Shock in Ol Kalou as 16-year-old is stabbed to death by unknown people

A teenage girl was on Sunday stabbed to death at Huho-ini village, Ol Kalou by an unknown assailant.

She suffered deep stab wounds in the neck, head and stomach.

The girl who was identified as Lucy Wanjiku, 16, also had cuts in her hands.

The form two student at St Theresa Secondary school, Manunga, Kipipiri had gone to Huho-ini to visit her grandparents two days ago.

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Her grandfather Frank Mwangi said a stranger had been seen around his home asking if he and his wife were at home.

The grandparents want a thorough investigation into the gruesome murder.

Area chief Daniel Muniu said an investigation has been launched to find the killer.

Elsewhere, four KCSE candidates have been deregistered by the examination council and discontinued from sitting the exam on charges of cheating.

Education CS Amina Mohamed said the candidates were caught with “foreign material and documentation” in examination rooms ahead of Mathematics Paper 2.

Three cases were reported in Garissa while the other was reported in Nairobi.

“We took away the materials before the exam. We have deregistered the affected students. They will not be allowed to continue with the exams because we actually feel that they committed an omission,” Amina said.

She spoke in Naivasha Town on Monday where she opened the examination container and conducted impromptu visits in selected schools.

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In a tweet, the CS confirmed that 40 teachers will also face disciplinary action over examination irregularities.

She did not disclose the identity of the candidates or their schools but said details will be released later.

“There may be a few more, we are still scrutinising some of the equipment that we have confiscated from the students and if we feel that additional students need to be deregistered, we will do that,” she said.

“We will also take action against centre managers who do not do what they are expected to,” Amina added.

This year’s exams have been touted as “militarised”, going by the number of police officers that have been deployed to man them.


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Strict measures have also been put in place to guard against leakage by ensuring papers are locked up in secured containers at a central collection point.

School heads accompanied by armed police officers pick up the papers simultaneously at 6am before being escorted back to their respective centres.

Amina reminded the centre managers to ensure candidates are thoroughly frisked to ensure illegal elements are not sneaked into exam rooms.

“It doesn’t matter how many times a candidate leaves the exam room. Every time the candidate comes back he needs to be fully frisked,” she said.


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Maasai Girls School in Narok closed indefinitely over rape allegations

Days after Nairobi’s Moi Girls school reopened,Maasai Girls’ School in Narok county has been closed indefinitely after rape claims against a teacher arose

Concerned parents  had camped outside the school from as early as 6am after reports that a male teacher had been demanding sexual favours from the girls.According to The Star it was said that some students alerted their parents who dashed to the school.

Maasai Girls School ,Narok
Maasai Girls School ,Narok

The students protested by refusing to go to class and demanded action against the teacher who reportedly hid in the principal’s office.Principal Rose Oteko told the media that the administration asked police to investigate.

“We acknowledge receiving the information about one of our teachers demanding sex from the girls. We did not [dismiss it as a rumor],” she told reporters. “The school will remain closed until further notice.”The school has about 1,300 students.

‘When we tried to raise our voice on the issues, the school said the victims were pretending,’ disturbing details about Moi Girls rape case

She added, however, that they suspected a former teacher had incited the students.

Oteko’s sentiments were echoed by county Education Director Samuel ole Sankale who said they would speed up investigations.

The claims follow the case of Moi Girls’ School in Nairobi, where a student was reportedly defiled and two others assaulted leading to a panic by both students and parents who urged the Education ministry to help ensure of their children’s security.

Students of Moi Girls going home after CS Amina Mohammed ordered its closure
Students of Moi Girls going home after CS Amina Mohammed ordered its closure

Moi Girls Nairobi has been reopened amid protests

The school was reopened on Sunday but some parents demanded details on the allegations and said they would not take their children back since they were not sure of what to expect if the issue was not properly handled.

At a protest on Monday, activists demanded the arrest of suspects so justice is served. They held demonstrations in the CBD before handing a petition to Education CS Amina Mohamed.


Moi Girls Nairobi has been reopened amid protests

Moi Girls Nairobi has been reopened after being closed when a student claimed to have been sexually assaulted by unkown people.

The incident elicited angry reactions by students who boycotted classes and went on a ‘strike’ till the issue was resolved by the school management .

Mother shares heartbreaking news after DNA tests confirm her daughter died in Moi Girls School arson attack

According to The Star Students of Moi Girls’ School in Nairobi have started reporting back amid protests on insecurity.

Moi Girls students leaving the premise after CS Amina Mohammed ordered its closure

The institution was reopened at 8am on Sunday and all the learners are supposed to have checked in by 4pm.

Education CS Amina Mohamed ordered the one week closure of the school following claims that a student was sexually assaulted.

Moi Girls Students Released In The Wake Of Alleged Rape Case In The School

Amid all this tension some parents have threatened not to take their children back without a detailed report on what happened.

Parents demonstrate outside Moi Girls Nairobi due to increased rate of rape in schools

This is not the first time the school is going through insecurity related incidences after a fire burned its dorms leaving 10 students dead.

Students of Moi Forces Nairobi during a memorial service of their fellow students who died during a fire incident at the school

‘When we tried to raise our voice on the issues, the school said the victims were pretending,’ disturbing details about Moi Girls rape case

They have accused the school’s management of covering up the matter and asked for copies of the report on the fire that left 10 students dead in September last year.

“It is unfair that parents and stakeholders get reports from the media. If you try to inquire your child gets victimised. We are yet to come to terms with the fire incident. The rape allegations will be swept under the carpet,” one said.



Happy Ramadan: Here are 10 Muslim women rocking and slaying in hijabs

Muslims are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, and the ladies are really representing  with their hijabs which is  common  code of dressing.

Ramadan is celebrated around the world among the muslim countries, it is a period when the fast is intended to bring the faithful closer to God and to remind them of the suffering of those less fortunate.

Ramadan is a time to detach from worldly pleasures and focus on one’s inner self.

Devout Muslims abstain from eating and drinking from dawn to dusk for the entire month of Ramadan. A single sip of water or a puff of a cigarette is enough to invalidate the fast.

The ladies below are among the most celebrated Muslim women in Kenya.

 1.Mwanahamisi Hamadi mwanahamisi-hamadi-4

2.Jamila Mohammed


3.Nyota Ndogo


4.Mwanaisha Chidzuga

5.Amina Mohammed





8.Najma Ishmael

9.Lulu Hassan






WCW: Amb. Amina Mohamed

Ambassador Amina Mohammed has quite the impressive CV. She is a lawyer and diplomat by profession and currently serves as the Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs In Uhuru Kenyatta’s government.

Amina Mohammed previously worked as the Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and also served as the first woman chairman of the World Trade Organisation.

Amina is also a former Ambassador of Kenya to the United Nations and a former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs.

Amb. Mohamed is married to Khalid Ahmed and they have two children together. Amina who graces the current cover of True Love magazine where she speaks on finding love and the life behind the cloak of power, is our WCW today.

Amina Mohammed (Photo courtesy, True Love)
Photo courtesy: The Star Newspaper


Photo Courtesy: World Trade Organization
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