“He is from a royal family” Miss Morgan discloses on “deadbeat” baby daddy

Actress Angel Nyawira Waruinge famously known as Miss Morgan on the famous show, Tahidi High, says she has been raising her daughter on her own after the father absconded his parental duties.

She explained that her baby daddy said he wouldn’t take care of a child who was not living in his house. “I am a single mother na sina bwana physical. Itakuwa aje nikiwa so selfish niache huyu mtoto peke yake? That is not the kind of family set-up I was brought up in,” she said in a recent radio interview.

“Achana na baby daddy. Sitamwongelea vibaya but he is not there and he is not in the picture. I avoid talking ill about him since his blood runs in the blood of my daughter,” said the YouTuber.

And what about the man’s identity? Miss Morgan said, “No, but he comes from a royal family.” She also added that she had tried all legal avenues to have the baby daddy take responsibility but her efforts were futile.

“I tried to follow the law but it got to a point where I gave up and said I was not going to force him to be in his daughter’s life. I went to court and he asked for DNA. Can you imagine? Ikakuja 99.9 per cent of him. It’s okay but acha imkule,” she said.

‘My baby daddy asked for a DNA,’ Miss Morgan speaks about raising her daughter

The actress also noted that her daughter wouldn’t lack a father figure as her relatives are available. “I have a brother, a dad and so a man figure doesn’t have to be a dad. Those are enough people who can stand with my daughter and I can struggle with my daughter. Ntamfikisha mahali atafika.”

Miss Morgan enthused that her daughter Imani is her biggest inspiration in making her quit alcohol and work on herself when she was battling depression

“She is the most amazing daughter in the whole world. She is Imani and she is my inspiration. I know I cannot afford to shame this girl coz it’s not fair. I have an amazing family and my mum is very supportive. This has always picked me up,” she said.

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