Marriage goals! These Gospel celebrities have lasted for more than a decade in marriage

Mothers day is just around the corner.

For one to be a mother, it means a father or rather a husband is involved.

Marriage is not as easy as many would think of it. We have seen many part ways in the midst of their journey. This is not limited to the secular world only but also the gospel artiste where some of them last for months then go their separate ways.

In the gospel world, there are few who can be emulated and have lasted for more than a decade in marriage.

‘God works miracles’, Size 8 talks about marriage journey with husband DJ Mo

Check out

1. Mercy Masika and David Muguro


Mercy Masika and her husband David Muguro amaze us with their longevity in their marriage. The two have been together since 2008 and have two beautiful children.

2. Janet Atieno and Husband

Napokea Kwako hit -maker is celebrating 22 years in marriage today. This is an achievement to the couple.

She wrote on her Instagram that marriage is not as easy as people may think.

“Well Marriage is not a bed of roses all through, but with God it can truly be amazing!!! 22 years and counting!!!!! Praise God!!!! The best marital advice I received can be summarized into these:-

Read below some advice she has for those who want to consider;

1. Let God be the centre of your marriage. His Word should be the foundation.
2. Keep servicing your marriage just like you do your vehicles. Don’t wait until it’s breaking down to go in for service!!!
3. Communicate, Communicate and Communicate. You better be accused of over communicating than not communicating .
4. When the devils fights your marriage, fight even harder to stay together!! 4. Seek advice from wise counsel only, not just anyone!!! #JO”


3. Allan Kiuna and Kathy Kiuna

This power-couple are celebs on their own right. They might not be musicians but their reach and influence on the masses is remarkable. Pastor “Dad” and “Mom” as they are referred to by their congregants have been married for 24 years. It is not five months like your favorite celeb.

They together have 3 children: Vanessa who is 27 years, Steph is 22 Jeremy, 17, is in high school.


kathy kiuna

4. Wahu and Nameless

They have been together for 13 years.

Both met when they were beginning their music journey.  They were both secular artists but Wahu recently turned Gospel.

They have two daughters, Tumiso and Nyakio.





Check out photos of Kathy Kiuna’s family vacation

The power couple is currently in Perth, Australia with their children; Vanessa, Stephanie, Jeremy and grandchildren where they’re enjoying their best life.

Kathy and Allan Kiuna, who have made controversial headlines for the better part of this year, have proven to be good grandparents and they’ve been sharing photos and videos bonding with their grandkids.


Nia and Amanda are of mixed race.

Here are photos from the Kiunas’ vacation


Allan and Kathy Kiuna


Jeremy Kiuna



Kathy Kiuna

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Pastor Kathy Kiuna trolled after declaring every Kenyan will own a car next month

Decorated city pastor Kathy Kiuna commonly referred to as ‘Mum’ by her followers, recently embarked on a campaign of 40 days of glory where she prophesied that come December, which is a few days away, everyone will be driving.

“Before the end of December, you shall be driving your own car in Jesus Name! #40DaysOfGlory,” she tweeted.

Rev Kathy Kiuna’s sweet birthday message to husband

Kathy Kiuna

But this did not go down well with netizens, who criticized Kathy Kiuna for ‘lying’ to Kenyans. Some of them didn’t mince their words and here are the reactions.


Kathy Kiuna



4. Robert Alai: She (Kathy Kiuna) tells you to tithe hard you’ll get a car. She gets ANOTHER car then you remain there praying for a car to drop from heaven. Foolish you.



Kathy Kiuna



Kathy Kiuna




11. Michael: Happens only in Kenya..where pastors are super rich and their congregation are poor living in slums


Kathy Kiuna


Kathy Kiuna

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Marriage Flourishes When The Couple Work Together As A Team! Kathy Kiuna Advices Married People

Marriage is a union between two people who are in love. It entails tolerance, patience, understanding, perseverance and most of all love because it forms the basis of marriage.

Kathy Kiuna

Marriage is an institution that was ordained by God and that is why a woman was created out of the mans rib to be a companion and a helper to him. Through marriage, people multiply and fill the earth and the children always look up to their parents with how they relate and how they make their marriage work out.

Kathy Kiuna

Reverend Kathy Kiuna is a personality to look up to because she inspires many who are in the marriage institution and even as a family person. Her family is so adorable and many would say she and her pastor husband are a power couple.

Kathy Kiuna

On her instagram page, she wrote to advise married couples on how to make their relationship work out. Here is what she said captioning a picture together with her husband:

Kathy Kiuna

“Marriage flourishes when the couple work together as a team; when both husband and wife decide that winning together is more important than keeping score. Good marriages don’t just happen. They are a product of hard work. Your children are watching you and forming lasting opinions on love, commitment, and marriage based on what they see in you. Give them hope. Make them look forward to marriage. Their is no perfect man/woman anywhere, team work of couple make them perfect match. The Lord will give us the spirit to tolerate ourselves in Jesus name!”

Here are reactions to her post:


djmokenya: 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I have to steal this one – thank you Dad and Mum

pst.mercy: That’s a seminar right there, my Mum you could charge us for that great wisdom. Thank you Mum and Dad you have modeled it to us.

nimo: love you mum n dad… u hv changed me to who I am… God bless

johnstone: Thus correct and in order, May GOD bless you as you Love each other

wambuisila: Thank you my mentors…Hello to Papa Kyuna we love you to the moon n back

minebenet:Amazing msgs and am definitely banking this asap


Its Never Too Late To Start! Reverend Kathy Kiuna Advice To People

Reverend Kathy Kiuna is one beautiful soul that always takes her time to bond with people. Being a family person, she always has her way of balancing her family life and serving the church.


Kathy is always an inspiration to many with the words of wisdom she keeps sharing on her social media pages teaching people the way to follow in life and things not to do.

Kathy Kiuna

She posted a picture with her husband captioning,

Kathy Kiuna

You can have the best academic credentials and never rise beyond clerical work. You can be the best preacher and never pastor a church. You can be the most outstanding beauty and never win a beauty contest. You can be a wonderful writer and never write a book. You can even be a great singer and never sell an album. You can be a marriage counselor and ruin your own. Reason for most of this is lack of personal leadership. Leading your gift and taking charge of your life. Commanding your life and not allowing free fall. Taming cravings and releasing potential. Unfortunately many tame potential and let their cravings run amok. If you don’t fight for your potential you will live a life of regret. Feeling bad about those who chose to unleash their potential because they remind you of what you could have been. Here’s my take, ITS NEVER TOO LATE TO START. Stop playing games and take life with the seriousness it deserves. You will thank me later it’s ok😜”

Here are reactions from her followers:

Jayne: This one should be on a billboard! Profound-am delivered rait here.

Pascal: Points taken. Thanks mum

Bengutu: Power packed message. 👍👍

Christabel: well said you can saay it again and again,,Lord help me.

Bella: Hapo kwa taming pleasures umenipata… Important words!

Joan: I love this. Great admonishing

Foscakomuhangi: Thanks lovee…more blessings


Kiuna’s Family Celebrate Cute Grand Daughter’s First Birthday In Style ( Photos)

The Kiuna family marked a major milestone over the weekend, as Rev Kathy was proud to announce to us. She was celebrating her first grand daughters birthday and her joy was clear to all from the pictures she posted on her social media pages.


The grand daughter by the name Nia turned a year old on Sunday and she celebrated her birthday  in style. Their daughter Vanessa Kiuna Kovac, welcomed her first child in September 2016 a few months after she got married to her lover Robert in a lavish invites only wedding that saw Kenyans talk for days.






Nia is taking the Internet by storm thanks to her grandparents who are always sharing her pictures on social media and the photos of her during her birthday will leave you wanting to see more.

Kathy Kiuna posted saying, “1 today and eating cake for the first time. Happy bday Nia. She brings a smile to my face. Have many more blessed ones. I love you.”

Here are the photos:







The Rich And Famous! Top 10 Kenyan Celebrities And Public Figures With The Most Flamboyant Houses

When you see these houses, you will realize that Kenya is not a poor country.

And yes, it is true that fame comes with money. I’m not talking about deadbeat celebrities who get caught up with petty areas over refusing to pay rent in their posh houses, I’m talking about celebrities and personalities who own their own homes.

I will let their flashy houses tell the story. Check out top celebrity houses in Kenya;

1. Akothee

Call her madam boss or the Benefactor hit maker. She is indeed filthy rich and even with fans speculating where she got all that wealth, it is true that Akothee owns most of the posh houses in Kenya. She has several houses after building another house in Nairobi from Mombasa where she used to live. But do I say!

akothee house1(1)

2.Mike Sonko

Let alone his Mua Hills mansion that left many jaws dropping over the flamboyant mansion. Mike Sonko’s house in Mombasa is one that even some of his fellow politicians cannot afford. He is stinking rich and his house shows how wealthy this politician is.


3.Allan And Kathy Kiuna

They are probably the most wealthiest pastors in Kenya. The two who run the Jubilee Christian Church have one of the most flashy houses in the country. The couple have received condemnation for living a flashy life. But that doesn’t faze them. Check out their not-so-humble abode.


4.Vera Sidika

Never mind her big derriere that gets her all the attention and did I mention her bleaching or as she likes to call it, skin lightening. Man, Vera loves the limelight and the limelight loves her. From her days of being a video vixen in the music video, You Guy, she has re-invented her brand. With the re-invention comes the money that has seen her invest in a posh house, in a leafy suburb.


5.Mwai Kibaki

Kenya’s former president Mwai Kibaki owns a Ksh 500 million. That is what was spent to build the house. Whoever said more money more problems has not enjoyed the idyllic and calming view from this grandiose piece of real estate. The thing is, he refused to occupy the house once it was complete.


6.Anne Waiguru

She needs no introduction! The former devolution CS lives in Kihigo estate, Kitsuru and is one female politician that we surely can say lives a luxurious life.

waiguru M

7.William Ruto

Deputy president has had a rags to riches history, from living in a mud house in the village to getting a presidential house worth Ksh 450 million. The deputy President has two residences in Karen and Eldoret.

ruto M

8.Raphael Tuju

His rich neighbors around his Karen mansion cannot stop talking about how expensive and luxurious his mansion is. The former minister for Information and communication cum minister for tourism and wildlife has embrace life in the best way possible.

tuju M

9.Raila Odinga

Less has been told of his personal life but the Former Prime Minister is living large with a house in Karen, another in Bondo not to forget his posh mansion in Mombasa.


10.Aden Duale

Being a majority leader, he need not tell you he has a flamboyant house, right? Check out his house;