“I will share our bedroom videos!” AliKiba’s alleged side chick threatens him

AliKiba might be riding high with his new song with Hamisa called “Dodo”.

The song has over 2.6 million views and was released a week ago.

AliKiba with Hamisa on their song Dodo
AliKiba with Hamisa on their song Dodo

But it seems that one Tanzanian socialite called Diva the Bawse might be trying to rain on his parade. Why?


Diva claims that Alikiba’s Kenyan wife walked out on the singer just a few months after their grand wedding because he was having a relationship with her.

AliKiba with his wife
AliKiba with his wife

Diva the Bawse went on to allege that after dating Alikiba on the low for months, she finally called it quits!

This is because she got tired of being with a married man and for some reason – it seems that there is more to this story.

Tutaendelea officialalikiba since umetuma watu weee umefanya everything behind, so many since I walked away .. trying to clean up yo image, I have videos, not jus messages .. tena za chumban kwako Tabata … jus because wewe ni mwanaume unafanya muziki you have no right to do what you doin cause I end up things with you, call me kigagula call me whatever ..


Diva also revealed her age saying that she was 31 despite being referred to as an old woman allegedly by Kiba’s camp.

Diva wrote;

Btw I’m only 31 kwa cheti changu og cha kuzaliwa, ukiniongelea anything napost video zako thats a Promise na Picha Zako thats another hit … so we both lose respect in the society, I had nuff of kuchafuana ovyo na najua unawatuma i have evidence too, at this point i don care at all, truth to truth , wanaume mnahisi mwanamke ni mtu ambae utamfanyia everything everyday im not yo puppet … awe mjinga nope.

AliKiba with Amina-Khalef his wife in a file photo
AliKiba with Amina-Khalef his wife in a file photo

Diva is such a responsible and virtuous woman that after being the other woman in Ali Kiba’s relationship that she allegedly told him to go back to his wife!

Not only that she also blocked him!

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Alikiba confesses love for Diamond’s baby mama Hamisa in new music video

Alikiba and Hamisa Mobetto have released a hot music video that has the interwebs in amazement. The new video is dubbed ‘Dodo’ and the song is a wedding inspired video with Hamisa Mobetto as the main video vixen-cum-the bride.

Ali Kiba posing
Ali Kiba posing

That’s not all, Kiba (who has a complex relationship with Hamisa’s baby daddy Diamond) confesses his love for her ,showering her with lots of praise and why he settled on her as a wife.

“Kupenda ni vitendo si maneno maneno, leo nakupa kitengo kwa kufika Malengo, umeziba Mapengo, kwa upendo upendo, Bora wanazengo anze vikaovya sendoff Eeeh, Maa.

Hell to the NO! Hamisa Mobetto says after fan asked if she was back with Diamond

Maana we mrembo nakujuzaaah..mama nashukuru umekuza, chanda kama pete nitakutunza … na umeshanizimaa, ayoyoyooo Love, ayoyoyooo my love, ayoyoyooo Love, your love, Dodo langu Beibe,” sings Alikiba partly in the song.

Hamisa on the set
Hamisa on the set

The song was met with shock as many know that Ali Kiba and Diamond are constantly bickering with no love being lost between the two.

Many of the comments left under the song lauded King Kiba for settling on Hamisa as the video vixen.

presenterdmike “Hakika @hamisamobetto ameitendea haki Video🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”

ridhonekigu_ ‘King of tanzania 🔥🔥🔥🔥 big up bro🔥🔥”

lumiere_mbilizi ‘Ye baba! Afu nimemuona @hamisamobetto ndo imenoga zaidi…”

officialgerard_hero ‘Huu Unyama wa mama DAYLAN NOMA 😁😁😁Sijui Itakuaje kule 😝😝”

ally__kiba “Hii Video haijawahi tokea hapa Tanzania tangu dunia iumbwe sasa mtu ukibisha ruksa kunya boga ama tikiti #DODO Video link on bio!!…🎶✍”

c.g.englibert ‘Shkamoo baba….🎶kupenda Ni vitendo si maneno maneno🎶🎶❤️❤️🔥:


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Alikiba and his Kenyan wife celebrate their sons birthday in style

Tanzanian Singer, Ali Kiba and his Kenyan wife Amina Khalef yesterday celebrated their son’s first birthday.

The son, Keyaan, is the first child to Ali Kiba and Amina Khalef who was born sometime in February last year, a few months after his parent’s grand wedding.

The birthday party was held in Kenya at The Lord Erroll restaurant.

The singers friends and family from Kenya and Tanzania attended the birthday.

Kenyan stylist, Eric One wash was among the attendees.

Comedian Kartelo narrates how his dad disappeared over ten years ago

Alikiba first shared photos of his youngest baby boy, Keyaan when he was five months old and fans are amazed at how he resemble him.

Well, last years there were reports that Kiba had broken up with his Kenyan wife Amina Khalef after almost two years of marriage.

It was alleged that Amina was fed up with the singer’s disrespectful ways towards her which at some point forced her to seek counselling.

It is at this point, that she decided to ask for a divorce from the singer who is known to keep his life a secret.

Even as Alikiba chose silence over the reports, his wife Amina was quick to dismiss the rumours saying their union was just fine and their love has never withered even one bit.

In one of the birthday videos, she captioned;

“Wambea wataambia nini watu?

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Wambea taambia nini watu??🤣🤣 @keyaanalikibaa

A post shared by Aminah Kesh (@aminahkesh) on

check out photos from the birthday party;

k1 k2 k3 k4

Urembo Kupindukia! You Have To See Alikiba’s Youngest Daughter, The Singer Has Good Genes (PHOTOS)

Tanzania star Alikiba has proved his musical prowess, trying to maintain his throne as the King of Bongo music, and despite a lot of competition from newcomers and upcoming artistes, his craft keeps getting better.

One of his greatest musical rivals has always been renowned and celebrated singer Diamond Platnumz. The two were initially friends just when Chibu was still new in the industry, but along the way they fell out over a collabo.

Have They Kissed And Made Up? Diamond Platnumz Ends Beef With Long Time Archenemy Alikiba By Doing This

Alikiba is however not giving up on music and a few months ago, he scooped the MTV EMA Best African Act, which had previously been wrongly awarded to Nigeria’s Wizkid.


Away from music, Alikiba has a social life and though most people don’t know this, the talented singer is a father to three children, two daughters, and a son, by the name Prince Sameer.

This means that Alikiba has three baby mamas, but has never settled down with any of them. In fact, many people knew about his on and off girlfriend Jokate Mwegelo, who is a celebrated actress, model, singer and fashionista in Tanzania.

WOW! Here Is The Real Reason Alikiba Never Married Any Of His Baby Mamas

In an interview back in 2016, Alikiba revealed why he has never settled with any of the women;

You can’t force love. When I am searching for a spouse, I always try to find the one who we will have a mutual understanding with when it comes to different issues that may arise. I wanted to stay with all of the three women but things changed as time went by.


He however takes care of all his kids without the baby mama drama associated with his counterparts.

I came across a picture of the youngest daughter by the name Sameera Ally, a cute little baby girl who looks like her father. Check out photos of Alikiba’s little girl below.

She’s too adorable.