Rich Kid Anerlisa fearlessly pulled off the red plunging gown trend


Heiress Anerlisa Muigai proves there is no better place to take a fashion risk than at your bae’s birthday.

Over the weekend, Anerlisa and Tanzanian lover Ben Pol celebrated his birthday in style.

she flaunted her ensemble chanting

Us Together ❤


She shared pictures of the loved up moment spotting the low neckline and hips.

The dress was taped securely to her body and the sheer embroidered gown is to die for.

On February 23, 2000, Jennifer Lopez set the standard for modern low-cut necklines with the now-legendary green Versace dress she wore to the 42nd Grammy Awards. If you’re a celebrity looking to set social media abuzz, a daringly diving front is the ticket.


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‘She is not perfect,’ Ben Pol talks about Anerlisa’s flaws

Tanzanian singer Ben Pol continues to shower his love to Kenyan rich kid and businesswoman Anerlisa Muigai. In an interview with Tanzanian Media, the Moyo Mashine hitmaker revealed that just like any other human being, Anrelisa is no perfect woman.

“To be honest, I don’t think there is something she should change. I won’t lie to you, she is not perfect. She is just like other human beings.”

So, apart from the beauty and brains, what else attracted him to the Kenyan lass?

“She is a person that has so many qualities that I have been looking for in a woman. She is 31 years and she was raised well. She also has an exceptional heart.”

Ben Pol and Anerlisa together
Ben Pol and Anerlisa together

Rich kid Anerlisa begs Uhuru to help her billionaire parents

Speaking about the craziest thing he has ever done for love, the Tanzanian musician opened up about how he once got into trouble.

“While in campus, I went inside the ladies’ hostel. The security was tough on me. Its my ex-lover who made me do that.”

Early this year, the love birds introduced each other to the parents. Weeks later, Anerlisa shared photos of Ben asking for her hand in marriage.

Rich kid Anerlisa begs Uhuru to help her billionaire parents

Anerlisa Muigai’s world is in the throes of distress. The cause of the normally bubbly Keroche heiress’ emotional state is the news that her parents are been investigated for tax evasion by the government.

This state has forced the Nero Water CEO to appeal to a helping hand and none other than from the main man himself, President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Has she worn pampers!? Anerlisa shamed for ‘weight’ gain

Anerlisa’s appeal came moments after Ms Karanja and her husband, Joseph Karanja, were arrested on Thursday afternoon. DCI officers nabbed the couple, together with the company’s board members, at the gate of their factory in Naivasha.

Anerlisa's parents
Anerlisa’s parents

Miss Muigai penned her message to the president asking him to protect her family as they are entrepreneurs.

Her message is below;

Dear Our President (Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta)

I am writing in regards to our local entrepreneurs. I am humbly requesting you to intervene and help/protect us all in businesses. We chose you as our President. Every day our local entrepreneurs are being fought. We trust and believe that you will do something about it. Thank You. #BuyKenya #BuildKenya #

Anerlisa seating with her mother
Anerlisa seating with her mother

The message was met with mixed reactions from her followers with some telling her that it was karma for those who voted for Uhuru’s government at the polls. They told her to pray that her parents should pay their fair share of taxes as Kenyans are doing themselves.

Others urged her to stand strong and bemoaned the fact that the ‘greedy’ government was going for entrepreneurs.

Funny thing is I don’t think Anerlisa will have much help from the Head-of-State.

Uhuru in Jamaica
Uhuru Kenyatta in a file photo

My reason being that the government has embarked on a campaign to not only deal with corruption but also target tax evaders.

This week, the CBK revealed that Ksh. 25 billion had been deposited in banks by Kenyans after it warned that hiding untaxed money in their homes.

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‘You are gaining weight!’ Anerlisa shuts down body-shamer with class

Anerlisa Muigai is one of the most popular socialites/personalities in Kenya.

The reasons for that are simple; She is one of the blessed scions of Keroche Breweries owners and also runs her own Nero Water Company all the while as she shares her fabulous life on Instagram.

Anerlisa posing with her Range Rover
Anerlisa posing with her Range Rover

At the moment, Miss Muigai is dating Tanzanian singer Ben Pol with the two having gotten engaged a few months back.

They have been having the time of their lives, even travelling to L.A together.

Congratulations : Check out photos of Anerlisa Muigai in her “ruracio” ceremony!

The spotlight that brings her so much exposure and opportunities can sometimes be a problem for her. The reason is the criticism that some of her followers give her regularly.

Anerlisa with Ben Pol
Anerlisa with Ben Pol

Recently, one of her fans accused the Anerlisa of gaining weight. It all started with an innocuous video she posted that showed the wealthy Anerlisa spotting a cute, tight figure-hugging black skirt.

One of her followers was concerned that she was gaining too much weight and told her to do something about it, saying, ‘You’re gaining a lot of weight mummy. Do something.’

Miss Muigai was having none of the shame and went ballistic on the follower telling her,

And you need to do something with your life to get on top mummy. Do something.

The rest of her response is below;

Anerlisa comment
Her comment. Courtesy/Urbannews254

Her quick repaste’ produced a heated back and forth on her comments section. This isn’t the first time that the businesswoman has been called out for her weight gain.

Before and after
Before and after

Miss Muigai has had a storied past especially when it comes to her weight. There was a time when she weighed 124 KGs!

But with constant gym work and diet changes, she was able to shed 30 KGs much to the delight of her fans and followers.

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Has she worn pampers!? Anerlisa shamed for ‘weight’ gain

Anerlisa Muigai has been a crusader for healthier and cleaner living over the years.

The socialite, who we recently found out earns the most amount of money on Instagram per post as a Kenyan (Whew! that was a long line!), has struggled with her weight.

Anerlisa before and after
Anerlisa before and after

She has been positively helping young girls and ladies who want to deal with their weight the last couple of years and has been a staunch supporter of eating right, even as she runs her water company.

‘I do not appreciate people calling me fat ‘ Anerlisa to her trolls

This year, the Keroche heiress got engaged to her Tanzanian sweetheart Ben-Pol. The two have been over the moon with their love spilling over on their social media pages.

Ben Pol proposing to Anerlisa
Ben Pol proposing to Anerlisa

Recently, Anerlisa posted a video on her Instagram page of herself dancing with her man Ben to one of his songs. What should have been a wonderful and joyous expression of their love turned sombre after some fans sardonically pointed out that Anerlisa might have gained some weight.

The video is below;

Some of the divicise comments are below;

Nelly Wanjiru Muiruri How do you convince people that your app can help people lose weight when you ain’t a living proof 😂😂😂😂
Esther Kamau Lazima aweke black n white stretchmarks nazo
Krystine Sharon Wacha aendelee kunyanduliwa hajue sperms hunonesha, ,
Ann Jumbe Huyu hamkusema alikonda 🤔
Sharon Otieno Na imagine uyo dame akiwa ndethe ama ninguo inamtoa ivo
Lu’c Taku Kwani amevaa pampers?
Truphena Achando Ameamua kukua manono tena
Mwas D Jenny 😂😂 She gat no moves 🙄 alafu the weight is coming backNimmoh Wairimu Hakuna moves hapa nikuzungusha tu gorofa😂😂
Anyango Omondi Kameanza kunona tena ama ni nguo??kai

Shaming, especially body shaming has become more and more prevalent in this day and age. Why? The proliferation of social media and people exposing their lives for the whole world to see.

Ben Pol smiling with Anerlisa
Ben Pol smiling with Anerlisa

What many don’t realise is that shaming might have the opposite effect on the target. Studies have shown that people who are shamed for being overweight instead tend to eat more after they are shamed.

I have a question though; What is the difference between shaming and genuine criticism? Can we even tell anymore?

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‘Pray for me,’ Ben Pol reveals his deep desire to marry Anerlisa

Ben Pol and Anerlisa had a ruracio this week that stunned many Kenyans. The two have been dating for the past one and a half years.

Ben Pol proposing to Anerlisa
Ben Pol proposing to Anerlisa

Many thought that the whirlwind romance was a mere publicity stunt but the Tanzanian singer and the Kenyan businesswoman have stuck together since.

Her prayer is to have twins! Ben Pol reveals Arnelisa’s wishes

The ‘Moyo Mashine’ singer told Willis Raburu on the Citizen T.V show 10 over 10 that if it was God’s will for him to get married, then they will. He told the host and the audience that;

A wedding is a good thing. Isn’t it? Everyone wishes that they can get married…Please pray for me because it is a blessing. If God smiles on us the wedding will happen. 

Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol laughing
Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol laughing

The singer also clarified on the issue of celebs like Harmonize and Khaligraph Jones sliding in her DM’s, saying that his remarks had been blown out of proportion.

He said that the celebs were not trying to hit on his beau but that their contacting her was fairly innocuous. And how would he deal with someone sliding into Anelisa’s DM’s with romantic intentions? He said that he would deal with them personally.

Harmonize denies thirsting on Ben Pol’s fiancée Anerlisa Muigai

The singer also said that his new song, ‘Wapo’ was for heartbroken individuals in relationships saying that he was speaking about people who are in relationships that are hurting them because he had experienced it before.

Ben Pol with his bae Anerlisa
Ben Pol with his bae Anerlisa

It is interesting to note that this is Anerlisa’s second serious engagement. She was engaged to former boyfriend Stephen in early 2017 with the relationship breaking down 6 months later.

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Harmonize denies thirsting on Ben Pol’s fiancée Anerlisa Muigai

Harmonize has come out to deny that he tried sliding in Anerlisa Muigai’s DM.

Singer Ben Pol, who recently proposed to Anerlisa said in an interview with Zamaradi that some celebrities like Harmonize and rapper Khaligraph Jones have been thirsting over his woman.

“I’ve seen artistes like Shettah, Harmonize and Khaligraph with a verified blue tick dming her. I understand she is an attractive woman.”

In his defense, Harmonize says Pol was trying to create a buzz for his new song and that he knew Anerlisa even before the Moyo Mashine hitmaker started dating her.

“If you are a gentle, you are not supposed to put things like this on the public eye. He would have told me that ‘bro my wife says this’ and I’d have told him whether its true or not.”

Adding that “Before, I felt bad but I realized we are all human beings, I knew Anerlisa even before they met, like three years ago.”

Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol laughing
Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol laughing

The Wasafi singer said there’s no way he can see two people dating and still try to ruin what they have.

“Ben Pol is my brother and I love him so much. I have even collaboratde with him inthe song “Why” He is a humble person and a role model to me. I started hearing his songs back in the day when I was a nobody.”


She Said Yes: Harmonize finally proposes to his mzungu bae – Video


I am not pregnant! – Anerlisa Muigai denies twins rumours

Anerlisa Muigai has dropped a bombshell on her fans. The Keroche heiress has been in the news the past two months after Ben Pol proposed to her on the beach.

Ben Pol proposing to Anerlisa
Ben Pol proposing to Anerlisa

Another thing that had people talking about her was rumours that she was pregnant, something she did not deny. But now, she has come out to refute those rumours telling her followers in an Instagram question and answer session that she wasn’t.

Anerlisa not pregnant
Anerlisa not pregnant

This new information goes against the news that was first revealed by Bonfire Adventures CEO, Simon Kabu after he congratulated her for being pregnant. Anerlisa, however, maintained she had no idea why she was being congratulated.

The news was broken when Simon, his wife, Sarah Kabu, Anerlisa, and her fiancé, Ben Pol met on holiday. That wasn’t the only indication that Anerlisa might be having a bun in the oven, she herself hinted at this fact.

Anerlisa speaking about twins
The heiress speaking about ‘twins’

She, later on, wrote in one of her Instastories that she wanted the ‘twins’ to look just like Ben Pol. What could that mean? Unlike Anerlisa who is not pregnant, gospel singer Kambua shocked many on Friday after she posted an image of her baby bump.

Kambua pregnant
Kambua pregnant

Her pregnancy comes 7 years after she got married to her husband, Jackson Mathu. The news has even prompted some other overzealous fans to tell another gospel musician, Joyce Omondi that she should also join the bandwagon.

Joyce Omondi
Joyce Omondi with her hubby Waihiga Mwaura

The last 2 years has seen many female celebs get children like; Avril, Lillian Muli, Lulu Hassan, Kashy, Janet Mbugua, Mwanaisha Chidzuga, Diana Marua and Bridget Shighadi.

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 Ben Pol proposes to Anerlisa Muigai on the beach in romantic moment


Tanzanian singer Ben Pol and Heiress Anerlisa Muigai have been in Mombasa for a getaway that turned into a beautiful marriage proposal moment.

Anerlisa shared a picture of the moment Ben Pol got down on one knee to ask her to marry him.

The two began dating in February 2018, and mark a year in their relationship.

News of the engagement has excited their fans.

Anerlisa revealed the beautiful moment with a simple caption’

I Said YES 

With Ben Pol responding with heart emoji’s

Ben Pol was wearing a white outfit as he went down on one  knee, in what appears to be an emotional moment.

Anerlisa also dons a white trousers and a floral top as she covers her mouth in shock, as he slips the ring on her finger.

Their fans and celebrity friends congratulated them,  including the Wasafi team.

The engagement picture comes a day after it was alleged she is pregnant, claims she has denied.

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Anerlisa Muigai’s response to unsolicited advice deserves a round of applause


Gorgeous entrepreneur Anerlisa Mungai, most times maintains a calm demeanor.

However there is always that one fan who upsets celebrities. Anerlisa took her rage and anger to her Instagram with a few points she wanted to put across.

She goes ahead to address people she insists have no right to give her Ideas. She states she is not friends with anyone who has no direct contact to her, nor those who don’t know where she lives or what she eats. As a matter of fact she was addressing those who have no idea about her life.


“Listen and listen carefully!! If you don’t have my direct number, you have no idea where I live, you have  no idea what time I wake up and eat what eat. I have never called you to ask for any ideas, you clearly have no idea about my life and we are NOT FRIENDS!!! (You get that???) WE ARE NOT FRIENDS!!!!”

She continues warning people not to slide in her DM to give her cheap sh*tty advice about her life and who should be in it.

“So don’t think you have the right to slide into my dm and give me cheap shi**y advice about my life and who should be in it. NOBODY and I MEAN NOBODY knows my life at this stage. What I post on social media is all controlled, I exactly know what I want to post and exactly how I want you to react. So calm your ti*ies down and mind your business.””

Below is a screenshot of her text.

Courtesy Faith Kinyanjui

Aligongwa serious! Rich Kid Anerlisa Muigai paid an arm and a leg for mtumba dresses

Anerlisa Muigai shares right about anything with her followers on social media. If she discovers something new, she will definitely let you know about it, which is not a bad thing.

A while back, she revealed that she gets her hair done at Kenyatta Market, something that shocked many people, as she is considered a rich kid. But who said just coz she’s a rich kid, she should do everything rich kids do?

Well, over the weekend, she went on a shopping spree and no. She didn’t go to an expensive store. She shopped at Toi Market, one of the most recognised markets because of how affordable the things are.


That is such a side chic mentality! City women reject Anerlisa Muigai’s relationship advise

She took a photo with two guys who attended to her, stating that they are really good business men.

She wrote, “Spent my early morning at Toi Market. 😍. These two guys are such good business men,Almost made me buy everything. Wishing you a great weekend.”

Toi Market is really affordable and you can get some things for as little as 50 bob depending on what exactly you are purchasing.

One of her followers who goes by ummanalnawal, commented on the post writing, “I just hope they dint know u were Anerlisa 😘😫 coz if they did they will hike everything and i wont be able to buy my jumpsuit and my crocs anymore😫😫😫😫.”

This basically means that if they knew Anerlisa, they would hike their prices and won’t sell them for the usual price.

Anerlisa went ahead to reply to the lady that the things she bought were over 1000 bob each.


Napenda wanawake, sio Samantha – Kenya’s atheist president denies he has a doll fetish

She replied, “@ummanalnawal the tall guy unfortunately knew me coz at the end he was like ” tuchukue picha utupromote kwa page yako ” I was honestly shocked, din’t expect it. Nothing came below 1000 which was fine because I only imagine how much convincing they have to do to sell one item with such stiff competition around them.”

So was Anerlisa conned because the guy knew who she was? A rich kid from Runda. If you ever shopped in Toi, you know pretty well that their prices are never that high, at least for most clothes especially tops and dresses.

For a thousand bob, you can buy 10 dresses for 100 bob each, 20 tops for 50 bob each, 5 pairs of shoes if they go for 200 bob, 3 trench coats for 300 bob each and 5 trousers for 200 bob each.

So who is fooling who?

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That is such a side chic mentality! City women reject Anerlisa Muigai’s relationship advise

City women have told off Anerlisa Muigai for dispensing bad relationship advice.

Actually, they have told the rich kid that the advise is best suited for “side chic”.

Anerlisa was advising women not to call their men when they are out late at night.

“Ladies a piece of advice. I am not an expert in relationships but I’ll address two issues that stress women. If you want peace and happiness, please let your man be. This calling your man every minute because he is out of your sight needs to stop. Call him only if it’s urgent. You should never lack sleep because he left at 7pm and by 4am he is not back, he is a grown ass man who is fully aware of what time he should get back.”

Anerlisa MuigaiThe Keroche industries heir added, “On the other hand, his phone should be none of your business. You need to trust your man, you cannot stop a man from cheating. The more he feels nagged the more he wants you out of his site. Those who say that your man will cheat on you, I always ask them ” so should we call a press conference and address the issue?”nkt . It should really be none of their business. Put yourself first, love yourself, respect yourself and everything else should be last. Never stress yourself because of a man, if one relationship fails then off to the next one. Have peace of mind and relax. The only thing that should ever stress you are your children and work. Have a great Sunday.”

Just 10 photos of Machakos governor Alfred Mutua and his wife Lilian Nganga to inspire you

 Here are the city women who do not agree with the advice at all. Sample some of the comments

nyanchamasamantha: Eish issa lie. My mans phone is our phone . We need to know who’s calling us . Who texted. What they said. Where my man is, is my business, I have to know who he is with what they doing & what time he will be home . 😂

njoka3: If we can’t share our phones why do we have to share our private parts? I won’t live in such denial, the truth shall set me free. Otherwise you both stunning 👌

wyckleff: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahaahhaahahahahahha women do not listen. I am a man and you need to hold your man accountable. #Usikanyagwe #Usidanganywe a relationship where you are being manipulated and used does not need to last longer than a fraction of a second.

monicahneash: These are common lines which area used by women in denial. You have to hold that man accountable. Snooping on his phone is not a sin…I will snoop until my eyes drop. If I didn’t snoop on my ex phone 2 years ago ~I would be a stepmother.

wanjiku_karugo_lawyer: But aren’t relationships all about compromise? Taking into consideration the other persons feelings and thinking about how your behavior will affect them? Not one party always bending over backwards to accommodate the other whichever the case maybe?

phoebe_ouma: So you are encouraging women to basically turn their brains into vestigial organs and ask for zero accountability. Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to the result! Good job Anerlisa 👍

sanfa_janira: This perspective of yours is from a side chick talking. We should hear it from a married woman too. I will call my man if he is late if he doesn’t like it, he can come to you coz am nagging. He will marry you and you will too will sound nagging! What goes around comes around sister.

Anerlisa Muigai

‘We thank God for the blessing of our third baby’, KTN TV host Antony Ndiema welcomes third child

 neviswicky: Anerlisa, I always admire you but this is BS advice…. In essence you’re condoning men who can’t keep it in their pants, look around you, society is fucked up with fuckboys, failing families and teammates… We need to do better otherwise Let the Goyim know

phoebe_ouma: @wyckleff She’s already self professed that she isn’t an expert on relationships now she chooses to give crappy advice to women and lead them astray. People need to ask for accountability in all relationships, whether at work, whether a friend or a lover. Ask for accountability and if you don’t get it walk away!

ceo_likahouse: Yes dear, every single bit of you will pain.. But she said remember to always love yourself first because in the end, no one can change someone unless they are willing. So you both have to be willing to be perfect for each other in the midst of our imperfections… But we were separate individuals before we came together some partners want to be in their partners lives 24/7 and that is not healthy. That is all am saying. Give each other space to interact with other people as long as umeniambia utatoka na utarudi certain time.. But not for me to keep calling and texting in between as if am doubting you.. It is not fun

ceo_likahouse: If a man loves and respects you, a woman will not even need to call him or text. He will do it automatically because men are meant to pursue women and not the other way around

reneepics: That’s such a side chic mentality. You should know what your man is up to sometimes. He should be able to tell you where he is without you asking. And if it gets to the point where you have to snoop to get answers, then it’s because there is a reason to.

pearlkamau: It’s easy to say that but wait until a man you truly love hurts you thats when it clicks that one has no control over some emotions. You just find yourself completely shattered.

anerlisawithlilyexquisitedesignszippykazi: Nay. Nay . nay. Okay I will sleep. But nobody is above the set rules in” my relationship”. Respect is vital. Men. You maybe grown arse but u ain’t gonna shit all over the relationship. Are relationship where phones are no Go Zones . that’s smoke for unfaithfulness. U will tire for snooping but have a relationship where a gadget wont be an issue. Like leave the phone there. Assure me that I have nothing to fret about or feel like you hiding something. This rules are easy but are the kind of rules for someone whose accepted to be okay with the probability of being cheated on. #Resist# be on top of matters. Being late isn’t. Problem but it should be communicated and come from a honest place. This I don’t care what you do or who you are with where you encourages reckless behavior in relationships.

‘ Forget about getting married if you are 30’, shouts Kenyan woman saying ‘tunachapa haraka’ (AUDIO) As much as I like the 1st part of your message, I fully disagree with the past part. Good relationship doesn’t just happen. Everyone has to work towards building a good relationship for their union. There is nothing wrong checking on your man who left and you don’t hear from him. What if something happened to him? Yes, nagging is boring but checking on the person you love can’t be seeing as nagging. As a woman I only agree with moving into the next relationship after giving your best and it still not work. Today we have a generation of ladies that are misleading many women but sending the wrong message that if a relationship doesn’t make you happy then leave. This is a dream! You are a role player and a big player in your marriage or relationship. You are not the end receiver of joy, peace and happiness but you are an architect to create what you want in your relationship. Let’s create a better society rather than being road runners of relationship as there is no individual whether man or woman who is problem free. And if moving is the solution, how many times should one move and now many partners should one have in their lives? Think distinctively ladies. Just because it is out on social network it doesn’t mean it is an example to follow.

ann.nyambura: All relationships has their own rules..I disagree with the time issue married man would always go out the whole night and no communication.Thats a no there must be ultimatums for everything.

sanfa_janira: True only side chics tell women to not mek their men accountable ati its nagging.

Anerlisa 111seemanp: Nowadays everyone has become an expert in relationships with the I am not an expert caption. Relationships are different and I see nothing wrong in checking up on your partner during the day or on how his day is going on. Ati only call when urgent!!!! Really? I don’t even give it second thought to if I should call him to update him on anything or nothing or just something I have seen that made me laugh.

margydorc: Wrong advice!!! There’s nothing wrong with knowing whereabouts of your partner. What if he was dying somewhere and you’re quiet or what if there’s temptation that you could help him overcome if you knew what was going on.

ikonyewacera: I would be worried if he is out there and has not communicated, and this would make me snoop his phone. And what example is he setting to the kids by coming home in the morning? No married woman will be ok with this. Myself, nay, this is no advice. A relationship is nurtured by both sides.

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‘Stop Eating Crappy Foods’ Anerlisa Shouts, Shares Her Plans

Anerlisa Muigai is all about living a healthy life after struggling with her weight for years. If you follow her on social media, you’ll see that she always shares her before and after photos, giving young ladies hope that they too can get that body they’ve always wanted.

Well, once again, she’s taken to social media to advice her fans to commit to what they put their mind to because once you stop, it’ll be hard to go back.

Read her piece of advice and the plans she has for the year.

Anerlisa Muigai/ Instagram

I believe you can be anything you want if you set your mind into it. Worst thing about been big n cute, nobody ever tells you the truth, it’s always like ” you are big and beautiful ” and trust me that very sentence is what gets you to get comfortable with your weight. I used to feel so happy when I was eating but after the food, I got into depression of why couldn’t I just start changing my eating habits.
We make new year resolutions but when February reaches, everything is forgotten. A habit should be repeated to see results…
I know most of you are waiting for my Easter plan but truth be told, you need to start now, stop eating crappy foods like pizzas, Chips, Fatty Nyama Choma, fattening foods in general. My plan will be based on workouts and the right foods but if you cannot start now, then even if the plan is out, you will find it hard to follow. I want to be able to help and that is what will make me feel like i have reached my weight loss goal. (I got you)

PS :- For those who have doubts about my weightloss, I ask you to sit back and watch me progress as I have alot more to present 😘.”

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‘My Wish Was To Keep This Private But…’ Anerlisa Muigai Explains Why She Has Decided To Show Her Man’s Face

Anerlisa Muigai is back to making headlines after she was the talk of town a few weeks ago. Well, a lady came out to state that Anerlisa stole someone’s husband and apparently he also has a kid. Crazy, right?

But Anerlisa was not gonna have it and she came blazing hot and shut the lady up.


She said, “@joy_njokie Please remove this cheap crap from my page… you all been attacking me on chitchat and kilimani even when I was in my hospital bed. As I said if Don is married can she post their marriage certificate. (still waiting for it). And just to make it clear no man is stolen, he chooses to walk away and even if you have 1,2,3…10…50 kids before marriage doesn’t guarantee you of marriage #LetAGirlBreathe.”

The rich kid had vowed to keep her man away from the public eye because she had learnt a lesson from the previous relationship and wanted her relationship private. But that’s not the case anymore as she has finally decided to show off his face to the public.

She claims the main reason why she had to do it was because someone leaked Don’s Whats App profile pics online.

Anerlisa and Don

She wrote, “My wish was to keep this private but somehow somebody leaked his WhatsApp profile pictures online so it doesn’t make sense to keep hidding him…. meet DK* officially.”

Well, this will not be the first time people have seen Don. A few weeks ago, a video was leaked of Anerlisa and her man in the car singing along to a love song.

Heiress Anerlisa Muigai’s new bae could be a married man with a child

Here are photos of Anerlisa’s man;

Anerlisa and Don

anerlisa and don

anerlisa and don

anerlisa's don

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‘You Create Your Own Happiness’ – Anerlisa Muigai Expresses Why She Is Happy

Anerlisa Muigai has always been open to sharing with her fans the little ideas she might have that could benefit someone.

She gave so many ladies hope that you can get the body you want if only you are committed to working for it. She shed so many kilos and at the moment her body is goals for so many ladies.

Anerlisa Muigai .jpg

Well, her hardwork has seen her reap juicy fruits and her life is heading in the direction she wants. Anerlisa is currently very happy and she was gracious enough to share with her fans what she’s actually happy about. You might guess it’s because of her weight loss journey, but that’s not the case.

anerlisa muigai

Here’s why she’s extremely happy, “I am so happy with my life right now, not because of my business success or my weight loss achievement it’s because of the big decisions I have had to make. So many people are afraid of what they think might be the wrong decision. It only takes one day to make some decisions that will lead you to the right direction. You create your own happiness… nobody can do that for you…”


Love In The Air! Meet The Man Warming Keroche Heiress Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa Muigai, daughter of Keroche Breweries CEO Tabitha Muigai is making headlines after unveiling the man who has been making her go koo koo.

This comes months after she canceled her engagement to the man who she had once described as ‘the love of her life.’

The rich kid, Anerlisa Muigai, says she has learnt how to keep her man a secret after the past relationship was messed up and did not make it to the altar.

“Woman crush goes to all the ladies who have managed to keep their men a secret. It’s the wisest thing…”

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‘I Never Thought I’d Look Into The Mirror And Appreciate Myself’ Anerlisa Muigai Cries

In another post, the CEO of Nero water goes on to say that her past publicized relationship did not work due to social media pressure;

“One thing I learnt is that it’s best to keep whoever you are seeing a secret and never show their face on social media. I decided to make that decision a while back after ending my engagement. It’s sad to say this but most of the publicised relationships hardly last as there is so much pressure to keep up with all that mess.”

She has now given a sneak peak of how her current man looks like but has made sure not to show ‘team mafisilets’ how his face looks like in it’s entirety.

Meet the mystery man;

anerlisa 23

‘It Shouldn’t Be Anyone’s Business’ – Anerlisa Muigai Finally Reveals She Ended Her Engagement

‘It Shouldn’t Be Anyone’s Business’ – Anerlisa Muigai Finally Reveals She Ended Her Engagement

Anerlisa Muigai is among the most celebrated independent ladies in this country. She has managed to build an empire all by herself, and even though her mother is successful, she has proved that she can do it all on her own.

Anerlisa Muigai

A while back, it was reported that Anerlisa had broken up with her fiancé after she was spotted a number of times without her engagement ring.

‘Be Patient With Your Spouses,’ Rich Kid Anerlisa Muigai Whispers

She went ahead to state that those were fake news, but from the look of things, they weren’t fake news after all.

anerlisa 2

She has finally revealed that she ended her engagement with her then fiancé a while back.

Taking to social media, she explained that it’s no ones business who you are dating and that putting your relationship in public can be hard, adding that such relationships hardly last.

Anerlisa Miugai

She said, “It’s shouldn’t be anyone’s business who you are dating or who you’ve been hanging around with. One thing I learnt is that it’s best to keep whoever you are seeing a secret and never show their face on social media. I decided to make that decision a while back after ending my engagement. It’s sad to say this but most of the publicised relationships hardly last as there is so much pressure to keep up with all that mess. Keep the people you love a mystery and anyway there are so many people out there ready to snatch whoever you get. Have a blessed Saturday full of positive vibes.”


‘Unfortunately, so many people think that I have a heart of steel,’ Keroche heir cries

Keroche Industries heir, Anerlisa Muigai has had a tough couple of days.

She hinted about this in a social media post that seems to imply that most of her buddies were not there for her.

Anerlisa wrote, “The past few weeks have been so hard for me and so painful but I thank you Eva Nyawira for been there for me, I also thank you for understanding that I have feelings and I get hurt like everyone else. Just because I smile everyday doesn’t mean I am okay, I sometimes smile so as to give the next person a reason to smile.”

Adding, “Friends will turn on you but I am just grateful to be strong again and ready to progress.”

Anerlisa Muigai

The rich kid advised, “If you are the only person always calling your ‘friends’ and they never do, just know that’s not friendship, that’s forcing friendship 🙂 Choose your friends right.”

Most times, when you check out Anerlisa’s social media pages you cannot help but notice that she lives a charmed like. All her photographs are picture perfect.

But she debunked that saying, “Unfortunately so many people think that I have a heart of steel. When I have problems they don’t even care to call and check up on me. I am expected to be okay no matter the situation. It’s also funny how some people expect me to be there for them but nobody is ever there for me. When I post something heartbreaking it’s only when they call to get the gossip and after that nobody even cares.”

Lucky for Anerlisa, she has a pal who check up on her and encouraged her.

Anerlisa Muigaianerlis