Eric Omondi, Amber Ray wine and dance with Anerlisa


A huge entourage surrounded Keroche Heiress Anerlisa Muigai at  Onyx club Friday night 30th July as she hosted a gig along the Ngong road club.

From Eric Omondi to Amber Ray and Phoina the makeup artist, many came to show support for Anerlisa as they danced and drank to music.

The A listers were spotted trying major dance moves as Eric Omondi got ticked that rich kid Anerlisa was struggling to dance. He cheekily wrote ‘anerlisa and eric omomndi (1)

Anerlisa seemed to have had a fabulous time as Amber Ray gushed over her tiny waist, telling her the secret to being this tiny.

Prior to that Amber Ray had shown of bundles of notes that she keeps in her Jeep, and she told that the stacks were for her weekend hang out.anerliaand amber (1)

She captioned the videos “Are you even ready for me? Mko tayari”

Adding “Blessed weekend ahead and my weekend is sorted. Always make sure you secure the bag” Sher finished dancing along and counting the stacks of money.amber cash ekekdn (1)

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‘Don’t be this desperate’ KOT share opinions after Amira takes back Jimal

The hashtag #Dontbethisdesperate has been trending for the past three days since we learnt Amber Ray and Jimal are no longer together when she admitted ‘si tulikosana tu”

The rumors began on Friday and on Saturday Amber Ray confirmed in a QnA where she was asked ‘Now that mmeachana will you delete his pics from your IG page?

 She responded ‘of course’.

KOT has been split about this drama with one woman saying first wife Amira taking Jimal back smirks of desperation, hence the hashtag. Many cited the public humiliation he put her through to convince her not to take back her cheating hubby.

Jamal Roho Safi back to wife Amira after ditching the Watermelon Amber Ray. Kibaki. Kikuyu. Speaker JB Muturi. DON’T BE THIS DESPERATE. #Malkiastrikers #mejja

— 𝙔𝙊𝙐𝙍𝙊𝙓𝙔𝙂𝙀𝙉 (@MwanikiCastone) July 25, 2021

Twitter handle @OumaSarah1 passionately wrote her opinion

Amber ray probably found a richer guy.. Now Jamal will run back to the wife he publicly humiliated, sadly Amira will take him back with open arms.

She added that

Amber ray publicly abused her… He bought amber ray flowers after that and went to her house. He didn’t even defend the mother of his children

In another post Sarah added
Jamal let the other woman abuse the mother of his children on social media.. I choose my mental peace.

concluding that
Yeah, its sad how people are only pointing fingers at Amber Ray. makes me wonder if we should give the man a trophy for going back to his wife

I hate to see women sell themselves short.

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Socialite Amber Ray confirms breaking up with Jamal Marlow

Socialite Amber Ray has confirmed that she has broken up with businessman Jamal Marlow.

In a question and answer session on her Instagram Stories, Amber said she is single.

One fan asked Amber Ray if she is broken by the split, she responded;

“Like I said, I live for now, and life is all about creating memories.”

Amer Ray and Jamal’s first wife have been fighting since she was married as a second wife on social media.

“Actually I was fighting for me, ata sahii mtu akinikanyaga napita na yeye.”

Betty Kyallo among top 200 influential African women on Twitter

Amber and Jimal Rohosafi
Amber and Jimal Rohosafi

On returning the vehicle that belonged to the businessman Jamal, Amber said;

“Huko nishatoka, what I have in my life now is 100% mine.”

After social media peeps making Jamal Marlow a headline several times, the businessman made a decision to leave social media saying he wanted to take a break.

”I want to be private for a while. I will be off social media and that is why I have decided to deactivate all my social media accounts.”

Asked if it is because of the pressure that comes from fans who follow the drama that has been going on since he got married to Amber Ray, Jamal said;

”Actually it is what people might think but my reason is to basically concentrate on my business.”

Amber Ray shows off new home after being kicked out of Syokimau


Amber Ray has been quiet on social media, weeks after publicly insulting her husbands first wife Amira.

Amber was said to have been given notice to move out of her Syokimau home after the public fight with neighbors complaining of her being a nuisance.

So she went quiet on social media returning briefly to offer snippets of her new digs. The house appears to be an apartment

On Tuesday night July 13th, Amber on Instagram stories, offered a look at the high end digs captioning “life is for the living”amber ne home 1 (1)

In the video, we see Amber hanging out in the kitchen with girl pal Miss Masika, as husband Jamal takes the video.

Amber also takes us around her new lavish bedroom, where she notes that “wrestling ring” and that it is decorated with flowers , with a heart emoji.amber ne 1 (1)

In another shot of the home, Amber continues to say that “finally settled in, Thank you God for everything”


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Amber Ray winning! Socialite spotted with Jamal in intimate pose (photo)

Amber Ray is winning! Although many might like to demonize her for being the 3rd wheel in Jamal Rohosafi’s marriage, she doesn’t care as the proof is in the pudding.

This past weekend Amber showed that all the negativity coming from a section of Kenyans will not stop her from enjoying her time with her hubby, Jamal.

The two spent time in Machakos county as they looked all loved up, at Amber’s event. The mother of one shared a photo smoking shisha with her left leg resting on Jamal’s right thigh.

Her caption was a face with three hearts emoji and two hearts. Jamal himself responded by referring to her as “asali”. She playfully retorted to his comment asking him (ya Ukambani ama? (from Eastern part of the country or?)”.

What will happen after this?

Jamal seems to be spending more time with Amber which is like a subtle co-sign of not only her behaviour and but his preference for her over Amira.

“Leave me alone Jamal!” Amira gives reason for Syokimau drama with Amber Ray

I could be wrong but this doesn’t look good for Amira, who is the mother of his two sons. Don’t forget that last week she publicly castigated Jamal for being the issue.

She said at the time,

“I saw Jamal and Amber park their car. Jamal aliniiita kwa gate ya huyu mwanamke ananiambia umefanya vibaya. Mimi sina shida na huyu mwanamke, issue ni Jamal (he called me while at Amber’s gate and told me I did wrong. I have no problem with Amber, Jamal is the issue),” Amira said.

She then went ahead to say that both Amber and Jamal didn’t have any respect for her. “Wananikoseanga heshima sana mimi nanyamaza (They (Amber and Jamal) always disrespect me but I keep quiet),” she said.

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“She was calling me a prostitute!” Amber Ray recalls crazy night fight with co-wife Amira

Kenyan socialite Faith Makau, best known in the public space as Amber Ray has given more backstory as to what caused the crazy hullabaloo between her and co-wife Amira, last week.

Amber and Amira recently had a messy late-night confrontation in Syokimau, with videos of the incident going viral on social media.

Now Amber has come out to claim that their spat happened after Amira referred to her as a ‘prostitute’.

“I was in Machakos to see how things were going as I have an event on Saturday. I was rushing back home as my husband was already at home he was just speaking on the phone. The gate to my compound was not locked, I locked the first gate and when I was closing the second gate it caught on something.”

“It was his choice to make me his 2nd wife and I didn’t kill anyone!” Amber Ray declares


“Upon checking, I found out that it was a dead bird and it was very dry, so I called my husband to come and see it. He was there talking on the phone, he asked me to take a photo or a video and that is what I did.”

She went on to add that while she made a call to her pastor, she went to the house to cook for her husband as he does not eat food made by her house manager.

”When I was starting to cook is when I heard Amira’s voice outside. She was calling me a prostitute. I called a friend of mine who was within Machakos and she asked me to stay indoors as I waited for her to come.”

Amber Ray with Jamal
Amber Ray with Jamal

She said that by that time she had reached her end due to the negative energy she has been getting over her drama with Amira.

“I felt like this is now too much as I have been getting so much negative energy from social media because of her. And she was now bringing the drama to my house,” she finished.

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“It was his choice to make me his 2nd wife and I didn’t kill anyone!” Amber Ray declares

Amber Ray is a controversy machine, something she seems to revel in. The mother of one had arguably the most dramatic time in her life this past week after she and the first wife of Jamal Rohosafi engaged in a public fight in the dead of night.

With renewed interest in her life, Amber decided to open a YouTube page and chose to speak about the incident, giving her side of the story.

She stated that Amira is the one who provoked her by calling her a prostitute; accusing Jimal’s first wife of trying to use juju on her, after a dead bird was found at her gate.

“Even if I’m the second wife I have not killed anyone and I have been getting so much hatred and negative energy from social media and it all because of this. I reached a point I had to stand up for myself.”

“You can’t keep on insulting me using my past to make me look bad. Katiba imekubali, even if I’m a second wife, I have not killed anyone… you try so much kunivuruga. Hata hiyo siku angekuja tu and knock at my place am not a mad person ati nimvuruge…I don’t mind listening to her story but don’t crucify me because I’m a second wife.

As a society I know its hard to accept second wives but this is what is happening this day. As much as unakataa kushare, we are sharing,” explained Amber Ray.

“The Quran allows me to be tough!” Amira says after altercation with Amber Ray

The socialite accused Amira of being a pretender who is always looking for sympathy on social media by pretending to be the innocent one.

“I’m not on your case, you are on my case. Yes, I am a second wife, you were there before me but it doesn’t give you any right to feel like you can walk over me. And by you coming to my house I have every right to defend myself. You came insulting me, saying huyo mwanamke ni malaya vile anavaa.”

“Don’t try and come into my life and dictate how I should live my life. Let everyone live their life. Kila mtu aangalie kwake. And if it’s respect, you have to respect yourself first, for me to respect you… I am a human being and I belong to the streets I will fight back. I’m not here to be stepped on. It was Jamal’s choice to make me his second wife and I didn’t kill anyone.” said Amber Ray in part.

She went on to encourage fellow second wives to live their truth and never allow intimidation.

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“The Quran allows me to be tough!” Amira says after altercation with Amber Ray

The war between Jamal Rohosafi’s two wives Amira and Amber Ray doesn’t seem to be coming to any sort of resolution as the man himself has decided to play a passive role.

It has become an, “Every woman for themself” between the two co-wives with no inch given. Speaking after the messy fight they had on Tuesday, Amira warned Amber that her silence should not be mistaken for weakness.

“Even in the Quran, sometimes toughness is justified especially as I’ve repeated the peace of my kids is threatened in any way, shape or form. For now enjoy the videos but there are lines I will not let anyone cross,” she wrote on her Instastories.

“Leave me alone Jamal!” Amira gives reason for Syokimau drama with Amber Ray

She added that she will always stand her ground.

“I am not here to teach weakness but strength and standing your ground, being your own provider and protector coz sometimes silence is mistaken for fear or meekness,” she said.


She also explained what had happened before the fight happened saying that she was walking in the estate when she saw Amber and Jamal. She said that the two have been disrespecting her but that she keeps quiet.

“I saw Jamal and Amber park their car. Jamal aliniiita kwa gate ya huyu mwanamke ananiambia umefanya vibaya. Mimi sina shida na huyu mwanamke, issue ni Jamal (he called me while at Amber’s gate and told me I did wrong. I have no problem with Amber, Jamal is the issue),” Amira said.

“Wananikoseanga heshima sana mimi nanyamaza (They (Amber and Jamal) always disrespect me but I keep quiet).”

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“Even if Jamal leaves me, I will not die, I am used to it!” Amber Ray proudly boasts

This week, the beef between Jimal Rohosafi’s co-wives Amber Ray and Amira came to a head. The two thrilled and surprised Kenyans with their dramatic antics online as they went hard at each other in their late-night catfight in Syokimau.

Since then, Kenyans have taken sides with many supporting first wife Amira as Amber looks like the bully and 3rd wheel in the whole situation, something that Amber doesn’t seem to mind at all.

The rumour doing the rounds online is that Amber bewitched Jimal something that one of Amira’s fans was quick to warn the socialite about.

The fan told Amber that her juju is going to fade soon and she’ll get kicked out; just like in her first marriage with Zaheer Jhanda.

“The video will be on youtube” Amber Ray promises about co-wife drama

But the mother of one hasn’t come this far without having a steel backbone, telling off the fan saying she is ready for that eventuality.

”Atakama nitakuja kuachwa si ni sawa tu.. Heartbreak haiwezi niua mimi. Plus I have experience.”

After the nonsense that ensued in Syokimau, Amber said that she is planning to move out soon, explaining that her life is in danger.

As it is now, so was it then

What is interesting about Amber’s situation right is that it is similar to what happened in her first marriage to wealthy businessman, Zaheer Jhanda.

At the time Zaheer’s first wife Aaliyah accused Amber of using witchcraft to get her hubby, something Amber denied. The situation degenerated so much so that Amber and Zaheer eventually split up in acrimonious circumstances.

Hmmm…That makes one question whether Amber can play nice in a marriage when she is the second wife?

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“The video will be on youtube” Amber Ray promises about co wife drama


Those who missed the live of Amber Ray insulting her co wife and the ensuing drama will get front seat view on youtube.

The Kamba socialite on Wednesday night told fans that “many of you are asking for the live and I will put it on youtube kesho – Thursday.”

She also declared  that ‘second wives waheshimike’.

Amber Ray with Jamal
Amber Ray with Jamal

Amber Ray shared a screenshot of the number of viewers, showing over 152k people watched the dramatic moment between the fighting co wives.

In a question and answer question after the fight in Syokimau, Amber asked her fans to ask anything and answered as honestly as she could.

One person asked ‘you have become foolish, do you have to do do all that nonsense because of man?’

She responded harshly that ‘ukichokoza nyuki lazima utapata asali..heshima idumu’

Amber Ray with Jamal
Amber Ray with Jamal

Another asked ‘I’m happy you went live ndo watu who truly Amira is’ to which she said ‘Exactly! I had to go live ndo mjioneee what kind of a person she is.Kwanza I wish I stated the live video vile tuu alikuja kazanguna matusi. Alafu hapa online anajifanya holy ndio mumhurumie kumbe in real life yeye ni chokora tu”

Amber has recently launched her youtube channel and urged people to subscribe.

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“Leave me alone Jamal!” Amira gives reason for Syokimau drama with Amber Ray

Amira and Amber Ray are acting like Jacob’s two wives, Leah and Rachel from the bible stories. The two took their simmering war to the stratosphere last night with each of Jimal’s wives attacking the other with a verbal onslaught that would make even a sailor blush.

The two, who live next to each in Syokimau, went to war late last night with many wondering what had caused the escalation of the hostilities.

Amira claims Jamal had called her after a dead bird was dumped at Amber Ray’s doorstep with Amber blaming her co-wife for starting the fight.

Where is Jimal?! Co-wives Amira and Amber Ray insult each other viciously (Video)

She alleged that Amira had brought back a dead bird after her trip to Tanzania, which she allegedly dropped at her doorstep.

“This is what escalated all the drama today. like you been preaching to people out here how wicked I’m and then I get this a present from you from Tanzania. Surely, as much as you want to be blind, who is the witch.”

Amira herself said it was disrespectful for Jamal to call her from Amber Ray’s house and ask her about the dead bird.

“This is disrespect. Do I walk around with dead birds, You call me here to this wicked woman to ask me such a question. I have been silent but this has become too much for me to bear. Leave me alone Jamal. nimekusitiri sana Jamal. Amenizidia sana huyu Jamal.”

That wasn’t all, Amira dared the socialite to come out and face her. To add insult to injury, Amber then posted videos of Jamal in her house and with her other friends. Ouch!

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Mpasho News (@mpashogram)

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Where is Jimal?! Co-wives Amira and Amber Ray insult each other viciously (Video)

Amber Ray and Amira’s perennial war just went nuclear last night after a new leaked video emerged. In the video, Amber can be heard hurling all kinds of insults at Amira.

”Tumbo imening’inia imefika kwa magoti, matiti imefika kwa thighs… Atauzia nani? Bladifa*n… Anakuja kwangu kufanya nini? Niko kwangu mimi. Na silali leo hii. Wametaka show, wape. Kama kuna mtu akona number ya watu wa TV wakuje Syokimau leo. Nonesense, kieleweke.”

The drama was posted live on both Amber Ray and Amira’s Instagram. Interesting thing is that Amira’s numerous neighbors had gathered to back her up; referring to Amber as ‘Malaya’.

It got so bad that one of Amira’s supporters could be seen approaching Amber calling her a prostitute and asking her to look for her own man.

”Eeeh, malaya. Ata wewe k*ma si uko nayo. Kama inaeza nunulika enda ukauze. I will not respect a woman who doesn’t respect me. Amekuja kwa nyumba yangu. This is my house.”

Below is a glimpse of the drama;

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Mpasho News (@mpashogram)

And what did the wealthy husband of the two,  Jimal Rohosafi do? He decided to hit the road, running away from the scene like a scared puddle.

The crazy scenes lasted for many hours during the night as more and more neighbors gathered to the scene. This latest incident will likely bolster Amber’s intention to leave her Syokimau house after she previously claimed that her life was in danger.

What happens now for the two wives because this is getting messier and messier as the days go.

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Sijaona marriage certificate – Jimal’s 1st wife says on tycoons marriage to Amber Ray

The war between co-wives Amira and socialite Amber Ray seems to be one of attrition with no end in sight. The two who waged some serious battles earlier in the month, don’t seem to have a brake pedal when it comes to keeping on engaging each other.

The problem is the only person who can deal with the issue is their husband Jimal who seems to be enjoying the show like the general public-even if it embarrasses and tarnishes his brand with Kenyans.

The two have beefed online with Amber taking the disses to another level a few weeks ago, so much so that Amira even warned her co-wife that she would sue her.

Amber Ray excitedly dances to Zuchu’s unapologetic song about second wives

In a recent interview on Chatspot with Nana Owiti and Kush Tracey, Amira reaffirmed her earlier claim that she hadn’t been informed of her husband’s decision to marry Amber as a second wife.

”Ni sawa. Mimi kwanza nitasema. Mimi sikuona harusi… Harusi ndio hatujaona. Alafu na documents na nini ziko wapi? So mimi kwanza siezi sema nina mke mwenza. Bado sitambui.”

According to Amber and Jimal, the two got engaged in March this year with the socialite being formally introduced to his family.

Funny thing is that despite the issues the two have, they are immediate neighbors!

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Amber Ray excitedly dances to Zuchu’s unapologetic song about second wives


Tanzanian singer Zuchu’s song about women sharing men has hit home with socialite Amber Ray.

The song ‘Nyumba ndogo’ was released on June 15th and received raving reviews.

Kenyans tagged Amber Ray, urging her to quickly listen to the song and give feedback about it.amber fan 1 (1)

The lyric to the song excited Amber who swiftly declared it as the anthem for second wives.

The lyrics to the song go like:

nikupe taarifa mwenzangu yamenifika kwa koo we mwanamke mwenzangu oh oh

bana analalamika kila akija nyumbani eti hujui kupika kula kwako hatamani kwangu alipenda

toto laini laini shoga umenyima upole tajiri a kisirani na samahani samahani mwanzoni sikujitambulisha mimi ni nani mie ndio mke mwenza aka nyumba ndogo

sina ubaya sina ubaya nae ahh ukinichukia unanionea bureanber fan 2 (1)

Amber and first wife Amira have been at odds and their war of words shared on social media over businessman Jamal Roho Safi.

“She keeps threatening Jamal with divorce!” Amber Ray claims about 1st wife Amira

It was alleged Amber used juju to snatch Jamal and be his second wife, which she denied, instead accusing Amira of abandoning her husband and sons to go live in Dubai. Amira then claimed she found out about Amber on social media, but this was challenged with Jamal saying he told his first wife about marrying a second wife.

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Jimal Rohosafi finally responds to wives brutal war with each other

Somali businessman Jimal Rohosafi has been under the kosh the past few months after announcing that he had married a second wife in socialite Amber Ray.

The pressure on the wealthy businnessman came to a head this week when his two wives started taking shots at each other on social media, so much so that many have begged him to get involved.

Days ago Amber Ray took to her social media to allege that Jamal’s first wife Amira had deserted their kids years ago to go abroad.

Adding that she did not want her husband to marry Amber Ray as a second wife for reasons best known to her.

In a past interview with Masswe Japanni, Amira said she only found out about Amber Ray being her co-wife via social media.

This contradicted information shared by Jamal during an interview with Bonga na Jalas where he said he had sat his first wife down and explained he was marrying a second wife.

According to Jamal, this did not go well as his wife who went mute on him for days going into weeks.

Despite all this Jamal has been quiet and only took to his social media to send a cryptic message on how everything that happens in life is supposed to be a lesson.

This has however left more questions than answers as it is Amber Ray who controls her husband’s social media accounts.

A section of Kenyans have asked Jamal to put his house in order.

Put your house in order. Very soon your children will log into social media and meet your stories all over. All these happenings will subject them to pain:

Sasa wewe kuenda kudiscuss bibi yako na side chick aaaaiiii bro hata kama ni ujinga yako imeenda mpaka Havard University nkt.

Take me as wife number 3 and see vile watu watatulia😂😂😂😂I’ll dilute the heat😂

 The battles are disgusting and only you can settle this all ….mind the kids the internet never forget…..😢.

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Jimal Rohosafi’s 1st wife Amira threatens to sue Amber Ray

Jimal Rohosafi’s handling of his two wives so far has been terrible to say the least. And who am I to say that? Just an ordinary bystander, who is troubled by the war going on between his two wives.

The war of words between the two has reached the pinnacle this week with Amber Ray firing so many salvos at Amira that have painted her in a different light.


According to Amber, she has every right to remain as a second wife since Jimal chose her over his other side chicks; but problem is that Amira (first wife) does not want to share her man with Amber. Apparently, Amira is open to having any other lady as her husband’s second wife; but just not Amber.

The socialite said that she is tired of being the bigger person and came out with all sorts of unfounded claims about Amira.

“She keeps threatening Jamal with divorce!” Amber Ray claims about 1st wife Amira

In one of her Instastories, Amber claimed that Ms. Amira had abandoned their two kids, while travelling to Dubai to eat life with a big spoon, a claim that Amira was quick to deny.

The mother of one also claimed that Amira was also acting all innocent on social media but behind the scenes was causing drama for her husband by threatening to poison herself and her boys.

But Amira has had enough of Amber’s unfounded allegations and asked her to give tangible evidence to her stories; if not, she is ready to take legal actions for defamation. In a now-deleted post Amira wrote, “You realize I am not Amber. Please let her answer I am also eager to see otherwise, I’ll file for deformation.”

And Jimal the wealthy businessman is still not commenting on the whole fiasco still. Man of the house indeed.

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Jimal’s 1st wife Amira responds to accusation she threatened to poison her own kids

Jimal Rohosafi is one of the wealthiest men in Kenya but while he might be at the top of his game in business, that doesn’t translate into his personal affairs.

And why would I say that? The way he has handled his two wives so far. His first wife Amira, and her co-wife Amber Ray have been at each other’s necks the past week with each going hard at the other.

Amber has really upped the ante this week accusing Amira of all sorts of things. One of the crazy allegations she wrote was that Amira had not only threatened to get a divorce from her husband but it was implied that she would kill herself and her two sons.

“And please last warning kwa wale mnaniambia niwachane na hii maneno. Nita wa block, you guys don’t know the nonsense I take everyday hapa kwa ground. Being forced to be the bigger person juu mtu anashinda akisema atakunywa sumu na apee watoto pia then anakuja kuwahubiria online 🚮🚮”

“She keeps threatening Jamal with divorce!” Amber Ray claims about 1st wife Amira

But because Jimal has refused to settle his two wives, Amira has had to come out to defend herself. She responded by saying,

“My babies, mum could never hurt you let alone ashame you ❤️. My supportive followers, all those DMs that have encouraged someone & those always showing me love, ati nawaacha niende wapi?”


“Ndio tu tumejuana we have so much wins to come and things to share ata recipe bado tujamaliza. Haya maisha ni matamu msichochwe dah! There is so much to live for.”

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“She keeps threatening Jamal with divorce!” Amber Ray claims about 1st wife Amira

The battle for wealthy man Jamal Rohosafi seems to be getting out of hand, as his two wives Amira and Amber Ray, have taken their war into the public sphere.

And how has the beef escalated so badly? It seems that the online battle spiraled after Jamal refused to intervene forcing his two wives to go at each other online.

The savage war of words has spilt over this week with Amber denying that she was a homewrecker who used juju on Jamal.

”Alafu watu waache kuekelea shetani please ati oh ni juju… Watu wajue kuoga!! Mimi sijawai ona mtu amerogwa na bado anashughulikia family zake… Tena si ramadan ilikuwa juzi tu. Ama hamjui kuomba? Kazi ni kukuja kutafuta sympathy votes social media.”

Jamal himself said a few months ago that he had informed his first wife Amira that he loved Amber, although she would later refute those claims saying that she found out only on social media.

And Amber wasn’t done going hard at Amira, allegng that the first wife had abandoned Jamal (and their sons) and gone to Dubai leaving him to struggle by himself.

“Mtu unaenda kuhustle majuu for 5 years na bado unarudi kenya bila kakitu 🤣🤣🤣surely ata kijiko? Alafu useme mimi ndio sina akili,” she wrote.

But Amira quickly responded to the unfounded claims with images showing herself with Jamal while in Dubai. Amber also disclosed that Amira has been enjoying threatening Jamal with asking for a divorce.

“Ati oh mara ‘nataka talaka’ (Divorce) just ndio you get attention! Nonsense! Watu watafute kazi Jameni,” the socialite wrote.

And that isn’t all that she wrote concerning Amira, the rest of it was so salacious that I can’t even put it online.

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