Losing That Stubborn Baby Fat

Baby fat is a constant worry with every pregnant woman. From the onset of pregnancy when the food cravings kick in and the weight begins to pile. The plan on how to lose those extra kilos when the baby finally arrives begins. However losing that extra weight isn’t as easy as some may make it seem.

Before one starts on a weight loss journey after the baby comes, they should consult their doctor on the exercises that are safe at that point in time.

Here are proven ways to help you lose the stubborn baby fat

1. Breastfeed
Some women are lucky enough to drop all the baby fat through breastfeeding. According to research, a woman can burn between 600-800 calories from breastfeeding alone.

2. Watch what you eat
Watching what you eat involves avoiding empty calories such as sodas, chips and substituting them with nutrient-rich foods such as whole grains, vegetables and low-fat dairy products.

3. Walk
Walking is an amazing exercise that may not sound like a workout. Bringing the baby along during the walks is also an advantage as it adds extra weight and also minimizes your chances of constantly worrying about their state. WWhetherit is an easy stroll or power walk you will feel the impact.

4. Hit the gym
A gym here is code for a place where you exercise be it your house or at the neighbourhood women’s ‘chama’. Incorporate aerobics with some strength training exercises. Find a group of moms on a fitness journey with you and share some helpful tips that work.

Here are a few Kenyan Celebrities who have managed to shed off the baby weight

betty Kyalo now
Betty Kyalo
Silvia Njoki
Talia Oyando
Julie Gichuru