Newly married Amber Ray scared and terrified of having another baby


Socialite Amber Ray recently got married as a second wife to Somali businessman Jamal Roho Safi and on her mind is the thought of having another baby.

Amber is a mother to an 11 year old son, who celebrated his birthday this past weekend.

And now on her second marriage to the Somali man, she is terrified of having another baby as she told fans in an QnA on Instagram.

Amber Ray with Jamal
Amber Ray with Jamal

She expressed having baby fever thoughts and said she will give herself two years to think about it.

She wrote that “If I knew life will turn out like this, I would be having 8 kids by now but now after 11 years the thought of becoming a mum again scares me to death. Anyway I still have two more years to convince myself”

She also gushed about her 11 year old son Gavin writing that “I miss feeling you play inside my tummy I was so poor them, and days used to feel like but somehow you brought sunshine in my life and we survived yani I’ve gone through thick and thin with you and through it all you have been so patient with me, indeed you are a blessing to be in my life ”

Amber Ray with her son, Gavin
Amber Ray with her son, Gavin

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Before I met Amber Ray, I was a serial cheater-Husband Jamal Rohosafi admits

Jamal Roho Safi was truthful in his recent interview with Jalang’o and didn’t have any qualms revealing the truth that he had been a serial cheater before meeting his second wife Amber Ray.

The wealthy businessman revealed that he had changed a lot since he met the socialite so much so that he had decided to drop his cheating ways.

“Before I met Amber, I was living a very expensive life, per Day nilikuwa natumia Sh50K na ni spending ya Madem tu. Nilikuwa na madem tofauti, yaani nilikuwa naweza kuwa na demu alafu hata namsahau.”

Adding that his wife should be happy that Amber was now in his life as she was a boon to it.

“My wife should know that Amber is a blessing, she came to my life and I changed a lot of things… she had showed me everything coz I was a loner na hakuna mtu dangerous kama mtu loner. Natoka hapa naenda Nanyuki ama Mombasa na sa hizo hakuna dem niko nayeye ni dem anikute huko mbele.”

Alikuwa ananifulia nikiwa na boxer moja! Amber Ray’s hubbie Jamal praises 1st wife

He explained that the mother of one had clicked with him and understood such that he had left all the philandering nonsense behind.

“When Amber came into my life she understood me and since I met her nikaacha hizo upuzi zote. Funniest thing nikampatia mpaka account zangu zote za Instagram, kila kitu ni yeye anamanage…yaani nilisha change lifestyle yangu… niliacha hiyo life na once chali ashamake decision…kuna stage fulani wanaume wanakuwanga inaitwa hoe life wakati tu unachota madem na hata hujui nini unataka kwa hao madem.”

Jamal also admitted to having bought Amber Ray a house in Hurlingham but that currently they are neighbours with his first wife in Syokimau.

Jamal also explained that since he went public with his relationship with Amber, his first wife and a section of his family members had been against it but he talked them through it.


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I know how wicked you are, grandpa – Amber Ray blasts ex in savage post

Socialite-cum-businesswoman Faith Makau aka Amber Ray might have bagged one of the most eligible men in Kenya, something that got Kenyans talking.

Amber Ray with Jamal
Amber Ray with Jamal

Some were happy for her but others tried to pour cold water on her win, saying that she had bewitched her new man, something both he and she denied, saying at the time,

“I thank God for the friends I have now, for my enemies only have my past to attack me…kama ingekuwa kitambo with the ongoing stupid fights my secrets would be all over.”

Amber Ray at a witch-doctor's hut
Amber Ray at a witch-doctor’s hut

One of the people who was happy to see the backlash she was getting was her ex-husband, Zaheer Merlahi Jhanda who made a post hinting at the fact.

Amber Ray’s ex-husband Zaheer finally comments on her drama with new hubby

Now that the backlash for the socialite is dying out, she is dealing with the perceived hate from him in a series of messages she wrote on her social media page.

“The other day I saw my X writing funny Captions to make fun of me with the same shit that he knows deep down that he is the one who put me there…I know it hurts to see another man clean up the mess you created and I know how wicked you are, but can you just respect yourself and your age for once…I mean soon you will be a grandpa,” lamented Amber Ray.

Amber Ray with Jamal
Amber Ray with Jamal

Don’t forget that in August 2018, Amber Ray made it public that she had parted ways with her then-husband Zaheer Merlahi Jhanda and also ceased being Muslim.

What was also interesting was her revelation that the number of messages being sent to her new husband’s (Jamal Marlow Rohosafi) DM’s has reduced drastically after he revealed that she is the one who manages the accounts.

Jamal Roho Safi
Jamal Roho Safi

Ray has been over the moon since introducing her new man, Jamal Roho Safi in 2020.

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I started my first matatu business with school fees my mom gave me -Jamal Roho Safi

Socialite Amber Ray’s hubby and entrepreneur Jamal Roho Safi has become the talk of the town after the news that the man had married the mother of one.

The inevitable interest in his life has made him a mini-celebrity to many and that has attracted an interview with the popular comedian Jalang’o.

The man had a lot to say, and he explained to the funnyman how he had become one of the most successful men in Kenya.

In an interview on Jalang’o TV, Jamal explained he used his school fees of Ksh 420,000, which he was given by his mom, to buy his first matatu, which he named Telaviv.

Amber Ray hasn’t used juju on me! Jamal says as he confirms socialite is his legal wife

He worked both as a matatu tout and a driver for over 2 years. The school fees was meant to pay his fees for pursuing an aviation course at Wilson Airport.

He currently owns over 16 matatus working in different areas of the country. Jamal went further to explain that he always takes advantage of crisis to do business, giving the example of using Michucki’s new rule restrictions that every matatu was supposed to have safety belts and be registered under a Sacco.

He said that at the time, most matatus had refused to comply with the rule, while he did meaning that his business survived while others were waiting.

It was during this period that he made a lot of money since his matatu was the only one in business. Jamal claimed he could make sh30,000 to sh32,000 per day.

And that’s not the only way that he made his money. The man apparently took advantage of coronavirus and became the first person to import face masks when the virus hit. He has now moved to making money online.

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Amber Ray’s ex-husband Zaheer finally comments on her drama with new hubby

Socialite Amber Ray has been trending the last month after news that she got married to wealthy businessman Jamal Roho Safi.

Although the news hasn’t been met with universal acclaim from Kenyans, with some even claiming that she bewitched him, Amber doesn’t seem to care.

In fact, they have closed ranks with her new man who finally declared his support for the twice-divorced mother of one as his legal wife.

Amber Rays cheeky answer to stalking ex-husband Zaheer

The new transition has been tough for Jamal’s first wife who recently opened up about Amber snatching her husband away. According to the lady identified as Amira – Amber started befriending her as a business lady; only to realize later that the socialite was out to get Jamal.

After Amira’s story filtered out many are now convinced that at the very least that Amber is a husband-snatcher and the reason for that this is the second time that Amber has suffered such accusations from another first wife.

That woman was Aaliyah, Zaheer Jhanda’s first wife who claimed that Amber had used juju on her husband, a claim she denied strenously.

And how has Zaheer whom Amber famously and publicly divorced doing? The man is enjoying the show like everyone else.

The man wrote a tongue-in-cheek comment the other day that showed that he was happy to be a spectator in the Amber and Jamal play. His caption read, “Meanwhile muniongezee popcorn na kuku.”

And I can’t blame him one bit. Amber is a firebrand for controversy and negative press wherever she goes. The way she publicly savaged and shamed Zaheer when she left him must have left him feeling a certain way.

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Amber Ray hasn’t used juju on me! Jamal says as he confirms socialite is his legal wife

Socialite Faith Makau alias Amber Ray was ecstatic this past month after revealing that she had gotten married for a third time to wealthy businessman Jamal Roho Safi.

But her joy and jubilation seems to be taking a beating after claims were made online that she had used juju to ensnare Jamal who is already a married man with 2 kids.

While Amber has denied the claims, Jamal himself has also joined in to refute the allegations and stands by Ray whom he refers to as his legal wife.

“Allow me to put this matter to rest. Amber Ray is my legal wife and that’s the truth. She has not used any juju on me as it’s being claimed. I am the one who knowingly went after her, hit on her and later married her,” wrote Jamal.

Jamal Roho Safi's post about Amber Ray
Jamal Roho Safi’s post about Amber Ray

“Alafu uskie mtu akisema nikuache. Oliskia wapi? Thank you my husband for standing by me,” replied Ray.

Kumbe huyu ndiye co-wife wa Amber Ray? Meet Jamal’s beautiful 1st wife (photo)

His post was met with a lot of divisiveness from Kenyans, with Amber adding her own support to her man’s statement.

The socialite had introduced her new man in December 2020 after speculation arose about their relationship.

Amber Ray with Jamal
Amber Ray with Jamal

This isn’t the first time that Amber has been accused of using juju to entrap a man. Back in 2018, Aaliyah the first wife of wealthy politician Zaheer Merlahi Jhanda accused her co-wife of using witchcraft to get him to marry her.

Amber Ray at a witch-doctor's hut
Amber Ray at a witch-doctor’s hut

Her claim was made more palatable after an image made the rounds online of Amber in a witch doctor’s hut but she still denied she uses witchcraft even after the photo’s release.

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“Amber Ray and Brown Mauzo were not dating, it was business” Vera discloses

Vera Sidika has been on a roll this year on Instagram stories opening up about her life.

Vera is releasing tid bits of info, and the latest has to do with her husband Brown Mauzo and his exe Amber Ray.

Amber and Brown dated from 2019 upto late 2020, when they parted ways.

We knew they were dating because they declared so. Mauzo got a tattoo of Amber and went on holiday numerous occasions where they shared intimate videos.

They paraded this with Amber Ray saying that she had found both friendship and love in Brown Mauzo.amber and mauzo

“Imagine finding both love and friendship in one person.” wrote Amber Ray

This relationship ended months after. Amber is now married to a Somali businessman, while Brown is married to Vera Sidika who feels she needs to clear the air about Brown and Amber Rays once being an item.

Sh insisted on Instagram stories on April 9th, that the two were not dating just doing business.

vera on amber and mauzo April 9
Vera Sidika on Amber Ray and Mauzo dating/courtesy Instagram

Someone wanted to know if she dated Brown Mauzo while he was with Amber Ray. Vera denied stealing Brown from Amber and insisted that the two were in it for business ‘u know showbiz’.

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Kumbe huyu ndiye co-wife wa Amber Ray? Meet Jamal’s beautiful 1st wife (photo)

Amber Ray is over the moon at the moment. The twice-divorced mother of one is married once again. And to who all people?

A wealthy Somali businessman who had no qualms about putting a ring on the socialite and claiming her as his second wife.

The man in question is Jamal Roho Safi, who boasts an impressive following on Instagram for a man who until recently was unknown by most Kenyans.

Jamal who has been paraded on Instagram by Amber, is the man of the moment with many wondering about his background, particularly his first wife and family before Amber.

I used to sell matumbo and became a millionaire at 26! Newly-married Amber Ray narrates

And Jamal isn’t one to hide them, proudly posting a photo of the happy family this past Easter. From the snaps, one can tell that his wife and 2 handsome sons are quite happy and fulfilled in the presence of their father.

Jamal Roho Safi with wife and kids
Jamal Roho Safi with wife and kids

His caption read, “This Easter, I hope we can all take some time to reflect on the blessings we enjoy and the hope we have for a brighter future. From our family to yours, have a safe and happy Easter.”

At least Jamal has now dealt with the crazy speculation that was brewing about who Amber would be partnering as the second wife in the polygamous arrangement.

Amber herself is over the moon and explained in a recent Q&A session with her fans, that she had previously sworn not to get married as a second wife but luckily found a friend in her new man and that’s why things changed.

Adding that she has known Jamal for years and probably that’s why it was easy for her to settled down as wife number two.

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I used to sell matumbo and became a millionaire at 26! Newly-married Amber Ray narrates

If there is one lady who seems to keep on falling upwards in terms of relationships, it must be Amber Ray. The woman has the luck of the Gods when it comes to moving from one relationship to another.

Amber was married to tycoon Zaheer Jhanda as a second wife before things fell apart so much so that Amber said she was done with Islam, the religion that Zaheer practiced.

But Amber is indefatigable and seems to be able to pluck wealthy men from her seemingly inexhaustible orchard of WEALTHY men as her recent marriage to Jamal shows.

But while many might see the glamourous side of her life what they don’t know is that she has also had to hustle and struggle.

Ungekuwa tu na akili kubwa kama izo… Amber Ray body-shamed for having big behind

In a recent Q and A on her social media, Amber claimed that she became a millionaire at 26 and got her first car at 29. And even though she’s that rich, Amber says she doesn’t mind being a 2nd wife to Jamal.

Amber Ray with Jamal
Amber Ray with Jamal

She also claimed that she used to sell cereals and ‘matumbo’ when she was younger. She was also a waitress and head of customer care. The mother of one also disputed claims that her hubby Jamal had made her rich, saying that she was self-made, advising women not to depend on men for money.

”Nimeuza matumbo, cereals. Nimeuza maziwa, nimekua waitress and my last job nilikua head of customer care e-citizen… It’s just that we don’t look like what we have been through… we work hard behind the curtains . There’s no easy way to success, ata kupata pesa poa from a man you must have your own money kwanza… you can’t let people feed you all the time coz they are humans and humans get tired without a notice…”

Amber Ray screenshot
Amber Ray screenshot

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Amber Ray admits she married somali bae Jamal as his second wife

Socialite Amber Ray has confirmed publicly that she married her Somali bae Jamal Marlow Rohosafi as his second wife.

The flamboyant socialite also opened up on the reason why she got married to Jamal. She introduced the online community to him in 2020, and didn’t say much, just showed off their good times together.

Then on 29th March 2021, we learned from her Instagram that she was engaged to Jamal as we saw his family at her Syokimau home, being very formal about their visit.

Amber Ray
Amber Ray

Jamal proposed to the popular socialite at a private family function and later confirmed the news on Instagram by sharing photos of their engagement.

He captioned it, ‘It’s official’, to which Amber Ray reacted with three love emojis and a caption, ‘My husband’.

Now over Easter, Amber Ray aka Faith Makau in her Instagram stories, confirmed that she secretly married Jamal, as his second wife.

“I can’t be a housewife!” Betty Kyallo declares

A fan asked her “Nakupenda bure mami….unanipeanga syk  am a 2nd wife too..but he’s rich”

Amber responded saying “Tuko wengi sana na vile wengi wanaishi in denial pia most men don’t have balls to come clean about it, till siku ya mazishi yao”.

Another fan asked why she agreed to be a second wife again “U once said u can never be a second wife you love him that much to take the risk again?”

Amber ray is a second wife again
Amber ray is a second wife again

Amber laughed it off saying she changed her mind about accepting being a second wife again “Yes and that was my truth back then…sijui what happened” She added the laughing, dancing and embarrassed emoji.

Haiya! Harmonize’s girlfriend Frida unfollows and deletes his photos from Instagram

Amber ray is a second wife again
Amber ray is a second wife again

Faith also confirmed that her son Gavin gets along with Jamal’s kids “they are friends”

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Amber Ray moves like the speed of light! Somali bae introduces family to former socialite

Amber Ray might be a brawler and hard tackler when it comes to dealing with people online but it seems that she has a much softer side.

A side that is only seen by the closest people in her life. That’s the only way I can explain her ability to get eligible men without seeming to struggle.

Three years after divorcing her ex-husband Zaheer Jhanda, Amber is again of the market, thanks to new man Jamal. The socialite shocked many this past week after she posted the image of Jamal for all the haters and fans to gossip about.

And if people were thinking that she was joking or trolling them Amber posted images that showed her new man’s family visiting her at her home.

Not only that, she was also clad in full Muslim attire. The only skin that showed was the one on her face as the single mum had on baggy attire that ran from head to toe. The socialite had on a black buibui that matched with her black hijab.

Yep, the mother of one went all out as she posted her Somali bae and was a picture of a cool, cultured, deeply reserved and respectful woman as she sat next to her new family.

Amber who has previously been married to a Muslim man as a second wife seemed to fit in smoothly and gelled seamlessly with Jamal’s family.

Jamal had already announced the news on Instagram and Amber was quick to refer to the wealthy businessman as her husband.

This is a wonderful new chapter for Amber whose relationship to her previous husband, the tycoon, Zaheer Jhanda ended in ignominy. The curvy lady addressed the divorce saying she was done being a Muslim, also apologizing to her son and family for having to withstand insults from her hubby’s side.

Jamal must be a hell of a man cause Amber has gone back on the being a “Muslim thing”. Hope they work out.

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Ungekuwa tu na akili kubwa kama izo… Amber Ray body-shamed for having big behind

Amber Ray is a woman with a thick skin. The sheer amount of hate that the voluptuous socialite deals with would cause some mental issues but it seems that they just bounce off of her.

Just yesterday, the mother of one was the subject of an unwarranted attack on her person after she posted an image on her Instagram page showing of her excellent figure in figure-hugging yoga pants.

While most people celebrated her ample aSSets, one troll decided to hate on her. The commenter dissed Amber by questioning her intelligence with a savage statement, saying, “Si ungekuwa tu na akili kubwa kama izo matako zako😂😂”

Amber was having none of the abuse and came back with her own retort telling the man to kick rocks, writing, “Alafu ikose kunisaidia kama wewe?🤣”

Amber Ray

Fans thronged her comment section praising her speedy response and celebrated the way she had handled the cyber-bullying.

It seems that some Kenyans believe that Amber is a soft target for critics as this just past week, she was the subject of vitriol after posting two photos of herself before and after being famous, with the caption ” Tafuta pesa ujue rangi yako… wewe si mweusi” , and most of her fans did not take these words lightly.

Fans bashed her for what they considered to be insensitive words, and viewed her caption as indirectly suggesting that dark girls are not beautiful.

While I understand the response from Kenyans to the colourism comment, the one about her body and brain was unwarranted.

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Amber Ray addresses rumors her relationships don’t last because of witchcraft


There are so many theories floating around about socialite Amber Ray repeatedly using juju to keep men hooked to her.

She addressed these rumors once again in an Instagram QnA where she giggled about these persistent idea that she uses witchcraft.

A fan even dared ask her if she has used witchcraft on her current somali bae Jamal.

She was horrified by that suggestion insisting that ‘she and Jamal wako permanent kama marashi ya wasonjo’.

Another fan wondered if her frequent breakups are because she uses juju.

amber juju 1(1)

Amber Ray has had some really public romances most noteably with Brown Mauzo. To her dismay, he hooked up with Vera Sidika and married her. Jut before thsi they were on a vacay in Greece and we thought it was forever, for how they frequently gushed about each other.

amber juju 2(1)

Her current bae is Jamal, a somali man who is very monied and spoils her rotten. She has said he is ‘the one’, and hopefully see’s marriage and babies at some point.

Good luck to this gorgeous and bubbly Kamba doll!

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Amber Rays cheeky answer to stalking ex husband Zaheer


Kamba doll Amber Ray knows she lives rent free in your head and loves it.

She also doesn’t care if you talk about her and has repeatedly told us in her Instagram stories.

A fan dicejelani_ even testified to our need to know her moshene saying

niudaku tulipenda aki😂😂😂

So yesterday, the socialite decided to hop onto the True or False trend and a section of her fans wanted the dirty details on her ex husband Zaheer Jhanda, who is also a politician.

It has been alleged that Amber Ray used witchcraft to win his heart, a claim she denied. A picture of her holding two chickens, one black the other white – allegations that this is juju- while dressed in regalia that resembled clothes worn by people practicing witchraft.

Amber Ray opens up about co-parenting with baby daddy for the first time

Seriously guys, I also love her, she is a fresh of breath air. So here goes her answer about Zaheer that will make you question where our heads are. Someone even wanted to know about their intimate details. Nini huwasumbua wakenya aki?

amber zaheer 1(1)

amber zaheer 2(1)

amber zaheer 3(1)

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Somali Bae! Amber Ray FINALLY SHOWS OFF her mystery man


What a nice holiday surprise peeps.

For the last three months socialite Amber Ray has been teasing that she is dating someone and may be serious about him.

In a Q&A with her fans back in November she indicated she is in love and will reveal him when ready. And just in case, we have receipts about what she said of the new man she was dating soon after Brown Mauzo left her.

She even told fans not to despair about her and Mauzo because as she put it

“Life happens. Then she added that He is happy and I am happy”.

Sisi ni nani?

amber mystery man(1)
Amber Ray talks of new man

So now that we have that out of the way, here is her bae as she willingly shared to her fans on Instagram. Have a lovey dovey day won’t you?


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Funny questions fans ask Amber Ray that guarantees a response


Celebrities have to answer a plethora of questions from fans ranging from intelligent to dumb, to polite and plain rude, and this is what happened to Kamba doll Amber Ray.

The cutie decided to engage fans in a QnA and men did guys go in with all sorts of questions.

Let’s take a look at some of the questions she was asked.

1. Team mafisi is all the way in and shooting their shot

amber 1(1)

2. Now wait a damn minute, what in the world!!amber 2(1)

3. Not with her lifestyle she won’tamber 3(1)

4. How does this information help you?amber 4(1)

5. Do you know something we don’t? Huhamber 5(1)

6. Errm, okay I’m curious tooamber 6(1)

7. Whew chileamber 7(1)

8. Interesting questionamber 8(1)

9. amber 9(1)

10amber 10(1)

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Amber Ray comes clean after photo of her practising “witchcraft” re-emerges

Faith Makau or as many know her, Amber Ray has been in the news lately after her allged former boyfriend Brown Mauzo started dating fellow socialite Vera Sidika.

But try as she might, her colourful past is also something that Kenyans are still interested in. The mother of one was recently put to task after a photo of her practicing witchcraft re-emerged.

Don’t forget that she was accused of practicing witchcraft at the time by her former co-wife, Aaliyah Zaheer, married to Kenyan business mogul and politician Zaheer Jhanda.

The socialite was married as a second wife to the wealthy Kisii politician Zaheer for close to 3 years with whom they have a son, Gavin.

Some curious Kenyans asked her what she was doing in the photo where she was sitting and holding two chickens: one dark and one white, with her head and body covered in a strange piece of white clothing.

Amber Ray controversial photo
Amber Ray controversial photo

But Amber has had enough of the accusations and dealt with the topic head-on in a recent Q and A with fans with a daring fan asking her, “Why do you use witchcraft?”.

‘If he’s happy’ Amber Ray says after ex Brown Mauzo marries Vera

But Faith handled the question with poise and calm responding with, “I know it’s hard to believe this but I’ve never used witchcraft in my entire life…”

Amber Ray screenshot
Amber Ray screenshot

Her answer wasn’t satisfactory to some of her fans with the general question being, “So how did she end up photographed with two chicken in hand and in such a strange place?”

She further added that she would reveal her side of the story in the future when fans are ready to understand. That wasn’t all the socialite was ready to reveal.

She also touched on the fact that she was dating several guys and not one but refused to disclose these men.

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‘If he’s happy’ Amber Ray says after ex Brown Mauzo marries Vera


Just when we were getting happy and excited for amber Ray and Brown Mauzo dating and going on envy inducing vacations, things ended suddenly and we saw him with Vera Sidika.

Vera has been teasing a mystery man for sometime, then unveiled him to shocked fans who realized it was Amber Rays bae, now an ex.

But such is life. Vera and Mauzo got married and you can read the story below.

‘I got married to my best friend,’ Vera Sidika gushes over Brown Mauzo

So in a QnA with fans, Amber responded to several queries about her and Mauzo, and it seems she is happy for him and has alos moved on to a new man.

A fan asked her “It was just recently that you and Brown were calling each other babe..what happened”

To which she responded

“Life happens”

Another curious person asked her a pretty common question many Kenyans want to know when it comes to moshene, which is ‘ebu elaborate’.

She said “He is happy and I am happy”.


View this post on Instagram

Coz self love Is the greatest middle finger of all time🥳 #Amberthebrand

A post shared by Amber Ray 🇰🇪 (@iam_amberay) on

Amber is not one to shy away from responding to queries about her personal life, and I must also point out we love how open she is. She told another fan as much.

Amber also revealed she is currently dating another man, and she thinks he might just be the one. Well on siz.

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