How to rock those head-wraps and look totally flawless!

Have you noticed head wraps are not being used for bad hair days only? They are being used for every day looks and to accentuate beauty.

The head wraps being a trend not only reminds you of a vintage look, it also reminds you of the 60’s looks which most ladies are now embracing and mahn! are they rocking the look.

1. Anne Kansiime

Comedian Anne Kansiime is not one to be left behind as she has embraced this modern trend looking extremely classy and elegant.


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2. Joy Kendi

Blogger and vlolgger among many other tittles Joy is another celebrity who loves this head-wrap trend and we can all tell that this look looks amazing on her.

image-2019-05-17 (5) (1)

3. Amina Abdi

The glamorous and always happy Amina is one not to be left out by fashion. She slays all looks and this head-wrap is one of the looks that she slays effortlessly.


Emma Too hits back at accusations she’s using Botox

4. Janet Mbugua

Former Tv anchor slays in this simple turban look and is a look every lady should try.

It gives you that extra glow even on a bad hair day.49622762_430443290829992_2295740177906963922_n

He is finally off the market! – check out John Dumelo’s lavish wedding!

5. Adelle Onyango

Radio presenter Adelle is one to experiment with different looks and designs and this head wrap was sure to give her that glow she was looking for.

This style of head wrapping is one to try out don’t you think?


Pictures of Ali Kiba looking like the answer to all your prayers

6. Nancie Mwai

The gorgeous sassy Nancie is one to watch out when it comes to fashion and this look did the exact thorough glow up that we cant help but want to try this head-wrap style.



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Times Amina Abdi’s fashion sense has left us breathless

Several TV personalities have inspired our fashion sense but Amina Abdi is really giving ladies a run for their money with her absolute gorgeous sense in fashion

NTV’s hostess on the popular local show The Trend’s Amina Abdi is definitely someone to watch out for in terms of her fashion.

Fashion does not only define outfits, it also represents make up, trendy stylish clothes, jewelry, bold yet classy designs.

The mother of one is also known for her very unique hair do’s and damn! is she not only slaying, she is also setting high standards for every lady.

You can be sure that whatever this beautiful woman wears whether it’s in her clothes, jewelry or hair, she will will uniquely ace the styles with much ease

Here are some of the photos of Amina that will leave you breathless



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Here is how some of your favourite celebrities celebrated Jamhuri Day (photos)

The 55th Jamhuri day is a national day in Kenya set aside every 12th December to celebrate Kenya’s independence. Many people do not go to work on national holidays.

Celebrities were not left out, they took this day to celebrate it with friends and family.

Below is how some of your favorite celebrities celebrated Jamuhuri day,

1. Betty Kyallo

After making her come back to Media in K24, the media personality was spending ample time with her family during this Jamhuri day celebrations.

2. Amina Abdi

The beautiful all rounded media personality is not one to show off her family on social media but on this day she was spending quality time with her son.

3. Sarah Hassan

After announcing her pregnancy on social media, Sarah Hassan has continued to share her journey with her followers. During this Jamuhuri day celebrations, she was accompanied by her husband in what looks like a vacation to Lamu.

4. Janet Mbugua

The ever dazzling and recent mother of two was honored with the invitation to the Jamuhuri Day Garden Party at the State House. She was accompanied by her husband, Eddie.

5. Kagwe Mungai

The Kenyan Musician and Producer was In Cairo, Egypt on a work trip but he was sure to represent his motherland during the special day by wearing a Kenyan Jersey

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Meet your favorite celebrities who you didn’t know are dating/married to Muslims

There are many cultures and traditions in Africa that we are forced to follow but with the modern world, many are choosing to break the rules and the community around is quite receptive.

Among the old traditions was marriage, where people were forced to marry from the same community, but people are not following that it today’s world.

Here are some of the celebrities whose spouses are Muslims,

1. Zari Hassan and Ivan Ssemwanga

They were considered a power couple before they broke up, more like Africa’s Jay Z and Beyonce before Ivan sadly lost his life.

He died in May 25th 2017 in Steve Biko Academic Hospital where he had been admitted with a heart condition.

He is father to three of her kids. Zari is Muslim while Ivan was not.

2. Fahima and Ravynavy

Ravynavy has been together with his long time girlfriend, Fahima and they have a son together who goes by the name Jaydan.

Ravynavy is not shy to showoff his gorgeous lady as he once took to instagram to appreciate her saying,

“May God give you long life my Fahyma .WE have passed through a lot arguments confrontations but we are still together.Personally i would not leave you mother of my son. I pray God to help us achieve our  dreams and all that we have planned.

Fahima is Muslim.

3. Amina Abdi Rabar and DJ John

Amina and John met while working at Homeboyz radio as John was Amina’s boss. The two are however married and have a son together.

Amina is Muslim.

Male celebrities in the Gospel industry who are driving women crazy (photos)

4. Ben Kitili and Amina

Kitili tied the knot last week to his long term friend and mother to his child in an intimate ceremony.

A section of Muslims were however not pleased and thus trolled him and most especially his wife for ‘giving herself off’ to a non Muslim.

Announcing the good news of his wedding Kitili wrote

“A beautiful day when I married the wife of my youth @amina_mude, who I promise to love and protect with my all..thank you all for your warm wishes and prayers..we are humbled.. To all my Muslim and Somali brothers and sisters, especially my shemejis from Wajir; thanks a lot for your kind words and great reception.. To those who are not so welcoming, we forgive have a right to your opinion as long as you dont cross the line..God is more important than religion..

5. Mali Queen and Willy Paul

Gospel artiste Willy Paul is among celebrities who have found love in muslim women.

Although he has not officially communicated about the relationship, the damsel has and she says that the two are planning on getting married soon.

In an exclusive interview she says

“I just wanted everything to be private because I do not like publicity stunts. A few months ago he posted a photo of him and our son and only captioned him.

Days ago he wrote a caption that he is single and ready to be taken and since then we have been having issues because women have been throwing themselves at him.

she adds that

I shared the photos so that hawa wanawake wake wajue he is taken, that he has a baby and we are about to get married.”

Mali Queen is Muslim.

‘They should know he is taken’ Willy Paul’s alleged baby mama speaks out. See photos of him and the baby


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Meet the grandma who shocked NTV’s Amina Abdi into silence live on air (Video)

NTV’s Amina Abdi was recently left embarrassed and humiliated after an old grandma told her off.

Amina Abdi

Amina invited an 80-year-old grandma, Cecilia Wangare ,who is a mechanic to her last Friday show. Cecilia has for the longest time been installing and repairing sound systems in cars.

Grandma Cecilia
Grandma Cecilia Wangare on The Trend

The grandma talked about her occupation, advised the youth and muc more butall  hell broke loose when Amina Abdi told her to wind up because time wasn’t on their side.

Cecilia was angered and she told Amina live on hair to relax and let her do whatever she came to do at the NTV studios.

Hio muda isiishe? Kama uliniita, uskize lakini usiniambie muda inaisha.uLIKUWA UNAnIITA NIFANYE NINI?

nIKUAMBIe uskize na pia Kenya nzima iskie. sio wewe pekee yako. Na usikize kutoka dakika hii na tutaelewana. Ukikosa kuskiza hatutaelewana.

Grandma Cecilia

Here is the video

Netizens were amazed by the grandma’s remarks and below are some of the comments.

Josephine Akinyi: #HeyAmina today is your day. Utajua hujui.. shosh ni shosh you can never interrupt her while she’s talking.

Djlemzy: Bet you never saw this coming. Hehehe @amina_kenya Muda ni wewe. Woi. Pole. Thus shosho killed it

Lynnafula: I love this shosh 😂😂😂mbona kumuita kama hamna muda

Lizahkeru: Real meaning ya utajua haujui😂😂

Elizabethnzisa: Cucu is one in a million

Joseph Ikuha: Shosho takes over the show

Richard Kagu: Shosh is not boarding! haendi mpaka aseme yote!

Jacyfavoured: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 that’s one memorable interview

Grace Msalame: Uliniita Studio nifanye nini😁😂😩🙆🏾‍♀️

Kala Kennedy: Real talk…nyanya hataki kubaniwa mda

Edwin Bisonga: Leo umepatikana ..kitaeleweka😂😂

John Maloba: 😲😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Kabisaaaa. Shosh mtu asikupimie hewa. Alaaa

Nancychep: That’s true though, some interviews are just two questions and you wonder just that and shosho came closed her biz just for that she had to cause 🤣

Fans want answers after noticing The Trend host Amina Abdi’s legs are darker than her face

Bubbly TV presenter Amina Abdi is a bold woman. The Trend host, who is known for her fashion sense recently left many talking for days after a photo of her looking totally different went viral.

Amina Abdi

In the photo making rounds on social media, Amina Abdi appears to have a visible discrepancy between her face and whole body.

Could it be a case of makeup fail? Did the makeup artist use lighter products than her complexion?

Amina Abdi

Anyway, below is the photo of Amina Abdi back in the day compared to now; has she maintained her original complexion?

Amina Abdi

Amina Abdi has not yet spoken about the rumors that she has bleached and a social media user shared the photo and wrote:

“My loves, what is going on here? her face doesn’t match her legs hahaha.”

another one commented:

“I saw her Insta story jana and thought there was something odd but then again, I convinced myself it is shadows.”

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Just Like Amina Abdi’s “Fan” Moment When She Met This Gorgeous South African Celebrity

It’s hard to hide your joy or excitement when you meet a celebrity. Even Bill Gates himself never knows what to say when he hangs out with the Hollywood elite. I learnt this when I watched an old episode of “MTV Meets Bill Gates.”

So this is exactly what happened when Amina Abdi got to meet South African actress Nomzamo Mbatha, arguably one of the most successful media personalities in Africa. Mbatha is the brand ambassador of several major brands.

Congratulations: The Reason Amina Abdi Was Selected As The Host Of NTV’s The Trend

In 2015, she received the Africa Movie Academy award for Best Actress in a Leading Role having heard a stellar performance in Sweet Something.

The gorgeous 27-year-old is in the country for a UNHCR mission as she is an ambassador for the agency. Check out the photo that the two took for the gram:

Amina Abdi

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Congratulations: The Reason Amina Abdi Was Selected As The Host Of NTV’s The Trend

Amina Abdi is one lady who has proved she can do right about anything. She’s the true definition of a hustler. She sees an opportunity and grabs it with both hands.

It’s been months since Larry Madowo left The Trend. After he left, the show was hosted by different people including Ciru Muriuki.

amina 1

But on Friday, they finally unveiled the new host of the popular TV show. Amina Abdi is the new host and this came as a surprise as many thought they would choose from the crew who had been doing the show after Larry left.

According to NTV’s Head of TV, Amina Abdi is exactly what the show needs.


When he was asked why they chose Amina, he said, “Amina presents a new fresh air of breath in the entertainment and she has a 360 degree understanding of the entertainment industry. She is the new face of entertainment, from TV, radio to emceeing and that is what NTV was looking for.”

He continued, “We wanted her to feel welcome and that is why we unveiled her at a concert and not at our studios, but from next week she will be hosting the show right here in the studios.”

Is Amina Abdi Replacing Larry Madowo On The Trend?

Media personality Amina Abdi recently revealed that she was leaving K24. Mpasho has heard whispers that she is headed over to Nation Centre to replace NTV’s Larry Madowo on the Trend.

It wasn’t a coincidence that she exited the Kijabe Street based media house at a time when the Trend producers informed viewers that they will be having a special announcement concerning the next host of the show.

Last week, Amina informed fans and kept them waiting to see where she was going for greener pastures.

“I have been with K24 Alfajiri for the last two years and its been amazing, check out my page for more information on where I’m headed next! 💕”

She added;

“It’s been a good run k24tv thanks to my wonderful bosses!”

Amina is one of the famous media personalities in Kenya who wears many hats and for sure, this girl can hustle…Read hard

These Are The 10 Hottest Celebrity Mothers In Town (Photos)

A woman can have it all; both a successful career and a beautiful family. The following women have had a successful run both as career women and families,

The following women have had a successful run both as career and family women. We all know showbiz can be demanding but these women always find a balance between their work and families.

1. Julie Gichuru

She is one of the influential media personalities in Kenya. She is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Arimus Media Limited, a production house focused on quality African content, and Mimi Holdings LTD, a fashion retail business.


2. Lulu Hassan

She is a mother of two boys and a lovely wife to Rashid Abdalla, a popular Swahili anchor. She loves her family and is never afraid to show it off. Lulu is one of the best Swahili anchors


3. Kanze Dena

Kellen Beatrice popularly refereed to as Kanze Dena is multi-talented. She’s a news anchor and news director. Aside from that, she is a mom to a handsome son.


4.Amina Abdi

The bubbly TV host and radio presenter started her career way back as a musician before getting into media. She has surely spread her wings and has established her brand. Amina is the wife to John Rabar and a mom to son Tumi.


5. Mwalimu Rachel

Rachel Muthoni, popularly refereed to as Mwalimu Rachel by her funs is a popular radio presenter. She is married to Kletta, who is a musician and mom to Jabari.


6. Terryann Chebet

Terryann is jounalist and a business woman with a beautiful baby girl, though she’s not married, but co-parents with the father of her daughter.


7. Grace Msalame

The former TV personality refers herself as ‘mama twins’. She is a proud single mom to girl twins, Zara and Raha.


8. Caroline Mutoko

Caroline Mutoko is one of the most celebrated and popular media personalities in Kenya, known for speaking her mind. She is a mum to cute daughter, Theodora Nduku.

Despite having a demanding career, she always finds time to spend with her daughter, because Nduku is her biggest inspiration, joy, and pride.


9. Victoria Rubadiri

Victoria Rubadiri has won us over with her on-air composure, maturity and her ability to deliver news articulately. She became a mum when she was younger. Victoria is a loving mother to daughter Neema.


10. Lilian Muli

She’s one of the prettiest media personality mothers in the country and is blessed with a son, Joshua, whom she got with ex-husband, Moses Kanene.









Gorgeous! See How Media Personalities Are Rocking That Hijab This Ramadhan

First of all, Ramadhan Kareem to all Muslim brothers and sister.

One thing that stands out in the fashion world is how hijabs, a veil that is used by Muslim females to cover their head has transformed.

From getting kitenge hijabs to mixing and matching it with the buibui, Kenyan media personalities have proven that hijabs are not only a static custom but one that has changed over time.

DECENT AND CLASSY! 5 Reasons We Love Kambua’s Elegant Fashion Sense And Style PHOTOS)

 Here are media personalities that have rocked that hijab just fine, giving it perfect justice;

Lulu Hassan

Amina Abdi

Saida Swaleh

Mwanaisha Chidzuga

Jamila Mohammed

Najma Ishmael

Mwanahamisi Hamadi

‘I Love You’ – Amina Abdi Receives A Phone Call From Her Husband Live On Air (Video)

Media personality Amina Abdi got the surprise of her life live on TV.

While interviewing popular boy band, Le Band, she received a call as it is a tradition for fans to call the studio to ask a guest or celebrity questions about them.

amina 3

She received a call and a guy picked up. She asked for the callers name, and guess what? The caller was her husband!

Amina looked surprised and actually thought someone was pulling a prank on her. She had to clarify before believing that it was actually her husband, DJ John (John Rabar) on the other end of the line.

amina 2

She confessed that she didn’t recognize his voice as she smiled her face from here to Timbuktu.

John’s main aim for calling was to tell her that he loves and appreciates her.

RADIO GODDESSES! 9 Of The Hottest And Most Elegant Female Radio Personalities In Kenya (PHOTOS)

That was a really romantic moment and even the guest in studio were happy for her and thought John was romantic.

amina 4

Well, that was really thoughtful of John and it shows that there are romantic men out there even though many people say men have changed over the years.

Watch the full video below;

RADIO GODDESSES! 9 Of The Hottest And Most Elegant Female Radio Personalities In Kenya (PHOTOS)

The Kenyan radio industry has grown over the past 10 years, with new radio hosts and personalities emerging and surprising us with their talent.

We must also acknowledge the impact of radio presenters who were a big deal back in the day, with their amazing, confident voices and boldness when it comes to tackling social, political issues plus relationship matters.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? 6 Former TV Queens We Would Love To See Back On Our Local Screens (PHOTOS)

Some veteran and popular radio hosts from back in the day include; Sheila Mwanyigha, Caroline Mutoko, Ciku Muiruri, Munene Nyagah, Kalekye Mumo, Fareed Kimani, Angela Angwenyi and the late Grace Makosewe.

Caroline Mutoko

But there is a new breed of radio presenters who have taken over the airwaves in the last 5 years and just to appreciate them, how about we take a look at some of the most beautiful and sexiest radio personalities in Kenya at the moment.

1. Adelle Onyango
The Kiss 100 host is one of the youngest radio presenters in the media industry and is known for her social media influence and interaction with the young people. Adelle Onyango is very conversant with all the current affairs and has led several campaigns for girls.


2. Mimmy Khamis
She is the new radio presenter for Classic 105’s mid-morning show and one a black beauty who is proud of her complexion. Mimmy Khamis is very bubbly and down to earth, with a warm smile and sense of simplicity. Her face glows despite the fact that wearing makeup is not a ritual to her and only does it once in a while.


3. Amina Abdi
She is not only a radio presenter but also one of the most sought after female MCs, TV presenter and is also a talented singer with a very mellow voice. The Capital FM radio presenter is full of life and has a very admirable personality. Despite being a mother of one, Amina Abdi looks incredibly gorgeous.


4. Massawe Japanni
The Radio Jambo mid-morning show presenter has proved to be one of the best with her amazing Swahili accent that drives her male listeners crazy. Massawe Japanni is a mother of three lovely daughters but looks nothing her age. How gorgeous and beautiful is she?


5. Patricia Kihoro
The Homeboyz radio presenter is remembered for her time at Tusker Project Fame 3 where she was a finalist and whose amazing vocals has seen her release several songs. Patricia is a sight to behold and is also very hilarious. She is also an actress who has featured in several films and TV shows like Changes.


6. Mwende Macharia
She is very outspoken, never shying away from airing her opinion on trending topics. Mwende Macharia is one of the biggest female radio hosts from Radio Maisha and at some point, she was a TV host for a popular gospel show on KTN.


7. Mwalimu Rachel
Her smooth and mellow voice attracts listeners on Homeboyz radio and she has a very strong influence on young people on social media and always keeps it real. She is not only very gorgeous but also witty and confident.


8. Anita Nderu
She is one of the hottest radio personalities in the country and a renowned fashionista and TV host. She has a lovely voice that always gets the listeners and even fellow male celebrities cannot get enough of the dashing news reporter.


9. Terry Muikamba
This charming radio presenter is not only beautiful but also very reserved and humble, with a very sweet and smooth voice that will leave you curious to see the face behind it. The Hot 96 radio host is a beauty with brains and also one of the youngest radio personalities in Kenya.



BEAUTY ON ANOTHER LEVEL! Top 13 Most Photogenic Female Celebrities In Kenya (PHOTOS)

In a world where almost every woman is now applying layers of makeup to look good, it’s hard to tell a naturally beautiful woman from an artificial one.

In Kenya, most female celebrities have embraced the trend of makeup, and fake facial features like eyelashes, penciled eyebrows, with many even bleaching their skin.

All in all, you would have to agree with me that there a few celebrities who have tried to keep it natural and even when they have to put on some makeup, you can still see their beauty underneath it all.

Aren’t They Dazzling? Check Out 10 Of Kenya’s Sexiest & SINGLE Celebrity Mothers

At the same time, we have some female celebrities who actually need makeup to look good, and without it, they are barely recognizable and look like totally different people.


Today, I want to focus on those female celebrities who look good through a lens, in other words, those photogenic ones.

Enchanting! Here Is Why Joyce Omondi Is One Of The Most Beautiful Female Celebrities In Kenya (Photos)

How about we take a look at some Kenyan female celebrities who are always appealing in photos because of their elegant and charming looks…? Trust me, it’s hard to find a bad looking photo of the following celebs.

1. Kambua
She’s one of the most popular gospel singers in Kenya, and her beauty is out of this world. Kambua always looks stunning in her pictures, whether she has been made up or not. Plus her warm smile just makes it easier for any photographer to do their job.


2. Joyce Omondi
This is another gospel artiste who drives men crazy with her exquisite looks, but sadly, Waihiga Mwaura was the lucky man who got to put a ring on it. Joyce Omondi is not just pretty but also very humble and soft-spoken, and her chocolate complexion makes her look like a true African lady in all her pics.


3. Julie Gichuru
This media personality has been in the industry for more than a decade and for some reason, she never ages, and still has that youthful look. Her face is just glorious and even without makeup, she still looks fabulous in photos and on screen.


4. Edith Kimani
Though she’s now working for German’s DW-TV, she’s still Kenya’s sweetheart and her charming looks give her the perfect look on and off the screen. Edith’s Kimani photos are always warm and you can see the beauty in her eyes almost all the time.


5. Brenda Wairimu
The renowned actress is a now a mother and you would never tell from her photos because she has kept herself looking sexy even after giving birth. Brenda Wairimu is also a model and you can be sure that her photogenic face is what any camera man hopes for.


6. Caroline Mutoko
The celebrated media personality looks nothing her age, and over the years, Caroline Mutoko has been able to keep looking elegant and lovely. From her pictures even back in the day, you can tell that she’s totally photogenic. The mother of one is not exactly ‘photo crazy’ but when she does snap one or two, they are always on point.

7. Bridgette Shigadi
She’s one of Kenya’s top models and fashionistas and with her slim figure and incredible looks, she makes it onto the list of beautiful female celebrities. The stylista is always looking exquisite in photos and she makes it look so effortless!


8. Sarah Hassan
The former Tahidi High actress in one of the most beautiful Kenyan celebrities, and you have to agree with me that she’s extremely photogenic. Whether it’s a close-up or a full body pic, Sarah Hassan aka Tanya always brings her A game.


9. Joy Kendi
Ask me about a Kenyan female celebrity who can pull off a shaved head or short hair, and I’ll show you Joy Kendi. The blogger and fashionista loves taking photos and she always comes out looking ravishing, even when she has long hair.


10. Grace Msalame
Grace Msalame is a mother of twins – two very adorable daughters – but you would never think that she’s a mum, from her curvy body and tiny waistline. The media personality is also very gorgeous and all her photos are just on point. She never seems to struggle when striking that pose.


11. Anita Nderu
The radio presenter is one stunning lady and she knows it. Anita Nderu is always taking photos because she probably knows that she’s super photogenic and naturally beautiful through a camera lens. Her sense of style is also very admirable and dapper.


12. Amina Abdi
Here’s another top radio presenter who decided to move to TV and her beauty and lovely looks were an added benefit. Amina Abdi is also one of Kenya’s top emcees and her job exposes her to a lot of photo sessions. She always nails it, and never struggles to look good on a camera.


13. Maureen Kunga – Elani
The Elani group member is no doubt lovely and glamorous and is the favorite of many. Her looks give her a unique touch in all her photos, whether it’s a photo shoot, event photo, selfie, or an expected camera moment. And the best part is that she likes to keep it natural.