Amber Rays cheeky answer to stalking ex husband Zaheer


Kamba doll Amber Ray knows she lives rent free in your head and loves it.

She also doesn’t care if you talk about her and has repeatedly told us in her Instagram stories.

A fan dicejelani_ even testified to our need to know her moshene saying

niudaku tulipenda aki😂😂😂

So yesterday, the socialite decided to hop onto the True or False trend and a section of her fans wanted the dirty details on her ex husband Zaheer Jhanda, who is also a politician.

It has been alleged that Amber Ray used witchcraft to win his heart, a claim she denied. A picture of her holding two chickens, one black the other white – allegations that this is juju- while dressed in regalia that resembled clothes worn by people practicing witchraft.

Amber Ray opens up about co-parenting with baby daddy for the first time

Seriously guys, I also love her, she is a fresh of breath air. So here goes her answer about Zaheer that will make you question where our heads are. Someone even wanted to know about their intimate details. Nini huwasumbua wakenya aki?

amber zaheer 1(1)

amber zaheer 2(1)

amber zaheer 3(1)

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Somali Bae! Amber Ray FINALLY SHOWS OFF her mystery man


What a nice holiday surprise peeps.

For the last three months socialite Amber Ray has been teasing that she is dating someone and may be serious about him.

In a Q&A with her fans back in November she indicated she is in love and will reveal him when ready. And just in case, we have receipts about what she said of the new man she was dating soon after Brown Mauzo left her.

She even told fans not to despair about her and Mauzo because as she put it

“Life happens. Then she added that He is happy and I am happy”.

Sisi ni nani?

amber mystery man(1)
Amber Ray talks of new man

So now that we have that out of the way, here is her bae as she willingly shared to her fans on Instagram. Have a lovey dovey day won’t you?


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Funny questions fans ask Amber Ray that guarantees a response


Celebrities have to answer a plethora of questions from fans ranging from intelligent to dumb, to polite and plain rude, and this is what happened to Kamba doll Amber Ray.

The cutie decided to engage fans in a QnA and men did guys go in with all sorts of questions.

Let’s take a look at some of the questions she was asked.

1. Team mafisi is all the way in and shooting their shot

amber 1(1)

2. Now wait a damn minute, what in the world!!amber 2(1)

3. Not with her lifestyle she won’tamber 3(1)

4. How does this information help you?amber 4(1)

5. Do you know something we don’t? Huhamber 5(1)

6. Errm, okay I’m curious tooamber 6(1)

7. Whew chileamber 7(1)

8. Interesting questionamber 8(1)

9. amber 9(1)

10amber 10(1)

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Amber Ray comes clean after photo of her practising “witchcraft” re-emerges

Faith Makau or as many know her, Amber Ray has been in the news lately after her allged former boyfriend Brown Mauzo started dating fellow socialite Vera Sidika.

But try as she might, her colourful past is also something that Kenyans are still interested in. The mother of one was recently put to task after a photo of her practicing witchcraft re-emerged.

Don’t forget that she was accused of practicing witchcraft at the time by her former co-wife, Aaliyah Zaheer, married to Kenyan business mogul and politician Zaheer Jhanda.

The socialite was married as a second wife to the wealthy Kisii politician Zaheer for close to 3 years with whom they have a son, Gavin.

Some curious Kenyans asked her what she was doing in the photo where she was sitting and holding two chickens: one dark and one white, with her head and body covered in a strange piece of white clothing.

Amber Ray controversial photo
Amber Ray controversial photo

But Amber has had enough of the accusations and dealt with the topic head-on in a recent Q and A with fans with a daring fan asking her, “Why do you use witchcraft?”.

‘If he’s happy’ Amber Ray says after ex Brown Mauzo marries Vera

But Faith handled the question with poise and calm responding with, “I know it’s hard to believe this but I’ve never used witchcraft in my entire life…”

Amber Ray screenshot
Amber Ray screenshot

Her answer wasn’t satisfactory to some of her fans with the general question being, “So how did she end up photographed with two chicken in hand and in such a strange place?”

She further added that she would reveal her side of the story in the future when fans are ready to understand. That wasn’t all the socialite was ready to reveal.

She also touched on the fact that she was dating several guys and not one but refused to disclose these men.

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‘If he’s happy’ Amber Ray says after ex Brown Mauzo marries Vera


Just when we were getting happy and excited for amber Ray and Brown Mauzo dating and going on envy inducing vacations, things ended suddenly and we saw him with Vera Sidika.

Vera has been teasing a mystery man for sometime, then unveiled him to shocked fans who realized it was Amber Rays bae, now an ex.

But such is life. Vera and Mauzo got married and you can read the story below.

‘I got married to my best friend,’ Vera Sidika gushes over Brown Mauzo

So in a QnA with fans, Amber responded to several queries about her and Mauzo, and it seems she is happy for him and has alos moved on to a new man.

A fan asked her “It was just recently that you and Brown were calling each other babe..what happened”

To which she responded

“Life happens”

Another curious person asked her a pretty common question many Kenyans want to know when it comes to moshene, which is ‘ebu elaborate’.

She said “He is happy and I am happy”.


View this post on Instagram

Coz self love Is the greatest middle finger of all time🥳 #Amberthebrand

A post shared by Amber Ray 🇰🇪 (@iam_amberay) on

Amber is not one to shy away from responding to queries about her personal life, and I must also point out we love how open she is. She told another fan as much.

Amber also revealed she is currently dating another man, and she thinks he might just be the one. Well on siz.

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Is she dissing rumoured ex Brown Mauzo? Amber Ray sings about kept men in new video

Socialite Amber Ray is not in the best of places as her love life goes. This can be proven when one checks her recent social media updates on Instagram.

View this post on Instagram

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 weh!

A post shared by Amber Ray 🇰🇪 (@iam_amberay) on

The mother of one isn’t happy and the speculation might be the budding relationship between Vera Sidika and singer Brown Mauzo.

The rumours swirling around are that Amber and Brown dated briefly before the singer’s new dalliance with Vera. But it seems that there might be some truth to the rumours with one of her most recent posts.

Amber Ray opens up about co-parenting with baby daddy for the first time

Amber posted a video of herself singing along to the “Bazu” hit song where she raps along to Mejja’s famous lines about kept men.

The reason I assume this post was directed to Brown Mauzo is after Amber Ray captioned the video saying;

Hii Nairobi unaona Uko na Chali kumbe yeye ni girlfriend ya mtu😂😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️ #burekabisa

Brown has in the past been linked with Akothee and now is engaged to Vera after a whirlwind romance that has some claiming that the two are chasing clout.

View this post on Instagram

Love you baby 😘 📸 cc @george_ray_pictures

A post shared by Brown Mauzo (@brownmauzo254) on

While Amber might be upset about Brown moving on so swiftly like a rocket, many Kenyans are predicting that Brown’s relationship with Vera will end in tears for him.

Their warning is based on Vera’s past fiery relationship with Otile Brown which left him with embarrassing scars as Miss Sidika went all out in undressing him when they broke up.


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Amber Ray opens up about co-parenting with baby daddy for the first time

Amber Ray, whose real names are Faith Makau normally keeps the details of her relationship with the father of her only child hidden away from the limelight.

The mother of one who proudly shows off her son has made it a habit not to speak about the father of her son, Gavin.

Amber Ray with her son, Gavin
Amber Ray with her son, Gavin

But change is the only constant in life and the socialite recently spoke about co-parenting with the father of her son in a Question and Answer session with her fans

She admitted that they in fact co-parent despite the unique challenges that they face brought about by their differences.
“Do you co-parent for Gavin? Away from that your life is a whole vibe! I admire you,” asked a fan.

“Oh yes we do. As much as sometimes we have our issues, it’s very clear to both of us that whatever it is… it has nothing to do with Gavin,” she responded.

Amber Ray with her son, Gavin
Amber Ray with her son, Gavin

While she hasn’t come out to confirm it, some believe that Gavin’s father might be her ex-husband, politician Zaheer Jhanda.

But why!? Mother of one Amber Ray releases peachy photos

Amber and Zaheer divorced in August 2018, with the socialite denouncing the Islamic religion that she had converted to when she got married. Her message at the time read;

“It’s about time I share with you this very important move in my life, which will also set some of you free because you have been waiting for this day for way too long and I do not want to continue holding you hostage. Feel free to keep the screenshots, keep em’ receipts for future use. I would like to inform you that I am no longer married to Zaheer Merlahi Jhanda and no one should link me to him or his family in whatever way. It has been great couple of years despite the challenges that I have come across, I apologize to my son and my family for all the insults they have had to bear in the past because of my decisions. Let there be peace because I have my own life to live, dreams to chase and goals to fulfill. This also goes to say that I am no longer a Muslim,” wrote Amber Ray.

Zaheer Jhanda with Amber in the past
Zaheer Jhanda with Amber in the past

Amber wasn’t the only woman in Zaheer’s life with his first wife Aaliyah Zaheer, with whom he had 4 kids. Aaliyah even alleged that Amber had used witchcraft to ensure her husband.

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Mercy Kyallo shuts down the internet with these revealing viral photos

For today alone, Mercy Kyallo will be more famous than her bubbly sister, K24 Weekend news anchor Betty Kyallo. How can that be? What could she have done?

Betty Kyallo and Mercy Kyallo
Betty Kyallo and Mercy Kyallo


Landed a Hollywood deal? Nah! Won the Noble Peace Prize? Nah! Discovered the coronavirus cure? Nah! Hold your horses! The younger Kyallo stripped bare as the day she was born and posted the sultry pictures on her Instagram page.

Talk about body positivity! Her caption read,

“Skin to skin. They call it the age of Aquarius. A time of learning & unlearning. Confidence in my roots,” wrote Mercy Kyallo.

Exclusive: ‘I am not looking to get married any time soon’ – Mercy Kyallo

The post attracted mixed reactions from several of her followers, as some asked for more of the pictures, while others commended her beauty. Others called her out for the move to strip for the camera.

Some of those comments are below; Love the dark brown chocolate skin 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️

kenkendrick_omosh Wow.. 😍 Melanin iko sawa

eriqciresa Funguwa hiyo shuka

lazarus_otete Skin to skin ndio opposite ya Nyama kwa Nyama? 🤔

kingston_wave model ako on fire changes huh🙌🙌

qlijohn Woow looking so good ❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

syombuanancy And relearning too

nze_choco 🔥 sexy black Queen❤️

proffesor_cushite umeshinda!!!, 🔥 soooooooo creative

chriz_ziroh Mm ndo nilikua mpiga picha 👌

dennohmbuto_ke_ You Super dope🔥🔥🔥

alexus_obwash Lit🔥🔥🔥

Mercy joins the ranks of celebs like Amber Ray who have stripped for the camera.

Why she Mercy do it? I don’t care but I do know those pictures aren’t hurting my eyes.

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‘There’s no shame’ Amber Ray advices over doing odd jobs


Many celebrities have taken up odd jobs before launching their careers, and that is the message Amber Ray has for us.

In a new and revealing social media post Amber wrote about being famous

If you know me well you will know that I’ve never wanted to be famous but fame chose me but I don’t depend on it either, that’s why I’m free to do whatever I enjoy…

She made the revelations on Instagram, where she admitted,

Most of us known faces are trying to impress you… the actual truth is they don’t care that much😏

So I’ve learnt what is most important… be you and invest in anything that you think will make you that extra bob, trust me, even if it’s selling Makaaa … the only person who will judge you is these wannabes who don’t understand Biashara .. no business minded person will judge you… I don’t know who needs to hear this but be you, live your life!

The pressure she has felt has touched fans who have responded with encouraging comments with one fan saying ‘Kwanza I remember you na ugali asubui. You are as real as they come’


Another wrote virobgrami ‘I love just how you are yourself. You don’t pretend and you don’t Care what someone will think.’

Another stiflerz254 added that ‘okay ni sawa the message very on point.’


Socialite Amber Ray aka Faith Makau, has been traversing the globe after her unceremonious divorce from her hubby.

Amber and her rich hubby Zaheer Merlahi Jhanda made headlines when she revealed she was tired of being wife number two.


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But why!? Mother of one Amber Ray releases peachy photos

Amber Ray seems to want to increase the buzz and fuzz about her Instagram page as she has started releasing a flurry of nvde photos. The woman who was married as a second wife to Zaheer Jhanda split with him last year and with much fanfare.

As with most socialites, their social media pages are a source of money, validation, and attention for them. And there are 3 things that keep people coming back to one’s page; photos of a love interest, beauty products and scandalous posts-a tactic Amber is now using.

Amber Ray nvde photos
The socialite posing nvde

From mid-last week, the mother of one has been releasing nvde photos of herself with rose petals that are placed at strategic junctures to cover the family jewels.

Why Santorini? The reason many celebs enjoy the Greek paradise

On her last post, the caption read,

I am wild and I’m daring. I go for what I want because once upon a time I was a prisoner. A prisoner of people’s opinion, I was so jailed that I almost needed people’s permission to breath. No more! I live my life the way I want! I am happy and so should you! #amberthebrand

Amber Ray nvde photos
The socialite posing nvde

Most of the comments were very positive with many thirsty individuals begging to be in the position of the ‘lucky’ photographer. One other sentiment was a concern for what her son would say to his mother were he or his classmates to see this?

Some of the comments to her post are below;
tenymes_tommilli At this point i wish i was the camera man😉😂
bupe.david Upepo wa kisulisuli uje kwako
ryzller1 I wonder what this shoot folder is called. Picha zitawachiliwa moja moja hadi mid Jan with catchy captions 😅
kennethmwangithumi Tell me the son doesn’t see this. Tell me his classmates don’t see this. Stop please. Honestly.
oumamirriam In the garden of Eden😂😂 looking lovely 😍 ❣️
esthermarisgatwiri whaaat !!!be seriousjaylanndosho’s profile picture
jaylanndosho Ww ngoja rafiki za mtoi wako waanze kukucrushia ndio utajiheshimu

Amber Ray in black leather
Amber Ray in black leather

What do you think of the images?

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