Celebrity dads who are serving father goals this fathers day

Single dads and widowers bringing up their children single-handedly rarely get recognition as the world marks fathers day.

Here are men who we consider super dads because they are servingssome serious father goals.

1. Tedd Josiah

With a daughter looking up to him for love and guidance, Tedd has had to take up the role of being a dad and a mum to his beautiful daughter Jay.

Tedd Josiah who is a music producer is a true definition of a real gentleman. He has proved that when men put their mind into something they can actually do it.

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Tedd Josiah with his daughter Jay
Tedd Josiah with his daughter Jay

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2. Robert Burale

The stylish pastor Robert Burale is a single dad and he is not ashamed of that fact. He has his daughter to share all the love and affection.

Burale, who got divorced from his wife six years ago, is a role model as to what fathers should be in an age where deadbeat dads are the order of the day.

Even though Burale did not lose his wife, he is still doing a good job and it is worth commending.

Robert Burale

3. George Ikua

When the late Janet Kanini Ikua lost her life after a brave battle with cancer, the world came tumbling down for her hubby George Ikua and since then he has had to adjust by bringing up his kids on his own.

He is a brave man who is still mourning his departed wife but still taking care of his kids as a single man only with the help of relatives and close friends.

The late Janet and husband George Ikua during a photoshoot

4. Dan Sonko

Dan lost his wife to complications after delivery, leaving behind a son who never got to know his mum. Dan Sonko, who is based in Mombasa, has taken charge of bringing up his two sons and he is doing so well.

His young son is now all grown up and their late mum Dru Sonko would be so proud to see how much of a good job her husband has done.


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5. Abel Amunga

Abel, who is an actor and  father to  gospel artiste Ruth Matete, has managed to bring up her daughter single handedly for years after the death of his wife.

The father of one has on several occasions  stated that his daughter’s well being is what matters to him first and even when he is choosing roles to play, he has to ask for her opinion.


He is among fathers who do a good job and rarely get recognized by the society which is full of praise for single mothers.

6. Nameless

Nameless is a role model to many for his commitment when it comes to family.

He is a father of two, namely Nyakio and Tumiso.

Nameless and his daughters Tumiso and Nyakio
Nameless and his daughters Tumiso and Nyakio

7. Allan Wanga

The celebrated Kenyan footballer who is married to Brenda Mulinya, a TV reporter, is a dotting father.

The sports man adores his two kids going by his photos on social media.

Allan Wanga with his son and daughter

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Check out the beautiful wives of Kenya’s gospel DJ’s – Photos

Being a celeb means having your life constantly scrutinized but some celebrities have managed to keep their spouses off social media partly or completely.

Its not a shock that many of us would pass spouses of Kenyan celebrity on the  streets of Nairobi without even recognizing them.

They say that a prophet is never celebrated at home and funny as it may sound Kenyans are very poor in appreciating celebrities  sportsmen, artistes, comedians or even footballers.

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Below are photos of your favorite celebs and their better halves.

1. Allan Wanga and Brenda Wanga

Allan is a celebrated Kenyan footballer. Brenda is a journalist with NTV. He may not be a DJ but he is among Kenya’s celebrities.

Allan Wanga with his wife Brenda and their daughter

2. DJ Soxxy and Ciiku Wa Soxxy

Soxxy is a gospel DJ and he is married to Ciiku and together they have two kids namely Ethan and Eliana Wairimu.

DJ Soxxy and his wife

3. DJ Moz

Moz is known by many for his TV hosting skills on Citizen. He is married to Deborah Kimathi and together they have three kids, two daughters and a son.

DJ Moz and his family
DJ Moz (In a combat T-shirt) and his family

4. DJ Johni Celeb

Johni who is a gospel spin master recently married the love of his life Nyambura.DJ Johni celeb and his wife Nyambura

5. DJ Gee Gee

Gee is a gospel DJ who is best known for his appearance on Cizen TV’s show Bambika alongside Kambua.

He is married to Jasmine Macharia.

DJ Gee Gee and his wife

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Kenyan sportsmen show off their beautiful families away from the field

Sportsmen and women are celebrated for always representing the Country, but their efforts as parents always go unnoticed despite the hard work they put in.

It is hard training and being a parent at the same time but these sportsmen and women have proven that nothing is impossible.

1. Collins Injera

He is arguably one of the best rugby players Kenya has ever produced but besides that he is a doting dad to a daughter who is 7 and a son who is 3.

From his social media posts, his daughter loves cooking and dreams of being a chef.


2. Mercy Cherono

The damsel, who is loved for her energy on the track, is a first time mum. Her daughter Princess Kimberley Cherop was born during Easter.

Announcing the news, Mercy’s husband Edmond Ngetich wrote

 “The best gift from God this Easter. Welcome to the world Princess Kimberly Cherop. To my lovely wife Cherono Ngetich Mercy, congratulations.”

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-25 at 11.08.05 AM

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3. David Rudisha

Many know him for his long strides and exemplary performance on the track but behind the scenes he is a doting father of two. His daughter has taken up after him and joins him while he is training. She just might be the next big thing in the sports world.


4. Asbel Kiprop

Despite being caught up in a love triangle, Kiprop still remains a doting father to his two kids.

He is father two a son and a daughter and they are as beautiful as their mother.

Asbel Kiprop with his wife and kids

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5. Julius Yego

Known to many as the ‘You Tube man’, Yego is a doting father of two with his youngest being a few months old.

Hopefully his son will pick up after him and join sports, we would love to see him do that.


6. Allan Wanga

He is among the best celebrated footballers  in Kenya, who is married to media personality Brenda Wanga. They have two children.

Well, his daughter has shown interest in playing football and when she does play, her age mates see dust literally.

His son is also at an age where he can play and we can only wait and see how he turns out.


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Photos of Allan Wanga’s daughter that prove she is a talented footballer

It is said that the apple does not fall far from the tree and that seems true for Allan Wanga’s daughter, who seems to have picked up her dads football genes.

The little girl is giving her schoolmates a hard time in the field going by a recent photo shared by her dad on his instagram page. In the photo the little girl is seen running away with the ball to the dismay of her play mates.


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Allan, who is married to media personality Brenda Mulinya Wanga,  plays for Tusker in the Kenyan Premier League and the Kenya national team as a striker. He has also previously played for Azerbaijan Premier League side FC Baku club.

He played for the international team for two years and only left after his contract ended in 2015.  Below are some of the girls photo with her dad, she is one talent to watch out for.

Wanga is among local footballers who have played for international teams. Others include Victor Wanyama  who plays for Tottenham Hotspur and Michael Olunga who plays for Spanish football team Girona FC on loan from Chinese club Guizhou Zhicheng and the Kenya national team as a forward.

Allan Wanga and his daughter
Allan Wanga and his daughter



Allan Wanga shows off his daddy skills with his cute daughter




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Allan Wanga shows off his daddy skills with his cute daughter

Fathers day is around the corner and footballer Allan Wanga can’t help but appreciate her cute daughter  .

Allan is smitten by his daughter who he doesn’t mind sharing time with doing what girls do even when it does not suit him .

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Philip Whitmore once said “Any fool can be a father ,but it takes a real man to be a Daddy” and going by his posts on Instagram Allan Wanga is doing a good job on being a good daddy to his daughter.

Here are photos that Allan has a soft spot for her cute daughter.



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Here are photos of Allan Wanga and His Wife Brenda Mulinya that prove they are the most adorable couple

Kweli waliangukiana!

She has been on our screens for the longest time now, while he has put Kenya on the world map in the field of sports.

Brenda and Allan Wanga are one beautiful couple who have clearly grown stronger together through the years.

Their love is a match made in heaven as she met while through her love for sorts. Brenda is a sports reporter on NTV, and Allan plays for Tusker FC. Any sports enthusiast and a lover of love, will surely appreciate these two.

I mean just look at some of the cute things he posts about his gorgeous wife. Who wouldn’t love such a man?

You can’t make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to the person to realize your worth.

Here are cute photos of the two love-birds through the years, proving they have grown stronger in love since their paths crossed.