs via cyber-bullying or overly harsh criticism that borders on the sociopathic.

Anita is in that zone right now trending on many social media platforms as some have attacked her following an episode of her cooking show that she recently posted.

Anita Nderu with over-sized glasses
Anita Nderu with over-sized glasses

What can really happen on an innocent and harmless cooking show? A lot! This according to some who watched the show and were thoroughly unhappy with the guests Anita featured. Some of those highly critical comments are below:

The critics were unhappy that she had hosted gay men on her cooking show with her fans using various social media platforms to air their utmost displeasure.

atmahibrahim1 No wonder Covid 19 is after us.
newtonk267 Umelipwa na nani usaport hii ujinga it’s not our tradition and will never be
gracie_successful The way I respect u what ar u doing with gay guys
abel_chomber Bullshit crap crap crap 🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮
jame.st4 Just wrong
evans.damji Delete
esthershero Woi this post made me so tired… Sigh

The criticism even prompted the former Trend presenter to come out to defend herself responding to an Instagram fan identified as @whoisqueen. Whois queen who said she supported LGBTQ rights was against the stereotypical misrepresentation of the gay community as being hypers*xual.

Women are each others enemies! Anita Nderu’s powerful message on Women’s Day

Anita responded by saying that her show wasn’t scripted and that the people on it behaved in a free manner that was true to themselves.

“I respect your opinion. I simply asked my friends to come on my web show and be themselves. What any of us have chosen to do on the show is how each of us is. Nothing about my show is scripted. What you see from the guests, food to outcome is what actually genuinely took place❤️,” responded Nderu.

Anita Nderu smiling
Anita Nderu smiling

She, later on, posted her public response on her Instagram page reaffirming her earlier support of the LGBTQ movement saying that she wouldn’t be bullied into silence by anyone.;

“Also, I will never be bullied into silence. As human beings, we have the right to refuse to be defined by what other people think rather we must define ourselves. As people, we should celebrate our differences, encourage authenticity & wonder at the diversity of humanity. We all have a right to love and be loved however & whenever. #Propride #ProLGBTQ”

Anita Nderu

While I might not agree with people’s worldviews, one thing I believe is that someone has the right to post whatever they want on their own social media profile. Of course, it should be within some parameters of common sense and decency.

But common sense is also debatable in today’s hyper-sensitive world but what do I know?


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Women are each others enemies! Anita Nderu’s powerful message on Women’s Day

Yesterday, the world celebrated International Women’s Day. Our very own Anita Nderu wasn’t to be left out as she came out with a strong message to her fellow women to support each other instead of hating on one another.

Anita Nderu smiling
Anita Nderu smiling

Ms Anita said that there was no need for women to compete with each other or see the other as a threat.

Anita Nderu – I’d rather sleep with Octopizzo than Prezzo

She went ahead to say that women had many opportunities available and everyone was capable of becoming a queen without destroying the other.

“Women really are each other’s worst enemy and it is so unnecessary. The pie is so massive there needs not to be one queen. We can all win. How cool would it be if we looked after each other and treated each other like we do everything else? Can we just sisterhood the hell out of each other please? If men can do it surely we can do it better. We are better at everything 😅 I fiercely love, support and root for womankind. Let’s woman up! We are an incredible specie💕 Let us always be there for each other💕 Empowered women, Empower women. Be confident enough in yourself and your ability 💕” read part of Anita’s post.

Anita Nderu with Miss Michuki
Anita Nderu with Miss Michuki

The beauty said this after revealing how some women had mistreated her in the course of day to day activities but despite the experience she had decided to treat other women better.

“I have had the honor of being influenced by incredible women but I have also had the unfortunate luck of being mistreated by them. So I say this to you today just incase you have been in my shoes, you shall be fine. Being mistreated did not change how I view women it made me want to purposely ensure that no other woman feels how I felt and no other woman should think it is okay to be so inhuman. #Happyinternationalwomensday #Womensday” read her post.

Anita Nderu with a female friend

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Anita Nderu – I’d rather sleep with Octopizzo than Prezzo

Anita Nderu the former radio and NTV presenter and most bubbly of celebrities, had a fascinating conversation on her Instagram page recently.

Ms. Nderu spoke about whom she would sleep with between Octopizzo and Prezzo. What!? The internet does breed crazy conversations, doesn’t it?

Anita Nderu
Anita Nderu

This debate topic wasn’t Anita’s fault as one of her curious and rabble-rousing fans asked the crazy question. “Who would you rather sleep with, Octopizzo or Prezzo?” asked the fan.

‘In case you propose, this is the gown I want’ Anita Nderu hints at her bae

The entertainer was with her friend and former co-host Anne Mwaura as they were playing a Truth and Drink game as they responded to questions asked by their fans.

Anita was up to the task and responded to the question without any fear, stating her preference for Namba Nane aka Octopizzo.

Octopizzo in black and white
Octopizzo in black and white
Prezzo chilling
Prezzo chilling

She, however, admitted that growing up she liked Prezzo but got to a point where she wasn’t his fan anymore, as she insisted that if they were the only two men remaining, she would still choose Octopizzo.

“Wow! This is such an obvious one. It’s definitely Octopizzo. I am sorry I have nothing against Prezzo but there is no way on earth… It’s Octopizzo. We grew up with Prezzo but at some point, I wasn’t a fan anymore and if it really does come down to the two of them, Apocalypse, I’ll be like Octopizzo,” said Anita Nderu.

Anita Nderu
Anita Nderu

Anita has been through a lot over the years, with 2018 being one of her darkest with the spectre of depression haunting her for close to 5 months that year.

So it’s good to see Anita in a good place in her life, even discussing the man she would rather want to sleep with. That is progress. Good for her.


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Photo of the day! Anita Nderu oozes girl power on cover of True Love Magazine

TV personality Anita Nderu couldn’t hold the excitement for gracing the cover of True love East magazine June edition.

She announced this exciting news on her social media in a post that read,

So excited to be @truelove_ea magazine’s June cover girl for the bold issue.
What a wow! It finally happened you guys 💙🥳🥳🥳🥳

Been wishing, hoping & dreaming for years for this💙
Thank you @truelove_ea 💙

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Anita’s striking pose in a blue gown and belt makes us adore how she is oozing girl power.  Her natural hair is tied back and enhanced with an afro curly wig.
Anita looks all sorts of amazing and paid glowing tribute to the magazine.

I am anxious to read what the final copy says😂 Your team was amazing to work with!

Thank you for the great experience.

Officially on sale🥳🥳 Grab your copy today💙

She speaks about her experience with depression and suicidal thoughts among other life experiences.

The lass has previously been named among 100 most influential and innovative women in 2017. Go girl!

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‘I rank people who love their parents very highly’ says Anita Nderu as she proudly shows off her parents

Anita Nderu is loved by many for her energy on the screens but not much is known about her immediate family especially her parents.

Well Anita is blessed to have beautiful parents whom she inherited her good looks from and siblings whom she adores.


Ugandan artiste cum politician Bobi Wine fighting to stay alive after being arrested,tortured and detained by Ugandan police under unclear circumstances

Anita Nderu has a brother Kinyanjui Nderu who is a graphic designer, and he describes himself as a foodie and a rally fanatic.

She also has a beautiful sister Vanessa Nderu who is an event organizer, a true replica of Anita it is obvious that beauty runs in the family.

Vanessa Nderu

That’s not all Anita Nderu has one more brother Kariuki Nderu who according to Anita hates public gatherings.

Here are photos of Anita Nderu’s immediate family

Anita Nderu’s mum and dad
Family photo of Anita Nderu with her parents and siblings


‘I am in my 50’s yet i lay a new woman from my facebook DM every weekend’ City man brags to Maina Kageni:Audio

Daddy’s girl,Anita Nderu enjoying some bonding with her dad

Anita Nderu is not only talented in TV presenting but she is also a ball of energy behind the radio.

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Fashion: Check out Anita Nderu looking like a candy in African wear (photos)

Socialite and radio personality Anita Nderu is such a trendy lass, I mean her fashion sense is super amazing and everyone likes that from her. Thanks to her curvy body that comes out so well in her outfits.

I believe to be in the media industry most importantly radio or TV one has to look stunning because you will be in the limelight quite often.

Well, She always looks breathtaking with basically everything I mean stunning.

She is also quite a colorful lady and if you notice she wears dresses in bright colored outfits

Meet Gospel singer Eunice Njeri’s stunning sister-in-law (Photos)

Many time she has appeared in public dressed like a pure African woman.

Check out photos of African Anita.


anita 2





‘One Song Made Them Think I’m Trash,’ Jimmy Gait Weeps Uncontrollably On Live TV, Claims Kenyans Are Ungrateful

Popular gospel singer Jimmy Gait was last night’s guest on The Trend where he spoke about his latest single dubbed ‘Love’, the local entertainment industry among other things.

During the interview, the musician who rose to fame after releasing a single titled ‘Huratete’ in 2011, was asked how he feels about being trolled by Kenyans for his funny song titles.

Gait nearly came to tears while explaining to Anita Nderu, who was sitting in for Larry, that the latest incident made him feel like he is trash.

The award-winning gospel musician said he didn’t anticipate the negative reactions that he received from Kenyans after debuting ‘Yesu Ndiye Sponsor’.


He said his songs are about real life situations from a Christian’s perspective, adding that he was shocked by the reactions that he got from netizens the next morning.


He went on to add that he more startled that Kenyans had forgotten all the good songs that he has done for them and were now insulting him and saying all sorts of things about him.

Gait told Anita that he really felt bad because he’s also a human being who has emotions while trying to fight back tears from his eyes.

Watch the interview below courtesy of NTV.