Prezzo is very “close” with Amber Lulu. How close is close exactly?

Prezzo is known as the bad boy in media circles and that’s why we love him. From his stint on Big Brother Africa in 2012 where he dated Nigerian singer Goldie, to him dating and marrying the mother of his only child Daisy Kiplagat to him having a veeeeeeery controversial and stunt-filled relationship with Michelle Yola.

Prezzo And Michelle Yola
Prezzo And Michelle Yola. photo credit:file

This man brings the drama to his relationships.

Prezzo posing
Prezzo . photo credit: instagram/ prezzo

Maybe it is his charm or charisma, but he definitely lands women who are very attractive. Why all this about his dating history? A lady that he has been closely linked with from Tanzania and is a socialite came out recently to claim that Prezzo ni “bwana yake”. That lady is Amber Lulu.

Amber Lulu
Amber Lulu. photo credit: instagram/Amber Lulu

Mpasho had an exclusive interview with El Presidente recently and we HAD to broach the subject of whether Amber Lulu “alikuwa ni bibi yake?” 

Amber Lulu
Amber Lulu. photo credit: instagram/Amber Lulu

Prezzo was as coy as one can be saying that they were close. Repeating this statement a couple of times. For those of you who can read between the lines, you will tell that he isn’t denying the claim by Amber. He said:

“Me and Amber Lulu are very close, you know. we are very good friends.”

When asked to expound on this closeness, he responded in a guarded manner. He added:

“Very close. Very close.”

As you well know, Mpasho does not give up until we get the dirty. So we pestered the president for a more elaborate explanation of close. On this question we needed spoon-feeding. He coyly responded:

“Use your imagination…..hehehe!”

Prezzo-and-Amber-Lulu. photo credit: file
Prezzo and Tanzanian socialite Amber Lulu
Prezzo and Amber Lulu
Prezzo-and-Amber-Lulu. photo credit: file

There you have it, people. They have a close relationship. What is that? You are the jury. But I know what I believe. Closer than a brother,…….

‘Bi****s Should Keep Off My Man’ – Noti Flow Warns Ladies Thirsting Over Her Man

Noti Flow and Prezzo have been rumoured to be in a relationship for a while now, and the rumours kept swirling after they released a song together called Tupendane.

Well, from the look of things, it’s not a rumour no more as Noti recently shared a screenshot of their conversation when Prezzo went to Tanzania for business.

prezzo and noti flow

But that’s not what many think as it is claimed that he went to Tanzania to meet up with Amber Lulu, who has been rumoured to be eyeing Prezzo.

Noti Flow is not having all that talk, as she has come blazing hot to shut down the rumours.

Speaking to Pulse, she made it clear that Prezzo went to Tanzania to record collabos while shouting that women should keep off her man.

prezzo and amber lulu

You are talking about that bi*** calling herself Amber Rose. Who even calls herself Amber Rose when we all know that there can only be one Amber Rose. The truth is that Prezzo was not in Tanzania to see her but to record collabos with the likes of Fid Q and other hip hop guys. Besides, I know b****s keep on chasing him the way nig*** chase me and so I wouldn’t be shocked if she hits back and claims he was with her. Thing is, girls…bi****s should keep off my man as they know where his heart is,” she told Pulse.

When asked what makes her so sure that his heart is with her she said, “Because we have been together for a while and I understand how he thinks.”

She further explained that she is not declaring Prezzo as hers because all men are players and a man has to live his life.

noti flow

It is not like am trying to declare a territory because, hey, a man has to live his life. All nig**s are players and so I take a day at a time. I have been approaching this thing with precaution as sometimes what I hear is different from what he says. I told you (Pulse) some days ago that I am not looking for a mama’s boy but a king,” she stated.

Noti Flow was in a relationship with Colonel Mustafa, but later on called it quits after revealing that Mustafa was being kept by a sugar mummy and she found it gross for him to sleep with the mama and then sleep with her.