Why Anerlisa Muigai is done with drama

After all the publicity with her Tanzanian lover Ben Pol, Anerlisa Muigai, the CEO of Nero water company is trying to keep her private life out of the lime light.

She wrote a strongly worded statement asking to be kept out of drama.

Anerlisa Muigai 1

Anerlisa rejected an offer to appear on Betty Kyallo’s show, after previously talking about how she doesn’t want to put her life out there for the moment.

Betty Kyallo’s TV show is dubbed ‘up close with Betty’ that is all about the personal lives of celebs. One would thus understand why she didn’t want to appear in it.

She also held a birthday bash a few weeks ago, and this time didn’t invite all the celebs like last time.

People were wondering if she has been dissed this time round. She spoke out about it in an open letter.

Here are her exact words,

“I am all about women empowerment and it’s really saddening when I see certain stories go round. I made a light comment about why I did not want to show my life on tv and that’s because I prefer my life private now but you media people just want to create conflict between BK and I. What does my birthday have to do with my show appearance? Yes I did say about not been wished happy birthday but really…is that even news? I mean I also don’t remember their birthdays until they post about it… please keep me out of your dramas/created stories and shout out to @bettymuteikyallo for your amazing show, I wish you nothing but the best and to every woman out there trying to make ends meet, I pray daily that we all make it to the top 🙏. #OnlySpreadingLove

Betty recently started her show on K24 and has featured celebs like Akothee, Ted Josiah, Njugush and his family and many others.


Photos of the woman who had won Ben Paul’s heart before Anerlisa

Bernard Micheal Paul Mnyang’anga aka Ben Pol has stolen the heart of one of Kenya’s rich kids, Anerlisa Muigai and the love keeps growing each day.

Mid last year, the singer and songwriter was head over heels in love with a Tanzanian comedian by the name Ebitoke.

Tanzanian artiste Ben Paul enjoying is time in Dubai
Tanzanian artiste Ben Paul enjoying is time in Dubai

The two broke the news of their dating on social media when the comedian wrote that:

“I have decided to put comedy aside ,today I am talking about someth8ing serious.

I know most of you have never sen posting about my lover but today I have decided to put things clearly.

For a long time I have hidden my feelings towards this man because I feared telling him the truth but today I will do so.

Bae Alert? Mike Mondo shares heart-warming photos of bae (Evidence)

Ben Pol with his bae Anerlisa
Ben Pol with his bae Anerlisa

I love him very much and I wish he could be mine for life,I don’t know whether he is in a relationship or not .

All I know is that I am sorry for telling him about my real feelings for him on social media.

I cannot tell it to him live,I urge those that are close to him to tell him how I feel about him.

I am ready to be married to him anytime,I know some of you might call me names and ridicule me telling me that I have no dignity to be his girlfriend.

Just deliver my message,tell him I l love him.”

Ben Pol Ebitoke

Weeks after the post, the two were seen in public together, holding hands in events and doing the things that lovers do like sneaking in a kiss.

RIP: Six family members die in a road accident along Nakuru Highway

They later went for a couple’s photo shoot that trended but after months, they stopped posting each other. We then saw Pol with Anerlisa showing off their love in public.

Here are TBT photos of the singer and his previous woman:

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‘I do not appreciate people calling me fat ‘ Anerlisa to her trolls

Anerlisa Muigai has been a victim of body shaming, something that she doesn’t appreciate given that she has put much effort to lose weight.

She has never shied away from talking about her struggle with weight and the process of losing it with those who care to listen.

Taking to social media, she has expressed how she doesn’t like it when people comment that she is fat. She went on to say that she’s human just like everyone else and the mean words really hurt her.

‘I have murdered my wife and I am about to commit suicide’ Haunting last words of Nakuru man who committed murder most foul

She wrote,

You should be very careful what you say to others. I do not appreciate when people comment on my picture calling me fat and all sorts of words to do with body sized. I am human and I get hurt like everyone else. I am very open with you all on my page but some sort of respect too would be appreciated. #PositiveVibesOnly.”

‘I began by hitting them with a weighing machine before stabbing them’ Mishomoroni man who killed his two kids confesses

She adds

Last year, she took to social media to share with her fans her transformation having lost 60kgs.

Two years later I never thought I would look into the mirror and appreciate myself. Today, I am 66 kilograms from 124 kilograms. It’s not been easy but I made it. In January, I would like to give everyone who wants to lose weight a chance to do it my way and also do it with me.

Anerlisa Muigai

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Kenyan celebrities who drive the most expensive and luxurious cars (photos)

Kenyan celebrities are out here proving that their hard work is truly paying off.

We see them hustle everyday entertaining us and at the end of the day, they go back home in their luxurious cars. Some of these celebrities are not shy about posting their cars on social media.

These are some of the celebrities who own luxurious cars.

1. Diana Marua


International celebrities who have visited Kenya in 2018 (Photos)

2. DJ Mo


3. Otile Brown


4. Akothee


5. Anerlisa Muigai


5. Hon. Jaguar


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Meet the Kenyan celebrities who’ve lost weight and look hot!

Weight loss is a very big milestone especially for individuals who have struggled with it.  To maintain the patience and discipline so as to see good results at the end is not easy, however, these individuals managed and are now quite happy with the whole process and they don’t regret a thing.

Below are some of the celebrities who lost weight drastically.

1. Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa is famously known as the CEO of executive still water and the daughter of Keroche Breweries C.E.O Tabitha Muigai. She struggled with weight loss for a while and once took to Instagram saying,

Nothing bad in life is permanent… Today i don’t even want to talk about my weight loss journey…. i want to address everyone who thinks whatever they are going through at the moment is permanent.

If your seated somewhere thinking you will never be successful, you will never be rich, you will never be your own boss, you will never be accepted, you will never get a job, you will never get married and have a family, you will never be beautiful, everyone will forever look down on you, you will never be confident…i want you to know it’s all in your thoughts, everything you ever wished for will come to be true, keep a positive mind and trust in God.”

This man proposed to his lady with NOT ONE but 6 rings!

She continues,

My life has been what it is today because of believing that it is possible and putting God first. I am sending hugs to everyone feeling low today and i always want you to remind yourself this”




2. Thomas Kwaka aka Big Ted

Big Ted’  said he won the weight loss battle through a Gastric bypass procedure. This is a non-invasive procedure that ‘reduces’ the size of your stomach


During his weight loss journey, he tried every trick in the book to lose weight; from juicing, high protein diets, crash diets to toiling in the gym in vain he isn’t 162 kg anymore and has drastically lost weight.

Boss Moves: Vera Sidika joins daytime TV talk show

3. Maureen Kunga

Maureen Kunga invested in her weight loss journey to a point where she went quite on social media but indeed came back with a bang.

She shared her weight loss journey with her fans on Instagram saying,

Making small, healthy choices makes the #journeytohealth so much easier! It’s a marathon – not a sprint (cliché though it may sound, it’s very true!!)

I know most people are thinking they’ll start in 2019. Me too! I’ll “turn it up” in 2019, or so I say (procrastination!!) 🙈 but what are you doing NOW? Even a small thing! Do something sustainable today. ALSO, my YouTube channel has some great healthy recipes, and is a great forum to discuss health and wellness!



4. Nazizi Hirji

She is a music legend in Kenya with her genre being reggae. She has also invested in her weight loss as she lost a lot of weight.

She still continues workout even after her weight loss as she took to Instagram to say,

No filter becoz thats wat happens wen u put in work…i want to know u story to help u loose weight…dm me you’re videos telling me how much u weigh and what your target weight is and i will help and advise u as much as i can..lets go fit fam


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God Is Good! Photos of a healthy looking Chris Kirubi emerge

It’s been a while since business mogul Chris Kirubi was seen in public after photos of him looking sickly went viral months ago.

Well, God has been good and in a recent photo shared by Anerlisa Muigai, daughter to Keroche Industries Tabitha Muigai, Chris is looking all healthy again.

Kirubi was diagnosed with acute colon cancer for which he is being treated for.

Below are the photos of him then and now, don’t you all agree that his health has improved?

Raila Odinga during a visit to see an ailing Chris KIrubi at his Loresho home
Raila Odinga during a visit to see an ailing Chris KIrubi at his Loresho home


‘I have so much love and respect for you’ Maina Kageni sweetly pens to Carol Radull on her birthday



Below is the latest photo


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Heiress Anerlisa Muigai’s friend is setting body goals (photos)

There is a rise in potbellies in Kenya and it’s blamed on women’s eating habits and lack of exercise.

Although women are more prone to gaining weight due to factors such as childbirth and family planning after effects, some hold onto these excuses for way too long.

pot belly

Well, Anerlisa Muigai’s friend Pr1ncexxx, who is a model and mother of one, is setting body goals with her banging body. She is a true statement that being a mother does not have to rob you of a fine body.

Below are her photos.




‘I forgot my wife was in church with me and I drove this girl to a hotel and got intimate with her, nimerogwa? Immoral ‘Christian’ man asks




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‘Anything is possible’ whispers Anerlisa Muigai as she dreams of gracing Forbes Magazine

Lupita Nyongo coined the popular phrase ‘no matter where you are from your dreams are valid’ and for heiress Anerlisa Muigai, this is something she is seriously thinking about.

A  friend sent her an edit of the over of Forbes Magazine that featured Anerlisa Muigai. The cover looks so real one would be mistaken to believe she is indeed gracing the August issue of Forbes magazine.

She wrote

“Morning 🙂 Me before leaving the house to go meet the team of one of East Africa’s biggest magazine. For a while now I have turned down Radio interviews, live shows, tv commercials, magazine covers etc, but i have decided to take one at a time because I want people to know me on a more personal level and not what is falsely written. Can anyone guess which magazine I’ll feature in their August Issue? Let me see who gets it right, they might get a chance to see the behind the scenes. I will randomly pick the winners #FrontCover #Thursday #PositiveVibesAlways”


Former 400M hurdles champion Nicholas Bett dies in a road accident

Her followers congratulated her in advance should it ever come true, while others question if indeed she is a self made millionaire who should grace the cover of such a prestigious magazine.

“A friend of mine sent me this edit which was originally Jessica albas’ Forbes cover and told me ” Anerlisa see your dreams can one day be valid ” And I thought to myself “damn Aner you gotta work harder to see yourself on that cover ” I believe anything is possible and anyone can be whatever they want to be.
If you believe that one day YOU will be on Forbes Magazine…type Amen”


Anerlisa Muigai blasts women, terms them bitter over her life

Anerlisa Muigai daughter to Keroche Industries boss, is not a happy woman for what she terms as bitterness from other women for her success.

Like many women, Anerlisa took the bold step of losing weight after battling excess weight for many years, a transformation that has left many women envious and not in a good way.

Anerlisa before and after weight loss
Anerlisa before and after weight loss

Huyu ndio wife material: Mercy Masika shows Kenyan women how to dress

According to Anerlisa, women don’t support their own. On the other hand she believes in empowering women.

She wrote

“I am very aware that most women have grown this bitter side about me.It has grown since I transformed my body, since having a successful business and also the fact that I am always happy no matter what…makes them sad.why is it that women we don’t support other women doing good? I am very strong about empowering women and i believe in positive energy. I also decided to never respond to any negativity said about me, I will always rise above that

Anerlisa 32
The other day on the questionnaire session I stated that no matter what is said about you, never deviate from your main goal and my main goal right now is to make sure that Nero products are all over country and God willing maybe the whole continent. Have a great evening. Looking forward to this week as I have lots of good business ideas, motivational quotes and positive quotes for you all.”

‘Mum is cheating with our driver yet he has also slept with me’ cries city girl

Here are some comments from her fans including Akothee the self proclaimed president of single mothers.

akotheekenya: Women will never support women because most of them wants to be you or better than you ! They will be the first to body Shame you just to convince their partners who could be your secret admirers that you ain’t aaaal that ! If all women were the same with perfect bodies and with all good lives ! Then you would be tired of their live and support, but because they are completely competing with you!’ Hell no you cant be better than them ! Why you and not them ?
ciiku_madeleine: @anerlisa Keep rising darling… don’t mind haters. You inspire more people than those that hate on you. I admire your business and life ethos and acumen
brianramseycool: Miss Lisa don’t let anyone or anything give you sleepless nights as long as you are yourself and doing the right thing, whoever is jealous of your prowess will bow down before you in shame. Shine brightest Miss Anerlisa and carry the world #women empowerment
hambasa2014: The problem is u address every bad thing that people say about you and u giving them power over your life just kill them with success and silence do u and stop worrying about what people say who supports u …what they think about u….people will always talk
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‘Don’t ask why at my age I don’t have kids’ Anerlisa Muigai slams critics

Once a woman hits 30, society expects her to find a good man to settle down with and immediately have babies. When that does not happen in that order, expect criticism.

Unlike men, women are considered to have a shorter ‘shelf life’ thus it is advisable to have children while  they still can, unless one is experiencing some difficulties in getting pregnant.

Russell Ballrd once said

” There is no one perfect way to be good mother,each situation is unique.Each mother has different challenges different skills and abilities and certainly different children.The choice is different and unique for each mother and each family.”

Well, it seems daughter to Keroche Industries boss Anerlisa Muigai is under pressure by the public on when she is getting babies given that she is of age.

Oh my ovaries fans gush over Nick Mutuma’s daughter after posting this cute photo of his daughter


She took to her social media page to slam those questioning her on motherhood, asking them to mind their own business.

She wrote

“Don’t ask why at my age i don’t have kids.I don’t bother about your bank accounts.”

One of her mantra’s is ‘This girl knows she got it, she knows she can take on anything and no challenge is too challenging to conquer. #GodFirst #positiveVibesOnly’

Going by her mantra, it is obvious that she is not bothered by peoples opinion and that she is doing her best to stay positive, despite being plaqued by rumors of being a husband snatcher.

Anerlisa Muigai with her boyfriend Don

Talking on the issue she said

“When you are seen with a muscled person, ooh she is dating her gym instructor. When you see me with a good looking guy, ooh she is making a mistake, when I hide somebody ooh huyo ni bWana ya mtu.I used to live a life caring what people thought that is why I felt the need to respond to everything.I stopped caring what people think when I realized none of you people can pay even quarter my bills.”

Mombasa woman loses 2 month-old baby to human traffickers

The 30-year-old lass also told off critics who’ve been asking her to settle down and start a family.

“When I decide i am single ooh you rare getting old you need to get married and get kids and when i decide to hang around certain people ooh I am A lesbian.. you know what IDGAF what you all think.”

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Anerlisa Muigai announces decision to personally help women lose excess

Anerlisa Muigai is not new in the limelight especially for her tremendous weightloss journey which totally transformed her.

Like many women she has had her own struggles battling excess weight which made her make an option of losing it .

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai is breathing fire! See what she has for haters

Anerlisa before and after weight loss
Anerlisa before and after weight loss

Anerlisa has made a decision of helping other women lose weight and to regain their self esteem back.This she announced through her Instagram page.

She wrote,

“I would like to select 5 people who feel they are struggling with weight. These 5 people will ask me questions to do with weight and will have a healthy meal with me. I will also help them personally to lose weight. All the questions and answers will be recorded on camera so that we share with others going through the same struggles.

So give your reasons as to why you think you deserve this.you can also nominate people you think deserve this chance. The ones that touch me the most and the ones with the most likes will be picked.

I not only want to help people lose weight I want to give them confidence too. I will also share alot of tips in my App that is almost ready.”

Her keen followers did not delay in nominating themselves and their friends with some giving heart breaking stories of what excess weight has done to them and why they wanna lose it .

Poleni sana: Eric Omondi’s brother dies moments after being rescued from drugs

With the many responses that are coming through Anerlisa might have to increase her target number to more than 5 to reach out to more women.

Here are some of the responses she got on announcing her decision

_yatinafsi_Hey Anerlisa.You have been a real inspiration for me to lose weight but am struggling abit. My name is Shakina Yatinafsi. I am 18 and I cleared high school last year.My weight has been a problem for me from my early childhood and it has caused me so much pain. I have been fat shamed all through high school but most of the pain came from home and people close to me. Many times I think of ending it all but am too scared.I have been on countless diets and at some point I was even starving myself.


hillary_kosgey_Please help out the overweight Embu MCAs!! They’ve allocated themselves monies from the coffers to get gym services…

arry_kimari: Hey gal Mine is simple Anerlisa… A guy I was dating texted his fren “ahh Shiko ni haga tu na tumbo will just hit it n on to the next” just imagine what that text made me feel made me have insecurities that I never ever thought I would have

Rich Kid Anerlisa Muigai on friends not speaking up about her weight gain

annwangoI have been overweight since birth. I weigh 110kgs. For the past 6 years, I’ve been on a weightloss journey that has come with some success and some failure. I embraced and still embrace the journey though. Atleast I completely cut out sugar out of my life during the journey. My problem right now is my poor mindset. I give in to my cravings a lot and not working out. I’m really afraid that I won’t be able to be disciplined and consistent during this journey. I can hear my heart crying out because of the excess fat in my blood vessels. I’m all cried out and desperately need help. Please help me @anerlisa

shlynnyamburaHelp me lose weight like its sad coz my three year old calls me kinono,at 23 I feel like am at 50.I don’t hang out with people coz I don’t find anything good to wear,i dont get into relationship coz i feel like no one will show me off to his friends..I need your help

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Anerlisa Muigai can’t seem to escape those rumors of dating a woman

Not so long ago, Keroche empire heiress Anerlisa Muigai broke up with her boyfriend, only identified as Don, after just six months of dating.

Don could not cope with the high publicity that comes along with dating Anerlisa, who has assumed socialite status on social media. She confirmed their break-up through a post that read:

“He said he’s feeling me but he doesn’t want the spotlight… he loves his quiet life and I was like ‘your wish is my command baby.'”

Well, a little birdie told Word Is that the reason the two broke up is because of a third party, a lesbian, that Anerlisa supposedly couldn’t get enough of.

“Anelisa is currently in love with a foreign woman, who is studying at a local university. The two are inseparable and they’re living together in one of the city suburbs after the lass ran away from home,” said our source.

We visited the said apartment and confirmed that it was true she lives there, but when contacted for comment, Anerlisa exclusively told Word Is;

“I live with my mother and the lady lives on campus.”

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Anerlisa Muigai’s Instagram account hacked

Anerlisa’s neighbor, who also sought anonymity, intimated that the woman’s father and police officers visited the Keroche heiress’s apartment, searching for her, but couldn’t find her because she was well hidden. The 30-year-old CEO denied the claims, saying: “I have never experienced such in my life.”

Our source also told us that Anerlisa had since given the woman in question one of her posh cars, which she drives to and from school.

“About my car… She is from a very wealthy family, where her dad has given her the best of everything,” she said, adding: “I do not discriminate, so whether you are rich, poor, bisexual or gay, I don’t look into such things. She is a good friend like everyone else close to me.”

The university student is said to be from a well-off family, and her love for Anerlisa is out of this world. According to the woman’s friends from campus, her father is not for the relationship but Anerlisa denied, saying;

“Her dad and I are very close. And he’s never against me. He always tells me to mentor his daughter as he would like her to be like me.”

When asked if she was a lesbian, Anerlisa responded,

“I’m very straight.”

She later vented on Instagram:

“I’ll address this issue because it has gotten to that place where I feel it has gotten too much. The BS that has been written about me the past few months has now gone overboard and has got to stop. Honestly, I feel the media has the power to make or break the nation, it has the power to inspire or discourage, and as much it’s an independent body that should play the role of keeping people and things in check, it really should concentrate more on creating meaningful conversations,” she wrote in part.


“Is it impossible for a woman to be successful in peace? All I try to do is inspire and become a voice to those who find it hard to be heard.”

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Unmasked! Meet the new man warming Anerlisa Muigai’s bed

Anerlisa Muigai, who recently broke up with her boyfriend, is in love. The 30-year-old CEO recently, revealed that she broke up with Don because he wanted a quiet life devoid of social media attention.


In another post, Anerlisa confirmed that she fell in love with two men and decided to settle down with the second one.


In the past few days, there’s a brawny man who has been appearing in Anerlisa Muigai’s photos and she finally unveiled his identity.

Anerlisa Muigai

In a post she shared, she revealed she was in love with Bonface Muraguri whose initials she used as BM.

Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa’s new bae is a gym enthusiast and that explains the masculine body. Below are his photos, go through


Anerlisa Muigai's new bae


Anerlisa Muigai's new bae


Anerlisa Muigai's new bae


Anerlisa Muigai's new bae


Anerlisa Muigai's new bae


‘There Is More To Offer As Women Other Than Just Giving Birth,’ Anerlisa Muigai On Why She’s Not Married At 30

Marriage is not a bed of roses. It’s full of ups and downs. One needs one to be mature and well prepared psychologically and emotionally before deciding to settle down. Local celebrity Anerlisa Muigai, who recently turned 30 years old is yet to settle down, and she has finally opened up after a male follower asked her why she wasn’t married at her age.


‘Is that why you are not married?’ Kenyans attack Anerlisa Muigai after she said this about broke men 

Anerlisa has confessed that she is not in a hurry to get married and in her message, she said:

People question me why at 30 I am not married or have kids and my question is, who said having a husband and kids is what completes a woman? There is more to offer as women other than just giving birth and again people are getting too quick to the alter with someone who isn’t worth the commitment. Don’t try to play the role with someone who doesn’t fit the part. Your happiness and peace of mind should come first, that’s what should matter not this superficial life some people are trying to live. Nobody should rush you to do things. I will one day start my family but not because of society pressure.”

The young CEO’s post attracted hundreds of suitors and here are some of the comments from Kenyan men.

Kibet Kipkosgei: It only when loneliness starts to dawn on you, you will be 40 something then and you will start hearing some whispers from nowhere, that loneliness is similar to being overweight and you feel ashamed or disgraced, you will not wish it away as long as planet earth is your home, as those who have tried kids in vain? Ask those who have kids and single they are really struggling deep inside their hearts.
If you are a lady please get married even if its a gardener or a herdsboy, time is of essence and your mental health will allow you to live long on this very earth. Thanks.

Mwiti G. Kinyua: All the best with that, Miss independent. But I think if it didn’t bother you, you wouldn’t see the need to clarify your position on social media. Marry if you want to, for Pete’s sake. Don’t, if you don’t feel like it, too. Its your life, and you have a right to hug whatever you want to hug, just before you sleep!

Theddy Siembo: I’ll be the first to propose for you here, I have nothing to offer you, just true Love, 😂😂😂. Mungu Tupe watoto Watatu Tajiri!

Ngochorai Ngatia: For now its justifiable but time is coming when all that glamour will fade! Its advisable to marry and have kids !! Your mother hopes and prays for grandchildren! Do justice zaa!! I hope you won’t regret when it’s too late.

Anerlisa 234

Enoch Oyugi: Hehehehe lets be single together hata mimi sina mbio…..i mean the population is way to high and got individual life goals i have not yet accomplished.

Kevin Odhier: Just look at my face, very good-looking and sexually energetic . By hearing my voice will make you ovaries twerk. I’m heaven sent, yani the better option In fact more than Safaricom. Try me and make your village proud 😂😂😂.

Women, on the other hand, agreed with Anerlisa Muigai that having kids or getting married because of society pressure is a waste of time.

Eunice.gachugu: Live your life and have fun while you are still single. If it’s God’s will, marriage and kids will happen in His perfect time.
Eustacemugaki: Well said. ..but I would love to hear what your Father says..My prayer may Almighty God grant the desire of your heart.

Rolynmukami: 30😁you’re still too young

Enjambi: Well spoken sis couldn’t agree more.

Leylalampa: Not Every woman wants children , you don’t have to have them for the Family and society. Happiness comes first and we all love different things.

Milka Ndung’u: I am a mother there is no other greater job en wen your baby comes you will understand I think being stable you can have a baby and leave the alter if it never comes all the best…

Tina Karimi – Machibi: @ 40 no one will even want to know your name. Make hay while the sun is high my dear sister.

Betty Bienna Pritty: Yesss no one should pressure you when to have kids …alaah theres one mama in shags ..infact she wanted to get me a hubby as I told her I wanted and I was only23…lol becoz her daughter got married at 18 she thought everybody wants that.

Anerlisa recently deleted her lover  Mr. Don’s pictures from her social media accounts leaving many speculating that there was trouble in paradise.

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Trouble in paradise? Anerlisa Muigai deletes pics of her boyfriend from her social media accounts

‘Is that why you are not married?’ Kenyans attack Anerlisa Muigai after she said this about broke men 

Anerlisa Muigai is a principled woman. The Keroche heiress is currently on holiday in London.

The Nero Water company CEO has of late turned into a relationship expert and is always advising women on the type of men to go for.

Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa Muigai, who refers to herself as an independent woman has made it clear that she has no time with ambitionless men. She needs a hardworking man, who will help her pay her bills, not just a dummy who will depend on her.

“The problem with independent women is that we don’t like time wasters, and if you cannot bring anything to the table, you are not worth my time,” read her post.

The rich kid’s sentiments have ignited mixed reactions and here are some of the comments:

Mzalendo Kiprono :I don’t conquer with you Anerlisa. A lot of women are home managers with no monthly income in return. Their husbands have never told them to back up & leave coz they don’t bring anything to the table. I think women should reason big in this regard.

Patrick Wakariko: Is that why you are not married?

Sarah Kings: Love and friendship is priceless…king Solomon realized that all is VANITY when it was already too late. Wealth,riches, luxury are good things but a lonely heart pierces the soul. Be humble and accommodating. God created man but made wo-man from a man. Be humble and ask God to make you complete…. A loving family of your own is worth more than all the riches in the world. Ask yourself if anything happened to you today (God forbid), for how long would you be remembered? Would your wealth count for anything?…. If Kenyatta or Ondinga had no families, would we be talking about them today? Honey you have the riches but may God also give you humility and wisdom. There’s is more to life than material things.tafakari hayo


Frankline Ondieki: We all have a chance to try to bring something to the table, however small. But if I come empty handed please applaud the try and do not condemn my state. There’s an audience that will find this interesting and worth it but there’s another that feels hard done by your words today.

Aran Japesa Jandhiwa: Wish all men could say the same… If you don’t bring anything else except p***y then don’t waste our time.

Njuguna Gikaru Joji: No romance without finance.your stakes are too high

Maurine Akinyi: Anerlisa Muigai it’s not a problem. I call it strength and boldness.

Do you agree with Anerlisa Muigai?

Anerlisa Muigai flaunts expensive Range Rover, is it hers?

Naharingi ata! Rich kid Anerlisa Muigai flaunts a Range Rover but we aren’t certain if it hers or not but by the look of it it seems she bought one for herself.

Despite her being exposed for not paying a debt of sh19.9 million and admitting that she had taken the said amount of loan which she was yet to pay due to various reasons, Anerlisa still gets to afford a car.

Trouble in paradise? Anerlisa Muigai deletes pics of her boyfriend from her social media accounts

It seems she’s been praying and it has been her goal to have a Range in one of her collection as she posted this on social media,

Screenshot from 2018-04-03 03_24_38_38

“When we pray, God hears more than we say, answers more than we ask, gives more than we imagine in his own time and in his own way.”

Well, we can assume it’s a treat for herself since rumour has it that she might have broken up with her boyfriend and she needs a new baby in her life.

Or she is just blessed. We can only congratulate her for owning a new ride.

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Trouble in paradise? Anerlisa Muigai deletes pics of her boyfriend from her social media accounts

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has been laying low like an envelope of late after she was exposed for not paying a city shylock a debt amounting to Sh19. 9 million.

Flamboyant businessman Ben Kangangi responds to Anerlisa Muigai’s claims he conned her as he flaunts luxurious car

Anerlisa Muigai, who introduced her boyfriend to the online community a few months ago has been sharing pics hanging out with the lucky man identified as Don to the annoyance of many.
Anerlisa Muigai with her boyfriend Don
But of late, Don has been missing on anerlisa Muigai’s timeline and she deleted all his pics from her social media accounts leaving many with more questions than answers.

Anerlisa Muigai

Did Anerlisa Muigai part ways with Don or she has decided to keep him off the social scene?

Well, only Anerlisa knows the naked truth.

‘I have come to learn how much women go through’ shouts Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa Muigai has been trending for the past few weeks, after she was exposed for not paying a debt of Sh19.9 million given to her by a city shylock.

She took it to social media to explain the reason why she hadn’t paid the loan, while referring to the man she took the loan for (‘friend’ city businessman Ben Kangangi) a conman.

They have both been up and down on social media giving as a show as they confront each other.

Well she took a break from her drama with Kangangi and decide to celebrate all single mothers around.

Her woman crush Wednesday was  dedicated to single mothers and this is what she said.


“I have come to learn how much women go through especially single mothers. I want to encourage you all today because I know exactly how hard it is being just a woman. Society expects so much from us yet the same society is always trying to bring us down. Always maintain your head high and as I always emphasise #NothingBadInLifeIsPermanent. My WCW goes to all the women who try to put things together despite everything not working out. Sending positive energy your way.”

Her followers thought it was a remarkable thing and these are some of their comments.

Mwendejay: Sure. Nothing bad in this life lasts forever. Inspired

Kuis: Thanks for the encouragement….as a single mum I know how it feels but with our heads held high we forge forward.

Becks: I love what you are doing and I would request if you could make this give away a frequent thing seeing how many single mothers and fathers need to be appreciated. It would definitely be a noble course

Wangui: True and wise words God bless you

Shipoteto: Wow what a great message to u ladies who r trying everything to establish themselves, may all of u God grand u wisdom n knowledge to strive in life from your hard work.


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