‘Enjoying my space,’ Anerlisa breaks silence after one month social media break

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai is back on her social media.

Anerlisa has assured her fans that she is fine but enjoying her personal space.

She last posted on her social media in August 11, 2021.

In a recent video on her Instagram, she wrote;

”Doing super fine, just loving my personal space abit too much.”

Before taking the break, Anerlisa had hit out at her ex-hubby after he shared details about their rocky marriage.

In a series of cryptic messages on Instagram, Muigai suggested Ben Pol was not in a position to maintain her lifestyle when they lived as hubby and wife.

‘I am glad I never left my marriage during the tough days,’ says Mercy Masika

Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa Muigai

“A man is supposed to provide and (protect) Not (Beg) and collect. Never trust your tongue when your heart is better,” she wrote.

Muigai also says she is keen to avoid ‘drama’ with the Moyo Machine hitmaker.

“A real woman avoids drama, she knows her time is precious, and she’s not wasting it on unimportant things. Some people aren’t loyal to you; they are loyal to their need of you. Once their need changes, so does their loyalty,” she wrote.

“Never trust your tongue when your heart is bitter.”

A relationship with a rich woman is always bound to fail – Ben 10’s told

Anerlisa Muigai’s quote about men needing to level up to a woman’s lifestyle was applauded by a man who called Maina Kageni saying young men should be ashamed to be exchanging body fluids for a rich woman’s money.

He noted that many young Kenyan men are living glamourous lifestyles, but all this is thanks to secretly dating older rich women who exchange money for twa twa. He called them lazy and told them to work their a**es off

“The worst thing a man can do is take money from a woman. men should spend on their women not vice-versa. Where does one get the energy to take money from a woman? As a man your work is to provide not to be provided for! Then you go show off”

Here is Anerlisa’s diss that excited Kenyans about men who live off women.

anerlida disses ben pol abotu money 1

Poor Ben Pol just gets randomly dragged for being fed

Relationship za yengs akiwa mafutani ajaaab mtu hawezi hata pumua na amani.
Every turn ni attack.

Utapata hata raia iko hapa kucharaza mizigo but dem won’t let you breath juu ameunda few thousands mbele yako

Aaah Mjamaa angepiga mziki tu aachene na watoto wa geti kali.

Hahaha hawa madem wa geti kali ni wa kupewa cable na kusonga. Usiende kuweka beacons hapo.

anerlisa draga ben pol abpout cash
Amerix hushinda amewaambia hamsikii. A relationship with a richer woman is always bound to fail. Na ikifail ile kuanikwa utaanikwa. The man should ALWAYS be wealthier.

Amerix is right. Men should not marry women with a higher level of financial status, age, academic status coz madharau ndogondogo lazima itaanzia mahali.

I’ve learnt through observation a good number of them if they argue with their partners…even if the partner has valid points in the argument they end up getting emotional and always remind them that they’re the one who provide most or all of the things they have/own

She learnt the hard way. Women need a man with a bright future, men need a woman with a bright past.

This should be two way,MEN leave your women the way you found them or even better look for a partner your level. Yess that’s the energy Ok hand

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Anerlisa Muigai used to airlift Range Rovers to Tanzania for Ben Pol

Tanzanian singer Ben Pol broke up with Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai in what he described as a slow and painful affair after a short marriage.

The two got married in March 2020, and Ben Pol filed for divorce early March 2021.

Speaking in a July 18th interview with ‘Simulizi na Sauti’, the ‘Moyo Mashine‘ singer painfully revealed he has moved on and no longer has feelings left for Anerlisa, insisting ‘simfeel’.

“Yes, I filed for divorce and the process is going on. We separated last year for like one and half months, then in September, we got back together and in February this year, we separated again. I think I did my best from my end to keep our love, but I can’t change anything.”

Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa Muigai

Ben Pol lived a lavish lifestyle flossing for Kenyans that he was a man of means, but all that was thanks to Anerlisa who funded his vacations and cars he showed off on Instagram, living the ‘soft life’.

She dragged him hitting back that “Don’t upgrade his life leave it as it was. Look for a partner your level or an already established partner”.

Maina on Tuesday July 27, gave his take on the story saying they are both his friends, but divulged some details all the same.

“Anerlisa Muigai woie my ka sweetheart, me I don’t know why women help men, why are you being helped? Me I have never understood I don’t even know how a man can literally stretch out a hand and beg for money, aie. Ben was flying first class to Hollywood, eh nawe even if you are my friend Ben Pol bro ni nini? Ako Tanzania amerudi huko”

Malimu Kinga’ng’i sympathized with Bens position saying “atauza kashata huko asipotoa ngoma ingine”

Maina laughed adding “You know that lady alimzoesha hiyo maisha he even had cars airlifted to Dar for him, ma range rover, aie, he was left with nothing she took everything, he has nothing”

Ben Pol proposing to Anerlisa
Ben Pol proposing to Anerlisa earlier this year



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Ladies, don’t be forced to get kids! Anerlisa Muigai reveals why she dumped Ben Pol

Anerlisa Muigai has addressed the rumor about her breakup with her Tanzanian husband Ben Pol.

In her Insta stories, the Keroche Breweries heiress addressed her female fans warning them not to get kids with somebody they aren’t sure about.

She added that it is rather the person leaves you, but they should not force you to get them kids.

Check out her Insta post;

“Dear young girls, do not get kids with somebody you are not sure about. You can date, get engaged etc but kids

That is a whole sin committed. Rather your partner leaves you, because you are not sure about having kids than be forced to it.

That is just my opinion, others have different views. Goodnight.”

This comes after a Tanzanian blog reported that her singer husband Ben Pol has filed for divorce at a Tanzanian court.

According to the blog, Millard Ayo, it was still not clear why the two are divorcing.

In another post, Anerlisa said that men have been on her case, asking for her hand in marriage.

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“The number of people always ready to take over somebody else’s position is the reason why most relationships fail,” she said.

“If you go through my DM, you would think I had a contest looking for a partner. It is disgusting to also see people offering to marry me yet you do not even know me personally,” Anerlisa said.

She went on to advise young men to stop lusting over her with hopes of making her their sponsor.

“Reality is I am not looking for anybody and I am not free. And to the 80 per cent F boys in my DM, try to pull up your socks and start working hard for your money. Looking for independent women to take care of you is really short-term. Women also get tired of taking care of you. If you know, you know.”

She has been sharing video clips, that are highlighting pregnancy symptoms, leaving her fans guessing if she is pregnant.



‘It’s time to take care of myself and put myself first’ Ben Pol speaks amid breakup rumors

Celebrity couple Anerlisa Muigai and Tanzanian singer Ben Pol have set tongues wagging after Anerlisa unfollowed Ben on Instagram.

They also deleted each other’s pictures from their respective pages.

Ben Pol has spoken out the rumors saying it is time for him to take care of himself and put himself first before everything else.

In an Istagram post, Ben Pol wrote;

“I think it is time to take care of myself and put myself first!! If you are trying to reach me at this time, i’m so sorry, I will contact you. I  needed some cleansing to do God bless.”

Drama! Anerlisa unfollows hubby Ben pol on social media

The two are reported to have tied the knot in Tanzania a few months ago with pictures and videos of the secret ceremony emerging on social media.

Ben Pol and Anerlisa got engaged in 2019 after dating for a while.

That same year, the Keroche Breweries heiress shared pictures of what looked like an introduction ceremony at her parents’ house.

Ben Pol was captured greeting Anerlisa’s parents as other invited guests looked on.

Ben Pol with Anerlisa
Ben Pol with Anerlisa


So cute! Anerlisa shares best photos of her with hubby Ben Pol (Photos)

Anerlisa Muigai is a happy woman based on the cute videos and photos she keeps sharing of good moments with her Tanzanian hubby Ben Pol.

The two got married in a traditional wedding last year and later had a white wedding this year that was so private that it was attended by only close family and friends.

She has been teasing her fans with photos from her wedding and recently she shared two of her best photos with Ben Pol.

One was taken during her engagement day at the coast.

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She wrote;

“This is one of the best pictures of my hubby and me.”

She also posted a video of her bloated midsection on Instagram and captioned;

“Laying here thinking what I can do with my bloated stomach”


“Any natural recommendations? Its really uncomfortable”

Check out the photos;

Ben Pol with Anerlisa Muigai
Ben Pol with Anerlisa

‘She is not perfect,’ Ben Pol talks about Anerlisa’s flaws

Tanzanian singer Ben Pol continues to shower his love to Kenyan rich kid and businesswoman Anerlisa Muigai. In an interview with Tanzanian Media, the Moyo Mashine hitmaker revealed that just like any other human being, Anrelisa is no perfect woman.

“To be honest, I don’t think there is something she should change. I won’t lie to you, she is not perfect. She is just like other human beings.”

So, apart from the beauty and brains, what else attracted him to the Kenyan lass?

“She is a person that has so many qualities that I have been looking for in a woman. She is 31 years and she was raised well. She also has an exceptional heart.”

Ben Pol and Anerlisa together
Ben Pol and Anerlisa together

Rich kid Anerlisa begs Uhuru to help her billionaire parents

Speaking about the craziest thing he has ever done for love, the Tanzanian musician opened up about how he once got into trouble.

“While in campus, I went inside the ladies’ hostel. The security was tough on me. Its my ex-lover who made me do that.”

Early this year, the love birds introduced each other to the parents. Weeks later, Anerlisa shared photos of Ben asking for her hand in marriage.